Thursday, October 3, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 3, 2013

Scenes from Fall of  2013

 Enter his gates with thanksgiving 
and his courts with praise;
 give thanks to him and praise his name.
Psalm 100:4

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope your week has been a good one!

Mine has been good and busy!!  lol
Not complaining,  just sayin'.....
It has also been refreshing with some
 cooler nights.  I would tell you what all
I have been doing if I could only
 remember!  lol
Oh yea, I do remember that Monday 
was just a relationship building day,  
spent the morning with my Sil Susan, 
 talked  with Dee and my friend from
 Gainesville,  hubby and I worked outside 
a short while and I made din din, that was 
about it for
A day full of love and relationship, another
one of my fav type of days.............

Think my post will fill you in on some
of it at least............So......
here we go.

I am thankful
for skype.  We have just done it once with
Dee,  but it was fun,  she was able to show
us around their apartment.  She has an ipad, 
so we found out at the end if she turned it 
horizontally we could see more.  So she is
gonna give us another tour someday.

I am thankful
for the lil bit cooler weather, we went out
for a bike ride last night and it was so nice.

I am thankful
they we have been able to get out and do
some yard work for about 30 mins. or so
after hubby has gotten home 2 nights this
 week, cause typically it would be dark by
then.  So we are happy they are leaving
Daylight Savings time until Novemeber.

I am thankful
that we will get to see Dee this weekend,
She is coming in Friday night, so of course, 
we are looking forward to that,  and they are
 still enjoying their new abode and surroundings.

I am thankful 
for lil children in general,  but especially
 grateful for our lil darling. They are just so
precious and say the cutest things.  Sunday
after church we ran into Publix and when I
was about to leave the restroom this lil girl
came in....she was about 4 yrs. old,  I would
 say, and she looked around rather confused
then looked at me, and said "Is this the big gir" 
and I said do you mean the Big Girl's bathroom, 
 and she said yes, now I was thinking she was
 meaning for herself,  since she was probably
 now wearing big girl panties.  Then she still
 looked puzzled and sheepishly said "Where is
 the little girls bathroom",  it was all I could do
 to keep from cracking up,  but I contained 
myself,  and assured her this was it, and
that she could use any of those stalls.
When I left I saw her daddy and baby
brother waiting for her, and asked if he
had a lil girl in the restroom and he said
yes, so I told him what she said and he
cracked up.
The whole thing just put a smile on my face,
so adorable and so innocent.  and we have
that to look forward to with her lil grand-
daughter before too long.  She is gonna be
7 mos. old on Friday.

posterized affect 

I am thankful
for the fun weekend we had,  I watched
Brooklyn for awhile on Friday,  then Scott and
 Megan picked up dinner from the Sonny's 
bar-be-cue and had dinner with us here.  
We were all pretty tired from the week, 
 but enjoyed being together anyway.

This is what Brooklyn looked like when she
came over !
Just had to show you a recent pic 
Love those lil head bands on her,  she looks so cute!

Found these cute lil socks for her at Target,
they remind me of her happy disposition.

Saturday we went to a party to welcome the
future coming of a baby for a sweet young lady
 that we have known since she was 4 yrs. old, 
 this is her 3rd baby, and she didn't want a baby
 shower but her friend just wanted to do something 
nice for her,  so it was a welcome to the world party.
  Very cute idea,  and a great time was had by all.
Then we went for frozen yogurt and to Hobby
Lobby to look around. 

Then to dinner at Road House grill, they have
really scrumptious food, and we ran into some
fairly new friends,  that we haven't seen in a
long time,  so that was fun,  and we are gonna
try and get together soon.
so we made a day of it,  and it was a lot of
fun cause the weather was a bit cooler,  so it
was a very enjoyable day from start to finish.
Sunday was our normal day, of church, a frozen
yogurt smoothie, better known as a "Chocolate 
Elvis", and it was very peaceful and restful day
our fav kind of day!

Posterized affect

I am thankful
for hedge trimmers, manual and electric cause 
they make quick work out of doing our bushes, 
 I love the yard to look nice but don't like to 
spend a lot of time working on it.

I am thankful
for a pecan pie hubby got at Sam's club....that
baby is really delicious..........and I love pecan
pie...........and especially chocolate pecan pie.
Ever had it........if not you gotta try it.

I am thankful
that I finally finished all my Fall decorating, just
still need to get the spring/summer stuff put away.
It is all on my breakfast hopefully
tomorrow,  but I have a dental appt. and then
might decide to go shopping instead,  so guess
I'll see what happens tomorrow.  lol

update: Thursday nite: Just finished putting
 it all away......shew...... so happy to be done
 with that!!

