Thursday, April 17, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - April 17, 2014

All pictures in this post are

Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the life.
 He who believes in me will live even though he dies;
John 11:25

Happy Easter Sweet Friends, 

Hope this has been a good week
 for you and all your planning and
 preparations for Resurrection day
 are just about done. 

My week has been a mixed bag, it has been
good, productive, painful, sad, angry, reflective,
humbling, draining, yet with hope rising from 
the ashes, restful and expectant to name
 just a few adjectives.   lol

You will read about my week from my list.

So gonna get on with it.......

I am thankful

for the good time we had with Scott
Megan and the baby Sunday evening.
A fun pizza and salad night eating
out on the porch,  the weather was
and company was great...............

that we got to see Scott outside
with Brooklyn.  She was following
him all around in his garden and he 
put the hose in her hand and helped her,
 do some watering and she loved it
Such a precious sight. She love love 
loves being outside. She definitely
 takes after her daddy with that!!

that I finally have my porch all put together
again and that I spent a lovely day out there
today, just thinking, praying and reading God's
 word. The weather was perfect and it was a
 great day,  that I so needed.... 

That I finally got all my spring stuff packed
 away, Easter dinner planned and the table set
 for the most part.

Cross 2

for Easter and all that it really means, and
just in case you might not know........It is
 really all about Jesus and what he did for us
 by dying on the cross and on the 3rd day His
rising from the dead, to provide us with
 eternal life and abundant life
 down here on this messed up planet
 we live on.

 It's Not really about Easter Bunnies and
 Easter Eggs, even tho they are fun!!

for conflict,  and even tho it is hard and
painful and hurtful and sometimes makes
you angry you can learn a lot from it, if
you are looking for what God has to teach
you in it....He always has a purpose for it.
We have had conflict for the last 3 days
and I have learned a lot, and been able
to put a lot of things we learned in our
last class into affect.

for praying friends who love us.

that DeeAnna passed her State Boards for
 Real Estate today!! I think she's gonna be a
 great real estate agent because she cares
about people and really wants to help them.

that our new computer arrived today!
Whoo Hoo!  But now I have to learn

that we are gonna start working on our 
computer room.... maybe tonight.
Since he has to move the desk out to do
 the new computer thought now is as good a
 time as ever to move the furniture,
so we can get started!!  lol

Blue Easter Egg

that I can at least pull up old pictures
from picasa to finish this post.  lol

for a wonderful movie we watched last
night that was so heart warming and
inspiring.  It was called "unconditional"
and it is a true story and we highly
recommend it.  You can stream it
thru netflix.

Colorful Easter Eggs

Thanks for coming by ............

Hope you have a Wonderful Easter

with your Family/ and or Friends or
Furry Friends................

What are you thankful for today??

Love,  Hugs and

Easter Blessings,


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Springercizing the Mantle

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope you all have been getting out and

 enjoying this lovely Spring weather.
Honestly, doesn't Spring time just take
your breathe away sometimes, cause
it is just such a neat time of renewal
from all of that deadness of Winter.
What can I say other than.....
I just love every minute of it!!

Well, I have finished my Spring decorating, finally,
 but still working on the centerpc. for the table for
 Easter dinner, am wanting to make some of those
 candy bird nests, so hopefully I will get to that
later this week, is pack up any
 decorating leftovers or anything that I swapped
 out and put it away day. 
 Yeah,I am very happy about that!!

  Have just about finished the porch, gotta still
 move some plants back in and put together a
 pedestal fan for out there, and we should be good.
  Doesn't look much different than the last time you
saw it but it looks great to me, all nice and clean
with the floors sealed and shining.  Here is an old
picture from a few years ago if you would like
to see it.........Just click here!
Actually there were more changes than I
 remembered, I really wanted to get new rugs but
 couldn't find anything I liked,  so just decided to
wait till I can find some,  and the old ones
actually cleaned up pretty good thankfully.

Guess I had best get on with showing you my
Spring Mantle.  

These lil hobnail bowls were a new find this year from
 the Christmas tree store.  Using them as candle holder
 here. can you see the glow!!  lol
Also tuck some Easter decorations in with the Spring!

I can't tell you how fun and refreshing it has been 
to have all this white in the room after all the 
dark colors of Winter.  Love this picture too,
of the Amarilla' it last year,  so fun to
use it again.............

Had this hobnail candle holder for years,  but
 the lil tiny birds are new..........these are the ones
 I got in Asheville, at that store Altared State.

added in some lil Thomas Kincaid books
that a friend gave me some years back,
 since they had nice pastel colors.

Just love white pitchers or just about anything white

Just in case you don't know you can click on any
 picture and it will make them all larger..............

Wanted to show you thehearth as well,
but didn't have time to get pics before we had
to shut my other computer down.  I am using
the laptop,  and already had this post started
with these pics,  but can't upload anymore
till be get my new one.  Poo!!

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Well, hope you have a really good week, and
thanks for coming by,  always a blessing to
have you stop in...............

