Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fun Changes to living room and Easter Egg tree....

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a good
 Tuesday, so far.

Mine hasn't been long since I slept
in till 9, sure feel much better.....as
I didn't get much sleep the night 
before.  Gonna try to work in my
computer room today and do some
much needed clutter busting....lol

Around the end of March we made
 some changes to our Living room,
which we are quite happy with.......
so thought I would show you that
and our Easter tree....so that will be
the last of the Easter things...

 We happily got rid of a very old sofa,
which was actually part of a sectional
we used to have. It had and was....
 deteriorating from the sun that comes in 
the front windows, and that our late
 Molly kitty had unbeknowst to us clawed
 on the right back side, evidently during
 the Winter nights when she stayed in, so
 it had been covered up for quite awhile
 with a white bedspread and quilt.
 As you can see in the above photo.

We got rid of her because.........

I actually happened on this cute lil
 love seat from world market and fell
 in love with it, and it's versatility, and
 the price was good, and got even better
 after they put in on sale.
So told hubby I would love it as a 
birthday present this year.....and the
rest is history and we have been
quite tickled with it.

I am not sure it is gonna stay in this
spot altho I do like it here but my
original intention was to Katy
Corner it......so will see....

I decided to change out our coffee 
table which was my hope chest

Replaced it with the Parson table
 I used to have on the right hand 
corner next to the old sofa....
The table where I used to keep
all the family photos.....

I added 2 lil chairs that were my
 son's when he was little, so now 
lil darling and I can sit here and
do puzzles, writing, tea parties
 or whatever.
This will be a welcome break
for Grammy's knees....lol

These chairs could use some paint, 
 but not sure what color or if I will
 paint them or not,  the contrast is
 kinda nice since we have the dark
 woodwork in this room......
and the knicks and dings add 
some character.....showing they
 were well loved like the skinned
 horse in the Velveteen Rabbit 
story. lol  Plus lil darling will
 only be using them a few more

The other things we love about this 
love seat is you can put one side down
 and make it a chaise lounge, and if
you put both sides down it becomes
a twin bed.......and it has a slip cover
as well....also all the pillows do too,
but they do need to be dry cleaned.
We don't sit in here a lot so that is
why I wasn't too worried about that,
but I probably would not have pur-
chased it if it was gonna be used
a ton, However, they do have other
 sofa covers you can purchase to
cover the white ones, but none of
them worked for us.
 I love lying here and looking
out the window and up at the
sky and tree. Great View.
Also a great place to sit and read
a book too........haven't done that
yet, but will be........

  1. Here is the view from the
  2. foyer area.

You can see the side here and the
frame, the sides very easily just
 pull up and drop down. 
Hubby and I both love versatile
 pieces like this. This love seat frame
 comes in black and gray wood.  
We got the gray as we thought it 
would look much better in our 
room, but for anyone with black 
and white, the black would 
look awesome.

Just so you know, I get no
compensation in any way for
any info here,  just telling you
about something we really like.

This is on the right side of the
 sofa. Just changed the table top
 accessories is all I did here.

and here is our Easter Tree..........

Had a topiary in it's place before but
once we made the Easter Tree had to
 find a place to put it.....and this was
 the perfect spot it seemed.

The first time I ever saw and Easter 
Tree was 45+ years ago when we
 lived in Germany. So think it is
a German Tradition, but it might
be a European tradition as well.

Believe it or not some of these eggs 
are actually 45+ years old, and came
from Germany. When we get them out
every Easter they are always a wonderful
 remembrance of the time we spent in
Germany when we were so young!  
I was 19 and hubby was 23.....
It was quite an adventure for us.... 

I will be showing you a few more 
changes to this room soon..........

Thanks for visiting with me, and
hope you will come again soon.

Have a really delightful week,

enjoy Spring... as we are half way
to Summer..................

Love, Hugs, and
End of April Blessings,


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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Scripture Sunday

Good Sunday Morning to you......

Hope this finds you well and Happy!

I happened to come across this
 wonderful video this week of a lil
 4 yr. old girl singing, and since we
aren't that far out from Easter, I just 
knew I had to share it with you today.

Hope you will take the time to listen
to it... as I promise you won't be sorry.

or type it in yourself.......


Hugs and Blessings,

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thankful Thursday April 20, 2017, more Spring/Easter Touches

Jesus said:
surely I am with you always,
 to the very end of the age.”
Matthew 28:20

Thursday Greetings....
Sweet Friends,

Hope you are having a very good
week, and still enjoying the glow
of Easter Sunday!

My Monday wasn't the best as I
had a headache all day, and had
a situation where someone needed
some help, and it seemed like the
harder I tried to figure things out
it just wasn't working, you know,
one of those days you think you
just should have stayed in bed w/
 the covers over your head. lol
But Thankfully, I am happy to
 report, the rest of the week has
been great.........

Pics today are the last of my
Easter decor in the living room,
the rest of them which you will
see at a later date, just look like
Spring.........but also looked 
good for Easter.....

So on with my Thankfuls.....

I am thankful

for a lovely Easter Sunday
 Service at our church.  We
 had such lovely music and
 then a sermon about the
 resurrection.  So thankful
and happy we serve a 
Risen Saviour.

Free Printable from

for a lovely time with the 
family Sunday afternoon
 and evening.

for a great dinner...simple and
 easy, yet delicious, if I do say 
so myself. lol

for our first strawberry short-
cake of the year.  Always love
strawberry shortcake anytime.
Great...Easter Sunday Dessert.

for Easter candy....my favs...
reeses peanut butter eggs,
malted milk balls, and M and
M's candy eggs.......yum yum.
Been munching on them all
week......hubby has been eating
his fav, the jelly beans........lol

that my SIL Susan got her stitches
out and things look good.  She had
to have a skin cancer removed but
it was not malignant, so we are 
definitely grateful for that.....

that the newborn baby I wrote
about a few weeks ago (one of
our students baby) that had hip 
dysplaysia has seen the ortho-
pedics Dr. and the baby should
 not need surgery, but they will
 put her in a brace this coming
 Friday for several months.

for the opportunity to help
someone out with meals this

that we got to hear my son 
tell about his experience of
going to preschool with lil 
darling to get her pics made.
It was hilarious..... and it
makes hubby and I laugh
or smile everytime we think
 about it......lol
Like Art Linkletter used
to say "Kids say the darndest
things", so true!

that our grass seed hubby put
down in our backyard a few 
weeks ago is finally starting
 to sprout, and we are hoping
it grows quickly.........lol

for a new Mexican restaurant
 we discovered on Tuesday night.
I would give it a 10 on a scale
to 1-10,  10 being the best.
The service was excellent, we
didn't have to ask for one thing,
and the food was wonderful.

We can't wait to go back.....lol

a sneak peek at our new love seat.

for another good news story about a 
12 yr. old girl who thwarts a car
 jacker to save her 7 yr. old sister.

Great story, well worth the read.

Click here or type in


Thankful that you could come 
by today..........

Always great to know you are here,
so would love to hear from you!

Love, Hugs and
Middle of April Blessings,
(Can't believe we are only
11 days away from May)


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