Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Thankful Thursday July 21, 2016, Coastally styled coffee table flashback......

As for God, his way is perfect:
 The LORD’s word is flawless;
 he shields all who
 take refuge in him. 
Psalm 18:30 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So....what cha' been up to
 this week?? 
 Anything exciting??

Have to say there isn't much exciting
 going on here these days but the normal
 routine things pretty much, with lil 
darling being the highlight of our

Did finish up a small project, the
 pantry! and did some online shopping
 for some baby shower gifts for a shower
coming up next weekend.  Also, hurt
 my back again on Wed. afternoon, that
was exciting........NOT!!  lol
but there are always good things
 happening too, thank heavens!!  

Decided to share some pics of a
 blast from the past,
 our  Coastal coffee table......

So on with the post.................

I am thankful

that our friends/co-workers in the
young marrieds ministry had a great
week of vacation last week, and came
 back relaxed and refreshed and ready
to go.....exactly what a vacation
is suppose to

for some decisions that I finally
made about some tests that I
don't think are really necessary.

for two really good decisions that my 
daughter and her hubby made this week.

for a long time friend at church
who was deathly sick some months
ago, but has now been back at 
church,  and is doing so much better.
 They are still trying to get some
 thyroid problems worked out,  but
 her recovery has been nothing short
of a miracle.  Everytime we see
her she seems more and more like
her old self, and we are all so
 thrilled to see her progress.......

for the fun and laughter our lil
darling and I share as we sing 
kiddie songs together.............
She is developing such a sense

of cute!

for that great movie we got to 
watch over the weekend called
"Miracles from  Heaven" 
that I mentioned in Tuesdays post,
I am still thinking about it at times.
  Such a great movie.

for a bowl of cut up delicous
fresh peaches, with bread and
butter and a glass of milk.
That is some good eating!!

that a surprise gift for lil 
darling that wasn't suppose
to get here till Thursday, got
here on Wed. instead. I was
quite happy  about that,  and 
so was she.
 It is a cinderella dress,
and it looks adorable on her.

It is her style for sure, as she
is definitely a girly girl!!  lol

to read this week that Chip and 
Joanna Gaines from Fixer upper, 
one of our favorite decorating shows
 are coming out with their own
 magazine soon. 
What a great opportunity for them 
to share their faith through their
 lifestyle living. Will definitely
want to get a copy as soon as
it comes out................

for a huge answer to prayer for a
couple in our class that we have all
been praying for.  They are expect-
ing a new baby soon, and he has to
travel all the time......but the Lord
just gave him a job in the area and
he will no longer have to travel, and
 he got a raise that will make up for
 the loss in salary they would have
had with her quitting her job. We
are all so happy for them, as they
are such a sweet couple.


for homemade decaf iced coffee that
 helps to  keep me cool and refreshed.

for a nice clean and organized
 pantry.  Always nice to be able to
find things easily.

Well,  here's to another week at Cozy Place!

Thanks for coming by,  you are
 always welcome here!!

Have a lovely summery Friday
and Weekend.

Love, Hugs,  and
Oceans of Blessings,


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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Best Household Tips #9

Hello Sweet Friends

Hope this find you well and happy
today......and refreshed after a nice

We had a nice relaxing weekend and
 didn't get a thing accomplished other than
 cutting a few vines in the backyard and a
 30 min.exercise routine, but some times
you need to not accomplish much!!

We did get a few times to sit on the back
 porch for a short while so that was nice, 
 and we got to see an awesome movie that
we rented off Amazon.  It is a new movie
 called" Miracles from Heaven"., and it is
 based on a true story.
It is a really really good movie and we
 highly recommend it. What this family
went through is terrible but the final
outcome is clearly amazing!!
So if you rent it, get the tissue box!! 
It is so good you will be sorry when
it ends................

Well, here is another addition to
my Best Household tips series,
which has seemed to be a hit!

If you missed Tips # 8
Just click here!

pic compliments of

So here we go!

