Friday, September 20, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - Sept. 19, 2013

Proclaiming aloud your praise and'
 telling of all your wonderful deeds.
Psalm 26:7

Happy Friday Afternoon 
Sweet Peas............

Just a tad late............
but you'll see why as you read.

Hope you have had a good week!

Ours has been good, a wee bit sad,
but also sweet..............

I am thankful
that my guest bedroom is back to normal
and operational for company, which right
now is my daughter and her hubby.
Was my daughter and hubby!  lol

I am thankful
for a really fun evening for the whole family
over at Scott and Megans last night.  We 
ate barbecue, and sat around the table and
talked and laughed at the antics of our lil
darling,  she is just such a riot anymore.
Then we watched lil miss get a bath and get
 ready for beddie bye,  and then watched 
some Duck Dynasty. We have only seen
that once before as we don't have cable,
but it is pretty funny I have to say.

I am thankful
that Dee and Jerry have made it passed
the movers and the house closing,  and I
am sure they are thankful that is all done.

They do have a new dilemma and that is
his car is in the shop and should have
been ready but the part that had been 
ordered was not the right part so they
had to reorder it, and hopefully it will get
here today,  so they can get the car fixed
and be on their way sometime tomorrow.
So if you feel so led please pray for that
to happen.....................

I am thankful
to be feeling much peppier than I was
at the beginning of the week.

I am thankful
for the beautiful sunny days we have
been having lately,  gorgeous skies,
still hot temps,  but this sure beats
all those cloudy and rainy days we
were having that made us wonder
if we were still living in Florida.  lol

I am thankful
to see yahoo news covering some really
good news stories lately, that restore your 
faith in people.  I have read several just today,
 one about a homeless man who returned a
 backpack he found that had $40,000 + dollars
 in it, and then a man who was inspired by his
 honesty set up a fund for him and has raised 
$98,000 form the homeless man.
The other story was about a 19 year old who
worked at an ice cream place. He had a reg.
customer who was visually impaired and he
 saw the man drop $20.00 and he also saw 
the lady behind the man pick up the money, 
 so this young man confronted the lady about
giving the money back and she wouldn't so
 he told her she needed to leave,  and gave 
the older gentleman $20. of his own money. 
 What a great kid.......................

Just love hearing these kind of stories,  we
just need to hear more of those and less of
the other kind.............

I am thankful
for the truth of God's word and the trials
and tribulations we have been through over
the last 33 years of walking with the Lord.
It help us to gain perspective during painful doesn't remove the pain most of
the time,  but it sure helps to have God's
perspective and truth.

I am thankful
for a really neat Christian song the Lord
reminded me of and put on my heart to send 
my daughter as she is traveling tomorrow.

You may have heard it before but it is a
great song.  It is called 
"These are the words I would say"

Listen to it here if you would like........

Colored pencil affect

I am thankful
for these beauty berries that you see in my
pictures.  Beth over at the Garden Gate, 
showed some from her garden last week,
and it reminded me that we have had some
growing wild in our side yard woods the last
 few years,  so I went in search of hoping to
 find some,  and I did,  so just had to bring a
 few bathroom is the only place that
 purple looks good,  so that is where I took them. 
 I just think they are so pretty..................
and they don't need to be hidden in the woods.

These next 3 were all written this
 morning (Friday)

I am thankful
that they got Jerry's car running this morning.
We were very thankful as they have to be in
 Asheville by 9 a.m. tomorrow morning, as they 
are delivering all their furniture and stuff. 
 They just left at noon, so they got the car 
done way before we expected,  
so that was such a blessing.

I am thankful
my sweet daughter in love, Megan was here
 when they left, cause when I started to cry
 I was able to turn around and talk to her and
 get myself together so I could smile and wave
goodbye. Cause I didn't want to make Dee cry, 
cause she has to drive her car, and she doesn't
 need to be crying.............................
Megan also helped me remember that this 
was a good thing,  and then we got busy with
lil miss and that helped too.
So they are on their way to their new life,
and we look forward to hearing about it....
we are on our way... to our new normal.

I am thankful
that Dee will be coming back in 2 weeks for
an event for her best friend,  so have to say
that made it easier for all of us,  knowing
that!.............God is good all the time!

I am thankful
for all of you who have prayed for us 
during this bitter/sweet experience.
We have felt the prayers.....and thank
 you from the bottom of my heart.

Posterized affect

Well, that's a wrap.... as they say!

Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend,

See ya next week....I am off to get 
my Fall decorations now........
Told you I was saving them for this 
particular time frame!  lol

Love,  Hugs,  and
Beauty Berry Blessings to you,


♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Saying prayers for you and all your family that your hearts will find peace and joy in all things new as well as memories of old..

I am grateful for my life and that I am making progress on my own healing.. So thankful for all those who prayed and continue to pray for me. For supportive folks who lend an ear when I need it ..

Life is Good and I am thankful..


Sister Susie Says said...

#1. It is soooo pretty. I'm glad it could be Jerry and DeeAnna to be the first to use it in its newly decoration!
#2. Wasn't Brooklyn so funny. I've never seen such a young baby have such a great time in the bath tub! Ha!
#3. I surely will pray for their car to be ready. I pray they can pick it up tonight!
#4. I find if I have things I have to do, I'm not tired! But, if I have leisure time, I'm out like a light, lol!
#5. I see on the weather report, we are suppose to this weekend get into the 60's (at night.)
#6. One time I found $20 in the Publix foyer. I took it to the office, but I don't know what the outcome was.
#7. Upon looking back on my life I find the LORD has always had a purpose. This last incident with the solar panel, I feel the LORD has me praying for these 6 people and their salvation. I wouldn't have known their names otherwise.
#8. What perfect words! I've never heard it before. It is the perfect message!
#9. Aunt Mary used to get some "blue"berries on the edge of her woods and make a pie. However if you're not sure what they are I wouldn't eat them.
#10. In reading this, I forgot today was Friday! (I was thinking it was Thursday!) I pray all is going well with them safety and time wise!
#11. How wonderful for Megan to be with you! I remember mom feeling the same in her heart when you and Jim went to Germany.
#12. All the time GOD is so good! It's so good they are living "near" and not on the other side of the US or in Germany!
Love you, Susan

Janet said...

Sweet Nellie

Such a wonderful post. I know your daughters and sil moving is so hard on you. I have been through it. You are in my prayers.

I will be posting an overview of the month. We have had so much family here.

Blessing & Love

Rebecca said...

Blogging kind of helps keep our perspective during difficult times, doesn't it? Good-byes are always hard. Sounds like you are taking it in stride.

We're in the middle of some major challenges here at 17612 State Road 37 :) Taking it a day at a time as rely on Jesus to give us physical and emotional stability and strength. He IS faithful!

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

I am so glad to see you survived. I always cry when I leave my daughter, even when I try so hard not too. I do promise you it isn't as bad as you would imagine, if you talk on the phone daily like we do. I haven't seen my daughter since April, but I still know what she has for dinner most nights! Thank goodness for cellphones. I am so happy you have that sweet baby to keep you busy!