Sunday, July 22, 2018

Quotes to Ponder

Happy Sunday Morning.....

Here's the quote to ponder.....

"A friend is a precious possession
whose value increases with the years,
Someone who does not forsake us
when a difficult moment appears."

By Henry Van Dyke

Do I get an Amen on that!!
So So True....

Happy Pondering!

Have a Blessed Day,

Friday, July 20, 2018

Thankful Thursday July 19, 2018, late spring golf cart tour #5

In him our hearts rejoice,
 for we trust in his holy name.
Psalm 33:21 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope your week has been a good

Ours has been good and a bit busier
than usual, which was fine.  I will
let the post do the talking today.

Pictures today are from Charleston
S.C. again, from our golf cart tour.

So on with my Thankfuls....

Thankful for an evening out on 
Friday,  we tried to go shopping
but I all of a sudden I started
 feeling not so great, but at least
did get a picture frame I went
after, and we did get to go to 
dinner at Red Lobster and was
able to enjoy that and it was
 nice to get out of the house
 for awhile.  Think I was just
overtired from not sleeping
well the night before.

Thankful to see an old neighbor
 of our friends that we just went to 
visit last week at our church this
 Sunday morning.  I just saw her
a few weeks ago in Publix and
she never said she was coming
to our church, so it was quite
a nice surprise.  


Side and back

Thankful to hear that the young
couples class that we taught for
41/2 years, has stepped up and
are doing a life group together
on Thursday evening. We were
very happy to hear that as they
are the church of the future.

#4 and 5
Thankful for a fun time out
to lunch with some new friends
after church and it was really nice
 that wwent to a buffet restaurant
 that is about 30 mins away in another
town that we haven't been to in years,
 in fact, it has a new name and new
 owners, but it was really good, and 
we love that it is like a little country 
inn....very quaint with a lovely
atmosphere and delicious food
and great fellowship with our new
Thankful also that when we were
walking thru the restaurant to leave,
 we saw a lovely older couple that
used to go to our church for years but 
moved away, but they were in the
 area visiting their grandson.  It was 
definitely a divine connection cause 
not only did we know them, and get
a kick out of seeing them, it turned
 out that those sweet folks used to be 
best friends with our new friends 
 parents back then, so they were
thrilled to see them. Love these
fun surprises like that!

Thankful for a new bath and body
fragrance in my guest bath, it is
called Lemoncello and it is just
 such a wonderful clean lemon
 fragrance.  I love having a nice
fragrance when you walk into
a bathroom especially.

Thankful hubby got a good 
report at the Dr. so far.  He still
has to do an echocardiogram,
but we are expecting it to be
good as well.  Thankful that
the Dr. cut back on his Blood
pressure meds, as his BP has
gone down since he retired.

Thankful for a fun night out on
Tuesday after the Drs. visit to cheese-
cake factory and their yummy cheese-
 cake that we brought home.  Mine was
 Caramel salted pretzel, and it was really
 scrumptious but rich, so you can't eat
to much at one sitting, so finally 
finished it off today after lunch.
  Um Um....

Thankful for my hubbies hilarious
sense of humor.  I am seeing that
more and more since he retired and
 when we watch lil darling. He is
really getting even more into his role 
as a Grampy, and it is fun to watch.
 Dr. asked if we were
working out and we said No, we
have been having fun...... but then
yesterday I told hubby we should 
make a video of our days with lil 
darling and send it to him, and he
will see we don't need a work out
She keeps us on the move all the
 time........playing games, like hide 
and seek with her barbie dolls, and
 my hubby has some very creative 
hiding places that crack us up,
then there is one called " 4 corners"
 and a new game "The floor is lava" 
or something like that, oh and finger
rockets....we are just having too
 much fun over here......and by the
end of the day we just want to drop
on the sofa and do nothing, cause
we are worn out.....but it is a good

Thankful for a new food discovery.
Trader Joe's movie theatre popcorn.
It is really delicious and only $2
a bag.  Only problem is the store
is an hour away so not sure how
often we will get to buy it, but it
will surely be a treat when we do.
Just now realized my daughter is
coming in August and they have 
store near them. Will have to get
 her to bring me some. Sounds
 like a good plan to me.  lol

Thankful for a sweet and precious
 card and letter from our friends
 in Gainesville today.  They are
both sweeties and we have missed
them every since they moved away
 about 25 years ago.

