Friday, December 29, 2023

Thankful Thursday December 28, 2023, and pics of our brunch and dinner tables


O LORD God of Heaven’s Armies! Where is there 

anyone as mighty as you, O LORD? 

You are entirely faithful.”   Psalm 89:8 

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you all had a very Blessed Christmas!

Ours was great, and of course, went by too fast,

and we have just been resting up this week,  and 

doing some things here and there that need to

 be done, nothing earth shattering, for sure!!  lol

Can't believe we only have 3 days till when are

in 2024.  Is it just me or did 2023 seem

to go by lots quicker than usual??

Pictures today are from our Christmas Brunch

 and Dinner tables this year.  They were not fancy

because I did easy this year out of necessity, but

still think they were festive.  Just keeping it real.  lol

                              This was brunch

So on with my Thankfuls.....


Thankful we were finally feeling good enough 

and non contagious enough to go out.  It was 

a quick run to Sams and Wally Word to get

 some things we needed and then we went to

 Carrabbas and had dinner.  So nice to be out

 of the house, for the first time in 10 days, and 

dinner was delicious. We even ran into a nice

 couple who were so warm and friendly to chat

 with as we had a bit of a wait.


Thankful we are pretty much ready for Christmas

just have a lil cooking to do yet and some table



Thankful for fresh air, Lysol spray and Lysol

wipes and prayer to disinfect our house, so we 

 don't pass anything along to our family or friends.

That fresh air feels and smells so good!


Thankful for naps, as they have helped revive us 

this past week and even now.


Thankful for the love and gifts of all of our

sweet neighbors this week.


Thankful for a fun time with lil darling

and our Son on Christmas Eve. it was

so good to see them after almost 2 weeks.


Thankful for a lovely Christmas with

the family. Good food, Good fellowship, and

 Good memories, Sweet Cards and Gifts,

 Only regret is we

forgot to take any pictures.  Did get one

with lil darling in front to the tree, but

that was it........Oh Well........we will

have it stored in our memory banks!  lol


Thankful we got to see (via facetime) and

talk with our Daughter on Christmas, and

they were having a quiet but good Christmas

as well.


Thankful I made a New Years card to

send out.

                   We added white plates to the red chargers

once we filled our plates buffet style.


Thankful for all the leftovers from Christmas,

ate the last of it for din din tonight.  


Thankful for some days to rest up after all

the Christmas Eve and Christmas activity.

We needed it after being sick beforehand, and

felt good through that time, but started getting

headaches again the day after Christmas and

feeling very tired again.  So not sure what that

is all about.  lol

Note: They headaches finally went away. 

 So feeling much better again.

Just threw a few snowflakes on the table
for a lil bit of a different look. 


Thankful for a fun and refreshing walk

around our neighborhood looking at all

the Christmas lights.


Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week.
This is the Christmas Edition.

Thank you for coming by 


Have a Happy New Year,

Love, Hugs and New Year Blessings,

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Sunday, December 24, 2023

Merry Christmas

Happy Birthday



Merry Christmas

Sweet Friends,

Hope you and yours have the most

Wonderful Celebration together.

Love, Hugs and 

God's Greatest Blessings,


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Scripture Sunday, 4th week of Advent

Morning Sweet Friends,
Happy Christmas Eve to you!

I was thinking when I woke up this morning, that this would have been the day Joseph and Mary were traveling to Bethlehem, with her on a Donkey.  As a woman who has born 2 children,
I can not even begin to imagine riding on a donkey when I was 9+ months pregnant. 
 Can you??
and then there were no plans of where she
would give birth, no hospitals, No Drs. or nurse,
not even a midwife, just her husband with no
experience and having not known her, and not
 even a reservation at a hotel or motel, just 
having to hopefully find a place. Wow,.....that 
would have been surely reason for any of us
 ladies to have a panic attack. At least me anyway.
Then they were finally offered a place but
in a barn with hay and animal excrement,
 on one hand a lil bit of relief, but on the
other hand, ewwww.... would it even be safe or
 clean so our baby would be healthy and well.

Thankfully, she and Joseph were fully aware
that God had his hand in this whole thing.
Which also reminds me of the fact, God
has his hand in my whole life as well,
and your as well.

Anyway, just my thought filled ramblings,
but helps me to bring the Christmas
story to life more.

