Sunday, July 23, 2017

Scripture Sunday

Happy Sunday  Morning
Sweet Friends

Here is the verse of the day!

 Keep your lives free from the love of money 
and be content with what you have, because
 God has said, “Never will I leave you; never 
will I forsake you.”  
Hebrews 13: 5

I think this is such an important verse,
because the bible tells us in
 1 Timothy 6:10

For the love of money is a root of all kinds
 of evil. Some people, eager for money, have 
wandered from the faith and pierced them-
selves with many griefs.

The Key words here are "the love of money"

It's not the money,  it is the love of money
that is the problem.  
When we allow ourselves to have a love for
 money we put ourselves in a very vulnerable
 position. Because when people love money 
sometimes they will do anything to get it, 
which can lead to all sorts of bad things.
Like being a workoholic and neglecting
ones family, being up to our eyebrows in
 credit card debt and having to worrying 
all the time about how to pay for it, or 
maybe even having to file bankruptcy or 
loosing a home or vehicle due to being
 so overextended. We have all heard about
 the get rich quick schemes that totally
 backfire, leaving the person worse off than
 they were before. We once knew of a couple
who really loved the Lord and who were
very involved in their church and then they 
came into some money, and bought a new
 home and a boat they started going to church
less and less, until they weren't going at all, 
and the next thing we heard they were having 
bad marital problems and eventually they
wound up divorced, all the while their 
church family was trying to encourage
them back on track.  These are sad
stories and I could go on and on, but
I am sure you get the point.....

The second half of that verse is important 
to our well being, and it pretty much tells
 us how  NOT to have a love for money, 
and that is to be content with
 what you have..............
We are all blessed beyond measure just 
because we live in the United States, but
so many times we can forget how blessed
we are, and just have an ungrateful heart 
or we can start looking around at what 
others have and think somehow we have 
been short changed. When we start to get 
that mindset we really need to see it as a
 red flag, and ask the Lord to forgive us
 for that faulty thinking and to cleanse
 that right out of our hearts, cause we
are treading on dangerous territory if
left unchecked.  We also need to know
and remember that money does not
buy happiness or give us a good life,
God does!  How many wealthy people
have you see or heard about that are
miserable.......not that there is anything 
wrong or evil about being wealthy, be-
cause their isn't, there were some wealthy
and Godly men in the bible.....but if we
 fail to recognize where our blessings
truly come from and appreciate them,
then that is a problem, that the Lord
will not be too happy with.....
I believe that being thankful for all that 
God has blessed us with, is indeed,
the road map to being content.  

God is good.....He will never leave
 or forsake his children!  So our
God doesn't need to be the love
 of God expects us
to do the best we can with what
we have....and that means being
  thankful for what we have and 
being a good steward of what 
He has given us........

Something to think about!!

Have a lovely Sunday,



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Friday, July 21, 2017

Thankful Thursday July 20, 2017, Golf cart tour #7

 But you, Lord,
 are a compassionate and gracious God, 
slow to anger, abounding in love 
and faithfulness.
Psalm 86:15

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you day is going well......

Mine is going, sort of dismal today,
as it has been overcast here all day 
but the sun just finally came out. 😊

We had a deluge of rain last night
with some marble size hail,  was
hoping it didn't get any bigger as
it was hitting our front windows,
and thankfully it didn't!  

Took a break and it has only been
 a few hours but now our skies are 
all looking bad and no sun again. 
 Think we are gonna have another
 deluge like last night or at least it 
looks like it.  So much for mowing
the grass probably.........which
was the plan........not too sad
about that

Pictures today are from the same
Spring golfcart tour of Charleston.
seems like I have an endless supply
of pics, didn't realize I had taken
quite this

Anyway gonna get on with the
post since I am so late!

I am thankful

for a really fun visit with our
daughter. We just so enjoy being
together......we visited, ate, and
did at home facials and pedicures 
on Friday, as she had bought some
cosmetic products at a place called
Lush,when she spent the day with
 a friend on Thursday. They have
a product called Dream Cream.
We both really love it.

for a nice dinner at a great Mexican 
restaurant with the family on Friday
night. Our first time to go there and it
 was really good food, and a nice but
 quick time together, as Scott had to
 get home to pack for a trip the next
 day.  Hubby and I are happy to know
about this new to us, restaurant as we
both love Mexican food........

Think this is the same house just
 different areas of it.....

for some awesome deals at Bath
 and Body on Friday evening after
our Mexican dinner. We have a new
store in our area and we hadn't been
there yet, so we all decided to go
check it out and they had a lot of
things 75% off,  and my daughters
 birthday is coming up next month, 
so wgot quite a haul......I have to we were both
 happy campers!

for my new Peach Bellini candle we
 got at Bath and Body at half price. 
 Put it in my newly redone office 
and it smells heavenly in here.

that Dee got here on Wed. afternoon
uneventfully other than a missed
turn, which added 30 mins. to her
trip, but she was safe....then back
 home to  S.C. safely on Saturday.

that Scott got to his destination up
 North for work on Sat., and back
 home safely on Tuesday evening.