Thankful for a lot of little projects
that we got done this week that
have been nagging at us. Such a
good feeling when they are done.

Well, that is our week at Cozy Place.

Glad you could stop by.......

Have a lovely Friday and Weekend
with the Special people in your life.

Love, Hugs, and
Sweet Summer Blessings,


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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Nellie's Chicken Nachos

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope this day find you doing well.

We had an unexpected but great day.
We wound up having lil darling as she
wasn't feeling great, but other than her
tummy hurting a couple of times did
fine. We also had a Drs. appt. for hubby 
late in the afternoon, which is about
a 50 min. drive, so met our daughter-
in-love on the way to hand off lil
darling, then proceeding on to his
appt.  which went well,  he still has
to get an echocardiogram tho. Then
we went to a Traders Joe's store,
always heard about them, but never
have been to one, so that was fun and
new adventure that we both enjoyed.
 Then since we had gift
cards that we got back in March for
our birthdays, we saved them so we
could go to "Cheesecake Factory"
for din din. It is about an hour away
from us, so we usually go there when
hubs has a Dr. appt., cause they are
close in proximity.  It was a very
nice time, and we even splurged
on Cheesecake, but we got it to go.
So as soon as I am finished with
this post, and hubby does some-
thing for work, we are gonna
have it with some fresh coffee.
um um, can hardly wait.

Last week I made nachos for dinner
and hubby liked them so much he
said you need to write that down
so you always remember every-
thing you put in them, so I said
yea, I was thinking about that too,
cause I also like to have some of
my fav recipes on my blog so my
daughter can get to them, and maybe 
if my son ever wants them,  they can 
find them, as well,  and of course, I
thought yall might like to try them
too, cause they are easy and quite

Nellie's Chicken Nachos

(Didn't think to take a picture
last week when I made them,
as I didn't know I would be doing
a post on them, but the next time I
 make them, I will take one to add
 to this post. lol)


White corn chips - (I used Tositos
but you can use any you like)

Black Beans, (rinsed and drained)
I used about 3/4 of a can, but you
can use as much or as little as you
would like.

Bumble Bee Chicken Breast with rib
 meat packed in water (rinsed and drained) 
or Rotisserie chicken.....I have used both
 and they both work well.

4 oz. of  Cheddar Cheese (Shredded)

4 oz. Colby and Monterey Jack Cheese

 Scallions (some people called the green
onions (Sliced) I put about 3 scallions
sliced up, but you can use as many or 
as lil as you like)

Black Olives (Sliced)

Sour Cream , I used light sour cream.

Guacamole,  I make my own, it's
very easy.

Fresh Tomatoes (Chopped)

Fresh Cilantro (chopped)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Use a large cookie sheet and spread
out the white corn chips throughout
the cookie sheet. Approximately half
the bag or enough that it is totally

Then  put the black beans in a 
colander and rinse them, and then
let them drain for a few minutes. Once
drained layer them onto of your chips.

Next put the chicken (if using the 
canned chicken) in a colander and
rinse and drain it as well.  Then let
drain for a few minutes and break 
the chicken into shredded chicken
and layer on top of the chips and
black beans.  If using Rotisserie
chicken,  just cut it into bite size
pcs. and layer on top of the chips
and black beans.

Next layer the chopped scallions,
then add the cheeses,  as much or
as lil as you would like....

Then add the sliced black olives
 and the chopped cilantro on top.

Put the pan in the 350 degree oven
for about 20 mins. or until the
cheese is melted well. Take out
of oven and let it sit for about 5
mins., then serve.

Top with sour cream, guacamole',
and fresh tomatoes. You can also
use salsa if you like......

My Guacamole

1 avocado


about 6 grape tomatoes
cut in small pieces

Lemon Juice

Granulated Garlic or
garlic powder. I really don't know
 how much, so maybe just put a half
tsp. and then after you stir it up if
 you need more just add according
 to your liking.

Cut avocado in half  and take
seed out,  then scoop avocado
out of shell and smash up with
a fork,  put in the chopped
grapes tomatoes and chopped
cilantro, sprinkle on the garlic
powder and a few squeezes
of lemon juice and stir it up
good, then taste test it to see
if you like the amount of
garlic and cilantro.

Happy Eating!!

Hope you enjoy it....

Now I am going to enjoy
my cheese

Thanks for dropping by,

Have a great rest of the week.

Love, Hugs and Mid July