Friday, May 27, 2016

Thankful Thursday May 26th, 2016,

America, America,
 God sheds his grace on thee, and
 crown thy good with brotherhood
from sea to shining sea......

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and happy
and looking forward to some time
with family/friends over the weekend.

Hubby took off today so he will have
 a 4 day weekend,  so I am just gonna
 finish this up, and go spend time with
 him, as my list is all ready.

I am thankful

that we got our cars serviced
last weekend, always nice to
know that is taken care of,
almost like getting a good
Drs. report.  lol

that hubby and I got to watch
a movie for free at the car dealer-
ship, and it was quite good, not 
sure of the name but we think
it is Martian with Matt Damon
Could have done without some
of the language but it wasn't
 done a lot thankfully......

that they also washed and
cleaned both our cars for
free as well, so they look
really nice.

that we got to go to "cheese
cake factory" for an early dinner.
It has probably been 4 + years
since we have been there, as it
is an hour away from us, so we
just tend to go closer to home,
The dinner was fabulous.....

that even tho I had to go back
to the endodontist on Tuesday
because my face was a lil swollen 
 that the found nothing wrong, I
 had sinusitis but I have never had 
swelling before, but after taking the
 sinus meds it is better today,
 so hopefully that is all it was.....

that since my dental appt. was
last in the afternoon, I just did
a lil shopping till hubby got off
work and then we went to dinner
again.  Gee, 2 dates in one week.,
I could get  used to

that  I finally heard from a dear
friend that lives in another state
and things are okay.  I called her
cell and house phone and left
messages but never heard back
from her and it had been over
a week so I was getting a bit
 worried as her husband had
 surgery not too long ago. I had 
wondered if they might be on a
 cruise as they do that with all 
their family every year about 
this time, and that was why....
So happy to hear things are
mostly fine......

that I got to do a little
craft that I found at TJ Maxx
last week with Brooklyn on 
Wed. and she loved it, and did 
an amazingly good job( without
a lot of help from me) for a 3
yr. old.  She made these cute
lil flower magnets and did
one for herself, her friend an
Mommy and Daddy.  She was
very proud of her good work.

that we got to work in the
back yard again, there is less
dead looking stuff and more
green beauty showing, every
time we work out there. So 
that spells success to me.

for nice warm showers after
a long relaxing
and refreshing.......

for a challenge that Dayspring
 cards has been encouraging.....
and that is to do one thing every
day for 21 days to encourage
other people. The person can be
 family, co-workers, friends or
 others you just feel need some 
encouragement. I love doing that
 already but don't necessarily
make a point of doing it daily.
So, I just joined in and made a
special point of thinking of
someone different every day.
So go Dayspring, that is a
great this crazy
world we are living in that
is a much needed thing.

for computer games from
 AARP, that are designed
to help your brain function.
They are fun and it is nice
to think you are doing some-
thing to help your brain at
the same time.  lol

If you would like to check 
it out go to.......

last but definitely not least....
for all the men and women
who have served our country
and gave up their lives in the
line of duty to preserve the
life we all live here in the
USA.  God Bless them and
their families who have also
sacrificed a great deal for 
all of us.  

Jesus said:
Greater love has no one than this:
 to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. 


Thank You for coming by and
hope you will be remembering
those that have laid down their
lives for us..........

Have a Good, but Contemplative
Weekend.....with family and

Love,  Hugs and
Memorial Day Blessings,

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Part 2 - of 0 $$ Spring/Summer changes to guest bath

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a good day.

Mine was good, but I had to go back to
 the endodontist as my face was swelling 
some. I have had a lot of sinusitis lately
 probably because I have been handling 
our kitty so much more, and I am 
allergic to her. If I remember to wash
my hands every time it seems to be
okay, but sometimes I forget...........
Anyway, they took an x-ray of another
tooth and checked my root canal and
found nothing, so that is good, then
I went and got some tylenol sinus
and took it and am hoping maybe 
that will cause the swelling to go
away.  No pain or anything thank-
fully.........but just don't know why
the swelling............
Did a little shopping afterwards
 and went to din din with hubby so
 that made it worth the trip to the
dentist at

Well, it is beddie bye time and
the post has been ready since
yesterday other than all of what
I just
So gonna post it now.............

