Friday, February 12, 2016

Thankful Thursday February 11, 2016, Valentine's Living room #2

Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God 
with all your heart and with all your soul
 and with all your mind.’ 
 This is the first and greatest commandment. 
Matthew 22:37-38

Welcome to Thankful Thursday 
Sweet Friends.

Hope you have had a super duper week,
and are looking forward to a great time
of celebration with the Special
Valentine's in your life.................

 I have been sending out ecards to mine
today...........and also preparing for a
 fun time with hubby over the weekend.

Not much else going on.....watched lil
darling on Wed and we had a really fun
morning, but think she must of had a bad
dream or something when she was napping 
as she woke up crying hysterically and was
just unconsolable and she just wanted
 Mommy and Daddy,  That has never
 happened before, just broke my heart to 
see her like that...............
Fortunately daddy was only 30 mins.
away and was able to come and be with
her till Mommy came with the car seat,
so they could go home.  She has been
fine since then thankfully!

Got news at the dentist that I have to 
have a crown done on a molar soon.
Wasn't expecting that!!  But oh well,
it's gotta be done, and at least I am
very comfortable with my dentist as
 she has done quite a bit of work on
 me in the last years, and is super
compassionate and sensitive to her
patients, the whole staff is just that helps.

Well, all the photos today are still 
from Our Valentine's living room.


On with Thankful Thursday!!

I am thankful

for that new Walmart neighborhood
market that  I talked about in my post
on Monday, as I think it is gonna be
a lot more convenient for us.

that we are having continuing cold
(to us)  Florida weather. I love the
change of season, as the hot weather
will be here soon enough.  lol

A  beautiful Porcelain rose hubby gave 
me as an Anniversary gift some years
back, in case you can't see what is under-
neath the cloche in the pictures above.

for the Dollar Tree store, as we always 
find so many useful things that we
 typically buy other  places and  they are 
always $1, rather than being $2-5.00
 elsewhere, and also find some fun things
in there too,  like candles, and gift wrap
and bows.

for the cute commercials that they have
during the superbowl, at least most of
them are cute, some we could sure do
Did you see the Heinz Commercial,
 with all the Dachshund,(Weiner)
 dogs, jumping on the human ketchup
 and mustard bottles, and licking them.
  We thought it was adorable, course, 
that might be because we used to have
 a lil dachshund years ago...............

that they had an opening at my 
dental office on Thursday.  I had
missed my cleaning appt. back in
January when I was sick, and they
 didn't have another one till mid 
April, so that is good..............

that all the kids made it safely to
Savannah and back and they had
a great time as well.

for a fun time shopping by myself
after my cleaning at the dentist reward for
being a good girl!!   lol
and a Chocolate Elvis smoothie

Not to mention that it was a 
gloriously beautiful day, bright
sunshiny clear blue skies with
not a cloud in sight.  Great
day to be out..........

that I found some cute clothes for
lil darling for her upcoming birth-
day.........when she turns 3 yrs. old.
They have so many cute things 
for lil girls !  Fun shopping!

for a lovely red tulip plant from
my honey for Valentine's day.
I said I wanted some flowers early
so I could enjoy them all week.....

for a surprise Valentine from a sweet
friend of years...........always nice to
be thought of.............

for takeout dinner from Outback on
Friday evening to kick off the weekend
 and Valentine's Day...............

for a scrumptious looking cake from
Publix called "Heath Bar Crunch cake"
 for dessert for tomorrow night....
We are celebrating Valentine's Day
on Sat. and I am making a simple
but good dinner.

With Photocopy Affect

Well, happy you could join me today,
and Hope you and your Valentine's
have a Wonderfully blessed and
Sweet Weekend!

Love, Hugs and

Lovely Valentine's Blessings,

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day Living Room

Hello Sweet Friends,

How is your week going???
Anyone getting prepared for 
Valentine's Day out there???

I did my living room in red and
white and added some Valentine's
touches awhile back just haven't
gotten around to showing you since the holiday is
fast approaching thought this
should be the

Haven't done too much else
other than make a card for our
lil darling, and get her a cute
lil bear.....gave it to her today
since I wasn't sure if we would
see her on Valentine's Day, 
and since she is not quite 3
yet, don't think she will know
the difference anyway.

