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Thankful Thursday - December 18th, 2014 and Christmas Mantle Pictures

 In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a 
census should be taken of the entire Roman world.  And
 everyone went to his own town to register. So Joseph also
went up from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to
 Bethlehem the town of David, because he belonged to the
 houseand line of David.  He went there to register with
 Mary, who was pledged to be married to him and was
 expecting a child. While they were there, the time came
 for the baby to be born,
Luke 2:1-6

Good Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a better last half
 of the week than I have had..............
Can't believe it's only 5 days till

Late Tuesday evening I started coming
down with a virus, so have been sick.
The reason for my late post again!!  lol
The headache, sore throat, coughing,
aching all over and exhausted type, 
but I have gotten a lot of rest, and do
feel a lot better this morning, not 
nearly as achy this morning, and the
soreness in my stomach muscles is
way better today, that was from the
coughing, so hoping I can get some
thing accomplished today.  Mainly
gift wrapping is the order of the day,
 only thing that has been wrapped so
 far was what we sent to Dee and
Jerry the beginning of December.

So with that said I will get on with
my Thankfuls which are mostly
 already done, as I start my list early
 in the week and add to it as I go.

All the pictures you see are of our
fireplace mantle.  We took the 
back off of one of our pictures and
wrapped it in Christmas paper and
stuck it back in the frame, and my
plan was to have a sort of a modern 
sophisticated look,  but it sort of
 morphed into kiddie land.
Guess that is the way it should be
now that.....
 we are grandparents!  lol

Well, here we go...........

I am thankful

for a big nudge from the Lord!!

  I was on the way home from the mall and listening 
to all the Christmas music and thinking how neat it is
 that they play Christmas music from the day after
 Thanksgiving till the end of December, just like the
 regular radio stations did when I was a child.
So thought I really need to call or write Z88 (our
 christian radio station) and let them know. When
I got home I actually had an email from Z88, telling 
us why they play Christmas music all season long,
so clicked to answer their email, and told them what
I am telling you. So guess the Lord knew they
needed that encouragement, they also wrote back
to me and seemed very pleased to hear from me.

I am thankful He made it so easy for me,  as I 
might have just  forgotten about it.........

for a Wonderful Christmas Party for our Sunday
 School class last Saturday night 
 We all had a wonderful time.......

With light on

for Pastor Andy Stanley who is  Pastor Charles 
Stanley's son.  We are just about to finish up a
 video series by him in our class and it was terrific,
 so much wisdom. It was called "Guardrails", 
 if you ever get a chance to see!!
We highly recommend it.

with light off

For a fun night out Christmas shopping.
Mostly hubby did his shopping, as I am
pretty much done.
 I just tried things on
I mostly wanted clothing, so part of the
 gift is he goes with me,  and gets actively
 involved with helping me pick stuff out and
carries things around for me and gives opinions
on how they look. We have been out several
times now and I have looked online and pretty
much exhausted all the stores where I typically
find things, and I just can't find anything I like.
I am trying to find some new clothing to
wear to church, cause I have plenty of casual
clothing.  We decided to go to another town
nearby that we haven't been to in a long time
where they have a Belk Lindsey store,  found
more in there in the first 10 mins. than I have
found anywhere in months.  Course, still only
came home with a few items,  but hey, at this
point I am ecstatic with one new outfit.

Have to say.....
 I will be singing the halleleujah chorus 
and it will  surely make my Thankful list......
when spandex goes out of style!!   lol

for a fun midnight trip to Denny's afterward
for a SuperBird us
crazy but staying up late and doing some
thing different that we don't normally do
Spells FUN to us!!  So it was a Fun night.
What can I say.......we are easily entertained!!

that most everything is done shopping wise other 
than a trip to the grocery store.

