Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Best Household Tips #10

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope all of you with children are

 getting back into the swing of things
and those that don't are enjoying these 
last fews weeks of August......can't 
believe September is just 8 days
 away now!!

We are looking forward to getting
away from these 100 degree temps
every day....and so wish that would
be coming in september,  but that
probably won't be happening any
time soon, I am afraid.  Course, we
can always hope and pray for a nice
Every evening our backyard looks
so beautiful with the shade, and
long sun shadows, and beckons for
us to sit out there, and I want to so
 badly, but we go out and come back
 in within 5-10 minutes cause it is
 still 100 degrees @ 7:30 p.m.
Oh Well, it is what it is!!

Think my priority today is gonna
 be rearranging the family room, 
which will be my first step towards
putting up my Fall decorations.
So will get to enjoy the new room
rearrange for the next 8 days at
least, as I probably want start 
putting up the Fall stuff until we
actually get into September, but
of course, I will be thinking, plan-
ing and dreaming about it tho!

Well, guess I had better get on with
 my Household Tips..............
This was a series so if you would
 like to see Tips #9
 Just Click Here!

Does your  lower back start to hurt 
when you are at the kitchen sink or
 while (egads) you are ironing??

Yes, Some of us still do that, not
as much as we used to tho.!! lol

Then get a small stool and prop one 
foot up which will take the pressure
off your back, at the sink you can
also just open a cabinet door and
prop your foot on the cabinet
 floor.  Works great!!

Is your stainless steel wear
stained from water spots or

Just use an SOS pad to shine
them up again.  Just in case,
try it on the back of a spoon
first............I have never had
any problems myself, but
never hurts to be cautious.

Need a quick and easy way to 
clean your washable knick knacks?

Clean washable knick knacks,
like figurines, vases, and pottery in
 the dishwasher.  I would caution you
however, not to put anything that is
 delicate/or precious to you in there,
  just to be on the safe side.

Are there times you have to get
down on your knees to get some
thing out of a cabinet or to do a
task but your knees 
are not happy?

Buy a rubber kneeling pad like
you would use in the garden for
weeding, and keep it in a near
by cabinet for quick household

Love steamed shrimp but dislike
the odor cooking it leaves behind?

Then check with your local grocery
store or where ever you buy your sea-
food and see if they will steam it for
 you.  I found out years ago that our
 local Publix grocery store does that
 for free, a very nice service  indeed,
 and they have several different 
seasonings as well.  The two we
have tried are the Old Bay and a
Lemon herb seasoning.  The lemon
herb is my favorite,  and best of all
great tasty shrimp with no smelly

Ever wonder what to do with these??

We love blue bunny frozen yogurt
and they have nice sturdy cartons with
these nice lids, so have often thought
those should be good for something.
So decided they would be good for

A Spoon Rest................

I used to have one and it got broken, so
 never bought a new one as I don't really 
use it all that often......so this is perfect,
just flip it over and use,  then wash it
and put it away till you need it the next
time...........works for me!! and it saves
on paper towel..............lol  and if it
gets burned or melts, just pitch it out.

 They also come in different colors
depending on the flavor of yogurt or
ice cream you buy...........
Just in case you want it to match
your kitchen.............lol


So happy you could come for a visit.

Hope you have a lovely week!

Love, Hugs and 
last of August Blessings,

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thankful Post August 18, 2016, Spring/Summer tablescape from last year

 Enter his gates with thanksgiving
 and his courts with praise;
 give thanks to him 
and praise his name.
Psalm 100:4

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope all is going well with getting
 back into the swing of things after the
 summer vacation, at least for those of you 
who just sent children to school,  and for 
those who didn't, maybe you are feeling
like me and ready to get your Fall on....

I am debating whether to have a Sunday
 School Social here in the next 2 weeks 
or to wait until later in September, I have
 a feeling later in Sept. is gonna win out,
 as I am itching to do something creative
in the house again. As it has been since 
Spring since I have done anything inside
 the house other than some tablescapes.
So think I am gonna be moving the
family room furniture around soon. lol
Which will get the ball rolling........

Thought I would share a Spring/Summer
 tablescape with you today......this was
 from last year I think!!  Maybe it will
inspire you to have one last 
Summer fling!!  lol

If you'd like.......You can click on any pic
 to enlarge them all,  for better viewing

Well, on with Thankful Thursday......

