Sunday, December 4, 2016

Quotes to Ponder #2

A Sweet Good Morning to you!

Hope you are having a restful day.

 Started this early this morn,
but didn't get to finish until now.
It is 4:07 to be exact....better late
than never, as they say!!

Here's a new quote to ponder.

"Thankfulness takes the sting 
out of Adversity"
You give God your Thanks
 (regardless of your feelings) 
and God will give you Joy
(regardless of your circumstances)

by Sara Young (from her
book, "Jesus Calling".

I can tell you from experience that
 is so true....that is why He tells us
to give Thanks in all circumstances,
According to 1 Thessalonians 5:18

I believe, He said that more for our 
benefit than His......  It is the path
 to Joy and peace for the Christian.

If you have never tried it,  by all
means do....I think you will be 
pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Happy Pondering to You........
until.... we meet again!!  lol

Restful Sunday Blessings,

Friday, December 2, 2016

Thankful Thursday December 1, 2016, Christmas Tablescape from past.

This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah 
came about : His mother Mary was pledged
 to be married to Joseph, but before they
 came together, she was found to be 
pregnant through the Holy Spirit. 
Matthew 1:18 NIV

Happy Christmas Season
Sweet Friends,

Bet this finds you bustling about and
getting ready for this most wonderful
time of the year. Hope you are 
having fun with it all.......

At least that is what is going on over
 here. Decided I had better start making
 a list to see how much I have
 accomplished thus far, and to see what
 I still need to do.  Having a list always
bring peace to my chaotic mind, as once
it is written down, I don't have to keep
carrying it around in my mind hoping
not to forget something. Plus these
days if it doesn't make it to my list it
just might not get done at
Some of you are natural list makers
which is great but some of you aren't,
So if you are feeling like you are in
a dither.........please be kind to your-
self and make a truly
 helps so much to organize what you
need to do first and what you can
 put off to a lil later...........
Lists are a very good thing,  as 
Martha Stewart would say!!  lol

Since I am just beginning my 
Christmas decorating thought
I would add some pics of a 
Christmas table from the past.
Hope you enjoy it.............

So on with my Thankful list.

I am thankful

that Dee and Jerry made it home safe
and sound and got to visit with Jerry's
brother and fiancee on the way home
as well.

for a sweet story on yahoo news
 about a 7 yr old boy, calling 911 
to invite the policemen over for
 Thanksgiving dinner, they showed
up (but not for dinner) to thank him
and they let him sit in their cruiser.

for another great story I read in
the Presidential Prayer email about
a man who reposses cars.  He got
a call from the bank to go reposse
a car, and found it was an elderly
couple, and they invited him in,
and they told him that they hadn't
been able to pay the payments be-
cause once they paid for their RX
drugs they had no money leftover.
So he took their car, but just knew
he had to try and do something to
help he called to see how
much it would be to pay the car off
and it was $2,000.  So he talked to
friends and between them all they
came up with $3,000.  So he took
their car back and gave them an
extra $1,000 just to help out.

Just love to hear real stories like 
that.....that show the real heart
of Americans.

for all the great leftovers we
had from Thanksgiving,  we got
2 more dinners , and 1 more 
breakfast out of them...........

for just having a few days to do
 nothing after all the festivities were
 over.  Have watched 6 Christmas 
movies, all of them great. They were
 "Noel",  "Miracle on Salvation street," 
 "Paper Angel" and "Coming Home
 for Christmas", "Angels Sing", and
 "Another Christmas Kiss", and
"Christmas Angel".
Just in case you might want to
watch some yourself, 
the first 2 were from Net Flex,
the last 5 from Feeln.  It is less
than $5 to join Feeln for a mo.
and they have 100 Christmas
movies.....that is pretty much
all we watch in December.

and happy to have all the Fall
decorations down and packed
away till next year.

