Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Secret that can change how you view life

Happy Sunday Morning 
Sweet Friends,

Today, I am sharing a Secret to 

And what is that lil secret that can
 change the way You or I view life,
well, it is something called 

"The 80/20 Rule"

Now I can't take credit for this great
piece of information, as I learned it
from Bishop TD Jakes.
While I have no scientific proof that
 it is true, I do have life experiences
 that have shown me it is true, and I
 have also experienced it in my own
 life, and once I explain it, think you
 might just agree with me..........

Although, we "Perfectionists" would 
like to believe we can make our world
"Perfect", the real truth is we do not 
have that power, no matter how hard
we try.....and the sooner we realize that 
the better off we will the
 Bible says: "You shall know the truth 
and the truth will set you free".

What do I mean??

Well, if nothing this side of Heaven
is perfect....then we can stop expecting
that our spouse, our children, our job,
our home, our friends, family, co-workers,
our church, or anyone we are in relation-
ship with really, or basically anthing is
 going to be a 100%, and you can probably
 agree with me that there are lots of things
you probably love or like about all the
 aforementioned things on my list.....
which would probably add up to about
80%.....but then there are things you would
dont like or would like to change on that
 list as well which would add up to 20%.

What happens to most of us, is that when
 we are getting 80%, we start to take that
for granted, and we start looking at the
 20%, we feel like we aren't getting and 
even worse, we can start focusing all our
 attention on what we are not getting and
as we get tunnel vision, we can completely 
lose sight of the 80% we are getting.......

for example: When the above happens,
and we have seen it happen many times,
and we have actually seen people become 
so obsessed with what they are not getting
 that....that they are totally miserable and
 make everyone around them miserable too.  
We have also seen spouses leave their wife
 or husband for another person because of 
that 20%, and wind up with the 20% they
 wanted from their original spouse only to
 lose the things they were getting from their
original spouse, and wind up miserable
 because now there are things missing in
 the new relationship that they were used
to getting, so know they are looking at
a new 20% deficit, just in another area.
Sometimes it might be a job...they
leave a good job because of one thing
that is happening at work, when every
thing else is good, only to find out now,
they are less than happy in the new job!

Knowing this truth has helped me
many times because I feel like we
should always be changing and get-
ting better, but not everyone you en-
counter feels that way, or is thus mot-
ivated, which is not wrong necessarily,
just different but can lead to frustration
 with whatever the situation might be...
 I typically have had high expectations
 for myself and others.. having them for
 myself is okay, but the problem comes
 when I have high expectations for others
 and they are not met, so knowing this 80/20
 rule over the years, has helped me to have
 less expectations, and to be more thankful
 for what I have and the situations I face,
 and for the people in my life, and to
 focus on the 80% rather than the 20%.....

Now this does not mean I am saying
give a free pass to things that really
need to be addressed, or that there
 are not things worth fighting for, or 
that we should in anyway over
look sinful behavior, like adultery,
 physical or emotional abuse, alcohol
 or drug abuse, and the like but the
 majority of the time the things we
 are focused on are not those type 
of things.

Well, Happy Pondering!!

Have a Lovely Sunday,

Hugs, Nellie

Friday, March 24, 2017

Thankful Thursday - March 23, 2017, Part 4 of Golf cart home tour

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have been having a 
productive, yet good day!

Mine was good, Did a floral arrangement
and been trying to do some Spring and
Easter decorating, so it is coming along.
Also, trying to do some calling and 
collecting of info to help my nephew
and family..........It has been a good day 
but I am bushed mainly because I only
 got 31/2 hrs. sleep last night. I was just
 wired for some strange reason, so did
 not get to sleep until after 5 am., and
 woke up at 8:40 and couldn't get back
 to sleep so just got up........and have 
actually felt pretty good all day, but
I am feeling it

Added some more pics of our Golf
 Cart Charleston Home Tour,  this will
 be Part 4, If you missed #3 and would
 like to see it.  Just click here!