Love,  Hugs, and
Special Easter Blessings to you and Yours,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - April 10, 2014

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
 who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every
 spiritual blessing in Christ.
Ephesians 1:3

Greeting Sweet Friends,

So how was your week??
Good I hope........

Mine has been good,  just about finished
with my spring decorating, and will be putting
stuff away soon, at least I hope!!  lol
Didn't get much done on the porch accept for
 putting the table and chairs and the swing and 
stand back,  cause between the rain and then our
 lawn was calling, "Mow Me,  Mow Me"  lol
So we did that yesterday after Megan picked 
up our lil darling....................

Next on my agenda is to clean the rugs.....
and hoping we can do that tonight.......
so will see............

Well,  on with Thankful Thursday!!

I am thankful

for wonderful Good News stories that get shared on
 yahoo news,  they most always make me cry for Joy...

I heard a new one this week about a lady that paid for 
another womans groceries because her debit card 
didn't work and she had no cash, so the lady behind
her in line paid $17.48 for her groceries, and the lady 
with 5 children was so incredibly grateful,  because 
she and her family had just been thru a very hard
 time with her hubby being laid off,  and they had 
even been homeless for awhile.  They woman was
 so blessed by the ladies generosity and what it
meant to her family that she wrote a blog post
about it, addressing it to " the woman who was
 behind me in line and paid my grocery bill" and
 thanking the lady so much for helping and telling 
her thank you for not judging me. People saw
her post and now they have had lots of people
 offering jobs and help.  What a sweet story.

The other one I heard last week but again this week. 
 It was a young boy 9 years old who found $20.00 
in the Cracker Barrel parking lot, at first he was 
gonna buy a game with it,  but then he saw a soldier
 coming in the door and because the soldier reminded
 him of his own dad,  who died in military service 5 
weeks after he was born. the boy wrote a note and
gave the $20 to the soldier,  this story has gone viral
and many people wanting to give him back his $20
that they started a fund to help kids that have lost
 a parent in the military.
Amazing stuff folks.........

Love hearing these stories,  it surely restores my
 faith in humanity, and lets you know there are lots 
of folks out there with big and giving hearts.
Just love it....................

for how nice our porch floors look,  they just glisten
when the sun shines in,  so pretty...............

that we got a new couple in Sunday School.

for a new tablecloth I found that goes nicely with the
rugs on our porch.

That I got all my Winter decorations put away
today finally......................they have just been
sitting on the breakfast bar counter for awhile.

hubby was working home today (Tuedsay) because
 we had some really heavy rainstorms,  definitely
not good driving

for a fun day with our lil darling,  it was so 
good to see her, and she was in such a
great mood, no toofers hurting!!  lol

for a sweet visit from our lil buddy from
across the street. He is such a precious
kid...........if I had a grandson, I would hope
he would be like him in a lot of ways.

With posterized affect

for the new renovations they are doing to
our church sanctuary.  They are painting,
 recarpeting and reupholstering our pews.
  Can't wait to see it this weekend, if all
goes according to schedule.  

for praying friends and church family.  So
wonderful to know you have prayer warriors
praying when you reallllllllllllllly need it.If interested
 you can see a prayer request  from yesterday.

just click here  and go all the way to the bottom
where you will see a P.S.

watercolor affect

for all the new christian movies that are coming out
like "God's Not Dead"  and "Heaven is for Real".
Several friends have already seen "God's not dead"
and said it is really good, think we are going to see
it Friday night maybe............and have seen the
trailers and read the book, for "Heaven is for
real",  so pretty sure it is gonna be very very
good too.

and last but definitely not the least......but
the best one on the list really..........
I am thankful
for a quick answer to prayer concerning the
10 mo. old baby girl named Kylie.  Here is
an update from my Daughter-in-love Megan
about Kylie this morning.

Kylie is AWAKE! YAY! 

She is still on some oxygen but off the ventilator.
 Kristin said she is doing much better. Slept good
 thru the night as well.  She was so happy to see her
 beautiful brown eyes yesterday since she hadn't 
since Sunday! 

So far they are on the road to a full recovery! 


If you saw the prayer request yesterday and
have been praying,  Thank You and please
don't stop yet until Kylie is home from the
hospital.  Will keep you posted!!

Update on Kylie:
 Friday morning she was moved out of ICU 
to a normal room and seems to be doing fine,
of course, they are still watching her

Another update on Kylie (Monday)
She was released from the hospital and came home
on Saturday and is doing well physically, but it is a
day by day process still....... Unfortunately, she is
 having high anxiety emotionally, and things like toys
 that did make her laugh now seem to scare her and
 make her cry now, I am thinking they probably
 make sounds like monitors and stuff in the hospital
 and she cries now if her Mom leaves the room.
Bless her heart!  Am glad that she want remember
this eventually.

Thanks for coming by, always a joy
to have you..............and I do love
comments,  so would love for you
to leave one,

Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Love,  Hugs and 
Contentment Blessings,