Note: I wrote that earlier in the week and now that
I have been sick, boy am I glad that is

that if I had to get a flu virus, I am glad I got it this 
week and not next week.  It has had me out of 
circulation since late Tuesday night.

for rest and sleeping well,  and that I am feeling
 a  lil better everyday, still not quite there yet,
but much better today. (Sat)

that Susan got the okay to drive again on Wed.
and actually drove around some that same day.
She is still using a walker, so she is able to get 
the walker in and out of her truck all by herself
 and go do her errands and stuff. 
 She was also able to walk down to get her mail
 with the walker,  which is a lil bit of a trip.
  She is really doing amazingly well, and we are
so proud of her recovery, hard work, and good
You Go Girl!!

that hubby started vacation today,  which means
he will be around to help me get things finished
up before Christmas. What a Blessing!

for the blessing of having him home every year
at Christmas time for at least 9 days or so. It
has always been a Christmas tradition for our
family,  he was usually off most of the time
when the kids were out of school for the
 Christmas break, back when they lived at
 home, so that was always a time the whole
 family looked forward to. 

for this wonderful season of the year, and for the
one it represents, Emmanuel,  meaning God with
us..............what a wonderful thing He (Jesus, 
God in the flesh) has done for us all....and
of course, without Him.......

 there would be no Christmas!

Well,  there you have it another
week of Blessings.

So happy you could come by
and hope you enjoyed your

With posterized affect

Love,  Hugs, and
Merry Christmas Blessings,


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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday - December 11, 2014 and whimsical Christmas tablescape

 On coming to the house, they saw the child with his
 mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him.
 Then they opened their treasures and presented him
 with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh.
Matthew 2:11

Morning Greetings
Sweet Friends,

So how is your Christmas
spirit??  Are you enjoying
the season, and keeping the
stress down?  Hope so.....

My Christmas spirit is alive and well, and
I am do everything I can to keep the stress
level down. Officially finished my Christmas
decorating last night, so now we can just sit
 back and enjoy it all...........very happy about
 that!!  Just have a few leftover items to move
 off the dining room table this morning, then
it is over for another year. Course, I always
enjoy doing it, but when it drags on too long
you just want it done!!  lol

Sorry I am posting so late,  had all my
Thankfuls done,  just had to add the pics
and the prose............wasn't sure what
pics I was gonna add but then sort of by
accident.........I was looking for a way to
use our old tree idea was to stick
 it in an urn or something but it wouldn't
stay together,  and this basket with the
bear just happened to be sitting out in the
garage, and I needed some place to sit
 the tree for a minute so just stuck it in
 the basket,  and then thought that looks
 pretty cute.  So decided to drag it in
and embellish it a bit.  His intended
destination was the front porch,  but
then I decided to make a quick table
scape from some of the paper goods
I got for our  Sunday School party,
just can't pass up a opportunity to
So decided it would make a cute and
quick centerpiece for the table,  and
in my playing I came up with our
Christmas brunch tablescape, so that
was fruitful playing I would say!!

I put the paper plates right on top
of my white corelle ware, and it looks
like real Christmas dinnerware, and
will make for easy cleanup, Christ-
mas morning since we will be having
dinner later in the day too.  Think
I will use a different tablecloth the
next time, this one just happened to
 be on the table already, but think 
 either white, gold, tan, or maybe 
green would look nice, and next
time it will be in the dining room.
Oh, did I mention this was a $2.
table,  had everything else and the
 paper plates and napkins came
from dollar reason
you can't have a pretty table even
if you don't have nice dinnerware.

Well,  think I better get on with this
 post since I am already 2 days late!! lol

I am thankful

for a delightful story about a couple
who gave a car to a server at cracker
barrel who was sorely in need of a
car,  as her was so beat up and old.
So wonderful to hear of people that
give to total stranger like that!
The woman was thrilled as you can
only imagine, she had been depressed
and felt like no one cared, so that
restored her faith in humanity.
What a wonderful gift!!

that Scott, Megan,  Dee and Jerry had
such a fun time together last weekend
in Savannah.  Like an early Christmas
gift to each of them..........

for a quick night out grocery shopping
and a lil Christmas shopping and din
 din at Perkins after trying to finish
up my Christmas decorating Tuesday.
Didn't get finished yet, but there is
always tomorrow........actually it will
probably be Thursday since I have
our lil darling tomorrow (Wed.)