for a rump roast with potatoes, carrots,
 and Pearl onions (that came in a jar)
 that I made for din din on Tuesday and
 had for din din Wed. nite.  It was
 yummy and really hit the
I never knew you could buy
pearl onions in a jar,  had never seen 
them before, just happened on them, 
and thought they might be good, and
 they were. Guess what brand they
are??  Aunt Nellie'
I buy their beets too, and they are

These huge Oaks just fascinate me!

for an opportunity to encourage
and pray for a distraught and dis-
couraged single Mom with 3 
children, 2 of which are 17 and 20, 
and are really taking a toll on her, 
and also starting to rub off on her 
younger child.  I have known her
 children for years and they are really
 good kids, but they are spreading their
wings as they all do....those teenage
years can really be fun....not!

for the sandhill cranes and Ibis
and my neighbors pretty white
 chickens I have been seeing in
 my yard and neighborhood this 
week. They are all fun to watch!

that my next door neighbors dogs
that sneeked out did not get our
other neighbors chickens as they
were.........chasing them!!  made
quite a commotion too!!  lol

that one of our students from our
Sunday school class is doing fairly
well after a bad accident this morning.
She had the baby with her,  but God
watched over them,  baby is fine,
Mom at home but having pain and 
stiffness in her ribs, but thankful
 from the looks of the car she 
survived at all.  Thankful for
God's protection over them both.

for all the wonderful array of food 
choices that we have and for places 
to purchase them or we can even grow
 some of them ourselves if we want.
God has given us such a large variety
 of fruits and Veggies, and has provided
 animals to give us milk, eggs and meats
 and many other things I probably haven't
 even thought of.....
We are so blessed as a nation as many
 countries do not have access to what
 we do.


Well, there you have it.....another
 week at Cozy Place......

Thanks for dropping by.....
hope you have had some things
to be thankful for this week too.

Would love for you to share 
with us.

Have a Really Lovely Weekend,

Love, Hugs, and
Cooler weather Blessings,


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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Part 2 of creating a new look by changing colors and decluttering.....God's remedy

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you somewhere cool....
in the pool, at the beach, inside with
the A/C cranked down to the coolest
level, lol, at the mall, drinking a
 smoothie / lemonaide, or anywhere
you can cool off, if it is as hot 
where you are, as it is here!

Today I am sharing part 2 of the
 changes to our computer room/
office, from now on think I am just 
gonna start calling it our office,
 must easier and less typing.  lol
Actually it is a computer, office 
and craftroom.  So maybe I 
should call it our COC room. lol

I left off last week (Part1) with 
decluttering under the futon,
You can click here if you want
to see it.....

So just gonna pick up there...
 with the next steps as I remember

My next thought was I needed to
 order a paper tray rather than have
 all these boxes stacked up.
 (see below)


So I ordered a metal clean lined
paper tray since it had no slots or dust
 collectors on it, and being metal rather 
than plastic figured it had less chance
of breaking and they were about the
 same price as the plastic ones, and I 
could also spray paint it in the future
 if I wanted.
 When I shop for things for my home
 I always look for versatility cause as
 you know if you have been visiting
 me long, that I like to change things
 up fairly often........if I can come 
up a way to do
I will be praying about that a lot
more now.......(that's a lil secret
from Part 1)


Doesn't it look so much neater!
Love it......and I never have to
move anything to get to what 
I want...........

I also ordered a nice wire basket at
 the same time to house my scrap-
booking embellishments, since the
 basket they were in, was pretty much
 falling apart. Both items came from
Wally World aka Walmart.  lol

My other basket was only about 3"
high and you could see everything,

the new basket is 71/2" tall, so it
pretty much hides everything when
you aren't looking into it like this....
creating a much cleaner look.

The next step was to put the white skirt
 that I had purchased 4 years ago, on
my craft table.  Was a tad disappointed
with it at first, because it was pretty
wrinkled and looked more like light
 gray than white due to the thin fabric,
 but steamed the wrinkles
out.....and it looked much better
but still not thrilled with it, but
it will do for now.

and had already put my stash of 
office supplies underneath but
added a few more that came
from under the futon or top of
the table.

Now it was time to figure out a good 
place to put this cute organizer my
 daughter and Son-in-love got me
 for Mother's Day.
At the end of my craft table turned
out to be the best spot.

You can see the basket in the left
hand corner.  Also these pics make
the table look pretty short but it 
really isn' is 66" long.

Here it is a bit more cleaned up,
but still not completely happy
with it, but that will change.

Next I decided to take some of 
the things that were on the table
and put them in our CD tower.
They are actually souveneirs
from France when we were
there 45 + years ago and the
2 of the french plaques I had
taken off the walls by the
windows. They actually show

up better than this pic makes
it look, but I have put some
white paper as a background
 behind everything to see if 
would want to paint the back
drop, but didn't really like it.
I sort of like the drama and
the understated look better.
So just left it alone.

Think I am gonna stop here
for today,  so there will be
part 3 and probably a part
4 as well......will see next

Really do wish I had taken all 
the before and after pics cause
 you then you could really tell
 more about the transformation
of the room. But oh

Thanks for stopping by to see me.

See you on Thursday and have
a really super duper week!

Love, Hugs and
Creative Blessings,

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