Sunday, October 23, 2016

Thankful Thursday Oct. 20, 2016, Pics of Fall's Past #8

In God we make our boast all day long, 
and we will praise your name forever.
Psalm 44:8

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a good week and
uneventful week, as far as anything
 bad goes!  lol

Our 2nd half of the week was definitely
 better than the first as you will read. of
course, it could have been worse, but
it was just totally unexpected but turned
out fine, most importantly.

We dodged the hurricane Bullet for a
 mini flood bullet, but if I had to choose
 I would prefer the mini flood.  lol

Thought I would add some photos of a
Fall tablescape I did for my son's birth-
day a few years back.

So on with my post....sorry I am sooo
late this week.

I am thankful

that we were able to take care of
a flood we had in our master bath
 last Friday. Right after I posted my 
Thankful Thurs. post I walked into 
our bedroom to find our whole
 bathroom, dressing room area and
 part of our walk-in closet flooded.
The baffle valve in our septic tank
was blocked, so hubby (my hero)
was able to unplug it. Thankful
hubby is so handy, also for our
trusty shop vac, and for fans....
Oh and that is was clean water!!
Also very very grateful we were
home, cause if it did that much
damage in a couple of hours,
can't imagine if it had been for
all day or longer.

that today (Friday) is Dee and Jerry's
 5th Anniversary,  and they are having
 as good a time as possible on their 
anniversary trip, as she got sick with
 a virus or cold. Sounds like the same
 thing I had about 6 weeks or so ago. 
 At least they are getting a much needed
 rest after the last 45 days of stress and
work they have had with moving and
 the hurricane.

for dinner out at Cracker Barrel
 and shopping for lil darling. 
 We did quite a bit of clothes shopping
 for her for Christmas.
 That is fun shopping for me, and
 really think hubby enjoyed it

for a sweet surprise of Fall
flowers and a thank you card
from a neighbor up the street
that we helped after the

that we got the carpeting and
padding all dried out in our walk
 in closet and put everything back
in our bedroom was
a big mess,  so nice to have it
back to normal as well.  Took
about 2-3 days to make sure it
was completely dry.

that we watched the Christian
Music Assoc. Dove awards for
the first time ever, it was really
quite good and very enjoyable.

for a call from my cousin I haven't
been able to get in touch with for
awhile......great to talk with her,
and to know she is doing fine.

that we heard from an old friend
(who is closer to our kids age than ours)
 and he is gonna be in town in a few weeks
and wants to come for a visit with us.  
So looking forward to catching up with
 him, as he has been through quite a lot
 since we saw him last.  

that we are studying the book of Daniel 
in our class on Sunday. It is one of my 
favorite books in the old testament.

for divinely inspired thoughts...........

I found out on monday morning at 
different times that both of the kids
 were flying into Dallas and Texas but 
because I was busy for some reason
I didn't connect the dots, that they
 were all flying into Texas.....
then in the afternoon I decided to
 layout to get some sun, and as I was 
having some time to relax, I thought
 I should email Megan to see if Scott
had gotten there yet, and when I did
she wrote back and said he was not
there yet, his plane had been delayed
and then I had the thought that... oh
my goodness they are both flying
into Texas and what if they were
both in the same airport at the same
 time, since I knew what time Dee
 and Jerry had left  from Costa Rica
and that they probably were at the air-
port right about this time, and thought
what a fun thing it would be for all of
them to run into each other.  So I wrote
Dee and told her to keep her eyes 
peeled for him just in case he might
be in the same aieport!!

Well, folks it really happened, she
 texted her brother and sure enough
 they were both at the same airport at
 the same time.  It was a short but
sweet visit only 15-20 mins., but
a nice surprise for them and it 
made my heart happy too!!

that they all got home safe an
sound as well....and that Rosie
(their lil dog) did great on the return
 trip as well........Always nice to
know your loved ones are safe
after a flight these days especially.

that with all the crazy going on 
this week,  I was able to get us
packed and ready to go to
Charleston to visit Dee and Jerry.


Well, there you have it.....

another week at Cozy Place!

Glad you could stop in......

Have a Great Monday!!

Love, Hugs and
Lovely Fall Blessings

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fall Table Tops and hints from family and dining room 2016

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you having a good far.....

So far.....So good for us!!  As the 
previous two have been rather
crazy, I have to say.
So this week is good so far, and
hoping it stays that way.  lol

Last Thursday right after I posted
my Thankful Post,  hubby and I
got a big not so good surprise.
Come back on Thursday and I
will tell you what it was......
For now let's enjoy some Fall

Since that is much more fun!!

This vignette rest on my serving table
between the family  and dining room.
I started out by using this wonderful 
printable from Ann over @
 On Sutton's
If you have never visited Ann be sure 
and drop by, you will not be disappointed.

  Put it in my frame but due to the white
 matting, it just needed a lil pazzzz, so I
 stuck the lil leaves and the embossed
 leaf candle jar lid on the glass, so it
 gave it that bit of umphh it needed, 
so it didn't just blend into my
 walls so much.

Could have painted the matting, but 
trying to keep it neutral so I can use
 any printable in it.

There are so many free printables
out here in blogland that I decided to
purchase some frames that had easy
backs to get in and out of, so I could
easily transform them seasonally.
If you love to decorate seasonally,
You might just want to find some
frames too, .............I also have to
say that it seems like I tend to like
Ann's printables the best,  but there
are tons of them out there in blog-
land........just a matter of preference.
 Guess Ann and my tastes must
 just be alike. lol

Pretty Fall potpourri not only smells
wonderful,  it is a nice added natural
look that adds texture and appeal.

