Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday - May 21, 2015, Mother's Day Table Part 2 with photo shop affects

Posterized affect

Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks,
 and distributed to those who were seated
 as much as they wanted.
 He did the same with the fish.
John 6:11 

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope your week has been a good one!

Mine not so good health wise anyway,
last post told you I was hoping to watch
our lil darling on Wed., but woke up on
Wed. morning feeling like a truck ran over 
me again and running a fever as well,
then last night I got up off the sofa and
somehow threw my back out!!  Some
times life can really be
 Fortunately the fever is finally gone today
 so far, but still feeling pretty punk. I am
a low grade fever runner, so seems like
it takes me forever to get over things
other people get over in a couple of 
days. One good thing.... I have lost
a few pounds!!  lol

The pics today are still from our Mother's
Day table with a lil change. I decided to 
take the basket out of the centerpiece 
cause it just seemed to crowded looking 
and I do not like sitting at a crowded
 table, so decided to use a green place
mat instead and I liked it a lot better,
also added some photoshop affects
for fun.............

Have been adding my thankfuls all week 
when I think of them, so they are all 
ready to go............

I am thankful

that I had  some time to work on cards again
on Saturday, and am making more progress.
So happy about that.

for a new student in Sunday School, this was her
 first time to actually be in Sunday school and
 worship service at our church.  She seems like a 
really sweet young lady, and looks like she should
be in the teen class, but she has 4 children...........
That was hard to believe!!  lol

taking in the early morning

that another one of our students offered to
 have a b-b-cue at their house the end of June. 
 So great to see these young folks stepping
 up and owning their own group.
  That is progress!

that GOD gave us the Sabbath Day to rest,
as it takes any guilt out it, and it just refresh's
 us so, and get us ready for another week, which
 makes us ready to get to work again, doing
 whatever we do for  work..........

I wrote this early on Monday morning before

I started to feel bad, and it is really true for
 most Monday mornings.

that Dee and Jerry got so much packing
done over the weekend and found some
one to move them. They are moving on 
Memorial Day to their new home, but
all the moving services they called were
not working that day or they just could 
not get ahold of them..............but it was
 too late to change the closing date at
 this point. So thank the Lord someone
finally called them back..............
so they now have MOVERS!! yeah!!

colored pencil affect

for another pair of palazzo pants that Dee
 got me for Mother's day when we went out
 shopping last week and some really cute
earrings to match.  Which makes another 
new outfit.  So I am very happy about that....
so think I am good for summer wear now.

I ordered some scarves hoping one will
look good with it, hopefully they will
come in soon.

Note: one came this afternoon and it
looks great, so guess I will see which
one I like best when the 2nd one

for the sweetest story I read on yahoo news
Tuesday night about a 5 yr. old boy who 
begged his Mom to buy dinner for a homeless
 man and then the lil boy sang a prayer with him.
 Ever heard the saying " a child shall lead them",
I would sure say this is the case...  this lil
boy touched a lot of hearts with his sweetness 
as the story went viral. I would say this Mom
 should be very proud..........and I think she is.
I got a email from focus on the family and they
even covered the story too.  It will sure bless
your heart.....

Click here to watch video


for my sweet hubby bringing home Olive
Garden for dinner on Wed. and tonight, and
 especially for the chicken Gnocchi soup. 
It tasted wonderful and felt so good on my sore
 throat. I have been craving soup for a few days,
 which is totally abnormal for me in the 
Both dinners were scrumptious....but the
soup was the star of the show for me!!  lol

polar coordinates affect - if you click on this pic to
make it larger it looks even better.  Just think it is
very interesting, sorta like modern art.

for another story I just heard on Yahoo news about
a baby sleeping in his crib when a lady who was
learning to drive ran into his bedroom, and hit his 
crib, altho the crib collapsed, the baby was fine....
That is a truly a miracle. 

Can you even imagine having that happen??

paint daubs affect


for a really good hard rain on Wed. as our yard was
 looking burnt in some areas, so we definitely needed
 it..........yard looks great today!!

that the hail that came with the rain on Wed.was 
only pebble size, so didn't do any damage to
 anything. One time many many years ago we 
had hail that was golf ball size and it really
damaged our roof, and of course, everyone
in the surrounding area had damage.......

