Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 28, 2010

May my spoken words and unspoken thoughts
 be pleasing even to you, O Lord,
 my Rock and my Redeemer.

Psalm 19:14 (Living Bible)

Hello Sweet Peas,

So how has your week been so far??

Going well,  I hope!!

Hope this Thursday finds you feeling hopeful
and Thankful...........but if not,  perhaps.....
you have come to the right place!!

It's been a good week,  sorta quiet and not so
busy which has been nice.  We did go visit some
one at the hospital last evening, and then went
looking around at TJ Maxx and Michaels,  so
that was fun!!  

So guess that could be my
I am thankful
for fun stores JoAnn's,  HomeGoods,
  Kirklands, Ross, Pier One, and the aforementioned
 ones we went to last night.  Think most ladies love
 stores that have decorations and crafting of any kind, 
 and fabrics,  it's just all so pretty and fun to look at!!

I am thankful
for books, dvd's, and marriage materials and
seminars that offer wonderful information to 
help us have marriages that can be all God
wants them to be.
I am thankful
for so many people the Lord has raised up
to write and teach on marriage and family,
like James Dobson, Gary Smalley,
 Bruce Wilkerson, Emerson Eggerichs, 
 Gary Chapman,  Jimmy & Karen Evans,
 and John & Stasi Eldridge and
 Ed Young Jr. and Sr. to name a few.

Because Strong marriages make for
strong families,  strong families, make for
 strong churches,  and strong churches make
 for strong communities.

I am thankful 
a dear friend is coming over tonight to visit,
it has been awhile since I have seen her in
person,  we have spoken on the phone but
it is more fun to get together in person.

I am thankful
for the creativity that God has and how he
made our world so beautiful to live in.....
can you imagine everything in black and
white,  you look out the window and it is
black and white,  veggies and fruits black
and white,  clothing black and white!!

Oh..........imagine a sunrise or sunset or
sky in black and white!!  Ick!!

How dull and boring that would be and
how very unappetizing our food would be.

I am thankful
for good foods like; fruits and veggies, and
nuts,  meats, lowfat dairy,  and wholegrains.
They are not only nutrious but delicious as well.

I am thankful
the weather has been so nice that we have
had the simple pleasure of sitting out in
the backyard and reading the paper on
Sunday afternoons.
Such a nice change of pace!

I am thankful
that the sun rises each morning,  and the sun
sets each evening and the moon rises every night,
  certainly shows us the faithfulness of God and
 His wonderful creativity.

These are just some interesting shots I took of the moon recently.
  The one above was taken with the flash and one below  was
 not taken with flash.
This one below looks a bit spooky!!
Was planning to put other pics on my blog today but then because
 of my thankfuls I 
remembered these pics.

I am thankful
for different versions of the Bible.  I used to always
read the Living bible when I was a new christian, and
haven't read it for quite a long time now, but  just recently
I came across it in the cabinet and decided to read it
 along side the Bible I now read all the time,
 The New International Version. 
 I have really enjoyed it I must say.

I am thankful
for colorful scented candles and oils,  that give
our home a lovely aromatic fragrance and a
warmth and glow of love and friendliness.
I especially love them this time of the year
and throughout the winter.
They add a special Ambiance all of their own!!

I am thankful
for a lovely quote I saw recently about marriage.
It is by Martin Luther, and I had never seen
or heard it before,  but it is so true!!

"There is no more lovely, friendly and charming
relationship, communion or company than a
good marriage."

and it will be going on my side bar as soon as
hubby gets time to help me.

I am thankful
the Florida Sunshine.  I have just come from
sitting out in it for about 10 mins., and it feels
so delicious!! My body just soaks it up, and it
makes me feel so great........all that vitamin D
and it boosts melatonin levels which makes
you feel good all over!!

I have to say I am far far from being a sun
worshipper.  I can usually only stand no more
than 15-20 mins,  unless we are at the beach
with a pool handy.  But I do try to sit out a
few times a week.  Haven't done it lately, 
so that is probably why it felt all the more

Well,  Sweetie Peeties,

That is my Thankful List for this week!!

Hope you have a Thrilling Thursday
and a Fun Friday!!

Love, Blessings and Cozy Hugs,

For those of you who are participating in the 
140 Days of prayer for our nation,  this is
week #17 and our scripture reading is from
Genesis 2:24
We are to pray about the departure from
the Biblical view of Marriage.

Sorry I am so late,  just totally forgot 
to include it this week!!  OOPS!!
At least we have been praying!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Joey the Adventure Dog!!

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope your doing well today!

This weekend I was visiting blogs and came
across a new blog with a new Meme,  and
decided right then to try it today.

It is called "Sweet Shot Tuesday",  so
that set me to thinkin about what photo
or photos I would use,  so came up with
this idea..........but when I went over to
link up she isn't doing it anymore I guess!
Well, doodly do!!
But decided to post it anyway!!
Hope you enjoy it!


