Saturday, April 14, 2018

Scripture Sunday

Happy Sunday
Sweet Friends

Here is the scripture for today.

Seeing what was ahead, he spoke of the
resurrection of the Christ, that he was not 
abandoned to the grave, nor did his body
see decay.  God has raised this Jesus
to life, and we are all witnesses of
the fact.

Acts 2:31-32 NIV

The above was written by Luke, 
who also wrote the gospel of Luke

Have a peaceful day!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Thankful Thursday April 19, 2018, Spring Golf Cart Home Tour of Charleston

May the righteous be glad and rejoice 
before God;
 may they be happy and joyful.
Psalm 68:3

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a good week,

Ours has been good and fairly quiet
with a few exciting things!!

I feel like I have Spring fever or
something,  just so unmotivated
this week,  hopefully next week
will be better.........think it could
just be me,  missing my girl.....

Added some lovely home photos
 from our trip to Charleston a week
 or so ago.  Enjoy!!

So on with my Thankfuls.......

Thankful for my amazingly brilliant
husband. Last week our internet and
phone were out....they sent us a new 
modem and  hubby put it in and every-
thing worked fine but our phone,
so they sent someone out on Sunday
afternoon as the problem was on their
side.....and the fellow came and could
not figure it out, so they were gonna
have to send another person out, and
now our phone was out completely,
where it was working for people to
call in, we just couldn't call out.
So anyway my hubby got on the
internet and found a way to fix it.
Who needs ATT when you have
a brilliant guy on your hands.
My Hero.....he can fix anything!

Thankful to have our phone back
up an running and not to have to
have someone else come to fix it.

Thankful for a restful weekend
after being away, traveling and 
watching lil darling and unpacking.
Really wanted to have the family 
over last weekend, but just didn't 
have the energy,

Thankful that my daughter and her
hubby made it to his brothers wedding
 and back safely and that they had 
a great time with his family.

Thankful that my sister-in-law 
checked out at the Dr. okay,  as she
was feeling really bad and had a
stiff neck....some meds and some
more rest and hopefully she will
be good as new in a few days.
Update: Doing better but not
quite there yet....still very tired.
If anyone feels led to pray for
her, we would appreciate it.

#6, 7, and 8
Thankful that my late Mom's house
 is on the market again and we have
a number of offers coming in.....
Hopefully soon this will be a done
deal.......what an ordeal this has
been.......have been waiting for
this to happen for almost 13 yrs. 
now,  sooo... looking forward to 
this coming to an end. 
Longggg story!!

Thankful for all the prayers that
 have been answered over the years
 as we have been dealing with 
this issue.

Thankful that we now have a 

buyer......... yippee!  and will
hopefully close the deal in May!

Thankful for the new realtor we 
have as well,  Such an amazing
difference from the last one.....
She is very nice lady and a 
shaker and a mover for sure.
She was one of those answers
to prayer too......

Thankful that lil darling was okay
on Wed. when I picked her up from
preschool.  She was bawling her
eyes out and holding her ears and
I thought she might have a terrible
earache, but it turned out that she
and another lil girl were in the rest-
room with the teacher, and the one
 lil girl screamed so loudly and lil
 one couldn't see her and didn't
 know what it was or where the 
noise came from so it startled her
 and scared her....bless her heart!!
So Grammy was very happy it
wasn't anything worse.

Thankful for a fun night playing cards
 and listening to music on Pandora with 
hubby, which is a rarity, and even more
 rare was listening to the Bee Gee's, one
of my favorites back in the day!!  
and still love their
It has been forever since we have
listened to them, so it was a fun blast
 from the past....

Thankful for the new "When 
calls the heart" movie.  Watched
it on the Hallmark chanel, and
it was great....just like the other
series.  This series is just such a 
refreshing, clean, innocent show 
with such a wonderful story line.
If you haven't watched it and get
the it, you want
be sorry.........

Well, that's all folks......

Thanks for coming by


Have a wonderful Weekend,

Love, Hugs and
Mid April Blessings,


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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My Daughters Guest Bedroom

 Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you really enjoying Spring.

We are here, we were amazed at how much
Spring had exploded at our house while we
were away, so nice to see all that lush green
out there.......our grass isn't all green yet
but we have been having rain the last few
days and hubby put fertilizer down this
past weekend, so it is greening up fast
now too.  Who can't love Spring!!
Just such a beautiful time of year, and we
are so enjoying the weather still, and hope
it continues to stay in the 70's to low 80's
 for quite awhile yet!  

Thought I would share my Daughters
 guest bedroom, where we sleep while
we are there, cause I just think it is
just so cute. They did a great job of
transforming it without spending a
ton of money and using what she
already had........
Remember for better viewing pleasure
 just click on one pic and it will enlarge 
them all.

Love the colors in her new Ikat patterned 
coverlet, so beachy and bright.  The map
over the bed was a clever gift from her
hubbies late Aunt so they can mark any
places that they have visited.  They have
places marked but you can't see it, didn't
think to take a close

Lovely shells from one of her husbands
 cousins, the blue fish bottle was from us.....
and the rest was using what she already had.

Isn't the fish pillow the cutest!
That and the blue patterned one are new.
She already had the green ones.

and much to my surprise the other side
of her quilt has more lil fishies......So 
that will be a fun change down the road.

Loved the lil crabs pictures.....and they added
 white boho style curtains to soften
 the room a bit.

They affixed the wooden crabs to painting
 canvas to make them stand out more and
 have a 3 dimensional look.....which turned 
out great.
They really make a statement in the room.

The next wall has their closet with the 
Beach House sign over the door.  Really
 like that their closet doors completely
 open out, a very nice feature. As ours
slide, so you can only see one side at
a time.

on the other side of the closet doors
she just hung some hats that matched
her colors, which I thought was a 
clever idea, and went perfectly with 
their beachy theme.

This is the wall that the entry door is on,
the door is just to the left,  and they added
this neat clock (which was hubbies before
they married, and the Dolphin fish or 
some call them Mahi Mahi fish was made
by her hubbies Mom from a dried palm
frond. Isn't it cute....she did a great job
on it really looks like a dolphin
fish, and I know cause I caught a 14 pd. 
one when I was a kid, an it scared me
 too death as it was almost as big as me.

Then they added this plaque that has
 hooks and a basket on it,  and you can't
see it very well, but there is a liscense 
plate in the basket and a lil bag with 
something beachy on it, can't remember 
what  Also I think we must
 have knocked that plaque a lil off  bal-
ance, but didn't notice it until looking 
at the pic now....also think the vase
 was further out from the chest as well.  
(Took this one pic right before we left
 and was kinda hurrying, so didn't check
it out very well  lol). 
Thought it was a cute addition to add
the floppy hat on top of the vase and
the fishing pole and bamboo in the
corner.  All of these items she already
had too, along with the very chippy
chest of drawers.

So we thought it was a very fun room,
bright and cheery and definitely beachy
like the rest of their home, 
 and share worthy.

Glad you could stop by and hope you
glean some inspiration if you are
a beachy, boho or coastal lover!!

Hope you have a lovely day......
it is storming here,  the thunder is
 rattling our windows as I

Love, Hugs and
April Shower Blessings,


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