I am thankful
for good chinese food because the chinese takeout
we got tonight was just less than horrible.  Same
place we have been getting it for years, but they
have the original owners back, we thought that
would be a good thing..................nada!
Have no idea where we will get chinese now, 
just probably want..............I only like it every
once in a blue moon anyway, and am very picky
about what I get,  so..............we'll see!  lol

I am thankful
 I found another pretty white ceramic pumpkin,  
just like this large one you see in the pic above,
 just medium size,  and I got a faux orange baby
 boo pumpkin that I was gonna paint white,  but
 then I found a real baby white pumpkin at Publix
 on Sunday..............
Got the other 2 pumpkins at Hobby Lobby 40%
off,  gotta love those sales, and I just love pumpkins
too............I think I have 18 faux pumpkins, most of
 them are smaller ones,  but love them just the same. 
Nine of them were gifts, guess some folks know
what I
 So far I only have 1 real one,  but the Methodist
 church where my kids went to preschool many
 moons ago, always  has a pumpkin patch every year
and the proceeds go to missions,  so we like to visit 
them yearly if we can.  It is like killing two birds with 
one stone, you get the pumpkins you want but you
help someone else in the process.  That is a win/win
for me.  I would like a few for the front porch, so
 will hopefully be checking them out soon.

Family room mantle
I am thankful
that I got another dental appt. under my belt,
 had 2 small fillings redone today, and it was pretty
quick and they came out great.  Just one more appt.
to go for another crown,  later this month,  then.....
 I will be done........yeaaahhh!!


I am thankful
that we here in Florida, at least look like we are
 gonna be missing Tropical Storm Karen, and
praying for those that will not be missing her.

Well, here's my list of Thankful's for this week,
hope you have much to be thankful for too.

Love that you visit and thankful for your
sweet comments as well.............

Have a Wonderful Friday and Weekend
with those you hold dear............

Love, Hugs, and
Warmest Fall Blessings to ya!



Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Brooklyn is adorable, such a cutie! Me too Nellie, so thankful for "power" tools, they sure do make yard work easier! I don't know what I would do without the gas blower and electric trimmers...

Sister Susie Says said...

I really enjoyed our time too!
#1. I hope you have pictures you can share of Jerry and DeeAnna's new home!
#2. Yes! I'll be glad when the days get cooler too!
#3. Lillian (next door) is putting me to shame! She has pulled all of the vines out of her side of the oak trees as well as all of the weeds from her flower beds! I guess it keeps her busy since George passed away. Her brother, Tom mows her yard and mine.
#4. Thank the LORD for His traveling mercies on her! I hope she has more pictures to share with you about their new home.
#5. I can identify with that as a kindergarten teacher! I should have kept a book of all of the cute and sweet things they said!
#6. Being together is the LORD's greatest blessings to us!!!
Brooklyn is so precious! She has such happy smiles!!! Did you give her the cute little socks? What a full day you had!
#7. Mine isn't as good as it used to be. I didn't realize how much George did!
#8. I enjoy it especially during the Autumn season!
#9. Yea! Now a few months to enjoy it before winter things come out!
#10. The one by Hobby-Lobby has good food! (Well it did 6 months ago!)
#11. I always bought a big one for the kids at school and let them get their hands in the goo cleaning it out! The sweet little ooh's and squeal's when squeezing it through their fingers I'll never forget!
#12. I know you will be glad when it is all over!
#13. Yes, we are blessed! I pray it will only bring needed rain to those in its path.
Love you all, Susan

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Oh, how sweet to read all of these wonderful blessings and to see your beautiful photos! Your baby girl is just so adorable with the most precious little face! I can imagine your joy with each visit with her :)

So nice stopping by tonight.
Kindly, Lorraine

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

That is the happiest baby! I love the headbands too. I wish they had them when my daughter was that size. She was born with lots of hair, but went through a fairly long, almost bald stage. I had her in bonnets much of the time!

I just love that feeling when I have been to the dentist and all the work is done for another year. It is my least favorite thing to do.

I sure envy you the frozen yogurt shop...but, we are supposedly getting one here. Time will tell. It is my favorite!

We turned cool over the weekend. I actually turned the air off yesterday and have jeans on. It is only for a few days this time, but it feels wonderful. So glad the storm is missing all of you in FL.

Rebecca said...

You're right! You DID have a busy week.

You're granddaughter is so sweet - what wide, beautiful eyes :)