Hi,  My name is Joey and my Grammny says you are
 her bloggy friends, and asked me to be a surprise guest
on her blog today,  and tell you what it is like to be a
Jack Russell Terrier.
I was very surprised and happy to do it,  so hope you
 will learn a lot today!!

I really think life for me...... isn't all that different than life for
 you, I would imagine, I mean..... I sleep at night just like you,
 and I like to sleep with the covers
on me,  just like you!!

Then I get up in the morning and have work to do,
just like you.  Here I am having my morning coffee
and trying to wake up before I start the day!!

Well,  it's time to get started.  I love working
from home on my laptop, especially when I
can work on the porch,  cause as you will
see I love the great outdoors!!

I enjoy recreation as well,  just as you do!!
Love swinging on the porch I watch for lizards!!

One of my favorite past times is watching and trying
to catch lizards. I am as patient as a fisherman, 
 I can watch for them for hours.

Actually,  I think I'm a bit obsessed with them,  but it
is such fun when I finally catch one so we can play,
but usually once I catch them I put them down
and they just lay there and want do anything!!

Rather disappointing if you know what I mean!

Here I am out by the shed looking for you guessed it!!
More Lizards,  I rarely catch one really,  but today
I am smelling something very interesting under this shed,
 maybe it's a possum or a racoon or armadillo,  not sure
but I am sure trying to get to it,  but everytime I start
digging Grammy yells at me to stop!!

How is a dog suppose to catch a critter if he
can't dig it out!!

I like to surprise Grammy by showing up in strange
places when she least expects it,  sorta scares her
at times,  but she thinks it's so cute,  she just has
to take pictures of me!!  I love that she thinks I
am so cute!!

At least,  I have that going for me cause I can
really be sort of a crabby dog,  if you get my drift!!

Here I am doing my AT training,  Oh yea,  AT stands for
Appalachian Trail..........Me and My dad are gonna do some
hiking on the AT trail.

So I am in training,  checking out all the bushes for lizards
or who knows what else I might find,  I just love this
outdoor stuff!!
 Grammy's gardenia bush is the best!!

Here I am trying to get used to my booties Dad made me
to protect my feet,  if needed while I am hiking the trail.

Here we are trying out my carrying thingamajig,  so in case,
I get tired or something Dad can carry me if need be!!

The other booties just wouldn't stay on,  so Dad and Grammy
fashioned a bootie garter for me!!  Now I know how Santa's
reindeers must feel............Pretty Stupid!!

Grammy thinks I look Chic,  I say,  let her wear them and then
see what she has to say about that!!

Here is a shot Grammy took in the car as we were
on our way home from the end of our AT Adventure
in New Hampshire.  We hiked all the way thru Maine
and into New Hampshire,  then my nails started to
wear down so much,  we had to stop,  but what
a great time we had together.  Don't know if you
can tell but I dropped a few pounds doing alll
that hiking

Here is another one of my fav past times,  sitting on the
back of the sofa watching out the window.  I do that a
lot when my Daddy leaves,  cause I like to watch for him
 to come back,  also watch my Grampy and Grammy
when they are out doing the lawn.

My Grammy even takes pics of me when I am
sleeping,  she liked this one so well she put a
photoshop affect on it.
She said it was one of those perfect pictures,
cause I was sleeping perfectly between the windows
and under the stars hanging on the window for
Christmas.  It was one of those great candid shots.

Now here I am hanging out with Grammy and Grampys
cat, Molly.  I really do love this Cat............but you know,
she is a CAT and DOGS are suppose to Not like Cats
and chase them,  so of course,  I have to do my part!!
and...........Molly reallllllllllllly likes me,  as you can just
imagine!!  She likes me so much,  she has never used
her claws on me once, she just gives me lil love pats!!

Here I am with my cuz,  Rosie on Christmas Day!  I try to play
 with her, but....she just doesn't like it!!  Now who couldn't like
 getting bitten in the back side!!

  Don't know what is wrong with her, she is just so darn prissy
 and pampered.  Notice we sorta keep our distance....
cause she can be rather vicious when she want to..........
course, have to say I do like to devil her a bit!!  lol

Here I am hanging with Grampy,  he and Dad are my
two favorite men in the whole world.  Ya know, a girl
needs men in her life that she adores!!

I have even been a Cover Girl!!

Grammy put me on the front of my Daddy's Christmas
card last year!!

But even though I am such a busy and adventuresome
doggie,  I still have time for the things that matter most,
like eating and sleeping, and begging for treats and..............

I never ever forget to just stop
and smell the Flowers!!

Hope you enjoyed this Jack Russell Terrier's Life,
I think it's pretty exciting myself,
 I am One Adventurous Dog!!