Here's a look from the door....
 down the left side of our bath,
keep in mind this is part 2...if
you missed part 1, and would
like to see it, there is a link
at the end of this post.

Here is a good shot of the wallpaper. 
 It is getting old, but I still love it........that
 is how it is when you buy things you love
 to begin with.  I was actually thinking
when I made these changes that even if I 
wanted to change I don't know what style
 I would go

This was how I did the shelf to begin with,
 but it just seemed like all the jars with the
 white were too much white, and needed
 some color,

So...I checked out my ribbon stash and
sure enough I had just the perfect shade
of purple that matched the flower on the 
towels.  It just needed that lil touch of I am happy with it.

Happened on this pretty purple flower that
has a clip on the back, it decorated a gift
someone gave me, so just clipped it on the
towels and then later added the ribbon

Just tied it on!  What a difference a
little ribbon can make! 

With polar coordinates affect.  I just find 
this affect so interesting.  But you must 
click on it to be able to see the full affect.

All my jars are repurposed, the one
 above had a nice botancial print so just
 left it as it was after I cleaned all the
 wax out. Two of  the jars are yankee 
candle jars, the one with the q-tips was
 a room deodorizer from Bath and Body
 shop, I think it was. I liked it because
it was perfect fit for the q-tips and it
 has a nice oval shape to it. Hard to
tell from the pictures.

The bag of lavender, which was previously 
in our computer room was my 2nd
 inspiration piece that led me to the other
pot of faux lavender I had, and made me
 think this change could
Funny how you have things and get
so used to them, that you sort of for
get they are there. Course, guess that
is because our computer room doesn't
get moved around much.  Much to
my chagrin............

A few shots in the mirror

and the Guest Bath says.....

Bye Bye, So Long, Farewell,
Bye Bye, So Long, Farewell,
See  you  in  September........

(Does anyone else remember that
old song by Frankie Valle and the
4 If you want to
look it up the name of the song
is "See you in September" quite
a nice song really.........

 Don't ask me what made me 
think of that!!  Maybe cause I
won't change it again until the
Fall........anyway, I thought it 

Here is the link to part 1, 

Happy you could stop in today
and hope you enjoyed our 
Baignoire de style provencal
which means
our provence style bath.  lol

Have a delightful week,

Love, Hugs, and

last of May Blessings,


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Friday, May 20, 2016

Thankful Thursday May 19, 2016, Beautiful pics of our world

For he will command his angels
 concerning you to guard you
 in all your ways;
Psalm 91:11

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So... how  are  you  today ??

Doing well I hope!!

I am late again.....this time it really
 wasn't my
Microsoft decided to download 
Windows 10 (without our asking for
 it), to my computer and we didn't want
 that, so we had to shut my computer
 down until hubby could figure out if 
there was a way to get it off.  He did
some research and found there was
an app that takes it off.  Shew!
So he did that and I am back in
business again!  Thank heavens
my hubby knows what to do or
I would be sidelined as far as
the computer goes..........
It was good I was late, cause late
last night, I got a wonderful email
from a friend of ours with all these
lovely pictures, so thought they
were perfect to share on Thankful

How about my header pic......
sure looks like an Angel, doesn't it?

The heavens
 declare the glory of God;
 the skies
 proclaim the work of his hands.
Psalm 19:1 NIV

So on with it...............

