Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Birthday Table from March

Afternoon Sweet Friends,

Hope your Tuesday is going well........

Mine is going...........lol
Quickly it seems.....trying to get my
 computer room finished...
  Finally got the new futon cover on, and 
just trying to decide about the pillows,
and want to do a lil change on the wall 
behind it......so still not finished....these
 things take time and thought in between
 all the other life things going on........lol
So maybe by next week...........

I happened to discover that I still had
some pics I had not posted on yet, so
that came in handy.....it was of my
Birthday table from back in March.
It was a busy week and hubby and
the kids were doing dinner for me,
so I decided I would help out and
just do the table since it is just
such a chore for me...........lol

It actually started with a trip to Fresh
Market where I found these gorgeous
paper spring napkins and salad plates,
at the end of February that I thought
would be nice for Easter this year.

They just screamed Spring to me with
 thecute lil birds and bird nest....

and always love pink and flowers in the
Springtime as well...................

So I scooped them up brought them
home....paid first,  of course,  lol

Then a few days before my birthday hubby
 came home with these beautiful flowers
 which I have forgotten the name of again!!

and I had already tried them out on my
solid white and my shabby chic dinner 
plates, still thinking about Easter still.
 Loved how they looked on the 
shabby chic ones the best.

So decided since I had the pretty flowers
just to use them for my birthday instead,
and I could come up with something else
for Easter............

Decided on my Spring Green 
tablecloth, as the dishes look
so nice against the green.  

and floral patterned silverware
that I have no idea what the name
of it is.....it looks like daffodils.

A look down the table from one

and then the other..............

with a posterized affect for fun.

Little Darlings place.......she loves these
lil birdies and likes to play with them.

and what's in the silver cup?? 
 Lil plastic hearts that lil darling 
also likes to play with......if I
don't put them there now, she
asks for them....lol

A nice overview.....now you can see
the candle holders and the birdies
well, one birdie the flowers are
hiding the other one............

Same picture as above, but with
 a photocopy affect

I was gonna use spring green goblets
but thought it was too much green
so decided to go with the clear ones.

One last look and we are done...

Sorry for so many pictures...
I always think I am taking less....
but once it gets time to edit them
 I realize oh no.....
I did it again............lol
and I actually left some flower
pics out.............

Think this could make a nice
 Spring or Summer Table really......
Check out your Fresh Market for
 Paper Goods they really have some
 pretty nice ones, not your typical 
run of the mill paper goods........
but then they do cost a bit more.
So I don't typically do that, but 
once in awhile when you really
 see something you love for a
 special occasion it is worth it.


Thanks so much for dropping by,
hope you enjoyed your visit.......

Have a really good week
keep your light shining brightly!

 Love and Blessings,

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Scripture Sunday

The LORD is my strength and my shield;
 my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.
 My heart leaps for joy, and with
 my song I praise him.

Psalm 28:7

Have a Blessed Sunday,

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thankful Thursday May 18, 2017, Spring Golf cart Home Tour of Charleston

Devote yourselves to prayer,
 being watchful and thankful. 
Colossians 4:2

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have all been basking
in the glow of Mother's Day
this week............

I have gotten to everytime I 
added something else to this post.
since we were away since last
Wed. evening most all of my post
 is about being in Charleston
 visiting with our daughter and 
son-in-love.  We returned late
Monday evening.  So got to
have a fun day with lil darling
on Wed. at our usual time....
I found this pillow making
kit that was so cute, and so
easy......so she loved it and
to my surprise she loved it
so much.... we got half of it
done Wednesday........so she
showed it to her Mom and
then had to take it home to 
show her Daddy............lol
Love that!!

Here is a pic of it...
found it at Marshalls, I have found 
the cutest toys and crafts at Ross,
Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

See the lil numbers....well you put
the pcs. on according to the number
and the number has an X cut in it,
so all you do is put the felt pc.
there and then push it in with the 
lil gadget they give you...the 
purple thing you see in the above
picture.  There are some pcs. that
have velcro to put pcs. on....
quite a cute and fun lil project
for the kiddies and grammies
out there......if you would like
to check them out, they have
a website, just go to

She also made her Mom a
 lil floral arrangment for her
bedroom, or bathroom.  We
used a toothbrush holder and
I cut the flowers and she just
stuck them in the way she
wanted.....it came out quite
cute.........and she was so
proud of herself..........