With photocopy affect

You can see the previous vignette behind
the sofa and the lil table below next to it.

My Fall decorating is not necessarily
quick and easy because it has been
collected over many years, and many
items have been gifts to me, as family
 and friends know I love decorating and 
I love all my Fall pieces, and since
 I only get to use them once a year,  
I try to find a special place for each
 of them!!  Which requires a bit of
 thinking, planning and trying.....
which spells fun to

This vignette is in my hallway
 near the dining room.

Need to make a cake plate for 
decorative purposes.............
Just use a large candle holder or bowl 
turned upside down and add a plate
 to the top. This is a large candle
holder I am using here.

Cake Plates just seem to make a
nice statement and give some
height and interest to a vignette.

I think using gift bag filler adds 
a bit of a nature look well
 as adding texture, and definitely looks
much better than just plopping some-
thing on a plate.  It also is great
 in the Spring to make bird nests.
and it comes in many colors.

This is the centerpiece on
 our dining room table right now.

This was one berry vine that I cut into
 3 decorate each pumpkin....
Sometimes you just need a lil bit of
something to spruce it up. So these
berries fit the bill.............

Same large candle cup
with a different plate.

I liked to use this dried bean soup mix
added to the glass candleholders as it
has a nice natural Fall look to it.
(you can find it in your local grocery 
store in the dried bean section)
Mine was leftover from last year and
 still looks great,,, so it stores well in a
ziploc bag, so you can reuse it a few

The cake plate gives it just a lil bit of 
variation for the center, so it isn't so flat,
 but high enough you can see over it
 and it doesn't impede conversation
when you are having din din.

Glad you stopped by today,  and 
hope you enjoyed your visit.

Have a lovely Fall Day.....

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thankful Thursday Oct. 13, 2016, pics of Fall's Past #7

He is my loving God and my fortress, 
my stronghold and my deliverer, 
my shield, in whom I take refuge,
Psalm 144:2

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope this find those of you who were in
 the path of hurricane Matthew having life
back to normal or at least are headed in
 that direction, and for those of you that are
 in those flooded areas or where there was 
really bad damage, you are getting the
help you need.....our hearts and prayers
 go out to you!  and for those of you who
missed the ravages of the storm....hope
this finds you well, happy and 
especially thankful.....

Think most folks that went thru the 
storm here have just been exhausted
 all week. That sure describes us any
way.  Today is the first day I have felt
 really good and am feeling more of
 a sense of normalcy again.

Just threw in some more past Fall 
pictures since it was easy!!  lol
So on with my list...............

I am thankful

that hurricane Matthew is over!!
and that we and our family and
 most everyone we know came 
thru it well, other than yard debri 
and no power or  land phones.
Thank You Jesus!

that the hurricane downgraded
to a Cat 3 and went further away
from the Florida coast about 16 
more miles before it hit us.
Thank You Jesus!!

that we were able to get everything
 cleaned up on Sat. along with throwing 
out all the food in the fridge, that we
 couldn't fit in coolers........

that Scott and Megan got their power
 back a lil before noon on Sat, so they
 invited us to come over there to stay,
so we finished our clean up and went
over there in the early afternoon, and 
stayed till Mon. at lunch time. 
Our power actually came back on
 Sun. night but our neighbors couldn't
 reach us by phone, so finally text
us, but we didn't get it till Monday
 morning. We had a fun time in spite
 of the situation, and it of course, was a
 very nice, cool and hospitable respite. 
It was nice to get to live with Scott
under the same roof again, since it
 has been awhile, and it was our first
 time with Megan and lil darling, so
it was really fun for us............
Thanks Scott and Megan!!

for Electricity that runs everything in
 our life practically!!
Once again, nothing like doing
without it to make you really
really appreciate it.

for all the Power Cos. that are
working hard to restore every
ones power as quickly as possible.
Last time we were without power
for a week, this time just 31/2 days.
 As we were driving to Scott and 
Megans we saw a caravan of 
power trucks coming into our just made my cry to
see that help coming to us. God
Bless those men who put their
lives in harms way to help all
of us............

that Dee and Jerry got to take their 
anniversary trip after all. They wound
up taking Rosie (their lil dog) with
 them since we couldn't get there and
 they knew no one to take care of her.
 Their plane arrived safe and sound
 today on Monday afternoon and
 Rosie did great................

for ice and coolers that we were
able to keep food cool in...altho
we had to throw out most of what
we had in the fridge, at least we
 had what we needed to get us thru
 the early days after the storm.

for flashlights, candles, our storm 
radio, cell phones and gas grill.
Don't even want to think about
what it wold have been like 
without them.

so very much, for Bible verses, and
songs about Jesus that helped to keep
 me calm during the raging of loud
and very scary sounding winds 
during the storm. My fav verse
that has helped me so many times
in so many different situations
is...........Isaiah 26:3 KJV

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
 whose mind is stayed on thee:
 because he trusteth in thee.

Just memorize it....and then when you 
have a scary situation quote it over and 
over again to yourself, as the quoting 
keeps your mind stayed on HIM............
and peace will come.

for those who emailed, texted,
phoned, and left comments about
 our safety during the storm. Always
precious to know there are people
who care about well as
your family..........


most of all for God's watch care
and protection over us and all those
we hold dear.........

Well, this has been our week at 
Cozy Place.

Glad you could stop in.......

Hope you have a really really
 good rest of the week!!

Love, Hugs, and
 middle of October Blessings
(Already - can you believe it??)

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