Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fall Birthday Table Part 1

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope your Thanksgiving Preparations 
are well underway at your house.

They are still underway over here!  
Today will be cleaning, setting the
table, and tonight making the stuffing
mix.  At least that is my plan, Lord
willing!!  I at least feel like I might
just make it now.........since I have
gotten caught up almost.  Course, it
 is amazing the last minute things that
 can crop up.  lol  Am sure praying 
there want be many of those.  lol

Todays pictures are from weekend
before last,  when we finally got to
celebrate my son's birthday.  Since
 I was not feeling too well, some paper
goods I had bought back in October at
 the Christmas Tree store came to mind,
so thought they would be good for a guy
 table and also made for easier clean up.
  I like to share these once in awhile, just
 to show that you can have a pretty table
even using paper goods.
The cost was only $3.00 for plates and
 napkins, and hopefully that should be
 affordable to most everyone, and most
importantly we all had a great time.

First of all I made a cake stand by using a
 juice glass that went with my other brown
 drinking glasses, then tucked a few small
 napkins that matched the other paper goods 
into the glass and turned it upside down,
then added the gold salad plate on top,
and added some brown shredded paper
(it comes in bags in the gift wrap area)
to sort of make a nest, then added the
pretty lil rusty orange pumpkin.

A look down the table.... Stuck an extra
 napkin inside each glass just cause
 I liked how it looked.

 with paint daubs affect

It is hard to see, but there is a row of pumpkins
 on the plates toward the top.

With Difference clouds affect
Accidentally found this new affect
and thought it interesting!!  lol

Leaves compliments of Asheville again!  lol
Since the leaves also compliment the plates.

 With Posterized Affect

Since I already had these chocolate Brown
 ribbons cut from another table I did a few
 years back, where I tied the napkins with
 them, decided to use them to tie the 
silverware together this time.

With Cutout Affect

Even tho I use paper goods I tend to 
always use regular silverware and 
glasses, just cause I think it looks
 a bit more classy................and
you don't have to worrry about
anything breaking or leaking!

This was at the other end of the table
 since no one was sitting there, just
added a few decorative pieces.

An overview..........I also used some pretty
 leaf candle cups and the lil leaf medallions, 
in the centerpiece. I will tell you about them
 in Part 2, (cause I had lots of pics, but also
have used lots of affects for fun too)
.......which will be coming up soon.


Thanks so much for coming by to visit
and ................

I want to take this opportunity to say, 
"that I hope you have a wonderful time 
with Family and/or Friends around the
 table counting your blessings.
  I count each of you, who follow/read
 my blog, and also the bloggers of the
 ones I read, as a friend and blessing.
Each of you have enriched my life in
so many different ways.........and I 
thank the Lord for each of you!"

So keep your light shining brightly!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Love and  Hugs,

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday November 19, 2015, Fall in Asheville 2015, Part 1

Blessed is the one who does not walk 
in step with the wicked or stand 
in the way that sinners take or
 sit in the company of mockers,
but whose delight is in the law of the Lord,
    and who meditates on his law day and night.
That person is like a tree planted 
by streams

 of water, which yields its fruit in season
and whose leaf does not wither—
    whatever they do prospers.
Psalm 1:1-3

Morning Sweet Friends,

Well, I am Late again!!  lol
Trying to catch up on things
around here since I am so 
behind from being under the
weather these last weeks,
but hope this finds you doing
well, and getting all ready for
Thanksgiving. Can't believe it 
will be here already next week.
Can You?

These are all pics from my
 daughter and son-in-loves
what a vision of loveliness it 
was, these pictures were all
 taken our first day there, and
as pretty as they are...nothing
can top seeing them in person.

As Floridians who had not
seen these Beautiful Fall
scenes in person, before the
last few years, they are a bit
 thrilling and fascinating for us.
So if you are from where you
see this every year, Please
  humor me!!  and Just in case
you don't know you might
want to click on one picture
and then they all enlarge,
as some are small due to
my cropping for a better
visual experience.  