Well,  on with my Thankfuls.............

I am thankful............

for lots of yard work we did in the
backyard over the weekend. Trying
to clean up some of the mess left
over from the side back yard clean
 out.  I see some new shoots coming
out of our palmettos thankfully.....
just been a week, but good to see
something happening......

for prayer and Moroccan oil that made 
my hair behave.........seriously.
I got up Sunday morning and my hair
seemed like it was having an identity
crisis....... it was turning under when
it should have been flipping up, and
 the back was normal on one side and 
sideways on the other, and was all 
static-y (if there is such a word). 
I used a new shampoo and guess that
 was what did it............I can not re-
member the last time I had such a 
bad hair
I was wishing I had a nice hat for 
church, but with a prayer for help,
I had the thought to try the Moraccan
oil a friend have given me and my
 hair took a total turnaround. Really!!
I only put the oil in my hand (the size
of a dime) and rubbed my hands together
to distribute the oil and then went lightly
over my hair.  It was hair
straightened right out, so I highly
 recommend those one word prayers.

for getting to take our friends from
up North out for her birthday, which
was on Sunday and because it was
 their last day here, so was glad to get
 to spend it with them. She turned 87.

for a really precious story about
a pilot who saved a lil 3 yr. old
girl from the flood waters after
hurricane Katrina,  and now the
girl is following in his footsteps.
He feels she saved him as much
as he saved her......
Beautiful story....well worth the
read,  just click here.
or type.


 for a lovely Spring dinner out on
 the porch for our first day of Spring
We had that shrimp salad (recipe I told
 you about last week) potato salad and
 fruit salad.  It was all delish, but have
to say I like my own Shrimp Salad
recipe better,  so doubt I will make
the other one again.....very surprised
as I loved all the ingredients.

that we got all our bushes cut back
in the front of the house. Can you
tell where our focus has been this
most of the

better view below

for a fun time with lil darling on
 Wed., she was really in a crafting
 mood, so she made 4 things: Two
 flower magnets, l bunny and also
decorated a gift bag with some cute
 Easter stick ons and did a great job 
on making all of those, plus A's.....
as she is starting to learn to write
 the alphabet. We are doing capital
 A's right now, For just being 4, she 
totally amazes me, with her ability

and creativity.  So proud of her.

That my nephew and his family 
will hopefully be able to come 
down in July from Missouri. They
 are Missionaries with New Tribes
Mission, and since our church is
 their sending church and the church
 has a house for missionaries that
 are on furlough or vacation, they
should be able to stay there 
practically for nothing, just the
utilities, which is great!

that a really neat loveseat that I
have been looking at all month
at World Market,  went on sale
40% off today with free shipping,
  so it is gonna be my birthday gift.
  It was already a reasonable price
 but this just made it all the better.
Very Excited, as I have been want-
ing to change my living room
 around for awhile now.......and
the sofa in there is pretty much
shot as great timing.

for my sweet hubby and his
 thoughtfulness in going out of his 
way to bring me flowers since he
knew I am doing my Spring decor-
ating and using pink, so he brought
me some pretty pink Alstroemerias.
(Just learned the name of them last
night on someones blog, as she had
done an arrangement with them,
sorry... if it was You, who had them
with some pink calla lilies let me
know, I tend to forget the name of 
the blog as I get reading sometimes,
well...most times, and then can't 
always find my way back there.
but thanks for the name of them)
Hubby knows how much I love
 fresh flowers................

that because of hubbies flowers that
I just made an arrangement with..... I
think they will be used for my birthday
 table now. I had bought some beautiful 
plates and napkins for Easter, but since
 I have flowers that match them now,
 thought why not....I will decide on 
something else for

This house was hard to see because
 of all the tall foilage, but it looks
 to me like a church turned into 
a house.  So thought it quite

Love the copper roof and the
 gothic windows or at least
what you can see of

for blackberries, they are one of my fav
Spring treats. As kids we used to pick
blackberries every year,  and then put
them in a bowl with sugar on top and
squish them all up and eat them with
bread and butter and a glass of milk,
that is some good eating.........Had
my first blackberries of the season,
 this morning for breakfast, didn't have
any reg. bread so I ate them with 
Asaigo cheese bagels, delicious
just the same............

