Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thankful Thursday June 23, 2016, Quick and easy 4th of July Table

 God is our refuge and strength,
 an ever-present help in trouble.
Psalm 149:1

Greetings Sweet Peas.......

Hope you are having a wonderful

first week of Summer.....

It has really been beautiful here the last
 few days, albeit, hot as blue blazes,
 but the evenings have been a bit cooler
 and breezier than the daytime temps

Since the 4th of July is just around
the corner, thought I would share a 
previous 4th of July table from years
 back. Since it falls in the summer I tend
 to be more layed back with my enter-
taining, so I typically use paper goods,
 but that doesn't mean you can't still 
have a nice table to enjoy.  Just threw
this together with paper goods and
things I already had........always fun
to just shop your house.........
you just never know what you might
 come up

Well, on with Thankful Thursday..........

I am thankful......

that my back was good enough
that I could go to church this
passed Sunday, as I was in too
much pain to go the week before.
Wearing high heels seemed to
make it feel better, so had no
problems at all while I was
at church.

that we had a great time with Dee
(our daughter) last weekend.  
It was so good to see her as I had
 been missing her and was definitely
ready for a visit.... it was a short
but sweet visit.

that Dee made it home safe and sound,
We thought we might have to go back
and get her from the airport, as they 
wouldn't let them board the plane
 because of a mechanical problem, and
 the plane had already been delayed and
 hr. and a half.
Of Course, we would have loved that,
but knew that Jerry and Rosie would
be quite disappointed, so was glad
that didn't happen.

#4 and #5
that my dental appt. went well in 
every back was no 
worse for the wear even tho I was in
 the dental chair for over 2 hrs. 
  Then I wound up only needing a
 filling rather than a crown on 
another tooth, and my root canal
situation has completely healed and
they did the final impressions, so 
should have my final crown inserted
next week,  so my dental saga will be
 over for quite a while I am hoping.   

that when the lights went off at
the dental office about 30 mins.
before I left,  that all the hard
stuff was done....and that they
did have lights on one side of
the office so they could finish
up impressions and other odds
and ends. Then the lights went
 completely off just the moment 
we decided on the color for my
 crown, which was the last thing
they had to do........... 
 Talk about perfect
Cause I would have had to go
back just for very
happy about that!!

for a fun time looking around
in Michaels and Joann 's crafts
yesterday.  It has been awhile
 since I really had time to browse
around in these stores, so I really
enjoyed myself, and picked up
a few fun things for lil darling
and some flowers for my porch,
if my back ever lets me get out
there to clean it and redo it. lol
I am hoping for this weekend.

for dinner out at Red Lobster
with hubby after my afternoon
at the dentist........we haven't 
been there in quite a long time
and it was really delish, and a
nice way to celebrate all the
events that happened at the

that lil darling has been such a
jewel knowing that Grammy's
back has been hurting, she has
been so helpful and was con-
tent to play on our bed, as she
is used to Grammy getting on
the floor with her a lot.

that we recently discovered a new Roku
channel called Feeln.  It is a paid chanel, 
but pretty inexpensive.  They have a bunch
 of Hallmark Hall of Fame movies.  
Have never seen a Hallmark movie
 I didn't like......

and very excited that I may be
able to stay with my present
dentist because a friend that
hubby works with called and
said that Aetna has bought out
our Dental Ins. Company. I 
have been praying that hubbies
Co. would switch to and Ins.
 my dental office uses...........
So am thinking this might just
be my answer................
Whoo-Hoo if it


that my jack of all trades brilliant
hubby may have found a way to 
fix our damaged bed. That would
be awesome, and if anyone can
do it he can............
 I will let you know what happens!!

Thanks so much for visiting,
would love to hear from you.


Have a great Friday and weekend
with your loved ones..........

Keep your light shining brightly!

Love, Hugs, and

End of June Blessings,


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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our Father's Day Table for 2016

Happy Tuesday and Happy Summer
Sweet Friends,

It has finally arrived....altho it seems
like it has been here for awhile!! lol
Well, I hope all the Dad's in your life
 had a great day on Sunday.......

Our Dad's seemed to enjoy them-
selves pretty well.............and it was 
nice for most of the family to be able
 to be here, but we did miss
 Jerry and Rosie..........
Hopefully next time we get together
they can be here too.

Well, told you our bed came last
Friday and guess what??
It was damaged again, in the exact
same place on the food board, the
spool type foot was torn right off, 
and the box looked like it had been
 thru a war zone......seriously......
so we decided to just cancell and
get our money guess 
we will be on the hunt again soon.

My back is quite a bit better, not
quite there yet, and have to go to
the dentist today for a rather long
appt., so hoping that doesn't 
change anything back wise........

For Father's Day I needed to 
come up with something that
would fit both our Father's in
the family.  So decided to do
a Coffee they
are both avid coffee drinkers.

Had some burger king crowns
left over from when I did the
King and Princess birthday
table back in March.
You can see it here and here,
if you want.

So I decided to do one with a
coffee theme since I had some
lil stick on embellishments.

Then my daughter and I tied it and
the sign together and she hung it over 
the table for me............

Then I got a white tray to match
 the white dishes and made a
 coffee tray

This is the view from one side

and here is the view from the other.
You will see later that I changed
 it up a little.

I used our french coffee maker, a coffee 
cup candle I have had for ages, a bag of
 coffee, a glass container of Werthers 
coffee flavored candies, and these cute
 cups I found by accident at Wally 
World, and thought they would go
 perfectly with our theme.

