Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday - April 30, 2015 and Spring Decorating Part 4

Jesus said:
Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap,
 they have no storeroom or barn;
 yet God feeds them.
 And how much more valuable
you are than birds!
Luke 12:24

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a sweet
 and sunshiny week!

Have to say our's has been sweet, but not
so sunshiny weatherwise.  It has been sort
of dreary, but think we have turned the
corner and it is a cool 75 today and the sun
 just came out about an hour ago, and looks
 like no rain the forecast until next week......
It is suppose to go to 84 tho, but it is still that is always nice.

Since it was so cool this morning, I decided

it would be a great time to dust and Vac the
porch, so I dusted with my new 360 swiffer 
duster with the extended pole. First time,
I have used it, and it was awesome. It got
all the cat hair off the table and chairs, and 
I was able to dust the metal frames of our
 screened porch with out bending over or
 even having to move much, which made
very quick work of it, and since hubby was
working at home he took the time from his
 normal coffee break and vaccummed for me.
(God Bless Him, He does most of the vac-
cumming for me as it really irritates my 
neck problem if I do more than a room.)

So it was still cool by lunch time so we

were able to have lunch out there, for
the first time this Spring, which is very
 unusual, but do to the rain and/or the
unseasonably hot weather or a myriad
of other reasons,  it just hasn't
 happened this year.

So it was quite a treat for us both!

Guess I had Best get on with my

 Thankfuls.....before I write a book 
ahead of time.  lol

Along with my Thankfuls,  thought I

would show you pictures of my sofa
table all dressed for Spring in the
 Family room.

I Am Thankful

for a fun Friday evening and sleep over
with our lil darling....we had such a fun
 time, and she slept great and was in
such a good mood the whole time.

with paint daub affect

that Scott and Megan had some time
to themselves and it gave Megan a little
break too.

for an unspoken answer to prayer I
can't tell you about right now, but
will tell you next Thursday.

with cut out and equalized affect

for my digital camera and all the neat
pics I can take and then just download,
and it doesn't cost a thing....
So nice..........

that we had such a fun time at our Sunday 
School or Life group (as they call it now)
 get together on Sunday afternoon.  
They had a Taco party, so it was good
food and a good time had by all.
So thankful for the hosting couple too.
They are sweeties.

With Solarized affect

for several long conversation with Dee
the last few days, as we have both been
busy and haven't talked in about 5 days.

that hubby got our new outdoor lights painted. 
 They were a bronze color and we got a great 
deal on them, but we didn't like how they
 looked on the house due to the color, but we
 discovered that we could take them apart and
 paint them, so that is what hubby did.....
can't wait to see them up.........they are 
gonna look great and be much easier
 to keep clean, which was the main reason
we got them......

Note:  Hubby just put them up and they
look great!!  

with posterized affect

that I got some of my yard bunnies cleaned
 up and painted as well.  You will be seeing
them soon............

for some stolen moments of sitting on the
 back porch swing and enjoying the work we
 have done out in the back yard.

also for the sounds of silence out
there, and the once in awhile passing
of cars, or an airplane flying by, or birds 
chirping and frogs singing, and an orange
butterfly and a dragon fly flitting about.
Gifts from my heavenly Father.
Simple pleasures and love gifts,
for sure.

for a sweet story I read on yahoo 
news today,  that tells about a 5 yr.
 old lil boy, who saved his Mom's life
 after she went into a diabetic coma. 

Afterwards, She said he was
 a super hero, and he said 
His super power
 was LOVE.


Twirl affect - for when you want to feel
like you are living in Alice's

for Ann Voskamp's book, 
"One Thousand Gifts" and the joy of
getting to read it all over again.
If you would like to know more about it
see my Tuesday post.  Just click here!

Oh, and Just so you know,  I do not know
 Ann VosKamp, and do not get any sort of
compensation for what I have said about
 her book.  I am just a reader who has
 been blessed by her writing and think
I should pass it on...........

Well,  hope you enjoyed your 
visit, and hope you come 
again real soon.

Would love if you would share

 something you are thankful for 
with us, or just say Hello.......

Love, Hugs, and
Last Day of April Blessings.

(Wow, that means tomorrow 
is May, how did we get here
so fast!)

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 of Spring Decorating, 
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring Decorating Part 3

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope it is sunny and bright 
where ever you
are today..............

