Thursday, October 10, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 10, 2013

 Let us be thankful, then, because
 we receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken. 
Let us be grateful and worship God in a way 
that will please him, with reverence and awe; 
Hebrews 12:28
Good News Translation

   Hello There Sweet Peas,

Hope this week has treated you 
very well..........

It has treated me well for sure, as you will read
 below.  Haven't gotten a lot done today work
 wise, as I have been on the phone with about 4 
different folks today,  and have had to do some
 emailing as well, but hey, like Gary Smalley says,
 "Life is really all about relationships and all the
 rest is just details."  How True that is..........
or at least it should be how we live............
So today has really been all about relationships,
now I feel better about all the stuff I didn't get
 done today!! lol
Hey, We all need a reminder, ya

Anyway, hope my thankful list might become 
a reminder to you, just in case you need it,
 about how blessed we who live in this country
 really are, compared to the rest of the world.
 So hope it is a blessing to you, as we all
need perspective some times.

 Here we go.................

I am thankful
for the sweet time we got to have with 
Dee last weekend, and it is  always great
to get together with the family.  We look
 forward to going to visit Dee sometime
maybe in November.

All pics are scenes from cozy place in 2010.

I am thankful
that we are dipping into the mid 60's at night
right now,  still in the mid to upper 80's in the 
daytime tho, but the mornings are just 
delightful...........and we feel the promise
of Fall weather......yeah!!

I am thankful
that we got our porch cleaned after all these
months and months of rain where we wanted
to deep clean it but couldn't.  At least a couple
of times a years it needs to be washed down
 with the hose, and scrubbed a little, still gotta 
work on getting rid of some stains but we are
in progress, as it has rained here again most
of this week.............Hoping we get to 
finish it up on Saturday.

I am thankful
that my Sil Susan was able to come down
yesterday afternoon for awhile,  and give
me a hand with Brooklyn,  since hubby had
to go into work all day.  Nice to have a 2nd
pair of hands at times.  

Note:  Brooklyn is starting to crawl, just
needs practice, but doing pretty well.
So cute!!

I am thankful
for a precious young lady, named Jennifer that
 still goes to our church after all these years. She 
and Dee grew up being friends, and I, being friends
 with her Mom since they were both about 2 yrs.
old.........she has turned out so well, and is just a
 beautiful young lady inside and out. I had a phone
 conversation with her this morning and was just 
so blessed by it.

I am thankful
for some things I learned out of that con-
versation with her this morning as well.

I am thankful
for a movie we once again got from Netflik
called "Undaunted", it is about the early life
of John McDowell.  Wow, want to see how 
life is changed by Christ,  this is your movie.
Amazing Story, and amazing what the Lord
had in store for him and how He has used
him all these years to help others. He is
actually a very well known man in Christian
cirlces, he once was an athiest and hated
God, but set out to prove their was no
God.........and the story shares all that.
Really really good.

I am thankful
for the "Good News" of the gospel of the  Lord 
Jesus Christ. Oh How He loves You and Me,
so much so, that He was willing to be mistreated,
misunderstood, beaten, brutalized and tortured
for our sake to save us, from ourselves and from 
hell, because he knew we need a savior whether 
we realize it or not.  I can't even begin to imagine
 where I would be without Him in my life........
I can honestly say, it would be no where good,
and even tho my background or my hubbies
 wasn't quite as bad as John McDowell's......we
did have some of those things in our homes of
origin and he has done amazing things in our
 lives too. Number one would be He saved our 
marriage, so we know only too well that He
 is able, and desires to give us an abundant
 life, meaning a good life full of love, joy,
 peace, patience, kindness, goodness and 
self-control, and even the desires of our
 hearts, if we delight in Him.
So I love to see stories that show His grace 
and work in the lives of His children.
His Grace is truly Amazing!

I am thankful
for buy one get one free coupons from
Yomii.......our fav frozen yogurt place.

Hungry for pumpin pie now??

I am thankful
for phones that keep us in touch with
those we love...........

I am thankful
for the beautiful azure blue sky, fluffy
cotton ball clouds, and sunshiny day,
and the time to sit in it for a few
 minutes. It felt awesome...........

I am thankful I could get an appt. with my chiropractor
tomorrow morning,  I have really needed to go since
last Friday,  but didn't want to miss out on any time 
with my sweet girls.
 Altho now, that I have made the appt. I am feeling 
strangely better.  I think Drs. just scare things right 
out of you!   lol

Well, you have an awesome weekend
with those you hold dear.

Thanks for coming by and for leaving
comments, they are always a blessing
to me, and very appreciated.

Feel free to share your Thankfuls
with us,  we love hearing them.
We all need to hear more
 good news..........

Love, Hugs and
Happy Relationship Blessings,


Walking on Sunshine said...

So funny reading about cleaning your front porch. I spent some time today cleaning our front porch and the windows. What a job! Seems we are being attacked by spiders and they are making a huge mess! I need to get out there and spray, spray,spray! Hope your back is feeling better! Things are good here. If you go on my FB page, I have photos of Phil from Afghanistan. They're under an album called "Afghanistan." :)

Sister Susie Says said...

I love your 1st picture! They look so good!
#1. DeeAnna is so precious! I know you will really enjoy your visit to her (and Jerry's) new home!
#2. Isn't there just something about the weather change that gives you a happy boost!
#3. I have to spray wash the spider pods and webs out!
#4. What an enjoyment that was. I was so excited to see her crawl. I can't believe how strong she was to pull herself from a lying down position to standing! All she needed was to grasp my fingers! There's not many adult that could do that, ha!
#5. That's one of the greatest blessings of being a school teacher; seeing students you had that are now responsible and loving adults and parents!
#6. I so love when I meet with friends and info is shared between us that means so much!
#7. Thank you for the preview! I'll put it at the top of my list when I leave your blog! I just finished watching Shirley Temple's "Captain America." She was quite the little actress.
#8.Though I have never been married, I have found that in this life it definitely has been a warring between the spirit and the flesh! Paul's life has shared this! We are in a continually growing and learning of GOD's purpose for our lives; to glorify Him more in all we say, think, and do!
#9. I sometimes find "buy one get one free" at Publix!
#10 YES! However, I always forget to turn off my cell phone when I get home!!!
#11. Wasn't that something! I kept having a quick blocking out of the sun, but just as quickly the sun came back out! My den felt like a big shadow had come across the window, ha!
#12. Ha, ha!
I'm thankful for great neighbors! Lillian's brother, Tom mows my grass now that George passed away.
Love to you all, Susan

Patsy Paterno said...

Wonderful list of thank yous. I am intrigued by the movie of John McDowell. Will be on the lookout for it. Bless you! patsy

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

It's always nice to list the things we are thankful for. Makes them seem more real. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

It's always nice to list the things we are thankful for. Makes them seem more real. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

I like that quote about life being about relationships...I will remember that. I agree that every time I make a doctor's appointment I seem to feel better and wonder if I should cancel. I think it is dread of the appointment that makes that happen!

We have gotten almost cold this week. It won't last, but I have finally had a day with no air-conditioning!