Here's a better view of the cup
They are with the normal paper
goods, they are just Dixie cups.
But cute Dixie cups!!  lol

Now on to the place settings
Wanted a more simple look
since it was a guy table, so just
 used my white corelle ware,
 and simple modern silverware.

Found a bag of nine kitchen clothes
 in this camel color for like $3.48,  
again at Wally World, and thought 
they would make great napkins for
 a guys table, as they have texture.  
Folded them so
they would have a pocket to put
the silverware,  but only wound
up doing it at lil darlings place.

I decided just to do the silver-
ware the normal way and to 
add the candy on top of the
terry napkins.

An Overview


I also used glass candle holders
 with coffee beans for ambiance.
Also put mini creamers at each
 end with the candles to be used
 later when we had coffee.

Colored pencil affect

Did you notice that I changed out the
bag of coffee and wound up using the
 mug with spoons for the  tray
vignette instead........

With Cutout affect


Happy you could drop by and hope 
you enjoyed your visit.

Have a really good week,
Keep you light shining brightly,

Posterized Affect

Love, Hugs,  and
Official Summer Blessings,

Friday, June 17, 2016

Thankful Thursday June 16, 2016, Flowers from the past................

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you are doing well..............

Can you believe we are over half way
thru June already.....oh my my, where
does the time go...............

Well, if you read my post on Tuesday
you already know how most of my
week has gone. I am still having back
issues but they are somewhat better.
This has certainly not been a good
week for Orlando to say the least,
not only the mass shooting but then
losing a 2 yr. old to a gator attack.
My heart just breaks for all these
parents involved in all these
situations.  I can't even begin to
imagine their pain..........

Am so happy that I got a lot of
my prepping for Father's Day 
done early.  What a blessing
that turned out to be. I was able 
to pace myself to get most of
 it done,  but only have to make
a salad, bread and dessert yet,
and hang a sign over the table.
 I am sure my sweet daughter 
will help me with when she
 gets here Saturday.

I am thankful

for my sweet hubby and how well
he has taken care of me this week,
and for all the killer back massages
that have helped so much. What a
guy..........don't know what I would
do without him..........

that our sweet kitty Molly is no
longer suffering physically or
emotionally.  Couldn't have been
much fun to not be able to see
or hear, or to find her food bowl,
but we feel she is peacefully 
in kitty heaven.

that our lil darling seemed to
not take it too badly, as she
 loved Molly and Molly loved
 her as well...........lil darling
 was always so sweet and gentle
 with Molly, and Molly would 
rub up against her, cause she
 trusted her, and they would put
 their heads together. Such a
sweet sight............

for the outpouring of love on
 the Orlando area after the horrific
events last weekend. People from
all over community, the country
 and world have responded with
 such care and compassion.
  Such a great thing to see.......
at a time like this.

for the reminder of how blessed
we are to have policemen, and
Dr. and Nurses, and hospitals,
 Nursing Homes, and emergency
 care givers and responders and so
 many servants to the public........
I remember years
ago when my late Mother-in-
law had a life threatening stroke
and was paralyzed all down the
right side and couldn't even talk. 
 We and the family were all thrown
 into a very scary situation that we
had never experienced before and
 where we had no idea what to do, 
makes me thankful all over again
 for all those that did know due to
their wonderful training and care,
 and came to our rescue.
If you are a Public servant of any
kind.....we humbly thank you!!
and May God Bless You in 
amazing Ways.

for God's perfect timing.  I think
Molly's demise happened when
it did because I could no longer
take care of her with my back
the way it fact,  I think
that may have been what helped
to cause it,  as I was bending over
so many times through out the 
day either taking her out,  or
 giving her food and water, or
 petting her.  God is good!

that Hillsdale College is offering
a free course on the Constitution.
I decided to take it, and I am about
to do my 2nd is pretty
much lectures and then you take
a test.  I got 9 out of 10 on my
first hopefully off to
a good start!
Thought this was a good thing
to do cause how can we defend
something if we don't know that
much about it................

that we are suppose to get our
new bed tomorrow now.  I am
cautiously optimistic,  and so
hoping it works out this time.

Note: It arrived but we haven't
opened it yet...........

that our daughter has a big heart
and did a really sweet thing for a
 new friend and her hubby, as a 
house warming gift, which was
 no small thing. So proud of her,
and they were thrilled.

that we have a new opportunity
to mentor a newlywed couple
from our class. They are just the
 cutest and most precious couple,
 so we are really looking forward 
to this, as they are both so sweet
spirited and have such teachable
hearts.  Those kind of folks are
such a joy to work with.........

for  Simply mixed berry Juice,
we just tried it this week and
don't know how long it has
been out, but is it wonderful
too.  It has strawberry, blue-
berry and raspberry juice, I
think it is...........definitely
worth a try................ 

that there is a God in Heaven,
and that He is still seated on His
throne in Heaven, yet 2000 yrs.
ago He sent His ONLY son, Jesus
 into this world, to die for my sin 
and your sin, so that we might
 have a relationship with Him.
 I am so grateful that He knows 
everything, from beginning to
 end and nothing takes Him by
These are wonderful things to
know in the day and age in 
which we live.  They bring
great peace to my heart!

Thought I would includes
 these verses just in case some-
one might wonder how I know
this... and would like to read
 it for themselves

( Genesis 1:1, Hebrews 4:16,
John chapter 1, John 3:16, 
 Proverbs 15:3, Psalm 139
verses 1-4. These verses are all
 from the New Int'l Version)


Well, there you have our crazy
 week at Cozy Place.

Thank You for coming by...............

Always nice to know folks visit.

Have a Lovely Weekend, and don't

forget to spoil all those Great Dads
 out there!

Love, Hugs and

Father's Day Celebration


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