Merry Christmas,
Hugs, Nellie

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Thursday, December 21, 2023

Thankful Thursday December 21, 2023, More Christmas at our House 2023

  Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,


“Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace to those on whom
     his favor rests.”  Luke 2:13-14

Christmas Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you doing and feeling well and as ready as you can be for the big day........Christmas, of course!

I am happy to report that finally I am feeling totally back to normal. (For those who didn't catch me last week, I had the flu or Covid (have no taste or smell at this point and had a horrible headache for a day), and also threw my back out. Been a long week but a mostly a good week of rest and of enjoying all things Christmas. Hubby came down with it too, and is still not there yet. He did get his appetite back and felt a lil better yesterday, so hoping he is feeling a lot better today....will see once he's up!!

Photos today are from Christmas at our house this year, 2023.  These pictures are of our foyer and living room.

This is so you can see that the picture really is pretty. Doesn't photograph well from the distance evidently.  lol

Well, on with my Thankfuls................


Thankful for our Card Shop and that we were able to send tons of flip cards to family, friends and church family this Christmas Season.

We sent a few last year, and folks seems to really enjoy them, So much easier, and definitely time, energy and cost effective and really great to use when you are sick!!  lol

 One purchase + a lil time, makes it possible to send many................... by e-mail, fb messenger or phone, Doesn't take nearly as long as buying, signing, addressing, stamping and buying stamps for snail mail cards, and is much less expensive. and as with any email or fb message you can type whatever you want and just add your link for the (flipcard) or E-greeting card. Plus you can do all that without even leaving home!!

Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement, it really was just me being reminded of why we have this online shop to begin with, and hoping it is a help to others, as well.


Thankful for a great Christmas Special with Danny Gokey and Natalie Grant that we saw on TBN on Thursday night.


Thankful for all the Christmas movies we have available to watch, cause my back is still out and hubby is not feeling too good either, so we watch Christmas movies from Great American Pure flix and Christmas Specials from TBN. So we are getting rest and enjoying as much as we can!!


Thankful for all the Veggie soup I had frozen a few months ago.  It has come in handy this week for sure.


Thankful for a fun facetime call with our Daughter on Saturday. Missing her and really needed to see her sweet face. She was sick too, earlier in the week, but feeling back to normal now, thankfully.


Thankful for a long phone call from a long time friend of 42 years. It was great catching up as always, but it was really great to hear of a long time prayer request we have all been praying for that has finally been answered for someone in her family, and then some other short term prayers answered as well, and then also one about a family member who was 87 yrs. old and on his death bed pretty much who gave his heart to Jesus finally.  Such an unlifting phone call.


Thankful I got my hair cut, and that always

makes a girl feel better.  No, I didn't go out

sick........My hubby hair stylist did it before he

got sick!! 


Thankful all our gift shopping is done, but need to get wrapping soon. We also decided to order a delicious cake from our Publix bakery for our dessert.  It is called "Raspberry Elegance" and it is such a good cake, It has Raspberry Jam between the layers of yellow cake, and a cream cheese frosting, if I remember correctly.  So Yummy!

Note: Was finally able to start wrapping

Yesterday, (Wed). more to go today.


I have lost 3 pds. being sick, so quite happy about that, cause it was much needed, as I had plateaued and just couldn't move forward. lol  So thankful for that silver lining, to this dark cloud of sickness and back issues.


Thankful that I have really reaped the benefit this past week of the new sofa we had delivered this time last year.  We had been searching a long time (years actually) for just the right reclining sofa, and altho I liked it I didn't know if I really loved it..........well, with all my back issues this week, it has been such a blessing and one of the reason we chose it, was I had just come out having problems with my back just a few weeks or so before looking once again. Anyway, we were impressed because you can adjust it just about anyway you want. You can recline to any point, it has lumbar support, and head adjustments. So I can not tell you how comfortable it has been especially with it being hard to sit and get up and down. That lumbar support and head adjustment is awesome, last time I had to put a pillow behind my head, and nothing was comfortable at all, and the pillow would keep falling off the back of the sofaSo very Thankful for this sofa and love it a lot more than I did before


Thankful for an unexpected sweet, and  encouraging card we rec'd yesterday from one of our young pastors wives, and for other sweet neighbors who brought us, home made linzer cookies and they are typically so awesome, and hubby says they are, but I can't really taste them yet. Poo......taking some zinc so hoping that will help, so I can enjoy them too.