for a good trip to hubby's heart
Doctor. He has a tendency to be
 a bit on the negative side, so we
usually remember to pray for him
 before we go.....and he is always
 more positive if we do....seriously!
This time there was a warmth about
 him we have never seen before, and 
it was really great to see.  As he is
typically very serious! 
 He genuinely seemed very happy
 to see us, and he even asked if he 
got a hug, we were shocked but
 pleasantly surprised, and all
hubbies blood work was mostly
all good, one thing went up a lil,
so gotta work on that, and he 
still has to get an echocardiogram
in a few weeks, but we are expect-
ing good results on that too.

for a fun night out Christmas
shopping after the Drs. visit,
and dinner at Carrabbas. 
Made for a nice date night.
For some reason we always 
 love going into Bath and Body
 Shop, Yankee Candle and 
Burlington coat factory at
Christmas time.

that Scott and lil darling are
feeling much better.  

for Christmas music and Christmas 
movies, and Christmas programs
 at church, that all make the season
 fun and cheery and remind us of
the real reason for the season!

that all my Christmas things are down
 and I am getting then unpacked and
 have a few things done...........
way more to go tho.  lol

for a beautiful cool day outside,
and some quiet time to think
and reflect sitting out on the
lovely and peaceful!!

Well, this is our week at Cozy

Glad you could run by........


Keep your light shining!!

Love, Hugs,  and

Christmas Decorating Blessings,


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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving Table 2016

Hello Sweet Friends,

Bet this finds you bustling around 

taking down your Fall decorations
or maybe you are way ahead of the 
game and looking for trees and gifts,
and starting to make your nest all 
beautiful for this sacred and highly
 favored time of year!

It is my most favorite time of the
year, for sure..............
The Birthday of Jesus!!

Not much going on around here
accept I have spent the day taking 
down and packing away my Fall 
things yesterday, and the house
 looks so pitifully empty....😢

But... in a few days it will have
a whole new look..............😁

Since I have nothing to share to do 
with Christmas as of yet,  thought I 
would just share our Thanksgiving 
Table from this year.

I put the other leaf in and made the 
table larger for a change. Much
more roomy like that, only problem
is I only have one tablecloth that
work with this size, fortunately,
it is gold and was perfect.
Then added my pretty burlap
runner with lace.

Decided to use my shabby chic dishes and
 a variety of Fall colors this time around.
Green, rust, gold and dark brown napkins,
 and faux sugar fruit to add a lil interest,
at each place setting

For the centerpiece:
I used my lovely white pumpkins stolen
 from the mantle, and replaced with the
 gold ones I had on the table before. 
Some gold mercury glass votives,
 preserved leaves from Asheville, 
pinecones, nuts, 2 real white baby
 boo pumpkins and a few colored
 votives with leaves did the 

The righthand  side of the centerpc.

Lil darlings place, notice the bunny
Gave her more fruit so she would 
have something to play with.........
she was not feeling well, so didn't 
do too much playing ......and turned
out she had a double ear infection,
bless her heart!  Doing much better
now tho...........

I used clear and brown glasses 
that were in the same shape, 
just to add a lil more brown to 
the table.

The Lefthand side of the centerpc.

a nice overview

It think it has a subtle Fall look

Thought I would throw in a few of the
 recipes that I have already posted on my
 blog before, just in case someone would
 like to try them. They are great make 
ahead dishes for the holidays................

We had a lovely dinner............

Scalloped potatoes

24 hr. salad/ and regular salad
Broccoli casserole

Cranberry sauce

5 grain Italian Rolls

Iced Tea/lemon

Dessert was:

Peanut Butter Pie (my daughter 
made this and it was a real hit.
It was Pioneer Womans recipe,
absolutely Delicious!!)

Pumpkin Pie

Cheesecake Bites

Thanks for stopping by........

Hope Thanksgiving at your
house was beautiful, delicious,
 full of love, good fellowship
and fun.........and most of all

Love, Hugs and 
Last of November Blessings,

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