Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thankful Thursday - October 23, 2014 - Fall Decor Part 10

I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers,
 intercession and thanksgiving be made for
everyone-- for kings and all those in authority,
 that we may live peaceful and quiet lives
 in all godliness and holiness.
 This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 
1 Timothy 2:1-3

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having some lovely Fall
 weather today,  and that it makes you feel

It was so nice and cool this morning
when we went down to feed my SIL's
pets, coolest it has been so far,  and
felt wonderful,  and it did make me
feel a bit perky,  or at least as perky
as a really tired person can

Susan is coming along nicely, pro-
gressing every day, so we are very
thankful for that,  so that would
be my #1 Thankful

More pics of the living room etagere, I started
out with this free printable from a few years
back, that I found on someone's blog,

I am thankful

that Susan made it thru her hip 
surgery fine and has recoved from 
the surgery very well. No need 
for pain meds anymore.

that her Insurance provided for her to
 be able to go to Rehab, as she needs
 intensive therapy over the next 30 days.

 with posterized affect

that we are already familiar with this 
facility due to hubbies Mom being there 
13 years ago after a massive stroke
 that paralyzed her down her right side.

that Susan has already been
 transported there, and we have
 found the place to be just as good,
 if not better than when Mom had
 to be there. She really has some
sweet ladies that are caring
 for her.

with cut out affect

that a few of the gals that worked there
when Mom was there, are still there......
so it was great to see them again, as 
we got to know them pretty well,  and
have fond memories of them.

that Dee and Jerry made it home safe
 and sound from Puerto Rico.

 with equalized affect

for a glorious blue and white 
Autumn sky with stratus and
 cirrus clouds Wednesday morning
while we were outside waiting
 on the pets to do there thing. lol

Amazingly Beautiful , and can't
remember the last time I saw
a sky like that..............
A great reminder gift that God
is still on His throne, painting
beauty for our good pleasure.
Just  really blessed my heart.

I got this lovely printable this year from someones blog but
can't remember whose now, and if it is you.....please leave a
 comment telling me so I can give credit where credit is due.
So switched it out for the subway art one in the pics above.

for a really strange thing that 
happened Wed. morning, that hubby
 and I both felt like was a divine
 intervention. Hubby had hurt his 
finger the night before when we were
 moving stuff at my SIL's house, and 
had to take his wedding band off. 
 I felt sure I had put it in the pocket of
 my purse and looked for it the next
 morning and didn't find it, but decided 
to look again.
Strangely, it had somehow gotten
around a tube of lipstick that was in
the same purse pocket, and it fit
perfect and snuggly on there, and 
actually matched another band of
gold that was on the lipstick tube
which is why I missed it the first
 time and how it got on there is a 
whole nother question.......but
We don't believe in coincidence,
so, we believe it was the Lord
making sure we didn't lose his ring,
 while we are so discombobulated 
with all that is going on.
 I might add it was awesomely
encouraging...........we love
those God sightings.

 With photocopy gradient map affect

that hubby did not hurt himself when
he accidentally fell in the jacuzzi when
he and Scott were trying to carry some 
furniture out of her house, as we
 are getting the house ready for when 
she comes home cause she will need
 lots of room and nothing she can trip 
on as precautionary measures.

for a sweet lady that was a customer 
at the post office,  who gave me a 
stamp to mail Susan's voting ballot,
 when she found out that was all I 
was waiting in line for..............I
tell you, I was so grateful cause
 had another errand to run and was
 tired and
such a blessing to encounter such
 nice people like that.

for all the folks that have
visited and sent cards and
flowers to Susan.  Know 
they have made her feel
very loved.

Well, this has been our week
cozy Place............

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So happy you stopped in
and hope you have a lovely
rest of the week.

Love, Hugs, and
Beautiful Sky Blessings
to you and yours,


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Fall decorating
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Monday, October 20, 2014

Living room etagere' decor - Part 9

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you doing well, 
and that nothing crazy or life altering
 is going on in your world.