It has been rather dismal here the past few
 days, rainy and cloudy with the promise of 
rain even if it doesn't come!  lol

We had a fun weekend,  and it has just
been quiet the last few days, which is good
as I have been feeling rather tired and sleepy,
some of it because of sleep loss Sat. night,
but some of it from the weather I think......

Thought I would show you my redo of our
coffee table after Easter.  Just pretty simple,
but took lots of pictures.  I will tell you why
at the

This pretty print box came with bath and body
goodies in it, think it was either my Birthday or
Mother's Day gift from hubby last year. So
thought it made a nice addition............

with colored pencil affect

Need one more hydrangea, so filled in with this pretty
pink bow...............where there is a Will there is a Way,
as the old saying goes..............

with posterized affect

Always love using this book somewhere in the
 house during the Spring Season., and of course,
 some birds.

The book is by Ann Voskamp and it is called
"One Thousand Gifts"
I will tell you more about it at the very end
and give you a website............

Loved all the shadows surrounding the book.........

Then I remembered I had a nest with 3 eggs in it ....
and thought it would look great on top of the book,
Sort of a 3D affect..................

If you look closely it looks as tho she is holding it.

With posterized affect

and not only do I love birds and nests, and 
pastel colors,  I love love love hydrangeas
and white pitchers.

Half Tone Paper Affect

Photo Copy Affect

The reason I took so many pictures is because I 
wanted to make sure that Ann's book cover showed
 up more than just once without my bird nest on top,
 as it is beautiful all on it's own. 
 I started rereading her book again, and the first
 chapters make you cry or want to (and who
 couldn't use a good cleansing cry anyway)  lol,
anyway, it gets more hopeful and is truly 
marvelous book,
 and it is something I discovered myself a few
 years before I was gifted with this book from 
another blog friend named Bonnie, but I agree
 so much with this book, and she is right...., 
there are gifts from God all around us each day, 
and looking for them, realizing,acknowledging
 and being thankful to the Lord for them has
seriously revolutionized my life............
I would highly recommend this book to anyone,
 the prose is beautifully poetic almost....she is a 
great writer, and amazingly descriptive.......
It is good stuff folks.................and certainly
 very helpful for the day and age in which 
we are living.

Also if you would like to know more about
Ann Voskamp she has a website.
See her Trailer on the right hand side,
It's awesome............and once you 
read those first 2 chapters you will
know even more how awesome it is...

If you would like to see part 2 of
 Spring Decorating,  Just click here

So thankful you could come
 by today!
Hope you say hello........

Have a great rest of the week!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday - April 23, 2015, and spring decorating Part 2

 Praise and glory and wisdom 
and thanks and honor and power
 and strength be to our God
 for ever and ever. Amen!"
Revelation 7:12

Greeting and Salutations
Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well and happy

I have been happily redecorating and have made
 some more progress which I will show you today.
Seems my creativity is still with me today, and
I am quite happy about that, as things go so
 much quicker when I have my mojo
It only lasted till mid afternoon,  cause I got
 tired, but did get quite a bit done, and 
tomorrow is always another day.
Only lasted till mid afternoon tho

We were out working in the back yard again
tonight and finally finished off the area where
my bench sits, so Lord willing I will show you
next week. Plenty more work to do in that
back yard tho........but it looks pretty any
way since every thing has greened up so
much, but it just needs some trimming
 and shaping up.
It has really helped us have some time to
get out there more since hubby has that
extra day working from home now.

We had a fun day with lil darling yesterday,
she is saying more things all the time and
so cute how she says them. She can say
"Sing Me", now,  which means "Swing Me!!"
This child absolutely loves to swing  and
 gets SO happy with a  big ol grin when we
 say yes! She is such a cutie pie...........
Course, I am not biased or anything!!  lol
  We are having a sleepover tomorrow night, 
 so that should be fun..........and give Mom 
and Dad  a lil break and some alone time.

Well, best get on with my Thankful Thursday 
post..... actually, it is already done,  I am
just finishing up the beginning and gotta
add some pictures and then I can post.

Finally finished the fireplace hearth

I am thankful

that hubby has sealed the leak on our roof 
(hopefully), hubby is 98% sure but have to
 wait for the rain to prove us right............ 
The roofer never came back on Friday and
 we had more rain and more leaking........
So hubby was The HERO once again!

