Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Winter look coffee and sofa tables

Hi Sweet Friends,

Hope you are all doing well, and
staying warm, cause I know there
were more Winter storms this 
passed weekend.

We had a really nice and quiet 3
 day weekend, just the 2 of us......
which was unexpected, as hubby
actually forgot he was off for
Martin Luther King day so that
was a fun surprise, and we got
some things done that needed
doing............so that is always
nice as well...

Have the house pretty much back to
normal, still need to clear a few things
off the dining room table and tweak
a little,  you know how that is.....lol

Spent the day on the phone making
appts. for different things. Will be 
signing up for medicare soon......guess 
that will make me an official Senior
 Citizen.....strange but I just don't see 
myself that way....lol
Anybody else have that problem?
course, think it might be more of a
blessing than a problem......lol
Had to laugh the other day cause my
hubby was talking about some lady
and that she was elderly about 65
or so.........and I laughed to myself
and thought he could be describing
me..........ewwwwwww Not sure I
 like the sound of that...lol
oh well, cause it is what it is!!  lol

Thought you guys might like to
see what I was up to most of last
week.....since I was redecorating
our family room for Winter.

Bought some real potted white
Tulips at the grocery store so got
inspired to do a white, green and
gold theme.  My typical colors 
for this time of year are dark reds,
blues and greens. but for some
reason I am just tired of red all
of a sudden..........course, I will
probably like it again when it
 gets closer to Valentines day. lol

So....on with the pics.

I plopped the pot of Tulips in this lovely
 textured white planter that someone gave
 me flowers in a few years ago,  then used
 a new cute lil cake plate hubby got me for 
Christmas, and a plant sprtizer I rec'd from 
a dear friend a few years back.

Added some pine greenery and my
 favorite star ornament

and some pine cones too.

and a lovely colored pencil affect picture,
just for fun.

Love my new cake plate,  it's so cute,  
I have gotten a thing for cake plates 
since I have been blogging...........
and I know some of you have too!  lol

and I have gotten a thing for Chip
and Joanna Gaines as well,  and
I know some of you have too.....
Cause how could you not love
"Fixer Upper"??
Hubby and I are just about done
 reading their new book (another
Christmas gift, this time from my
daughter)  It is a Very easy and 
enjoyable read....
I call Joanna my new best friend
 cause I think we might get along 
just spendidly if I knew her in
 real life.......lol

Here is the before look of my Tulips,
the day after I brought them home.
They were straight up when I brought
them home. Tulips are just fun flowers,
and are quite rebellious, they do just
as they please...............

As you can see here....

 Here they are at 9 days old, so think
I will be replacing them with some
faux hydrangeas soon..........lol
but sure have enjoyed them.....
Rebellious or not............

Now on to the sofa table......

I always mix in a bit of brass
with my decor in the winter
as well.

I have really enjoyed using these
 burlap runners on my table tops for 
awhile now as they do cut back a 
lil of the oak look.....

Always really enjoy this Joy sign 
my friend Becky gave me and 
these large spheres and potpourri 
that my daughter gave me some
 years back, they have both been
 all over the house, as well as that 
topiary picture, my fun dollar
 store find a few years back.

I will let you in on a lil secret.....

Those books are there because
there is a gouge in the wall,
and I don't have paint to match,
so this was a quick way to
hide the bad and the ugly....lol

As the saying goes necessity is
 the mother of invention.......lol

This striped looking pitcher
was a HomeGoods find on
one of our trips to Asheville.
Love white pitchers and
creamer and now plate

With Paint daubs affect.

Glad you could come over for
a visit..........thanks for coming
and hope you enjoyed yourself.

Have a really lovely week!

See ya Thursday......

Love, Hugs and
Serene Winter Blessings,

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday - Quotes to Ponder #8

Happy Sunday Morning
Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a Sweet Day!


Here is the quote for the day........

“If you are too busy to pray,
 you are busier than God wants
 you to be.” 

