Monday, September 26, 2016

Things you might like to include when styling a coffee table - Fall 2016

Hello Sweet Friends,

What cha' been up to lately??
Working hard?  or hardly working??

Since it was like playing for me,
as I was doing my Fall decorating,
 I have been working hard this past
week and Mon. as I am in my sense
 of accomplishment mode
As all play and no work can make
me a lazy
 Monday is typically a cleaning day
anyway, as I need to catch up from
the weekend.  I would imagine it
is the same at your house too!!
Am I right???
We can never get accused of 
working too hard on a Sunday,
we take that day of rest passage
quite seriously at our house!! lol

Thought I would show you how
our coffee table came out and
give you some ideas of things
you might like to include when
styling a coffee table and

Adding natural elements to fit the season
are always great and just sorta brings

Also adding something of sentimental
value is always nice and can also be
a point of conversation if need be.

This fluted bowl belonged to my Mom, 
and it was the one thing she most wanted
 me to have, when she passed away.
My parents were divorced when I was
3 yrs. old, and my Dad had won it for
her at the guess she thought
it would be something that would 
remind me of them together, as I have
no recollection of them every living

The bowl is made from what they call
 carnival glass, and it is really beautiful.
Should have taken a pic of the underside. 
 If you turn it over it has embossed lilies
 on it,  so pretty.  It doesn't go with any
thing in my house normally,  but it is
perfect for this time of year,  and very
 special to me when I get to use it!

I have used it for fruit, candy, potpourri 
and this year pine cones.

Flowers always add color and
a fresh look whether they are
real or faux, and you can choose
them according to season and color.

This year I decided to use the copper 
mercury glass pieces we found a few
years ago for a song..............

They are 3 candle lanterns - l large
and 2 small.  They had wire holders
like a paint can, but I took them they were aluminum
colored, and I thought they looked
tacky, probably the reason no one
had purchased them and  why we
 got such a

I love the look of copper.....
especially this time of year.

I heard that there were gonna be
some earth tone colors trending
next year, yet that copper was
going out.........that doesn't make
any sense to me, as copper is
perfect with earth tones.
Course, I really don't worry 
about trends....I decorate to
please myself and my family.
As long as we love it who

Don't you just love mercury glass??
No matter the color, 
 love it especially as candle holders.
 I think it is just so beautiful............
and it is always nice to have some 
candlelight on your coffee table.

This book, called "Give Thanks"
always  winds up coming out every 
Fall, and I usually reread it.......
Haven't as of yet....but will soon....
maybe with lil darling, she seemed to 
love the pics last year.
 It was a gift from a dear friend, and is
 just such a nice cheery book. It was
written by a lady named
Karla Dornacher.

I think it is always nice to keep a book 
or some magazines on your coffee table,
so if you have a visitor and in the event
 that you might get called away to the 
door, phone or whatever,  then there is 
something for them to look at rather 
than just twiddle there thumbs.

Also a great idea to keep coasters
 on your coffee table as well, 
especially if it is wood, that way
when guests are given a beverage
of any kind, they aren't wondering
what to do with it or if they are 
gonna damage the table top.

Did you notice I changed up the throw
 from it being folded to just sort of thrown
 on the sofa,  I think it look more homey 
like that...........and isn't that the look
we all want....homey and cozy......
yet pretty.............

To me, pine cones are perfect
for this time of year thru the
Winter I use
them a lot..........

I know,  I know.......
This has nothing to do with the 
coffee table but just thought I 
would throw it in as an easy idea.
This pillow is just a plain cream
 colored pillow, but I had this pretty
 lil dish towel a friend gave me
 some years back, so I just draped
 it over the pillow and got......
a whole new look in seconds.
Works for


Hope you enjoyed your time here,
so happy you could visit today.

Also, If you are as concerned 
about our country as I am....
I thought I would tell you about
an opportunity to pray for 3l
days for our country along with
others that care as well.
Just click below to get more
Focus on the Family or type in

Have a really delightful week,
Keep your light shining brightly!

Love, Hugs and last week of

September Blessings,

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thankful Thursday Sept. 22, 2016, Pics of Fall's Past #4

Be glad, people of Zion,
 rejoice in the LORD your God,
 for he has given you the autumn
 rains because he is faithful. 
He sends you abundant showers,
 both autumn and spring rains,
 as before.
Joel 2:23 NIV

Happy Fall
Sweet Friends,

How ya doing?? 

Has it been a good week??
Hope so......

Well,  Fall........she has finally
 officially arrived, and I am happy
 to say all my Fall decorating has
 been done now for a few days!
So now we are just basking in
the glow of it............

Thought I would show you some
more pics from Fall's Past.......
and will just get on with my post
as it typically speaks for itself.

I am thankful

that today day is my paternal
 Grandmother's birthday, the one I am 
named after, she has been gone from 
this earth for about 27 yrs. now.....but
 I am thankful to know she resides in
 Heaven and spends her birthday with
 Jesus every year now!!
She was my favorite Grandmother,
so remembering her always contains
warm and good memories, and I sure
 look forward to reuniting with
 her one day.

Just in case you don't know you can
click on any pic to enlarge them all.
It makes for better viewing pleasure.

