Monday, June 18, 2018

Our Daughter's Dining Room .

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and
happy this fine day.

We are all that over here.....
Got up a lil after hubby did this 
to find him working on his jig-
saw puzzle (our daughter gifted 
him with) which we started on
 yesterday, he is a man on a
 mission!!  lol  It is slowly sink-
ing in daily that this is a forever
vacation sort of.......and a whole
new way of life....he is liking it
more by the day........we are try-
ing to have a bit of a schedule
along with some fun thrown in
between things that have to get
done.  We are both loving it.

Thought I would show you some pics
of my daughters dining room, it is one
of my fav rooms because of all the 
windows.  I showed it to you before,
but she has rearranged it, if you want 
to see the before pics (click here)

Absolutely love their white oak floors.


                            She has added some plants since 
you last saw it as well.

and this cute lil terrarium and starfish.

She is really enjoying succulent plants.

Love her cute lil whale. 
 She  has coastal/farmhouse decor.

She has also added this cute wood
 and macrame' shelf with this string
of pearls plant.

Before the table was horizontal. 
We all think it looks better this direction.

Here is her new fiddle leaf fig plant.
It is a live plant and they ordered it from
Amazon and it was quite a bit less than
buying it at their local nurseries, just in
case you might be wanting one yourself.
The plant seems to love it's new habitat,
it is growing and be thriving in this spot.

With the light on.
I told my hubby I thought the legs of
her table looked like giant

This cute guy hangs by the door going out.
He was supposed to be to hang their keys
 on but don't think they ever
My son-in-love just really liked it so
 they found a place to put it. It is like
one of those fun elements of surprise.

This is a look from the back door
where Mr. Steer is hanging.


Thanks for coming by today.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Hugs and  last of June Blessings,


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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Quotes to Ponder

Happy Father's Day
to all you great Dad's out there......
Hope you have a wonderful and
relaxing day, and that you get 
spoiled rotten by your loved ones.


Happy Sunday Morning
Sweet Friends,

Here is the quote for today!

I have found the perfect antidote
for fear.  Whenever it sticks up
it's ugly face, I clobber it with

By Dale Evans Rogers

I love this!!
Cute and Clever but, oh so true.

Have a Wonderful Sunday,

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thankful Thursday June 14, 2018, and florals

Rejoice in the Lord always.
 I will say it again: Rejoice!
Philippians 4:4 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How has your week been? 
Great, I hope!!

The last few weeks have been
great for us, as we have been away 
visiting Dee and Jerry (our daughter 
and son-in-love) in case some of you
 don't know who they are.  lol 
We always love being with any of
 our family..........

We just got back on Tues. evening
late, and got to have lil darling all 
day on Wed., like we usually do,
 and today we are going thru mail,
and writing down things we need
to accomplish right away, and had
phone calls to make, writing out
bills, and need to get unpacked
 and mow the grass, so that has
been and is our agenda 

Images today are of beautiful 
flowers, as they always cheer me up, 
and figured they would have the 
same affect on YOU.

Thankful today for an almost 2 week 
trip to Charleston to see our kids and 
to vacation in their house for 5 days 
while watching our furry granddaughter 
dog, while our daughter and son-in-love
 went back to St. Lucia where they got 
married almost 7 years ago..

Thankful for a safe and uneventful
 trip there and back, which was a 
great way to kick off hubbies retire-
ment.  We are all rested, relaxed
and refreshed and ready to get
some things done.

Thankful that Rosie's (their lil chijuajua)
 eye is fine nowas she had hurt it and 
actually had a scratch on her eye, so we
 were treating it with drops and ointments.

Thankful for the enjoyment and a 
flatter tummy from swimming in the 
pool. Now if I could only find a way to
 duplicate the movements of swimming
without having to build a pool.  lol

Thankful for a great time with our
adult kids as always, hanging out, 
relaxing and visiting, playing cards, 
eating good food in and out, golf 
cart rides, taking more pics, shop-
ping some, and sitting outside in
the evening and early morning
 when it was cool.


Thankful that our lil Rosie is
doing fine in another area too, as 
she had another seizure on Wed. 
morning after we were home.
 She had one about a year or so
 ago for the first time, while we
 were there and when they were
 about to go away, which was quite
 traumatic for all of us. They wound
 up cancelling there trip which was
 good since there was a tropical storm 
out there anyway, so it became the
 reason for their trip to St. Lucia this
year, as the tickets were already
 paid for and they had to use it or
lose it........

Thankful that the kids had a
really great time in St. Lucia
and got an upgrade on their
room at the hotel and even saw 
their Wedding photographer.
So a nice blast from the past.


Thankful to be home, even
tho we had such a wonderful
time.  Love our nest......


Thankful that it rained the 
whole time we were gone, so our 
yard looks gorgeous and green.


Thankful and shocked at how
much some of our trees and
bushes have grown, almost
double in size. Amazing!!


Thankful for a really big hug
and welcome from lil darling
yesterday and for lots and lots
of fun games of hungry hungry
hippo yesterday with lil darling, 
we had a blast and the game
 was definitely a


Thankful for President Trump.
His birthday is today and I hope 
he gets a well deserved rest and
has a wonderful time with his

Also very thankful for the supreme
court decision about the Masterpiece
bake shop situation.  Finally... after 6
years this dear man got justice. That
was also a great decision for all of our
 Religious freedoms......PTL

Well, that's it from Cozy Place.

Glad you could stop in......

and hope you have a great rest
of the week.

Hugs and Blessings,

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