Pics today are from my Spring/
 or 2nd Golfcart tour of Charleston.
  Remember if you want to enlarge 
the pics you can just click on anyone
 of them and they will all enlarge
for better viewing pleasure.

So.... on with the real reason 
for this post.

I am thankful

that the baby I have been telling
you about with hip dysplaysia 
was been healed by God.  The
parents took her back to the Dr.
about 2 weeks after wearing the
brace and she was in the normal
range.  We are praising the Lord
for his goodness to lil Audrey.

for a safe and uneventful trip
to and from Charleston this
passed week.

for the great time we had while
 there visiting with our daughter
 and son-in-love and our furry 
granddaughter dog......Rosie
 loves when we come so she can
 milk us for dog cookies. She
 loves bone marrow dog treats
 and reminds us quite often that 
she is in need of some.  lol We 
absolutely love this lil dog....
as she was like our only grand-
child for awhile. 
So is she spoiled....oh yeah!!

that Dee and I had some just the
two of us time to just hang out
 and catch up and also to play some
we used to play that all the time 
in the summer when she was a kid.
Still love playing it............

for lots of fun golf cart rides
that Dee and I take....that make
me feel like a kid again, and fun
 and beautiful scenery and houses
 to see.....I honestly could do that
 for hours on end............lol
We even got to take a ride on it
to a Seafood restaurant that is
nearby....very convenient and
so much fun in the cool of the

that the weather was sunny and
nice all but one day. It was hot the
 first few days but the mornings and
 evenings were cool and breezy, so
 we got to sit outside a lot which
we always enjoy......

for one of  our favorite outings, other
 than to dinner ....a shopping trip to
 Home Goods. 
 Found a new and different Pitcher 
for my collection....and a pretty
table runner......haven't decided if
 I am keeping it yet......as I thought
my round green placemats would
go well with it.....and the color is 
good but the runner is too wide and
 the placemats  either have to lay on 
top or tuck them under, so not sure 
if I like the way it looks.....but then
I haven't seen the whole table set.

for lots of good dinners out...
but, especially for a very 
Special Mother's Day dinner that
 Dee and Jerry made for me.......
Chicken Parm with pasta and
 Pic Pac sauce like they have at 
Carrabas, and a lovely salad and 
rolls. Every bite was wonderful.  
If you have never had pic pac
 sauce from Carrabbas, try it,
  you will be hooked for life.......
It is crushed tomatoes with olive
oil, sliced garlic cloves and basil
and salt and pepper.  She made
the pic pac sauce the day before
so it flavors thru and tastes
even better.

for mango/keylime pie for 
dessert for Mothers day and
also for Chocolate caramel salted
 pretzel cake earlier in the visit.
  Both are favorites of mine.
Thankful for Publix grocery 
stores who have a wonderful
bakery that makes them too!

for the lovely cards and gifts
I recieved from them and 
hubby.  Got  a new outfit
and sandals from hubby 
before we went, and my
dishwasher, which is still
on order..........Dee always
makes me happy with her
cards and gift choices,
always nice surprises.

that we will be celebrating
Mother's Day with Scott and
Megan this coming weekend.
 It worked out well for us to be
 away this weekend as it was not
 only Mother's Day but their
 6th Anniversary.
So they were able to haved a 
nice getaway.

 for all of our Police men and women 
where ever they are for putting their
lives on the line every day to keep
 us all safe.........God Bless You!

In case you haven't heard this is
National Police Enforcement week,
to show our support to our law
enforcement officers, initiated by
 President Trump

About a month ago we were watching
TV about 11:00 when we found a
policeman and K9 dog in our back
yard, they were searching for people
who were breaking into cars in the
neighborhood.  Turns out they had
broken into our next door neighbors
truck. From what we read in the
news I think they got them....so
we were very grateful we have
policemen looking out for us......


Well. here is to another week
at Cozy Place.............

Thanks for your visit,  it is always
a blessing to know you come by.

Have a Super Duper Weekend.

Love, Hugs and 

Mid May Blessings,