Thankful that I have been able to sit again, since my back is way better, so have been working on family Christmas cards, Have made much progress thankfully!!

Note: just one left to hopefully



Well, that's it for this week

at Cozy Place. 

( this is the early Christmas edition.) lol

Always Great to have you come by.

Praying you and yours have a really

lovely and Meaningful Christmas Celebration

Of Our Lord's Birthday!!

Love, Hugs and

Merry Merry Christmas!!

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Sunday, December 17, 2023

Scripture Sunday - 3rd week of Advent

Praise the Lord for his great gift to us....
Our Savior and Lord

May the Lord Bless you and 
your family during the Holy Season
of the year!

Hugs, Nellie

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Thursday, December 14, 2023

Thankful Thursday December 14, 2023, and pictures of Christmas at our house 2023

LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you

 and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness

 you have done wonderful things, things planned

 long ago.

Isaiah 25:1 NIV

Christmas Time Greetings

Sweet Friends,

My hope is that you are feeling better

than I am.....Came down with the flu

I guess.....Tuesday night late, and still

not feeling great, and on top of that I

threw my back out today, as well.  lol

Might as well laugh about it cause not

much else I can do..........and thank the

Lord cause who knows what the Lord

might be sparing me from.................

Hope yall are all enjoying the season

of preparation for Christmas!

Pictures today are of Christmas at 

our house this year, 2023.

Now on with my Thankfuls....


Thankful for a fun Friday with lil darling,  she doesn't havany more schoolwork until the first of the year, so we just had fun today.  We had her fav breakfast, she made bracelets, then we played a few games of Sorry. then we watched the animated version of the Grinch, laid down to take a nap, but just tickled and giggled while we rested, she started on a lil Christmas house kit with her Grampy, mostly painting today, watched the Christmas baking challenge and took a wagon ride, which means Grampy pulls us in a lil wagon behind the riding lawn mower!

 Been awhile since we have done that...!!

and it was still fun!! lol


Thankful to finally get my tree finished.

I can imagine you could hear me singing

the Halleleujah chorus at your house. lol

It is work, but always glad that I do it,

cause it just brings so much enjoyment to us.


Thankful for a TBN Special called

"An Irish Christmas" with Keith and Kristyn Getty

  It was such a lovely special to watch. You might

be able to go to TBN and find it possibly in 

their archives.  I would highly recommend it.


Thankful for a delicious Holiday Sub our local

 Publix grocery store makes.  It has Turkey,

Bacon, Mayo, Smoked Gouda cheese, and

some sort of Cranberry Relish, on 5 grain Italian

bread, and they heat it.  Just make sure they

have it on the 5 grain Italian cause they made

one of ours on a Wheat sub roll cause they ran

out of bread,  and we did not like it very much.

But done the right way......Sooooooo Good!

           These lil Christmas houses are one of my 

hubbies favorite Christmas decorations, and

think they have become mine now too!!  lol


Thankful for a great day at church and

we got to hear from another one of our young

Pastors (He and his wife are missionary 

interns, right now) but he did an awesome

job on his message.


Thankful for our Churches Christmas program.

It was excellent in every way!  So thankful

for all the hard work everyone who was involved

put in to it........and it had to be a lot of work!!


Thankful for an early Christmas present

really to hubby, but of course, I will get to

enjoy it too,  and our sweet son-in-love

thought of it.  It was a box from Omaha

Steaks, and we got an assortment of

meats and a few sides. Such a great gift.

               Lil darlings gingerbread house


Thankful our house is all decorated and

clean and looks wonderful.


Thankful for a fun evening out at lil darlings

school Christmas program.  It was really good

and she always sings her lil heart out.


Thankful I am feeling some what better

today.  I guess I got a flu bug as I started

feeling terrible Tues. evening after we got

home from the lil darlings Christmas program.

Today is Thursday, I was completely out

of transmission all day on Wednesday.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel even better.


Thankful our Christmas Brunch and dinner

 menus are planned out.


Thankful for a new app we run on Roku

called "The Great American Pure flix"

We've watched about 5 Christmas movies

so far, and they are great,  and in some 

ways even better than Hallmark movies.


Well,  that's it for this week here at 

Cozy Place.

Always thankful you come by .......

Enjoy the Season

Love, Hugs and 

Merry Christmas Blessings,


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Happy Father's Day and Scripture Sunday

Have a Day Full of Rest and Blessings, Nellie