Friday, May 29, 2015

Thankful Thurday May 28, 2015, and Upcycled Scone Mix Box

A cheerful look brings joy 
to the heart,
 and good news gives 
health to the bones.
Proverbs 15:30 NIV

Morning Sweet Friends,

How are things in your corner 
of the world??
Well and Happy I hope.

Things are going well here,
still coughing my head off
and having some tiredness
still but way way better than
it was last week.

On Tuesday I told you I was
very energetic, in fact, I think
I maybe overdid it, but any
who, I decided in all my great
enthusiasm, that this pretty
Scone box, just needed to be
enjoyed more like the scones
mix that was in the box.
They were very good especially
with Lemon curd on them!!  lol
and you know how I like pretty
packaging, so decided to do
something with it, so found
some greenery, and some faux
blueberry picks.  Put some 
stones in the bottom of the box
to make it sturdy so it wouldn't
tip over easily, then just stuck
in the greenery and the blue
berry picks, and well ah, a new
decoration for my kitchen table.
Easy Peasy and a no cost project,
works for

Have done some other playing
this week, and actually changed
this vignette you see here again,
since I have had the rooster and
the hen on the table since early
march.............and did a table
scape as well,  so you will be
seeing that sometime soon as

So on with my Thankful Post.

 I am thankful

to have been feeling well enough
 to go to church and get out of the
 house finally.
It was Wonderful.....

 for good health!
Nothing like being sick for a week
 to make you really thankful for
 good health..........


for a very enjoyable time with Scott,
 Megan and the baby on Memorial Day,
and delicious burgers/hotdogs, Broccoli
 salad, watermelon and cheesecake.......
It was all yummy!!  
Think this was the first time we have 
gotten together for Memorial day in a 
long time, so that an extra nice

With photocopy affect


That Dee and Jerry got moved on
Monday and had their closing
on Tuesday afternoon.  So they
are proud home owners once
again...........and having a fun
time getting settled in and re-
decorating. So happy for them.


for another Campfire Chicken 
recipe that I found on the Kraft
 food website.  It is called
" Foil-packet Southwestern 
Chicken Dinner".
Love these cause you can make
them, pop them in the oven,
eat them right out of the foil
if you want, and then there
is no clean up......Heaven!! lol
oh yea, and they are delicious.
Nice easy din din, especially 
if you are in a hurry...........

Find it here if you want!

With cutout affect


to hear of the Lord healing a 9 yr. old
little boy of cancer.  It is my daughter
in love, Megan's lil cousin. This is his
2nd bout with cancer, and he was truly
at death's door and there was nothing
else to be done for him, and they had
 their Pastor come and pray with him
 thinking he would be passing very
 soon, but now he is cancer free and
probably home by now, after months
and months in the hospital having
all sorts of treatments. What a
wonderful testimony of God's
healing grace and mercy. I am so
thrilled for he and his family.
Best news I have heard in a long time.

for the fun of having our lil darling
 help me make cookies on Wed.
  She was so cute, she stood on a 
chair right beside me and did 
exactly what I told her to do, think
 her fav part was holding the handle 
of the cookie scoop as I squeezed it
 to release the dough!  lol  
and eating them of course!!
Today I was thinking I should have
had hubby takes some pics of it,
since this was another first, well,
with me anyway......

With film grain affect


that some good quality T-shirts
 that I had ordered and that were 
suppose to be in on May 19th, were
on back order until June 18th,
But they shipped today......
who hoo!
Had been wondering if I should
just cancell the order, and so 
glad I didn't now.
Cause I am a T-shirt and shorts 
kind of girl, especially around
the house.


for leftover pizza today, and 
that we found out about a 
month ago, that if we reheat
 it in the oven wrapped in foil,
 it tastes just like it does when
you first get it fresh. Which
translates Yummo!!

With Extrude Affect, thought this was so

for another lil  money saving tip
 I learned from a girl at the pizza
 shop. Rather than ordering a
 Specialty pizza, like a Vegetarian, 
which is what we usually get,
order a plain cheese pizza, then
just add the toppings, and it 
should come out about
 $3-4.oo less, at least it has
for us!

Some great toppings that we

have put on ours are: chicken,
 onions, roasted red peppers,
 black olives spinach, and 
sometimes mushrooms. 
 They aren't my fav!~!  l0l

with colored dots affect from fotoschetcher

for my backyard and the way
 it looks right now, freshly mowed, 
part of it is  shaded and the other 
part sunny, with the sun sort of
 filtering thru the trees and just
 looks so pretty. That is my view
 out the window right now, and
it just blesses my heart.

for another really good movie
that was based on a true story.
Know how I love those.  It was
sad in parts, but turns out
 really well. It was called
 "Gimme shelter". 
We highly recommend it.

Well there you have it!!

So happy you could come by 
and hope you enjoyed your visit.

Now YOU have a Lovely weekend,
YA hear!!  lol

Love, Hugs and
Blueberry Blessings,


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JES said...

Ah, so much to be thankful for! I was especially touched to hear of the little boy's healing!!! Thank you for sharing such good news as there is so much yucky stuff going on right now! Thank you for joining the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week :)

Cheryl said...

Dear Nellie! I am SO sorry to know that you have been ill! I do trust God will take all of the sickness away and you will soon competely regain your strength. So thankful you were able to visit with your family, and the centerpiece you made is just beautiful! What a neat idea! May God bless you and keep you in His tender care, sweet friend. So grateful for you!

Mimi Mama said...

Hello Nellie dear! I've been so busy that I haven't had time to keep up with your lovely posts. I'm sorry to hear you've been unwell. Hopefully something I'm sending will cheer you up. Your news of the little boy being cancer free makes my heart sing. And lil Darlin' helping with baking? Adorable! I'm sending you a big hug today. Mimi xxx

Sister Susie Says said...

Good news surely does make a joyful heart and health to the bones! It happened once, I pray it happens again :-)
#1. The pollen has started with me too! I've been trying not to rub my eyes!
#2. Amen, I'm getting some strength back since I had a stead at Ruby Tuesday. I used my gift cards, so I ordered more to take home and have 3 dinner meals!
#3. Sounds great! I know it tasted great too, ha!
#4. Youth! I wouldn't have the strength! Of course they haven't had 40 years to collect all we do over 40 years LOL!
#5. That's my kind of meal, quick preparation!
#6. I've been thinking lately about our Almighty GOD. He spoke everything into existence-SPOKE nothing is beyond His power, mercy, and grace!
#7. Pictures would have been great, but when you are enjoying such a moment you don't think about pictures!
#8. I'm surely enjoying mine too! (Though they're old as the hills, ha!)
#9. I had to re-read. I thought it was month old pizza, LOL!
#10. Great tip!
#11. I'm still waiting for James to come bush hog the back property.
#12. I've not been watching much other than the cooking chanel and the Christian channels! I love you all, Susan