Thursday, August 8, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - August 8, 2013

Quiet rest and contentment,  but where???  You'll see................

Those who know your name will trust in you,
for you Lord, have never forsaken
 those who seek you.
Psalm 9:10

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you are doing well and
having a good week.

Mine has been busier than usual,  but has
been a good week in spite of that.  As you
will read..................

I am thankful
that Dee and Jerry had their house appraisal
on Tuesday,  just waiting for the results now,
but their realtor thinks it went well.  Hoping
they hear soon, so she can give her notice at
work, cause doesn't want to give it too early,
cause you never know.

Update:  thanks for those of you who prayed
they got their appraisal back and it was just
$3,000. less,  so that will work!

I am thankful
that my SIL Susan is having a great time on
 vacation. She did hurt her foot tho,  so if you feel
 so led pray that she enjoys the last days of her
trip across the USA.  They are seeing some
great sights and she is really enjoying it.

I am thankful
her pets are all eating well, and not pining away
for least the cats and birds anyway.  
She boarded the dogs, so last I heard they are 
doing well too. Definitely an answer to prayer!!
Cause they are only used to her.

I am thankful
that I got to enjoy watching Brooklyn 2 days
this week,  and we will get to watch her for a
few hours on Sat. while Mommy and Daddy
get some time together.  If only my joy in
watching her,  equaled my energy levels, I
would do this all the time.

 Here I am eating Oatmeal first thing in the morning.

My Mommy got me some new wheels,  I have
been wanting to walk, so there is no stoppin
me now..........................

Uh Oh,  nobody told me about these cabinet 
thingies.................things were going along
 just fine until this................

I am thankful
that we are finally getting around to having a
 Sunday School social at our house tomorrow
 night.  It will be a small group,   which is
perfect for me,  cause I am more of a one on
oner myself, I love getting to know people and
you can't do that real well in a large group, or
at least I can't

I am thankful
for all the sweet, encouraging and under-
standing comments and offers of prayers 
I have gotten from so many of you sweet 
friends concerning Dee and Jerry, and Rosie's
 (our grandaughter dog's) move at the end
 of the month. They have really warmed 
my heart and I thank you and am feeling
those prayers.

I am thankful
for a long conversation with my girl this
morning, and some hopeful thoughts at
least,  that they really don't think they
will want to live up in Asheville forever.
That sure made my heart feel better
whether it turns out to be true or not.
I think the thing that was the hardest
is thinking it might be forever,  and
it might,  but I don't really need to
think about that right now.  So that
really did help.

I am thankful
for an especially sweet notebook writing
from my hubby this morning.  It was
really precious, and made me a bit
misty eyed.  A very good thing......

I am thankful
for my hubby and what a great heart
he has............and love watching him
with our lil darling.  He is just too cute 
with her,  like he was with our kids,
I think our adult children are getting
a kick out of watching him too.
Brooklyn was sooo tired last Saturday
and fighting it.... but Grampy won out
with this magic swinging techniques.  lol

quiet contentment on grampy's lap,  he was the only
one who could get her to sleep..............he has the
magic touch.

I am thankful
that we were able to get our lil darling
to really belly laugh yesterday for the
very first was so
hilarious..........and heartwarming.
and just what she needed I think,
as those toofers are driving her
crazy these days.  Bless her heart.

I am thankful
that we cleaned our carpets this week,
something that has been bugging me
for a lil while. Love when we are having
company cause as I have said before it
motivates me to get on with something
that has needed doing anyway!  lol
We do our own with a Hoover carpet
cleaner only using hot water.  We only
use resolve carpet cleaner on any spots
that don't come up with the hot water.
Just make sure you keep going over the
soapy spots till you see no more soap
going into your cleaner.
That way you don't get all that soapy
residue in your carpets that make them
have to be cleaned at least once a year.
A friend of ours that was in the carpeting
business told us over 30 years ago, to
only spot clean for as long as you can,
cause once you start putting soap in
your carpet, it starts to deteroiate your
carpeting, plus makes for a lot of work
and expense of cleaning them often,\
and he was so right. That is what we
 have always done and our carpeting 
looks great. You would be shocked by
 how much dirt just using" hot water" 
takes out of your carpets.
It is truly amazing!!