Well, that's all folks.........

Thanks for stoppin in............
Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Have a Blessed Day and


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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Part 4, of Lets tour my daughter's house

Happy Tuesday,  Happy Spring,
Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and enjoying
some Spring - Oops, started to say 
Spring Weather.....
 but do know that some of you still have 
snow and very cold temps yet. 
So.... Sorry about that!!
Know you are probably beyond
ready for some Spring weather.

We had a nice Spring dinner out on
 the porch, but as soon as we finished 
din din we went inside, cause it was
 actually pretty chilly by 6:45 .....

Well, today is part 4 of the tour of
my Daughters home,  and it will 
be the last segment till we visit 
again..........cause this is as far as
I got with picture taking!!  lol

 I am gonna start with their Mermaid
over the entrance to their hallway.

They have a long hallway which
 ends where the new build took 
place on the house......

Here is a wall arrangement she and I did
 together last Fall on our first visit...........
She wanted to do a wall with family 
photos, and she had a great idea.....
She had these wood plaques which you
will see at the end of the hall, and had
the great idea to attach mirrors/frames
to them. We decided to paint these
 plaques white, but the others she left
 the natural color.  You will see them
coming up soon.
You can see this arrangement as
you come out of her mudd room.

Now we are in The Mudd room

Here is the other side with all the
 cabinets and storage space.............

This sign describes her lil dog, Rosie
 to a T, cause if she loves you, she wants
to lick you too death...........and for a
long while since she was the closest
 thing we had to a grandchild we were 
quite okay with that and still
She is just our furry grandaughter now.

So Hubby and I saw this sign some-
where, can't remember where now,
 as it was a while back, think it was in 
Asheville and we could not resist
 getting it for her.... cause we both
died laughing when we saw it....
Dee used to have it hanging right 
over her  doggie bowls........

but if you look closely at the hook on
 the wall, this is now the perfect spot!!  lol
That hook was already there when they
 moved in. How funny is that!!
So cute!!

and if you would like to leave
quickly after the Tour you can go
 out the mudd room door here.

Next up
right after the mudd room....

is her adorable whale....just love 
this lil guy.......

Then next door to your left

The Guest Bath....
 She already had all the accessories
for this bathroom from their home
in Asheville, and fortunately, they 
worked perfectly with her coastal
 theme for this home too.
All the subway tile and marble is 
so pretty in here too.........

This lil sign that sits on the back
of the potty..... just cracks me up!!

Here is a shot of the opposite side 
of the bath, in the mirror

and Isn't this cute floor tile..........
it is white, but in certain light it looks 
like pastel me anyway.

Across the hall from the guest bath 
is their guest bedroom and a linen 

The lil sailboat is on down the 
hall after the guest bath and on the
 same side of the hall.

This is at the end of the hallway.

Remember the wood plaques....
well, here are the other 2 still in
their natural state with the mirrors
attached.  She painted the mirrors
as well as the frames in the other
pic earlier, forgot to say that!!  lol

Honestly, this pic doesn't do her 
wall decor justice,....but in real life 
when you look down the hall it 
makes such a dramatic impact.....
really love how it looks. Just now
thinking if I had turned the other
lights in the hall off, and just left
the ones in that area on you would
see what I am talking about.

Here is the end of the Hallway
 and the end of the tour.....

 If you go right that is their office,  
and if you go left it is their Master
 Bed and Bath and big walk in closet, 
that was all built on to the home
during the renovations.

Remember you can click on any
 picture to enlarge them all for r
better viewing pleasure.

Next visit, maybe I can capture 
the other

Thanks for coming by..........
Have a Lovely Day 

Just in case you missed Part 3,
The kitchen, and would like to see it,

Hugs and Happy Spring Blessings,


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