Licks and Cozy dog treats to you!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Monday to You
Sweet Friends,

Hope all is well with you....
and that you had a nice weekend!

Our's was good,  a lil different for a change, and
we enjoyed it very much.

We went to a Marriage Seminar at our church this 
weekend on Friday night and Sunday night. It was
 very good,  and even after almost 40 years of marriage
 and teaching marriage classes,  there is always something 
new to learn.  We learned a new technique for discussing
a topic that might be a hot issue for you and your mate.
It was neat too, because they have you actually practice
things while you are there,  which is good,  cause then
you can ask questions about it.

We truly believe couples need to take full advantage
of marriage classes and seminars when our churches
have them,  cause that is part of what helps make
marriages get better and better.  We think, like our
seminar teaches says; all couples should go to some-
thing that will enhance your marriage at least once
a year.  In helps keep the importance and quality
 of your marital relationship before you.  
A very good thing,  as Martha Steward would say!!

We also had a couple over that is new to our church
after Friday nights seminar for Pie and Coffee,  so
that was fun too!  Always fun to get to know people.

Saturday was kind of a lazy day,  but we did get
the lawn all nicely done,  which hopefully might
be our last time or at least next to the last time,
 to do it until next spring!!  Actually,  I kinda
like doing it,  but it will free us up to do other
things that need doing!!  So that is a good thing~

We also tried to watch a movie, "Why did we
get married Too",  but think we missed a lot of
the movie cause it was skipping around a lot,
(there was something on the cd,  and we tried to
 clean it,  but to no avail) so we are getting it again
 to see what all we missed!!  It was pretty good, 
 and thought provoking cause it is pretty much
 real to what we see going on in our society these
days!!  A good movie tho!!

Sunday we went to early church, and came home
early since we had to go back for the seminar
at  4-7:30 P.M.,  but of course,  we had to get
our fav treat,  our Chocolate Elvis Smoothie.
Came home read the paper out in the back
yard cause it was a delightful day,  and then
took a 2 hrs. nappy!!  

Got ready and went back to the Seminar, after
wards we ran to Wally World to get a few things 
cause Scott and Megan are coming for din din
 tonight.  As usual we are looking forward to it.
We are gonna watch Joey for the week, cause
Scott is gonna be traveling most of the week.

Right now we are waiting on our counselee's
to get here,  we are doing it in the daytime
for a change.... cause they are celebrating their
2 Anniversary tonight!!   
So that is a Good Thing!!
  We sure like to see that!! lol

Tomorrow I am having a surprise blogger,
so make sure you come by!!

Have a Marvelous Monday
Sweet Peas,

Blessings and Hugs,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - October 21, 2010

Hello Sweet Encouragers,

Hope this finds you well and full
of Thankfulness Today!!

We are having a good but fast day today!!  lol
We got up a lil late cause we went to bed late,
but I am in shock that it is 2:15 already.
Where did our day go???  Seems like all
we have done is pray, eat,  and spend some
time on the computer.  Hubby is finishing
up his work,  and we will be heading out
later for a fun afternoon and evening.

Was just reading something on yahoo news a few minutes
 ago that was totally disturbing,  but had a bright spot,
and that bright spot would be a person
and my
I Am Thankful
for a Dear Veteran of War in North Carolina
that I just read about, who is holding vigil over
 the Christian flag, because the City removed it from 
over a War Memorial
 because 1 unknown person complained.
One unknown Person, whatever happened
to what is best for the majority???
Lord Bless This  Dear Man!!

I don't know about you....but I am sick to death of hearing
 about one person complaining about a cross, a flag or prayer or
 using the word Christmas or Easter or whatever other dumb 
thing they can come up with, and our rights being stripped
 away because someone decides to change something that
 has been happening or done in our nation for over 200 years!!  
 When we are a nation founded on the
 principles of scripture and the Christian faith!!

Does anyone agree with me here???

I Am Thankful
for the ability to see not only physically but spiritually.
  Can you only imagine how life would be without sight!

I Am Thankful
for the ability to hear others talking to me,  and to hear sounds
of music, voices, and nature, and also sounds and noises like
a flat tire bumping, or ambulances or dogs barking, and children
crying,  but also the ability to hear from the Lord.
Another precious Gift.
A Gift of Peace or a Gift of Concern!!

I Am Thankful
for the ability to be able to smell ..................
wonderful things like good food,  flowers,  perfume,
and the ocean, lovely candles, and not so lovely
scents like the smell of something burning....
 on the stove or on my car. 
A Gift of Whimsy or a Gift of Warning!!

I Am Thankful
for the ability to not only touch someone physically,
but emotionally or spiritually as well. It is a wonderful
 thing to know you have touched someone's heart especially,
But also, wonderful to hug someone who is having a very
difficult time or just to show them how much you love them.
A Gift to help us love well, Really!!