Hands smelly from cutting onions?

Rub your hands on a stainless steel butter
 knife and it magicallly takes away the
 onion smell.

Tired of crying when you cut onions?

Light a candle or two a few minutes 
before you begin cutting the onions
 and put the candles real close to 
where you are working and you 
will be pleasantly surprised at how
much it helps.

Have a really large time consuming
task that needs to be done but you
keep putting it off cause you don't
think you have the time??

Then break it down into bite size
pieces.  Decide how much time
you can spare each day,  maybe
 it is only 10 mins., or  15 or 30
 mins., that is what you need to
decide and then faithfully begin 
to tackle the task for whatever
amount of time you have alloted
yourself everyday.  Some days
you might do more if you want,
but you are only bound to the
time you alloted yourself.  This
works really great and before
you know it you have it all done,
and are basking in the glory of
it all.................

Example: Maybe you need to
clean out your pantry, then just
do one shelf a day or set a limit
of 15 mins. a day and see how
far it takes you!

Do you put off having friends
over because your think you
have to make a nice dinner?

Keep it simple, just invite them
for dessert and coffee.  As we have
gotten older we have found that if 
we make entertaining simple, we
are much more likely to do it....

I typically keep the going all
out for family and special events
or holidays.  Not that I never do
it for friends, but not as much
as I used to.........just don't have
the time and/or energy many

Would it make it easier if you 
had some extra teaspoons??

You can purchase restaurant quality 
stainless steel ones for less than $6
for 36 spoons at Sam's club.......they
 are just plain, but that's quite a deal, 
I think!!
They also have forks and knives in
 case you are interested.
You can also pick them up at thrift
stores (if you don't mind them being 
differing patterns) or bed bath and 
beyond, world market or anywhere 
they have silverware that you can by
the pcs. separately, but just expect
to spend more.................

Are you putting in new kitchen

Since I see so many kitchen
remodels where folks are getting
new cabinets thought I would
share what I thought was a great
idea...............learned this from
our contractor that did our kitchen
cabinets years ago.
He went and bought Boric Acid
Powder before he installed my
 lower cabinets and dusted the 
floors where the cabinets were
 going to sit with the Boric Acid
 powder and also put it in any 
cracks or crevices, as it is a
safe and effective pest control
agent (especially for roaches),
 and have to say it must work as
we have never seen any roaches
 in my kitchen and it has been 14
 yrs. or so, and we do not use a 
pest control service.

Just don't put it on counter tops
 or out inthe open where a child 
or pet could ingest it............

pic compliments of

Thanks for dropping by and
hope you find a tip or two that is
helpful to you! 

Have a great rest of the week!

Love, Hugs and
Blessings Galore,

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thankful Thursday July 14, 2016, Dream Porch tablescape

Let them give thanks to the LORD 
for his unfailing love and 
his wonderful deeds for mankind,
Psalm 107:15

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have been having a good
week, full of fun with your kiddies
if you have some home from school

We always loved this time of the
year at our house.  It was a very
laid back fun as we could make
it time. Played lots of cards, made
forts out of sheets, made cookies,
adventured to parks to see what
we could find, and many times had
picnics there, and  went tubing at 
one in particular, had visits from
relatives at some point. Went to the 
mountains or to a condo fairly close
 by for vacation. Had friends over,
watched movies, even cleaned up
the house together, and ocassionally 
went to steak and shake or Shoneys
 late at night just for the fun of it.....
we always rearranged their rooms,
and got everything organized and
of course, did the typical school
shopping for clothes.
I was never ready to send my kids
back to school, loved having them
home, but definitely was ready
to get back on a schedule tho.

Well, told you on Tuesday we got
 our porch cleaned and I was working
 on decorating went to put
my new floral out there and was
thinking how great white plates
would look on that tablecloth,
so went and got one just to see,
and decided I would just throw
together a quick tablescape just
for the fun of it...........I call it my
"dream porch tablescape" because
my dream would have been to
eat dinner out there.....but it was
just too too hot!!  lol
So that explains the pics you 
see here.......I figured it would
be sort of a sneek peek at the

So on with my Thankful post. 