I am thankful
for God's mercy, grace and goodness
to our family by giving us the good
 relationships that we all enjoy and
have in our little family.  It is such a
 joy, as we had 20 some odd years with 
many problems and ups and down from
 our families of origin, during the time
 we were raising our kids. So these last
 8 yrs. or so have been a little like 
Heaven for us.  
Also thankful we were all able to get
together last Saturday night here
for dinner.

Well, there she is.....the list for this

So glad you came by and hope you
leave a comment and let us know
what you are thankful for today or
just leave a comment!!  lol

Hope you have a wonderful
Friday and Weekend,

Love, Hugs, and

Happy Family Blessings to ya!



Cinderella Moments said...

I'm sure everything will be turning out just as it should. Sometimes things get a little harder than we'd like though. And separation sure is hard! Praying for you to keep the strength.

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Nellie! I am thankful for You and the list of blessings that you publish every week! It is like the journals that you and your hubby are writing to each other. God want to see how thankful we are for what He blesses us with and how we use those gifts, just as our loved ones need us to be thankful and appreciate them for what they do for us. When we take the time to actually look at everything with eyes of gratitude, then we are able to see our God in action, in our lives and in the lives of others. When I read your list, I am reminded to Praise God myself, and not to take life for granted but to trust in the perfect Grace of God in all circumstances. Thank you for helping me to remember this Nellie.


Bonnie said...

Hi Nellie!

Thank you for visiting my blog once in awhile and leaving comments. I have been terrible about it and I apologize to everyone of my blog friends. I guess I am just getting old and losing my energy for all the stuff I use to be able to do.

We have been traveling a lot and then when we got home for the East I had a bout of problems related to blood pressure. I had to change meds and have not really felt myself since. I need to get back into the doctor soon. This last week I was in Utah at a conference and the minute I came home I started feeling achy and chilled and have been feeling crumby ever since. I have two more trips to Utah before fall. One this up Saturday the 17th with Jim for family reunion and then another in September for a training in Family History. It has been exhausting when not feeling my best.

Brooklyn is gorgeous! Honestly how do they grow so fast.
Cherish each moment our fourth grandchild, Julia,is turn 13 this month. I can just imagine all the fun you are having. My Jim also has the magic touch with babies and kids in general. And I agree we all need more energy for the task of tending them and as they get older just being with them when they are so chatty every minute of the day and you are use to quiet!

I am so sorry to hear of Susan's mishap with her foot. Honestly it is not fair she had been daydreaming about this trip for months and months. Bless her heart. I am glad the animal things are working out. You are a great SIL to do it for her.

So Jerry and Dee are moving? Bummer. How far away is Asheville? His work taking them away? I am glad they do not want to stay forever.

I have resigned myself to the fact none of our kids are ever coming home to live again. ;-( But they just cannot afford to buy here now and they have established their own lives in many other places. Chris and Missy may be moving to England for a year in 2014. He has applied for a Sabbatical from BYU and applied for a Fullbright scholarship there. Nothing definite yet but bracing myself in the event it does happen.

Well I love you, Nellie, and hope all is well for all of you. You are such sweet friends.

Many hugs, Bonnie

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

I always seem to get here just before you post the next one, but I guess it is better than not getting here at all!

Your little one is growing so fast and she is just darling. I know what you mean about the energy level. When we used to get the little boys it made me wonder how I raised 2 of my own, but then I remembered that was 20+ years ago and I had more stamina.

It sounds like you are coming to terms more with the move. I really think that knowing it is coming will probably be worse than when it is done. I hope so.

Sister Susie Says said...

#1. Thank you, LORD, for Your leading!
#2. I had the time of my life, but as Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz" said, "There's no place like home!"
#3. The LORD blessed them all. I thank you, Nellie for the task you had!
#4. I noticed the same "energy level" needs as I was away!
#5. What a blessing it was to all!
#6. Prayers continue for us all!
#7. I hope Skype helps a whole lot!
#8. He surely loves you as Christ does His Church!
#9. The joy is all over his face, especially when he gets tickled with her, lol!
#10. What joy as she learns to do new things. I can't help but remember that You Tube showing the little baby in a belly laugh and just couldn't stop!
#11. I'm glad I have mostly floors, it helps in the cleaning!
#12. I love you all so much!
Love to you all, Susan