Tomorrow I have to go out
to the dentist so will look
around for something to 
surprise Mr. Cozy Place.

So the rest of this post is 
showing you our foyer wall
and part of the living room.

 I made this wall arrangement with some
 roses and rinaculous I already had, and I
put them in a clear shopping bag that my
 Valentines flowers came in last year.....
I just stuffed it with white tissue paper first
 and popped the flowers in.  You know how 
I love pretty packaging because someone's
 hardwork and creativity goes into it, and
 it typically just gets thrown out, so when I 
come across something cute as this bag, just
 had to do something with it, and it seemed 
like it would make a great wall decoration. 
 So...this is what would greet you when I 
open our front door.
Only wish the wall switch was not there.
but oh well...........It is what it is...........

 With colored Pencil affect

With Posterized Affect

This is one the table just to the left as you come
into our living rooom.

This is our coffee is my cedar hope
chest I got for graduation with transluscent
paint, that shows the  wood grain. 

A lovely silver and white bowl my daughter
gave me a few years back,  with an Alabaster
heart a dear friend gave me years ago too.

My lovely cake plate Dee also gave me this
 past Christmas with
 my Love Blocks and pearl beads.

Faux Red Roses I already had
 stuck into one of my pretty white
 pitchers with some sparkly tulle 
 that also came with my
flowers last year.

A shot of the sofa that is in front of the coffee table
and the corner.  Love that the sun is streaming in...

Love this lil statue,  have had her for 
a number of year now...........just added
a red rose to her basket.

This is on the corner table top.


Have to say I have loved the change 
up this year of having all the 
Valentine's decor in the living room.
It makes me smile every time
 I go in or by the room.


Very happy you could come by and
 hope you enjoyed your visit here.

Enjoy the rest of your week.....
Hope you have a Sweet Week....

Monday, February 8, 2016

Free Valentine's Printables

Picture compliments of 

Hello Sweet Friends,

How was your weekend??
Hope it was a good one......

Our's was quiet but good.
Friday I made some really good
broccoli soup, but hubby suggested
take out from Olive Garden, so I
said SURE...  We can eat that on
Saturday.  He also got a Raspberry
White Chocolate bar cake at Fresh
Market,  It was all scrumptious.....
and we watched a movie called
 "The Rainbow Tribe".
It was pretty cute and heartwarming,
 but had a few things we could have
 done without, but it was rated PG.

  Saturday we just hung out and got 
a few things accomplished, then had
our broccoli soup, it was actually
better as it had seasoned thru more.
Just love soups when it is cold out.
We watched the Republican debates,
CBS did a great job of trying to get
the candidates at each others throats
as sad that the news
media does not get it that their pur-
pose is to provide a service to the
American people so that they can
see what every candidate has to say
on each issue, rather than doing the
best job they can of pitting them
against each other.......Sad!!
Sorry.....I will get off my soap
box now!!  lol

Sunday was our usual,  church, then
frozen yogurt.  We also ran by the
 dollar store and Bed bath and beyond
 looking for something but they didn't
 have it. Then we took our first trip to
 a new Walmart grocery store that they
 put in a few months back that is about 
10 minutes or less away from us. 
 It is much less traveled and we really
 loved that it has so many of the food
 items that we can only get a Walmart
but don't have to go thru the hassle
of going to the big busy busy Wally 
World store......that is 20 mins away,
or the other big less traveled Walmart
that is about 25 mins. away.   
It was something new and different,
as we had never been in one of their
neighborhood markets before.

Then we came home took naps and 
watched the Superbowl and ate our 
leftover Olive Garden. Hubby was
rooting for Denver, and I said I was
gonna root for North Carolina since
Denver treated Tim Tebow the way
they did years back!!  lol

Today I happened to think about my free
 Printable I made last year,  so decided
 I would post them in case someone would 
like to have it before Valentine's Day,  
also did it in pink as well.  So hope you
enjoy it...............

Right Click on the Image, 
then choose "save as"  to 
save it where you want,
then open saved file and
print it.

Right Click on the Image, 
then choose "save as"  to 
save it where you want,
then open saved file and
print it.

Glad you could stop by................

Have a Sweet Week Ahead,