My Thankfuls are already
done,  just need to do my
closing, so will get on 
with it since I am so late

I am thankful

that Dee and Jerry will get in by early
afternoon next Wed. and be here all
day Thanksgiving day until evening,
then they will go to Jerry's family 
home to spend the night and 
celebrate with his family on Friday.

for a new relationship that has come
 about, with a girl half my age, and in
whom I have so much in common,
 and she was looking for a mentor 
and prayer partner and she has such
 a teachable spirit, so feeling this 
relationship is a divine connection. 
So far, it is mostly by phone, but we
 have some really great conversations, 
which have been rather nice for me
lately with being sort of out of it
 physically the last 2 weeks. Such a 
blessing to be able to pass on things 
the Lord has taught me, in my almost
 36 yrs. of walking with HIM!  and like 
the verse in the bible that talks about
 the older women teaching the younger
 women. It is a wise person who seeks
out someone older that has been down
more roads than you have, and such
a blessing too, to have someone
 younger feel you have something to 
offer them.

for the convenience of having a washer
and dryer in our home. I remember the 
days when we had to go to the laundromat
 and also when we got our first home and 
we only had a washer because my in-laws
were so sweet to give us one as a house-
warming gift. I worked full time then,since
 we had no children yet, and was very 
happy and grateful we could do laundry
at home,  but I still spent all day on
Saturday doing laundry....hanging them
 up and taking them down....lol
Then a few years later, when I got 
pregnant with our son, Scott, my Dad 
was so thoughtful to buy us a dryer 
cause he knew I would be washing
 lots of baby clothes,  and he was
sooo right!   lol


that our lil darling is feeling so much
 better today, and has an appetite again.  
She was sick last week, and we thought
 she was over the worst of it, but just
still very tired, but then she started
vomiting again yesterday (Wed), but
it was only that once, and she was
 fine the rest of the day other than
just being very tired, 
Today, Thursday, she has already
 been eating a lot more.  So think
hopefully, she is on the mend.


that I am feeling pretty good this
week, altho I still get tired by the 
afternoon. The Lymph node or 
muscle problem I am having in my 
upper leg is way better, no pain with
 it now for 4 days, and the swelling
 seems to be going down, so hope-
fully, it will be gone soon. So finally
 I have been able to start doing some
things again this week, which is really 
great as I am so behind.........lol
Just have to pace myself, as I am
still getting pretty tired by the after-
noon.  I am sure hoping this silly
virus goes bye bye soon.

that I have my Thanksgiving 
 and grocery shopping list all done,
 so just got to get out there 
and shop now.

Update: Happy to report our grocery
shopping was all done by Sat. evening.

for a wonderful story I saw on
yahoo this morning that caught
my attention and just had to 
read it.  It was about a young
male special ed teacher who
tells his students positive things
daily to build their self esteem.
Hope this link takes you to it,
it's really wonderful .......

Click Here to go there or you
can type it yourself

Really nice to hear some good
news for a change.

This tree is right in front of their house,
 and there is a house directly across
 from them you just can't see it now.

to see lil darling talking more
 and more in sentences, it is
just such a riot.  Wed. I gave 
 her some old keys I had, and
 guess she thought of them as
 car keys, and I saw her talking 
to herself, and she was saying
 "Mommy comes, then daddy
 comes and I get to see Lola.....
(Lola her lil doggie)
So Precious!

Across the street, taken from their porch, you can
see some ot the trees are already starting to thin out.

that one of our Sunday School
class couples had a really adorable
idea, they are having a movie night 
in their backyard Friday for all the 
children and watching
 "Polar Express", 
so they invited the whole class  to
 bring snacks and lawn chairs and
 their kiddies.  Think they are even
 having snow and hot chocolate.......
Such a cute idea, just hoping it
it is cool and doesn't rain!

Taken from their porch

that hubby will be home all next
week.  He will be working the first 
3 days, but even that is nice as it
 adds 2 hrs. to our day, since he 
doesn't have to commute.