I am thankful

for  another fun evening with the
couple we are mentoring.  We only
have a couple more sessions to go,
and will be sorry when it is over,
as it was a real blessing to us.

that 50 people showed up for a work
 day at church.  Our church is starting
 a new satellite church (which means it 
will have the same name, but will just 
be at a different location/campus than
the original church). It is in a nearby
 town and they are trying to get the
 new campus church building ready to
 be up and running by January 2017.
 It is in need of quite a bit of reno 
and updating, and because  so many
 people came to help, they got all of
 the painting done and ready for new 
carpeting to be laid some time in Sept., 
and got rid of a lot of junk or unneeded
 things, as well as many other things
 done. It was only for 3 hrs, but was
 fun and neat to see kids from the 
youth group, and ages of people all 
the way up to Sr. citizens all working
 together for a common and good goal.
They will probably need few more
 works days,  but as the old saying
 goes and is so true.... "many hands
 make the work light".

for the great job of teaching from the
young couple we are working with,
 they have begun teaching in the young
 married's class to help us, because the
 couple we are working with now, will
 be leaving us in Jan. to go to the new 
campus, we are sad to say, as we have
 all worked so well together, but we also
 know it is the Lord's will, and are very 
grateful for this new young couple.
and of course, wish our soon to be
former co-workers much success in
their new endeavors.....

for Hormel "Natural Choice" Bacon.
 (NO artificial ingredients, no nitrites,
 or nitrates or hormones, and it tastes
 delicious, even after we freeze it.) We
can only find it at Walmart and some
times Publix,  but it is more expensive
there. Our lil darling loves bacon and
we feel good about giving this to her
as it is a very healthy and good bacon
which is also heart healthy.

Disclaimer: I get no kickbacks of any
kind for this Bacon endorsement. 
We discovered it years ago and it is
delicious and a perfect product for 
heart patients, or anyone who wants
to eat more healthy. So just like it
so much I wanted to share th


Dee and Jerry made another trip
and back to Charleston over the
weekend, and are home again
safe and sound.

that Dee and Jerry found a house
they love.....and are already under
contract, that way they can move in
 as soon as they close on their home
 in Asheville, which will really
 be nice for them.

that lil darling loved preschool
so much, and wasn't eager to
leave cause she was playing. 
You always know they like it
for sure, when they aren't 
ready to leave............lol

for take out din din from
 Carrabbas this week. We
love their food......so good!

for all the rain we have had
in the last few weeks,  our
yard is hap hap happy, and
so are we....since it means 
a much lower water bill.  lol

that Megan and lil darling got to
stay for pizza and salad with us on 
Wed. night, since Scott was out of
 town.  It has been awhile....so that
 was quite nice.
Also, for a really fun day with
lil one.........cause she always
 makes us smile and laugh..........

for Kemp's "Chocolate Caramel
Brownie" frozen yogurt.  Taste's
great in a sugar cone, and very
lo- cal,  if you just eat one scoop.

for several neat things I felt like the
 Lord showed me today as I was 
watching 2 different christian
tv shows........Love when He
does that!!

Thanks for dropping in.......

Have a lovely Friday and
weekend with your family/friends.


Keep your light shining Brightly!!

Love, Hugs, and
Mid August Blessings,


P. S.  Just in case you noticed
that all the blogs I follow are
missing.....it is because I went
to delete some old ones that
have quit blogging, I evidently
didn't do it correctly so lost it
all,  but will have to get my
hubby to help me restore it
hopefully very soon!!
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Accidental look of Fall....plus an easy avocado/tomato salad....

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope your Tuesday is going well......

Mine has been......
sending some ecards to my 
sweet daughter, as her birthday is
tomorrow, my dental cleaning got
 cancelled, wasn't in the mood any
way! lol. Nice chat with my daughter,
 thoughtful pic from my
 daughter-in-love of lil darling on her
 first day of preschool.
So sweet, she looked so happy!.
A smoothie and the regular household
chores, and waiting for lil darling to
get home so I can call her to hear 
about her day...............they got me
first, and she had a great day, so
much so she wasn't ready to leave.

Yesterday as I was foraging for good
 and healthy food, since I am trying to
 be a good girl these days!!  lol

I couldn't help but take notice of these
fruits and Veggies we bought over the
weekend, and how they just reminded
me of Fall  (smile)..............so of course,
 that morphed into a photo shoot.

and since the avocado was ripe I 
thought, oh, I will have an avocado for 
lunch with some Italian dressing.

Then I thought those tomatoes sure look 
good,  and that plain avocado just
 morphed into an easy salad.

So cut her (the avocado of course) in half,
 removed the big seed, and then took a
 sharp knife and cut several slices from
 end to end, inside the avocado half.
and then went the opposite way to
make cubes.

Here is a utube video just in case you
may not know how.....as I haven't 
always known myself, cause I didn't
use to eat them..............

Just click here or type in this
address below

So here are the avocado cubes and
 halved tomatoes.  These tomatoes
are called "wild wonders gourmet
medley" tomatoes.  They are not
just pretty they are quite delish
as well...................

As you can see this is just one serving
 but you can certainly make it any size
 you would like.

Now add some salt and pepper

and some granulated garlic powder

Then add some Italian dressing of your 
choice, We use Olive Garden dressing 
(we get it at Sam's Club and sometimes
 you can find it at Walmart, or you can
also get it at the restaurant.)

This is with the dressing on,  in case
 you can't tell........lol

 If you wanted to doll it up more,
  you could also add some lettuce,
 bacon or black olives as well.

I was just going for a quick  and 
easy lunch here,  and crackers
 are always a good
 accompaniment as well.

Simple, quick, easy, tasty
and healthy.


Thanks for poppin in..............

Have a really great week!

See ya Thursday,

Love, Hugs
and First Weeks of School


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