We are thankful for the Lord's direction
with this roof situation.

As we had the thoughts that it would be best
 not to have anyone involved with whatever is 
wrong with the roof to be the one to inspect
the roof, which was such spot on, so we
know it was Him..............

for a sweet man from our church that is a
 contractor, but now travels as a catastrophic
 Ins. adjuster, he just happened to be home 
and hubby called to ask him if he knew of a
 good roofer that we could have come and
 check our roof, and he asked hubby some
questions and then said let me come take
a look at it.  So we were thrilled to say
the least.  So he came out Sunday after-

Decided to put it in my cloche. It the item next
to the big topiary on the mantle, looks great in person,
 just hard to get a good shot of

that he said,  there is nothing wrong with
our roof.... it is in great condition.
So we are doing the happy dance and just 
praising the Lord for his direction and
 goodness to us.

We evidently had a roofer that was just
 trying to drum up business ..............
which was exposed for us, but what about
some elderly person who can not get on
their roof or just is unsuspecting and
believes that his roof is bad, and then
does get scammed.  Cause we sure
believed him at first,  course, when
Hubby was up there fixing the leak,
 I was sort of checking and trying to
 pull up some tiles from on the ladder 
and I didn't see anything that was lose,
then I was starting to wonder..........
but then I was in a just a small area.

for a lovely time at Scott, Megan's on
Saturday.  Nice visit and great food as
always.  Scott made a new rice dish
and it was really good, and even got
to bring some

Also got to taste a few of his bluberries
he is growing, some are just starting to
 turn blue and they are absolutely delicious.
He doesn't put any chemicals of any kind
on things he grows.  A few week ago he
had some broccoli growing and I got to
taste it fresh from the garden and wow,
what a difference in taste,  so good!
He is such an amazing grower!!

Serving cart in between dining/family room.

that Dee and Jerry are having a lot of
fun picking out some new furniture and
things for their new home, course, they
want be closing until the end of May,
but they can't contain their excitement.

She has also sold another home!!  This

will be her 3rd, not bad for just over
a year of being in the business and in a
whole new place and hardly knowing

I am so happy for her, as this move has

been quite a transition for her to be
away from everyone and everything,
 she has ever known her whole life, and
 altho there have been a lot of good 
things, there has also been a lot of very
 hard things for her to deal with too......

With Posterized affect


that Lord willing........Dee will be able
 to come home for a visit in early May.
She will be my belated Mother's Day
present!!  lol  So we are all looking
forward to it,  as it has been 6 months
since she has been here.


for a new cake we discovered at our
local Publix Grocery store.  It is called
a "Salted Caramel Heath Bar" cake.
(I think, or something like that, but the
 container has already been thrown
out, so couldn't check it)  Sorry!
but it is really scrumptious!

with colored pencil affect


for journaling......I haven't been doing
it for quite a while and decided just this 
week to start again, and I am so glad
I is very helpful, and some
times I am amazed what comes out
that I didn't know was in there or was
even bothering me.  So it is a very
healthy emotional and spiritual


for a very good piece of advice that I
 just heard on the christian radio station.
The announcer was talking about his Dad
 who is now in Heaven, and he said his Dad
 always said, don't be sad when things are 
over just be happy that they ever
 happened.  What great advice!

This is how it ended up.....decided I didn't like it
the other way....


that our yard looks beautiful, we had
about 3 days of rain last week so every
thing has beautifully greened up and
then we mowed and edged last night,
so it is a delight to our eyes to look
our thankful
to have this yard that has brought
us so much solace, shade, fun and
 joy over the last 35 years.

I just sat the lil birdie on there...........


for a new sub sandwich we discovered
at Publix Grocery store .  It is called a
 Chicken cordon bleu, and we had one 
for lunch on Wed. and  it is reallyyy
quite good and just so you know .....
it is a Warm Sandwich.
Highly recommend!!

Well, there you have it folks....
My blessings for the week and
my Spring decorating progress
so far,  have gotten a lot more
done today, so more to come
next week.
If you would like to see part 1
Just Click Here or scroll down.

Thanks for your visits and sweet 

comments...I so appreciate every 
single one of you who visit whether
 you comment or not, but of course,
 I do love and appreciate 
your comments.

Have a lovely Friday and 


Love, Hugs, and

Last week of April Blessings,

(Can you believe we are almost

thru April already??)

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