Ever heard the saying "life is what happens when you
are making your plans?" Also, I think about a commercial
we see on TV for a local church, where the Pastor is
 talking about how one phone call can change everything
 or turn your world upside down. 

Well, that is sort of describes our last past 9 days.
Told you hubby was going to be on vacation last week, 
so our plan was to go to Asheville to vacation and
watch our Grandaughter DOG
while my daughter and hubby went away for their 3rd
Anniversary, we were to watch Rosie the first week,
then they would return the following Sat. night and
then we would spend a week with them.

Well,  we did make it to Asheville about 2a.m. slept
from 2::30-4:30a.m, got up took them to the airport at
5:00,  came back went back to bed at 5:30 and slept
till about 10:00, got up made some coffee and sat
around trying to wake up and finally ate a simple
breakfast..  Since it was suppose to rain ( but
 thankfully it never did till the middle of the night), 
 around 2 p.m. we decided to venture  out a church
 we wanted to attend on Sunday that was only 4
 mins.from where the kids live,  so we did that and
 also got to see beautiful scenery, all the trees are
so gorgeous,  and this was all right there in the
church parking lot, believe it or not!!  Amazing
church facility I have to say.  Anyway,  we also
drove on down the road the church was on and
 did some exploring and pic taking.....found some
beautiful yellow and orange berries and a bed
and breakfast way up on a mountain.  I just love
exploring like just never know
what you will find..............

Anyway, It was good we did that cause, as
 we were returning from our short exploration
 headed back to the townhouse, we got a call
 from my son, which since it had only been hours
that I had talked to him.... flagged me to already
 know, uh oh, something is wrong.
My first thought of course, was the baby, then
he proceeded to tell me that my SIL,Susan, 
had fallen and said she had broken her hip,
and that she was in the hospital and resting
comfortably. Later her neighbor/ friend said it
could be her leg they didn't know for sure yet,
 and since it was Sat. she had not seen the Dr./
surgeon yet, so they really didn't know the extent
 of the damage or what they were gonna do yet,  
and that she was resting comfortably and not in
 pain for now, and not to do anything until we
 knew more information.  Scott and Megan were
 at an air show and Susan's neighbor/friend
 who is also nurse, thank the Lord, was with
 her at the hospital, and Scott said they would go
 up to the hospital and find out what was going
 on,  and call us later that evening.

 She did not get to see the surgeon until late 
Sunday evening, and it was her hip and she 
needed to have surgery,  which was scheduled
 for 11:30 a.m. on Monday Oct. 13th.  So we
 headed home to Florida on Monday after some
 crazy delays,  that turned out to be because my
 daughter did not have their keys with them to 
their town house since we were supposed
 to be there when they got back. We decided
 not tell DeeAnna about her aunt since
 it was not life threatening and since there was 
nothing she could do from Puerto Rico anyway,
so figured why ruin their trip.  Thankfully, By
 accident, Dee found out from Megan (our DIL) 
we were on our way back to Florida, just
 as we were 30 mins.into our trip home, she
called me and said what is going on?? and that 
they didn't have a key to get in............  
Thank the Lord for all those delays or we would
 have been hours down the road, cause we had
 to turn around and go back and leave the key
 under their doormat.
Thankfully that all turned out well.

Susan had the surgery and has done very
well as far as healing from the surgery, has
not had a lot of pain unless they move her,
and has been in good spirits.  We had her
 moved to a rehab facility on Thursday, and 
she is slowly (which is very typical) making
 progress.  Our biggest concern is that she
has a bad knee that really needs knee re-
placement surgery on the same leg that
 she broke her hip, and it was actually what
caused her fall in the first place.   So if you
 feel so led,  please pray for healing of that
 knee, and that it will not impede her

Fortunately,  I already had these pics to this
and Thursday post already prepared since I
thought we would be on vacation still.  We have 
quite a full plate so don't know what will happen
 after this week, cause we are of course, visiting
 her, and feeding her menagerie of 9 pets twice a
 day, along with any thing else that needs to be
 taken care of, as well, as running our own
household, and hubby is back to work too.
So.........will just take it as it comes.