Our neighbors was out in it when it happened
 and their car looked like someone took a ball 
peen hammer to it.

for State Farm Insurance Company - was just
reminded of this as I was telling you about the
hail storm, as they took care of us very well,
on all that damage and on several situations
we have had since.  These were over the 
course, of 35 years, and we are so grateful
for a good Ins. Company. Some of our 
neighbors did not have such good results
 with their Insurance companies.

Well, that's all folks...........

So happy you could come by today,
and hope you have a really lovely
rest of the week and weekend.

Love, Hugs,
and Healthy Blessings,


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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Mother's Day Table 2015

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well, happy and 

Have to say I have been under the
weather this week, a virus I presume,
started with a terrible burning throat,
then body aches and headache and
just feeling drained.  Am feeling
some better but not there yet!

Hoping I will be up to watching 
our lil darling tomorrow, 
but guess we will see....

Thought I would show you our
 Mother's Day table today.

It started with these pretty lil appetizer/
bread plates I bought back in March at
HomeGoods, when we were in Asheville.
 I had saved them for a special occasion,
and this was it.....then I was looking for
 a tablecloth and thought this lovely green
 and blue floral was perfect, I got this in 
Asheville too, at Target but last Spring.
Had trouble finding some green flowers
at the grocery store, so hubby checked
 Sams and they didn't have any, so he 
went to Target and there they were....
Thank Heavens!
I had wanted to use POMs, they look sort
 of like white daisies but have lime green
 centers, just in case you aren't familiar
with them, but there just weren't any to
 be found this year, but
these Mums worked out great!
These glass candleholder left over from
Dee's Wedding celebration come in so
handy many times.
Then, I used my new basket with some
 white and green faux hydrangeas to
fill in the end of the table.

Since I had decided to use white dishware along
with the pretty lil bread plates, thought maybe
I would use my white basket too.  Liked how
it looked................with all the white ware,
but definitely needed the color of the blue

Here was Megan place, she was the only one
with the lil flowers, and little they were.....
Have had the green placemats for a number of
years, and love how they make the white pop,
the blue glasses I bought at the dollar Tree 
about a year or so ago, and just love them,
and have gotten lots of use out of them.

I absolutely love this tablecloth and think it
 would make beautiful curtains, if only I had a
 room to put them in.  lol
Chose the artichokes to go with the pitcher
and flowers cause thought the artichoke
petals sort of mimicked the shape of
flower petals.

Also love love love the colors and design
of these cute lil plates, and they go
beautifully with my corelleware white
dishes, since they have a touch of white
also.  I really love my corelleware, they
go with anything and they are light
and not at all easy to break and just
have a nice sleek and clean design.
They are really my everyday dishes,
but they get lots of use and you can
not even tell...............

a look down the table

a nice overview

I have had the blue napkins for a number
 of years now, think I got them at Home 
Goods, and I used my Wedding Silver-
ware called Scandanavia by Oneida.  
Still love it to this day.............

This was my centerpiece prior to this table
scape, but it was filled with plates and pink
and white hyrangeas remember??

Another overview from the other side of table

I have more pics but decided to use them with my
Thankful Thursday post, as I wound up changing the
centerpiece a bit and  did some photo affects
on a lot of them.  See..... I am trying to cut down
 on the number of pics per

Well, I am finally done..............only took me
the whole day in between resting.........

Am headed to bed and still feeling crummy so
hoping the morning brings something different.

Have a lovely day tomorrow.

Love, Hugs,  and
Healthy Blessings to you,


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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Video - 7 steps to staying positive

Morning Sweet Friends,

Happy Sunday!!

How are you??

Received an email yesterday and just thought
 it was too good, not to share, so decided I would
share it with you.  Love getting these "Simple
truth" emails,  they are very inspirational.

This one is from a book called
"Attitude is Everything" 
and I really do agree with that...... not that I 
always have the right attitude, but I really
do desire to.................and bet you do too!

They share 7 steps to staying positive.
  So watch this video,  think you will 
really enjoy it.  Has nice music to it
as well...............

or copy and paste the address below:

Then go down to where you see the video with 
a cute little dog on it.................

These were the first verses that came to mind as I was 
watching it, but I know there are plenty more that I 
could have used.