I think the leaves even look beautiful all over the ground.
We had to sweep all this off the walkways for the 
Trick or Treaters................

that I figured out what I am doing for
my thanksgiving table, and am happy
with it.............

We got there just in time to see the trees in full bloom, 
cause they started losing their leaves just days
 after we were there............and some were bare
before we left.............

for my sweet hubby picking up
din din from Carrabbas last night.
It was scrumptious!!

Well, there you have it folks......

Thanks for dropping by and 

Hope you have a really great

Love, Hugs,  and
Thanksgiving Preparation


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Friday, November 13, 2015

Thankful Thursday November 12, 2015, First Fall Table Part 2

 I will give thanks to the LORD
 because of his righteousness and
 will sing praise to the
 name of the LORD Most High.
Psalm 7:17

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you all well and 
happy and still enjoying the
 Fall Season!

I know many are moving on to
Christmas, and I am having some
 thoughts of Christmas too, but not
 too many. I truly like to take one
 event at a time as much as I can,
so I can be fully present in the
moment.  I keeps me from being
stressed out...........lol  I do have
to say it is much easier as you
get older and are not responsible
 for children anymore, cause now
 they are grown ups responsible
 for their own child and Christmas
and we just get to enjoy it a lot
 more..........course, we still have
 plenty to do!!  lol

I am feeling quite a bit better this
morning, thank heavens........
Guess I have just a silly virus of
some kind I guess......but have
to say it could be far worse, but
I have just been so tired and 
achy and haven't gotta a lot
this week, which is a bummer!!
Here I thought I would come
home and be a dynamo of
activity after our R and R...
Oh, the best laid plans of
mice and men!!  lol
Guess that is why the Lord
tells us to say I will do thus
and so, if the Lord is willing.

Here is Part 2 of my first
Fall Table for 2015, along
with my Thankful Post.

If you would like to see
Part 1, just click here.

Just gonna get on with it....

I am Thankful.........

that we had a safe trip up to Asheville
 and back.  Also thankful for our Van,
as it makes our travels easier.

that we had such a great time while we
 were up there.

that our kitty Molly did so well while 
we were there and also in the car both ways.  
She was really a good house guest!!  lol

that I got all my bloodwork and Pap
results back from my previous Drs. visits
before we left. All is well, always such
a good feeling to have that over with.
Now gotta get a few others test done
now that we back...............

for chicken gnucci soup from Olive Garden,
We had that for din din Mon. night and it
was sooooooo good.

With Cutout Affect

for a nice chat with Dee on Tuesday.........
she is feeling much better,  as she had
this same thing last week, so am hoping
her virus really has run it's course.

for skype and facetime,  as we got to see
 and talk to lil darling and Scott and Megan as 
well.  Very nice to have that option with the
 baby especially.  She seems to like it.

for the priviledge and Joy of being called
Ourl lil darling just started calling me 
that recently.
What a Joy that is to hear her say that
in her sweet lil voice........

for the decorum, civility and respectfulness
of the last Republican Debate.  What a 
difference between it and the one before.
The moderator's did a great job, my only
complaint would be that they should have
 had a talk during the break with the one 
candidate who kept interjecting and
 being rude, when he wasn't suppose to.
That would have made for a perfect
debate.  Nice to be able to hear the
candidates and what they had to say.

With Posterized Affect

For the nice weather we have had since 
we returned, it has been fairly cool
 and sunny.

for a great idea that came to me yesterday
that I have been praying about.  I wanted
to do a lil something for each of our SS
class participates, so now I have the
answer, and it is something hubby and
I can do together as well.  Fun!

for the opportunity to listen, talk and
pray with a young lady Thurs. morning 
who really needed someone to listen
 and encourage her.
  Love those opportunities, especially

with those who are open to hearing
the truth...............


Well, there you have it Sweet Peas,
another week at Cozy Place

Happy you could drop by...................

Have a great Friday and Weekend,
See ya next week,

and Don't forget.............

no matter what you are going 
through....good times or bad times,
He loves us all the time!

Hugs and Autumn Blessings,

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