So that has pretty much been our week. We did
 manage to get some pics of the pretty trees and 
scenery up there, so maybe I can post  some
next week,  Lord

So on with the Fall decorating...............
This is of our living room etagere'

with a distortion affect called Twirl,  just for fun!!

with poster edges affect

with posterized affect

with colored pencil affect

Glad you came by............
and hope you enjoyed your visit.

Have a lovely evening,

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Love, Hugs, and
His grace is enough Blessings,


We have certainly experienced that grace
 this week..........and it has been enough.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thankful Thursday - October 9, 2014, Fall decorating Part 8 Livingroom

Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom
 that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, 
and so worship God acceptably
 with reverence and awe,
Hebrews 12: 28 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are things in your world??

Good I hope.

Things are good here, just been doing some 
ironing, which I don't do often, but some things
 just need to be ironed and that is all there is 
to it!  So got her done, this has been my get
 her done week it seems..........

Love that feeling of freedom that brings!

I know, I know some people really hate
ironing, and some days I am not in the
mood but sometimes I actually like it...
 if..... I can watch something good on 
TV at the same was able
to catch a few good Christian TV
programs,  so that was nice.....
Sorta killing 2 birds with one stone, getting
my work done and enjoying and  feeding
 myself spiritually all at the same time,
good multitasking I would say!!  lol

Well, on with my Thankful List,

All these pics are from my living room etagere
(This one has a paint daubs affect)

I am thankful

for playing tea party with my lil 19 mo.
old grandaughter at 1 a.m. in the morning
cause she was wide awake, she was also
sneezing a lot and coughing some, and it
turned out she was catching a cold, but
a busy beaver at playing.
Know I have said it before........ but she
 really cracks me up!!

for the beautiful Fall weather we are 
beginning to have.  Mowed the yard and
it was so cool, breezy and lovely we didn't 
want to come inside, but did cause the
 mo skeets were after us!!  lol
Perfect weather for working in the yard!
Be still my

with colored pencil affect

that one of our young married couples from our class,
 that had an offer for a promotion, that would also mean
 a move to south Florida from Central Florida heard
 clearly from the Lord not to go. Awesome that they
 heard and obeyed. They are a great couple and we
 are so happy we want be losing them.

that I discovered that Tart Cherry Juice has loads
of melatonin, which is a good sleep aid,  and since
I have these cyclical hormones sleepless nites
every month for about a week,  I decided to try
it and I have slept like a rock the last few nights.
It is a lil more expensive than most juices but
it is worth every penny..........It is also delicious.

that our kitty Molly got a good report from the Vet
 and all her shots are up to date.  Another thing
off my plate and my

with cutout affect

that I found some nice blouses and some
jeggings at Penneys last Friday.....and I 
am thrilled the blouses are cotton........and
I am hoping this means that the clothing
 industries love of polyester is hopefully
 on it's way outl
If so,  Whoo Hoo!!

for Twinings Red Rooibus Tea,it is delish,
and have been enjoying it since we are
having some cool weather these last evenings.

that hubby is taking a week of vacation
next week,  so we are just planning to have
fun,  so will probably be taking a blogging
break next week.

with photocopy affect

for pistachio nuts, they have really become
a favorite, probably cause I don't buy them
often, but I recently discovered that our Publix
 grocery store has them in small bags for $1.00, 
with just enough to satisfy one person. Which
would be me!!  lol 

for a devotional from the "Jesus Calling"
book that really spoke to me today (Tues.)
about accepting each day as it comes and
trusting  and thanking God in it, whatever the 
situation is. Needed to hear that today!!  lol

for people that I can call to pray for me whe
 it is needed, and for some of you blog friends
 that pray for me too. Such a blessings!

with posterized affect

that my back is so much better, not quite perfect,
but great compared to Monday. So thankful
for answered prayer as well............

Well, there she
 new list for the week.  

Thanks for dropping by, always
so happy to hear from you,  so
 please let me know you were

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with chalk and charcoal affect.

Have a lovely evening and rest
of the week with your family/friends
or furry friends,

Love, Hugs and the
Joy of Fall to You,


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