Rule # 1
Do not be anxious about anything, 
but in everything, by prayer and petition, 
with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 
And the peace of God, which transcends 
all understanding, will guard your 
hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philiphians 4:6&7

(This is my life verse, and it truly has
taught me not to worry so much, as
I was a born worrier, I memorized it
and starting quoting it when I felt
worried, thanks to the advice of a
dear friend, priceless advice)

Rule #2
give thanks in all circumstances, 
for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
1 Thessalonians 5:18

(This verse has really taught me how
to have a good attitude and it is thru
giving thanks even when we don't 
feel like it....when I do it, god always
seems to change my heart somehow)

Rule #3

 Do you not know that your body is a temple
 of the Holy Spirit, who is in you,
 whom you have received from God? 
You are not your own; 

 you were bought at a price
. Therefore honor God with your body.
1 Corinthians 6:19-20

(It is so important to take care of our-
selves spiritually, emotionally and 
physically,  as we have many who
count on us, and we are also an
ambassador for Christ where ever 
we go and whatever we do)

Rule #4

And do not forget to do good and to share 
with others, for with such sacrifices God
 is pleased.
Hebrews 13:16

(It is so easy for us to get self focused,
and many times if we do something nice
for someone else it will lift our spirits as
well.  It can be as simple as being nice
to a new girl in the check out line who
just had a person be nasty to her cause
she was taking so long, or sending some
one an ecard or card just saying you are
thinking about them and praying for them.
There are opportunities for us to do good
to people all around us,  if we are looking
for them.  I loved this quote I read on a
mug at a friends house years back.
It said, Lord, let me be the answer to
someone else's prayer!  Very exciting
when that happens!!

Rule #5
 Instead, speaking the truth in love,
 we will in all things grow up into him 
who is the Head, that is, Christ.
Ephesians 4:16

(Sometimes the most loving thing you can 
do is say NO, and when we say Yes, when
we really Know we shouldn't cause we are 
exhausted and really don't want to either,
 then we really aren't speaking the truth in
 love...and we are not pleasing the Lord 
when we are doing it for all the wrong
 reasons, trying to please others usually.
Remember God is looking at the
 motivation of our hearts, and we need
to ask ourselves why am I doing this??

Rule #6
 Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
 but he who hates correction is stupid.
Proverbs 12:1

( I was shocked by that Stupid, but it really
does say that. We really shoot ourselves 
in the foot when we want hear others when
they are trying to help, course, we do have
to consider who the person is that is giving
out the info too, are they loving, helpful,
positive, and wise people??)

 For God did not give us a spirit of timidity,
 but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.
2 Timothy 1:7

(Living a disciplined life is a very good thing,
I have found it makes life easier, not that I
am always disciplined as much as I should
be cause sometimes I am not, but God has
given us the power to be self disciplined,
it is our choice. So when we are off track
we can always choose to get back on track.)

Rule #7
Do not make friends with a hot-tempered man, 
do not associate with one easily angered,
Proverbs 22:24

 Do not be misled:
 "Bad company corrupts good character." 
1 Corinthians 15:33

( I have seen and heard so many stories 
about people who were in the wrong place
at the wrong time with the wrong kind of
people, like the scripture above says, and
some people spend life in jail because of
the mistake of picking bad friends, and
even if you don't go to jail or get in big
trouble with the law, hanging out with
people who lie, gossip, complain and
are discontent and negative all the time,
 rubs off on us too, and sure doesn't make
 for a very good life.
 The friends we pick are everything.......
because we become like the people we
hang out with the most........we also need
to ask ourselves the question am I that
sort of friend to someone else? Now that
is a scary thought, huh?)

I remember hearing this quote some
years back by George Washington.

It is far better to be alone,
 than to be in bad company.

I have to say I think he was 
a very wise man!  
We will always come in contact with 
people who have those characteristics
I described but we don't have to make
them our best buddies, and we have
the ability to limit our time with them.

Well, as always this is way longer than
I planned for it to be.........but just had
all these thought coming to me, so 
figured I would put them down, cause
maybe somebody somewhere needed
to hear them!  lol

Added Note:  all verses are from 
the New International Version

Have a Sweet Sunday!

Hugs and Blessings,