I am thankful

that the Lord let me see something
that looked like a long pc. of grass
in my living room as I passed by
on the way to the computer room.
It was a small snake and he looked
 like he was dead, and hubby had
just run to his sisters house to take
something so I called him to come
home before he went to pick up a
pizza.  Well, before he could get
here, it popped it's head up, so I
knew for sure it wasn't dead, so
 thankfully I remembered this
 happening to my SIL Susan, and she 
used one of those grabber things, and
 we have one too, thank the Lord.  So
 I ran and got it, and by the time I got
back he was starting to move. (Now
 you have to know that I am scared to 
death of snakes and it doesn't matter
 how big or lil or if they are poisonous
 or not) So he was starting to crawl
and I thought Nellie you better grab
him or he is gonna be lost in this
house, so I went after him with the
grabber and after a lil chase, I caught
him and took him outdoors. I thought
 I was gonna have a heart attack, my 
heart was beating so fast, took about 
15 mins. to calm down, so that was
 my feat of bravery for the year!!  lol
and hubby came in right after I got
rid of, so I told him
guess you can go on and get the
pizza now....Crisis over!!
Guess the Lord knew I needed
some stretching.....I am very thank-
ful it was a small snake and that
the Lord gave me the courage to
go after it...........

Ice cave, illuminated by a torch

for a very long phone conversation
with a good friend that I have not
seen in quite a while, as she has just
had so much going on in her life
these days. So it was really great to
have some time to talk with her.   

that our kitty is still alive and has
improved quite a bit in most ways and
 has been eating, so she is doing okay
 as she had about 3 or 4 strokes this past 
weekend and we thought we were gonna 
have to have her put to sleep, but so far,
 she is doing way better than we ever
 could have imagined at this point. 
 This cat truly does have 9 lives.....
Unfortunately tho, it has made her
vision worse, so that she is running
 into things now and seems confused. 
 Which would be normal if you can
 hardly see. So now we are walking her
 on the leash like when we go to Ashe-
ville. Thank goodness our trips have
gotten her used to that, and I think
it makes her feeling safer hopefully.
It is hard to know what to do.......
cause her quality of life is sad, but
 she is still eating and seems deter-
mined to live and doesn't seem to be
suffering physically, so we feel bad to
 have her put down just for our con-
venience.  So we pray that the Lord 
will take her if she is suffering and 
we are unaware or that he will
make us aware if she is............

in the morning dew

that we finally found a bed frame to go 
around our adjustable bed at a great 
price with no shipping charges, and
 should be getting it by early June.
  Then we can finally get our bedroom 
completely back to normal, as I have
 not rehung pictures in the bed area,
cause I am not sure where to put
 them yet. This has been such a 
process............but well worth it.

that I rec'd my new keyboard and
mouse a few days ago, and am
really enjoying them both. No
more skipping on the keyboard
or trying to find letters and no
more wires.  Works for me!!  lol


for the hopeful news from the
endodontist on Tuesday.

incredible picture

for take out from Texas roadhouse
on Wed. night......every bite was
delicious....and always so nice
not to have to cook after a long
day playing with lil darling.

for some homemade cinnamon
Kefir my sweet son made and
brought us today.  It is really good!!
 My daughter and I think he is just
such an interesting and brilliant
guy......he loves reading and
 learning and trying new things......
I am happy to say!
Hopefully he will instill that
into lil darling as well.

for a delicious lunch of diced 
red ripe juicy tomatoes with
italian bread and butter and
a glass of milk.  Can't remember
the last time I have had that ....
it was perfectly delicious....
and healthy as well.  Yum!

Rain over Tavninoi - view from an airplane

that my new crown prep has been
 delayed until after the endodontist
 says everything is healed completely.
  So I have a month reprieve......
So that is nice........although for once
 I was geared up to get her
Go figure!  lol

that hubby brought home yummy
bagels from has
been a while......and they smell
so heavenly, can't wait for break-
fast in the morning.

for our friend Dan, who sent us 
all these lovely pictures via email.
 There are more... so will probably 
share them in a few other Thankful
Thursday posts.  I thought they were
 all amazingly beautiful...............

One in a million

Well, there you have it...............

Glad you could stop in, and hope
 you had a good visit.

Have a Lovely, Lovely Weekend,
sweet friends.