Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to press linens with embroidery to make them pop, in case you don't know..... and a table for two remake.

Howdy Sweet Friends,

So how is your week going so far?? 
 Hope you all had a nice relaxing,
 reflective Memorial Day.

Mine week has run off and left  For some reason
 I thought yesterday was Monday,  so that is why I didn't post.
Guess we had a lil too much quiet, relaxing, refreshing and  Our Memorial day was all of that I have
to say, and hubs and I enjoyed it so much.  We did manage to
 accomplish some yard work,  and I did some work towards
my card business, we watched some movies and some TV,
played cards and just talked a lot and rested.  We are gearing
up for next weekend since we know Dee will be home and
we will be busy visiting and having family get togethers then.
We are all looking forward to her has been
a few months since we have seen her,  so we are more

Well, had an opportunity to use my embroidered
place mats last week,  so had to get them ironed cause
they were pretty wrinkled. I learned a tip from guess
who???   Martha Stewart probably 15 years or so ago
when she had her old show, some of you probably
already know, but thought some of you vintage linen
lovers might not,  so thought I would share it just in
case.  Sure wish Martha Stewart still had her old
 show, cause I used to love to watch it but just
 never did like the new one.

Ironing Embroidered Linens Tutorial

Anywho,  first of all you get a nice fluffy towel and
fold it in two, then put it on your ironing board.
You might also need a spritzer of water just in case
 you need it for wrinkles,  cause a lot of times the
 steam setting just doesn't do it........

Then you place the item right side up and iron or
press it, whichever you call it.
Most of the time you can tell which is the right side,
but sometimes that is hard to tell.  If it was a blouse
for instance you would know easily,  but wasn't as
easy to see on the place mats cause both side look

This pic above seems to be the wrong side as you can
see the lil stitches around the flower, so after you have
pressed the right side, then flip it over to the wrong
side...  then press sorta of hard with the iron,  and
 you can spritz it with water if need be................

and this is what the right side will look like afterwards,
 ironing on the towel makes everything pop up and 
just makes the embroidiery work show up so much

Here's a side shot just so you can see........

Doesn't it pop up nicely............

Now for the reason I ironed these lil pretties.....

After Mother's day was over I had a friend that
I knew had a birthday coming up soon,  so I
managed to save just enough plates and napkins
from my Mother's day table and just left the
 basket and pitcher with flowers in them, so
that I could do a pretty table for her and have
her over for lunch.  It wound up being very
improptu,  but it turned out fine.........

Decided not to use a tablecloth, which I
 rarely do and you will see why as I go
 thru the pics. Then moved 2 of the 
chairs out so I could center things.
since it was just a table for two......

Remember the hot pink azaleas
 arrangements, Just took the napkins 
out to change it up a little.

This time I tried the round silver
 rimmed salad plates
and different silverware along with
some stemmed goblets.

and folded the napkins differently.
and still had a few candies left too.

Put just one simple candle in the center
Tried both plates and decided to go 
with the rounded edge square ones
again,  just cause it was easier.  lol

I know it is daylight,  but still like
 to use candlelight,  think it just adds
 some special ambiance that most
 ladies enjoy!

This is from the opposite end of the table

Have you noticed how you can see
 thru the table and see the chairs and it
 also reflects light and you see reflections
 of the dining room light and stuff.........
It is a very pretty table, but I really wish 
I had my old solid oak parson style table
 still........rather than the glass, but it
got messed up in a house flood about
13 yrs or so ago,  such is life!!
That is why I almost always use a table
cloth for dinners.  I let it stay without one
in summer as long as we are not eating.

this has a posterized affect but it is hard
to tell for some reason.

Since the basket was black and Scott
 and Megan had given me these Faith
 Family and Friends signs,for Mother's
Day I decided to use the Friends one
 on the table.

This has a posterized affect, 
 and you can tell thankfully!!  lol

Made us salads, and decided to do it the way they 
do it at Long Horn Steak House. they dice up the
cucumbers and tomatoes, it does make for a nice
presentation and somehow I think it tastes better
too.......maybe it is just my imagination.  lol 
We also had Black Beans and yellow rice
 with chicken,  sauteed onions and fresh tomatoes
 on top. Wished I would have had cilantro, cause
that really adds a lot of flavor. Only got a pic of the
salad just cause I thought it looked appetizing!! lol
  Since it was impromptu I had to go with what
 I had in the house,  which wasn't much at the
time, but it worked out well...........

Things like that are like a challenge to me and I
feel good when I actually pull it off without having
 to run to the  Course, I really can't
take credit for it, cause I asked the Lord in
 desperation what can I make? cause I didn't even
 know what I would get a the store if I went!!  lol 
 So all of a sudden I remembered I had black
 beans and rice leftover from the night before, 
 and rotisserie chicken, which I know my friend
 likes, and stuff for salad, so it was like a light
 bulb moment......
  so I know where it came

Well, there you have it folks.......
my table and food challenge and
 even a tutorial on

Gee.....Can it get any better 
than that!!  lol

If you happened to miss our
 Mother's Day table and would like
 to see it,  Just click here!

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Have a lovely evening 
with your family/friends!

Hugs and Happy Ironing



Anonymous said...

Oh, Nellie, your table looks beautiful...and what a delicious menu.

I'm sure your friend felt blessed by her beautiful luncheon with you. I know I would have!

By the way, what's this about a card business? I'd love to hear more about that. When you have time, shoot me an email.


Sister Susie Says said...

WOW! Nellie, your table settings just get better each time I see them! So beautiful! I love the red plates. It really made your linen place mats show up! When eating, I've never seen your table without a clothe on it. We could really see Rosy well, ha!

What a feast for you and your friend!

I can hardly wait to see DeeAnna! Love you all,Susan

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Love the way your did the napkins.

Diane said...

I know your friend enjoyed her special day with you!! Love your choice of red - no one could be depressed over a "bigger number" eating at that table. Thank you for sharing the ironing tip. I adore white on white embroidery and I will try this method the next time I have to iron a piece.

Carol said...

That is such a great idea for ironing embroidery pieces. I don't have any embroidered linens, but I do love how they look and I might have some one day! Your tablescape was just so sweet!