I am thankful

for policemen and women that do
 their dead level best to keep us
all safe, and put their lives on the 
line every single day for that isn't to get wealthy 
that is for sure.......
 I pray God blesses each one of
them with peace, strength, love, 
tough hides and supernatural 
courage during these difficult
 times.  We have known at least
policemen (and if  I took much
time to think about it there might
be more) that were really good
men, men who were also good
family  men, and do what they do
because they care about others
and want to serve their community.
 It would be a very scary world if
 they did not exist......Something
 to think about for sure............

We got our porch all cleaned
 up Friday evening......finally!!
then on Sat., Mon. and Tues. I
got a lot of of work done on the
 decorating out there.  It is so hot
 I can't stand to be out there for 
too So work out
 there in the early morning only.
All that I need to be finished
 is some cushions that should
 arrive next week.

that I had already ordered most
of the new things I needed to
redo it a few months ago.

for a really nice visit with 
Scott, Megan and the baby on 
Sunday afternoon/evening!
It has been awhile as they or
 we have had lots of things 
going on...............

that DeeAnna is better.
she was really sick over the 
weekend and earlier this
 week with either a stomach
 virus or a maybe food
 poisoning. But sure glad
 she is over it now.

for DeeAnna's friend who 
went and got her gingerale
 and crackers, since her hubby
had already gone to work 
before she got sick. 

Like the sunshadows ............

That I got a flower arrange-
ment done on Monday for
the porch and did a tutorial
for my blog on Tuesday.
If you would like to see
just click here!

for a great Sunday dinner of
Lemon herb shrimp, with a
lemon, garlic and cilantro dip,
Baked potatoes, salad and
rolls like they have at Red
Lobster.  Did you know that
 you can buy their boxed mix
and makes them yourself now.
They are scrumptious!

for a new find........butter
lettuce.  I had never heard
of it before until I made a
new salad recipe last year, 
called "Succotash Salad"
(Great salad by the way and
you can find it here if you
want.) but I couldn't find the
 butter lettuce, so I used bibb
 lettuce instead. But happened 
on the butter lettuce recently,
at our Publix grocery store.
  I have made 2 salads with it 
now and am really delighted
with it.............has a great
taste as I am a lil weary of
Romaine these days, so a
 nice  change of pace.

and beyond thrilled to have 
my porch back again, I don't
think I realized just how much
I have missed spending time
out there, especially in the 
mornings. Our
kitty Molly had sort of
taken it over, so to speak,
and there was always fur
and food around where
you didn't want it,  and 
since she was an outside
cat we had to put her food 
on the table to keep the ants
 out of it, and she liked laying
 up there as well (it is sort of
funny.... that it was the only 
table she ever got on, thank
heavens) we had a
 tough time keeping it clean
out there all the time.  

I sat our there 3 mornings this
week and it was wonderful to
able to sit out there again and
have my quiet times like I used
 to, it is so peaceful and quiet out
there and fairly cool and pleasant
until 9 or so...............
Really looking forward to 
Fall weather now, course,
I have about 3 mons. before
that will happen.  lol

that one of my close friends
grandaughter who is only about
31/2 yrs. old had to have her
 appendix removed this week
but everything went well and 
she is now home and doing
 well,  thank the Lord.

for a new bagel discovery at
Panera's, they are called
 "Cinnamon Crunch" bagels,
 they are great with just butter
 on them or honey nut cream
cheese.  They are Yummo!
and thanks to hubby for
bringing them home!!

Well, here my list fot the week, 
 hope you have lots on your list
 too, and would maybe want to
 share a few with us.

Thanks for your visit, always enjoy

knowing you were here.

Have a Super Duper rest of the

week and weekend.
keep you light shining brightly!!

Love, Hugs and 

Mid July Blessings,

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