That the Sun rises and the Sun sets
every single thing we
can surely count on...............

that I woke up this morning to
 see a new day and spend it with
those I hold dear.

that I can see..........all of God's
beautiful creations, and the faces
of others, especially the faces of all 
those that I hold dear, and also nice
to be able to see where I am going!! 

that I can hear..............all of the
wonderful sounds around me, even 
that sometimes annoying barking
 dog next door.  lol  and best of all I
 am able to hear others speaking and
 hear the sounds of laughter,
 especially of those I love. We so
 enjoyed hearing lil darling belly
laughing and having so much fun
 yesterday as hubby and I were 
swinging her hammock style in a
 blanket, such a joyful and happy 
sound.....and we hear that at least
once every Wed. from different
things, but there is not too much
that compares with it...I have to
say...for me anyway.........

that I have a very comfy new bed
to sleep in (6 mos. old now).........
some people don't even know where
they will be sleeping tonight.....

that I have a roof over my head,
and a beautiful one at that!

for a wonderful Sunday, feeling
good, Sunday School, a special
service, morning and evening,
lunch at Cracker Barrel then
browsing their gift shop, a quick
nap, going out to Perkins after
evening church, and good fellow-
ship with a couple close to our
 age....that we have wanted to
do something with for a while
now... it was all a delight!

that my son-in-love was able
to find gas finally on Sunday
afternoon,  as he had to head
back to Charleston, and they
were having a gas shortage all
of a sudden in Asheville.....
some of you might be in one of 
the 5 states that are experiencing
Hope you are able to find gas!!
I find it strange that there has
not been much in the news
about that!!

colored pencil affect

for a talented  and humble man
 named Marquis Laughlin, who is
 in a one man ministry called
 "Acts of the Word".
He was the one who did the
Special Service this Sunday
at our church. Marquis is a
performance artist, theologian
and missionary to the church
in America.  His dramatic solo
 scripture presentations are 
amazing.  He has completely
memorized  Genesis, Exodus,
Ecclesiastes,  the gospel of
John (which is what he did
for us on Sunday), Acts of
the Apostles, and Revelation.
(Which he did for our church
at another time) He truly 
makes the bible come alive.

If you would like to know
more:  You can check it out

that we just made our last Van
payment yesterday.  Whoo Hoo!
We can check one more thing off
 our pre-retirement list.  lol

for lil surprise gifts from God in
his nature all around us. I just came
 in from checking on some plants that
 I had moved off my porch awhile back
 when we redid our porch, cause they
 need to be repotted. I found that my 
philodendron (that I have had nearly
 40 yrs.) and a hydrangea bush....have
grafted themselves together. So there
are  philodendron leaves growing out 
of the a hydrangea stem..........
quite an oddity.....
Also discovered a few holly stems
growing that I have never seen in
that area before.
Just loves these lil delightful gifts.


There you have it... another week
at Cozy Place...........

Thanks for poppin by..........
and hope you have had lots to
be thankful for too..........

Have a lovely Friday
and weekend........embracing
Fall..........hope it feels like
Fall where you are!!

Love,  Hugs and
Fall Blessings,

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall table makeover..........2016

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and happily
embracing Fall since it is officially
just 2 days away now..........

I am happy to say that all my
inside decorating is finished!!

Just came in from cleaning off the
 front porch entry way and walkway,
 so I can Fallercize that area too.
Waiting for it to dry,  so..........
 figured I would just come and 
work on this post of our family
room sofa table all doody up 

It was in the upper 70's outside,
and felt so good out, course I was
also working in the shade, but it
made for a lovely way to start the
day, and there are actually leaves 
falling off our Sweet Gum tree!
So it is starting to hint at Fall 
here in Florida, thank Heavens!!
I am getting excited to leave all
this heat behind.....course, we will
still have warm days but they will
be cooler in the early morn and 
late fav times to
work outside anyway!!

Well, this area started off with me
making a picture from a free Fall
printable from Ann at On Sutton
Place,  she really has some darling
printables for all seasons....
If you have never visited Ann
go by and check out her blog,
think you will really enjoy it,
she is quite a talented lady.....

It is very hard to get a picture without
the glare,  cause if it isn't from the
lights it is from the light coming in
thru our front this was
the best I could do............I bought
these frames on sale last year,  just
for the purpose of being able to use
all the free seasonal printables out
there.  They already had matting 
and they have lil easy to use tabs
to take the back off,  which makes
it super easy to change them out.

Sorry this pic is so dark, I could have
sworn that I did a light fix on this, but
guess not............
Thought some leaves around it would
be nice, and don't know if you noticed
some lil orange things on top of the 
frame or not,  but they are tiny lil
orange pumpkins.......they look much
better in person of course.

Have to say, we really embrace the 
traditional Fall colors in our home,  
since we don't get to see all those
 lovely and colorful leaves changing 
like you more Northern gals...........

course, I love the neutral colors
too,  so I do have my living
room done in you
will see in the weeks to come.

I really enjoy using  natural elements like
 acorns and acorn caps and whatever fun 
finds we have out in our yard.........
especially in the Fall.....

and of course, some faux Fall I just love flowers
of any kind...............

These were florals bushes that I just
cut apart and stuck in there.

and here is the other lil cutie patootie
 figurine we have......
his sister got hoo!! 
Love the lil smile on their faces and
those lil button cute.

Well, you have a fun time getting
ready for Fall.................

Thanks for coming by..........

Love  Hugs and 
September Blessings,