From Wanda E. Brunstetter's 
Amish Friends Cookbook: Desserts

I have to say I have found that to be
true......it seems like if I skip praying
because I just feel like I don't have the
time.......I don't get nearly as much
 accomplished, as I do when I take the
 time to pray and ask for the Lord's
help with my day. Also it seems like
 more things tend to go wrong.....
I think that is because the Lord is
probably trying to say hey, do you
serioulsly think you don't need me
and He would be so right, cause I
don't know about you, but I need
him all day......everyday! 
but sometimes I forget that, but he
is very quick to remind me too!!
those prayers they don't always
 have to be long and drawn out
 either, and sometimes they can
be done while you are driving
or washing dishes and going
about your day..........
HE likes to be in touch with us
just like we like to be in touch
with our family and friends.
After all, HE is our Heavenly
Father and the Best Friend we
could ever have, and prayer 
doesn't necessarily have to be
 done in a certain posture or 
place, it is really just talking 
to HIM.

Happy Pondering!!

Love and Blessings,

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thankful Thursday Dec. 12, 2017, 2 fun Winter Tables

The fear of the LORD is the beginning
 of wisdom; all who follow his precepts
 have good understanding. To him
 belongs eternal praise.
Psalm 111:10

Greeting Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a good week,
and are getting into the New Year
and enjoying it.......

Can't believe I am actually posting
on Thursday for a change....lol
Have to say, I am enjoying the New
 Year, and will be enjoying it more......
cause as soon as I finish this post I will
 be on to getting my house done with a 
Winter look.........
always enjoy these fun challenges!

Added some pics of 2 fun Winter

tables. The Snowmen plates I did
for Christmas morning.....2016,
in the kitchen since it was just
the 3 of us for brunch.....
but thought it could sure be used
for Winter as well, and the other
 one was a Jan. table from 2016,
just for hubby and I........... 
Just in case you might be wonder-
ing their eyes and teeth were made
from chocolate chips and their
nose was a red cherry drop candy,
and the buttons were chocolate
chunks.  Now I will get on with
the rest of the post...............

I am thankful

for a good report for hubby on his
echocardiogram and that he is doing
well on a new medication they put
him on.  Love hearing that news!!

for all the positiveness we are see-
ing from his Dr. these days, and I
was very surprised by a sweet com-
pliment that he paid me, which is
 just so unlike him.....but really 
blessed my heart.

for dinner at Cracker Barrel on
Friday night and lunch at Texas
Roadhouse on Sunday, that was
fun and delicious.....

that one of our young couples
came back to class on Sunday,
as we had not seen them in
quite awhile, so was really
nice to see them again, as they
 are a very sweet couple.

that all my Christmas stuff is
down...........it is still sitting on
my dining room table, but hope-
fully I will get it all packed away
Note: It is packed away in the 
garage now.   Yeah!!

that hubby and I are really enjoy-
ing reading my new chronological
bible together most evenings.

that my daughter Dee started her
other new job today (Mon) One is
2 days and the other one is just 
one day.  So she will work Mon.
thru Wed., then hopefully will 
have time for some opportunities
in real estate if she wants.

for a sweet email from a blog 
friend who hasn't been blogging
too much lately, and think hope-
fully she might be back at it soon.
Looking forward to that, as she
is a great lady.

for a sweet email from one of
our students and his wife who will
 be going to the new branch of our
 church with the other leaders we
 are losing.............


that my daughter and her hubby 
made it safely to Ft. Lauderdale this
 morning to visit with his family.
Yes, they flew into the airport 
where they had the incident last
weekend.  They originally were
gonna go last weekend, but God,
saw to it they didn't!!

Note:  Sorry that the print has gone so 
tiny on the last part of this.....I have 
tried 3 times to fix it.....but to no avail.


For all of You, sweet friends who
follow or read my blog, you bless
my heart....in so many ways, not
just by coming here, but by all
the wonderful inspiration you
share on your blogs....I know I
am and am sure many others, are 
always learning new things from 
your blogs. Lots of encouragement
and inspiration to glean from all 
of you, everyone has their voice
 and Bloggers are a sweet family,
 all their own.....
Thank You for all  the great 
ways that you share!


for hearing from another blog
friend who hasn't been blogg-
ing for a long time now, yet we
have kept in touch off and on.
 I was so blessed yesterday that
 she wrote and asked for prayer 
and advice, and  I felt  very
 honored that she knew she could
 contact me. These are precious 
gifts from blogging that I never
 expected, same as in #11....


Here is to another week 
at Cozy Place......

Always happy to hear from you

and know that you came by....

Have a really Wonderful and 
Warm rest of the week.

Love, Hugs and

Warm Cozy Blessings,

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