That I was able to find all the paper
goods we need for our Sunday school
class pot luck dinner this Saturday
night.  Since I had them tried one
plate and then decided to do a quick
table for fun, hence all the pics
you see here.


 that our co-workers were willing and 
happy to host it at their house since we 
had so much going on at the time 
of planning it. I found out she has
had a terrible week of pain and had
to have a root canal on Wed. bless
her heart!

with a colored pencil affect

for free Christmas printables that I 
was able to download from "On Sutton
Place" blog. They are so cute and I have
used them to help decorate my living
room area.


that I am about done with my Christmas it will be on to
wrapping,  haven't done any of that

with posterized affect

to hear that Gov. Rick Perry of Texas
signed into law that Christmas can be
 talked about and celebrated in Texas
schools without any repercussions and
that no one has to participate that 
doesn't want to.........Good for Texas,
 now we need to get the Governor of
 Florida to do likewise..........It's about
time.....I am really tired of people in
stores being so afraid to say Merry 
Christmas for fear of losing their jobs.
Christmas always has been and always
will be no matter what, no one stops
others from celebrating what they 
want to celebrate!  I am stepping off
my soapbox now!!  lol


for an article I read, think it was from
Prevention magazine about things they
don't tell you about menopause.  It de-
scribed so many things I have dealt with 
in the last years and felt were caused
by menopause, so it was just very 
affirming to read.  


for a super easy and delicious way to 
make a quick cup of hot cocoa that I
learned last year, and have been
having every day this week, since
it has been fairly cold here in Fl.

1 cup of milk

1 heaping tsp. of cocoa powder
1 pk. of sweet and low/ or however
much sugar you would like

I pour 1/2 cup of milk into a microwavable

 (Christmas) mug add the cocoa powder and 
Stir as best you can, you kind of have to
 smash the cocoa powder on the side of the
 cup, as it likes to float on top of the milk,
 then add the sweet and low (this is the only
 time I use sweet n low) then  stir again, and
add the other 1/2 cup of milk and microwave.
( I do mine for about 1 min. and 30 secs. but
 your microwave may not be the same,  so
 you will have to decide your time frame.)  

Stir again and Enjoy!


for eggnog,  It wouldn't be Christmas without
some eggnog.  We just love that stuff,  course,
I mix mine with equal amounts of half and half,
cause it is too strong for me all by it's lonesome.

Ever tried it in your coffee.........if not,  try

some.... it is delish............

with filmgrain affect


for an unexpected visit from Megan and the 
baby, and later from Scott.  He was flying 
home from Texas and was suppose to be in
 at 6:00 but his plane was delayed, so he came 
a few hours later.  Was a nice evening, of fun, 
watching Brooklyn play with strings of beads, 
then putting beads on our Christmas tree, having 
pizza, and salad, and  caramel apple blosssoms.

Well, there you have it another week at
Cozy Place.............

Hope you are totally enjoying this most
time of the year!

What makes it the Most Wonderful Time
of the Year??

The Birthday of Jesus Christ,
 and remembering all He has done in our lives 
this year and every year. 
 He is truly a wonderful Savior and Friend.........

May Every Blessings of the
Christmas Season be Yours,


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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Decor from 2012

Hi, Sweet Friends

So how are all your Christmas
preparations going??  Quicker
than mine,  I hope.

Mine are still going.......I am knee
 deep in decorating still, but it is coming
 along nicely........didn't do any today,
 as I was playing with Brooklyn.
So.... will begin again tomorrow.

Have to say I think we have Brooklyn's
stamp of approval on what is up so far,
she really enjoyed our new Christmas
 look.  She spent quite a bit of time
 playing with these lil plastic crystal 
looking angels we bought last year
 that light up, and 2 of these snowmen
scenes that play music, that Hallmark
 comes out with yearly, compliments
of my Sil Susan in the last several

So since the Style Sisters were
doing Christmas decor from past
or present figured that would make
for a quick post till I get this years
done and in pictures...

So here goes...................
These pictures are all of my 
Living room.

I like to take pretty paper and pretty Christmas cards
and make my own pictures for the season.  It is very
easy and if you want to see how,  just click here!

Both the above single angel and these 3 lil 
cutie angels were done that way.

I think they are so adorable. 

Then you have to have some candles of course,
what would Christmas be without some candles.
right??  or any festive ocassion for that matter. 

 with posterized affect

Well,  hope you enjoyed the tour,  it was fun for me
to look back on some of my earlier decorations I have 
to say, cause I forget about what I did the year before
 for most things.

Do you do that too???

Thanks for dropping by, always nice
 to hear from you or know you have 
been by.

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Patti and Paula

Have a lovely evening,

Love,  Hugs, and 

Protective Angel Blessings,