Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thankful Thursday June 21, 2018, Late Spring golf cart home tour

But let all who take refuge in you be glad;
 let them ever sing for joy. 
Spread your protection over them,
 that those who love your name
 may rejoice in you.
Psalm 5:11 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends
and Welcome to Summer, 
as she has offically arrived!

Have to say it has felt like summer 
for awhile now here in Florida, but 
was pretty bearable cause it was breezy,
 but the breeze has pretty much gone bye
 bye, unless it is storming out, and it has 
really gotten hot the last few weeks
and will probably be like this until
the end of October.....have to say that
 is hard for me to think about!  lol

Took some more pics for yall while
 I was in Charleston,  as I know yall
 really seem to enjoy them, as much
as I like seeing them while touring
on the golf
I honestly think I could ride around
 on that thing all day long.....something
 about it makes me feel like a kid again.
Maybe it is my hair blowing in the
 breeze, and the wind in my face, I don't
know but I find it to be a lot of fun....
Was just thinking, maybe it reminds 
me of riding in my Mom's old Impala 
convertible when I was a

Anywho, on with my Thankful

Many homes in the area have guest houses, 
see this one built over the garage,
 and they rent them out.

Thankful that we have finally figured out
all our medical and dental insurance and
applied for them.  We did the medical
before we left for Charleston and just
finished the dental last Friday. Such
a good feeling to have that all in place
now, and we can move on to other

                         Thankful that hubby put new led lights
                          in the kitchen and it made it so much
brighter.  Love that! 
Also thankful for that nice man at
ACE hardware who told him how
to do it....

Thankful that Rosie (my daughters dog)
was back to her old self by Saturday,
after having a bad seizure last Wed.

Thankful that something I made for
my son for Father's Day turned out
really well..........and he really 
seemed to like it.

Thankful my daughters knee is doing
much better than when we left last
week. She was able to go back to work 
on Monday and said here knee was
 pretty much back to normal on Tues.
So that was real progress.

Thankful that we found a nice pole
chainsaw for hubby for Father's Day.
It will be a real blessing and hope-
fully save us some $$$ now that we
can cut  higher limbs and all.

Thankful for a new TV series made in
 Canada called "Chesapeake Shores",
we have watched the whole season now,
and what a great series, very clean and
family oriented with great story lines.
  Found it on the  Hallmark Chanel.

Thankful hubby had several really nice
Father's Day celebrations. One was early,
at Dee and Jerry's before we came home
from Charleston and the other one was 
on Father's Day, Scott suggested going 
to Texas Roadhouse and then back to 
their house for dessert and to hang out.
We had a great time as always.

Thankful that a really sweet and devoted
single parent Mom/friend of ours got
engaged. The wedding will not be any
time soon as she wants to take her time,
which we think is wise. We really like
him and he treats her very well.  So
we are very happy for her. 

Thankful that her lil girl is doing better
too. She was having some real problems
that one Dr. thought was gall bladder
problems a few years ago, and was
talking about surgery....her new Dr.
said he thinks she is just producing
to much stomach acid, and he gave
her some acid reducer meds and as
long as she takes them she is fine.
So good her Mom changed Drs.

Thankful that a Leader/friend from
 church took the time to care and call us
 on Fathers Day, to make sure he didn't
 offend me by something he said during
a conversation that morning. It really did
 hurt my feelings, but in my heart, I knew 
he would never mean to, but it really
 blessed my heart that he took the time
out on his special day to call and make
 sure.  What a precious man and role
model he is......if there were only a
 gazillion more like


Thankful we have the opportunity
to be involved in using our home
to help surprise a very sweet lady.

Well, thats been our week at Cozy Place.

Thanks for stopping in......

Always nice to know you were here.

Love, Hugs, and 
last of  June Blessings.


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Monday, June 18, 2018

Our Daughter's Dining Room .

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and
happy this fine day.

We are all that over here.....
Got up a lil after hubby did this 
to find him working on his jig-
saw puzzle (our daughter gifted 
him with) which we started on
 yesterday, he is a man on a
 mission!!  lol  It is slowly sink-
ing in daily that this is a forever
vacation sort of.......and a whole
new way of life....he is liking it
more by the day........we are try-
ing to have a bit of a schedule
along with some fun thrown in
between things that have to get
done.  We are both loving it.

Thought I would show you some pics
of my daughters dining room, it is one
of my fav rooms because of all the 
windows.  I showed it to you before,
but she has rearranged it, if you want 
to see the before pics (click here)

Absolutely love their white oak floors.


                            She has added some plants since 
you last saw it as well.

and this cute lil terrarium and starfish.

She is really enjoying succulent plants.

Love her cute lil whale. 
 She  has coastal/farmhouse decor.

She has also added this cute wood
 and macrame' shelf with this string
of pearls plant.

Before the table was horizontal. 
We all think it looks better this direction.

Here is her new fiddle leaf fig plant.
It is a live plant and they ordered it from
Amazon and it was quite a bit less than
buying it at their local nurseries, just in
case you might be wanting one yourself.
The plant seems to love it's new habitat,
it is growing and be thriving in this spot.

With the light on.
I told my hubby I thought the legs of
her table looked like giant

This cute guy hangs by the door going out.
He was supposed to be to hang their keys
 on but don't think they ever
My son-in-love just really liked it so
 they found a place to put it. It is like
one of those fun elements of surprise.

This is a look from the back door
where Mr. Steer is hanging.


Thanks for coming by today.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Hugs and  last of June Blessings,


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Stone Gable

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Fathers Day and Quotes to Ponder

Happy Father's Day
to all you great Dad's out there......
Hope you have a wonderful and
relaxing day, and that you get 
spoiled rotten by your loved ones.


Happy Sunday Morning
Sweet Friends,

Here is the quote for today!

I have found the perfect antidote
for fear.  Whenever it sticks up
it's ugly face, I clobber it with

By Dale Evans Rogers

I love this!!
Cute and Clever but, oh so true.

Have a Wonderful Sunday,