I Am Thankful
for the ability to feel, not only physically,  but
emotionally and spiritually too!
Sometimes when things are painful we wish
we had no feelings,  but if we did not feel the
pain we would also never be able to feel
the JOY!! 
 I love to feel JOY don't you???

I Am Thankful
for the ability to speak and sing,  for I can use
my voice to encourage, uplift, teach and love
others and I can sing praises to My  Lord.

I Am Thankful
for the ability to walk and move around and
exercise. Something we so easily take for granted.
But is a huge blessing to be able to take ourselves
 wherever, whenever we want to, for the most part!!

I Am Thankful
that I don't have to take any Prescription
drugs at this point in my life. 

I Am Thankful
that I know how, and enjoy cooking,  and
taking care of our home.  I find things to do
with the home fun most of the time.  Some
times I like different ones more than at other
times.  For instance,  if I am decorating I
am not as into cooking,  but if I am into
cooking I may not be as into cleaning.
Somebody out there can relate I am sure!!  lol

I Am Thankful
I have such a Wonderful hubby who
encourages me and enjoys these things, as well.
Hubby and Son have the gift of hospitality, don't
think I had it when I was younger,  but think
because of them the Lord developed it in me.
But I am mostly a small (8-10) group person, 
 large crowds scare me when I"m entertaining. lol

I Am Thankful
the Lord gives us a Free Will,  to choose or
not to choose things in our life.  If we are wise
we will choose to learn and obey his word,  and 
make choices based on that,  and our lives will
be very blessed,  even in times of difficulty.

Isn't this just the cutest cake you ever saw!!
Looks like it should be a cake from Alice in Wonderland.
Would like to say I made it,  but it is from a magazine!!

Well,  there's my Thankful List for this week,

Know you must have a few things on Yours
If so,
Feel Free to Share them with us!!

Have a delightful Friday
a Glorious Weekend!!

Love,  Blessings and Cozy Hugs,

We are back from our outing and I just realized
I forgot to post this before I left,
so I might as well add a
 # 13
I Am Thankful
our family likes to give gift cards to restaurants.
We enjoyed dinner at Red Lobster for free!!
Thanks Guys!!
Love ya!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The household chore I dislike the most!!

Hello Sweetie Peeties,

How is your Wednesday going??

Mine is going well,  had a nice morning
on the porch,  then we had some breakfast, and
then I  made some waldorf salad for dinner,
  then started a job I really really dislike!!  

Guess what it Is???

Cleaning out the fridge.....................
Don't know why I dislike it sooooo much, but I do!!

Does anyone else feel the same way???

Let me hear a hearty amen then!!  lol

I have learned to start in the place that needs
it the most and go from there,  that usually
being the dreaded veggie bins,  at least in
my fridge.  I have also learned not to plan on
doing the whole thing in one day.  I just do
a few shelves at a time and if I feel like it I
 do more,  and before you know it........
it is done and without all that much effort.

You know how they say Necessity is the
Mothers of invention, well,  I learned  some
thing today that made it so much easier!!

I have never done it before cause I have
never needed to,  but will probably do
from now on!!  I sat in a chair, I did it
to protect my neck and back,  cause that 
bending over really bothers my neck,
it is such an awkward height.doing those
 middle and top shelves.
And.......the last thing I want is to get
that going again,  so sitting in the chair
made it so easy and fast,  and kept
the door propped open...........and
I got 3 drawers and 1 shelf done, 
and now the rest will be really easy,
cause the hardest part is done!!
I love that part!!

Actually, as I think about it, the fridge does have a rival
 and that would be paperwork!!  I dislike that as well,
 not sure exactly which one I disdain the most actually!!
The paperwork might just win out because I have
at least found a workable solution to the fridge!!  lol

Have also been playing some too!!
My son's birthday is coming up soon,
so I am trying to decide what I want
to do for a centerpc,  and how I want
to set the table.

 His dinner of choice
will be Black Beans, Yellow Rice, and
 Ropa Veija,  with Banana Pudding
with Nutter Butter cookies in it, instead
of the usual vanilla wafers.  My daughter
got that started for her birthday,  she
had it at a friends house and they all
loved it.   We have it once, and I send
the rest home with them.  Nutter Butters
are not heart healthy!!  lol
But fortunately,  the bananas and the
vanilla pudding made with 1% milk is!!
So not too Bad a dessert.

We are counseling tonight so getting
ready for that as well.  That is why
I am making dinner food early.

Tomorrow Jim should be about done
with his work from his old job,  and
we need to go to Sam's,  so think
tomorrow will be a fun day!!
 Looking forward to that!!

Well,  that is about all my news for today!
So You have......

A Wonderful Wednesday Evening!!

Blessings, Love, and Hugs,
I do thank God
for All of You.....
My Sweet Bloggy Friends!!

Thankful Thursday June 13, 2024, and lovely Spring Desserts

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