Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Easy and Delicious Alfredo Sauce recipe

Picture compliments of Pixabay

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope this day finds you well and happy.

For Valentine's Day I think I told you I made some delicious Alfredo Sauce for dipping our bread sticks.  
Well, here is the recipe.....I had never made it before but we all think it tasted just like the Alfredo at Olive Garden.  Found the recipe from All recipes, and was sooooo happy with it, as it was quite easy to make.

Wanted to get this recipe in my blog recipes before I lose it, so I just scanned it and put it on here.  Hope you all can see it well enough.

Sorry I couldn't make the recipe show up any larger than this, and I was too lazy to copy it all........

You could just click here to see it better!
You will have to scroll down a bit to
see it though..........

 Will definitely be making this again soon.

Have a Happy Tuesday!


Sunday, February 18, 2024

Scripture Sunday


I don't know about you but the fact

 that God is the King of all the earth

 brings comfort to my heart.

Have a lovely Sunday.

Hugs, Nellie

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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Thankful Thursday, February 15, 2024, More Valentines Eye Candy


 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness   gentleness and self-control. 
Galatians 5:22 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hoping you all had a Wonderful time
being with or hearing from family/
and or friends on Valentine's Day.
We love Valentine's day around
here........not that we do all that
much, but just another fun day to
celebrate. We will take all of those
we can get!!  lol

Photos today are of more Valentine's eye candy!!
Compliments of Unsplash and lil darlings help
with choosing pictures.

On with my Thankfuls...........

Thankful that I was able to find an old recipe I had on my blog via a link with Kraft foods, but was evidently discontinued, so finally foun one that sounded like the one I used before, as it was a bit more simple than a lot of the others.  It was for "Southwestern White Chili", and easier didn't mean less delicious. We really enjoyed it and
it was our first time to have it this Winter.

Thankful for a good day with Lil darling, got all her schoolwork done fairly quickly and we got to work on our story again.....added another chapter
to the "Kingdom of Cookie Dough."  lol

Thankful that hubby just saw this morning
 where our old bank branch was (which they closed a number of years ago) is now becoming a
of all things.  We are delighted that after
over 40 years of living here they are finally starting to put more food places around us,
 a nice restaurant would be our preference,
 but not likely. Anyway, we are excited.....
cause they also just opened a Taco Bell 
not too far away too.  Cause we had to
travel about 40 mins. away to get take
out if we want it.

Thankful for how the Lord encourages us when
 we need it.  It has been one of those days........I woke up feeling a bit hopeless this morning, 
so talked to the Lord about it and he put me 
on to 2 blog posts, that were exactly what I needed to hear and be reminded of..............
Love how HE does that!

Thankful that even tho hubby is still
fighting off his cold, and I am having
some milder symptoms than him, but 
we aren't feeling terrible, just tired.
So think I dodged another sickness
bullet for the most part. Thankful
 that we can one again watch our church  online.........definitely not as good as
 being there, but at least we feel in the
 loop, and we are not giving anyone
 else whatever we have!! 

Thankful that we got to see the Memorial
Service for the couple in their 90's that
passed away within 10 hrs. of each other.
(I have written about the last 2 Thankful
posts).  Since hubby was sick we wound
up not being able to go, but the church
live streamed it, so we got to see it this
week.  What powerful and wonderful
testimonies about them from their 
Granddaughters, It was truly such a
 lovely and honoring service.

Thankful that I did not get hurt.... as I
took a fall, as I tripped on a rug coming
in from the garage. Thankful it was
coming in and not going out or I would
have fallen on concrete, instead I fell
on laminate floors that have some
cushioning.  Just scrapped my knee,
and shook me up for a few minutes,
as I fell and rolled........lol
Just practicing my stunt woman
skills and scaring my hubby!!  lol

Thankful that our new sheets came
and they were a perfect fit and a perfect 
match for the top sheets and pillow cases
 on our bed and they are 100% organic
 cotton and feel so nice and they were 
made in India.
 It was from a company called "Bare", 
and was impressed with their packaging
It was so nice, each sheet was inside a nice brown paper box with no plastic wrap,
 and then each one was put inside of  2 nice shopping bags.
 So that was a nice freebie.
I know, I know, I am fascinated by
 the strangest things...........lol

Thankful for the early surprise of Red Roses from hubby for Valentine's day. They are
just beautiful....

Thankful for a good day with lil darling
got all her school work done and we also
had fun making a pretty box to have her Valentine's put it for their party tomorrow. 
Got some pretty pictures from Unsplash 
to decorate it with, and she was thrilled.

Thankful hubby took our Christmas tree
down today, and put it away for the year,
 and I did a lot of cleaning while he was
doing that!!
Always love a clean house.

Thankful for a simple yet lovely
Valentine's Day with Hubby.  Cards,
Breakfast Sandwiches from Duncan
donut (Donuts were not the greatest)
but the sandwiches were, phone call
with our Daughter, pretty table set
(my only valentines decorating this 
year, lol) while hubby was gone to get
 Olive Garden take out, great dinner
with some sparkling grape juice, a few
 Chocolates and then watched a couple
Romantic comedies.  Works for us.

Well that's it for Cozy Place this week.
This is the Valentine's Edition!!

Glad you came by today,
and Hope you have a lovely
Friday and Weekend.

Love, Hugs and 
Valentine's Day Blessings,

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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Happy Valentine's Day


Happy  Valentine's  Day

     Sweet  Friends,

Hope your day is filled with

Love and Joy! 


Some Chocolate Candy

Don't Forget

Jesus is the Best Valentine Ever!

Love, Hugs and Blessings,

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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Scripture Sunday - Love is...........


Happy Valentine's Week!

Just in case someone is wondering.....
This describes what Love really is.....

Have a Sweet Day,

Hugs, Nellie

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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Thankful Thursday February 8, 2024, pictures today are just for a fun Valentines Treat


Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a
 multitude of sins.
1 Peter 4:8 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are ya??  Hope you are having a good week.

Mine has been good, hubbies not so good, as he came

down with something last Wed. night.  However,

he is feeling much better since Monday. 

Pictures today are just for a fun Valentine Treat. 

 I love everything about Valentine's day, and since

I decided not to decorate for it this year thought

I could do this instead!!

Compliments of Pixabay.

Now....on with my Thankfuls


Thankful my Son got home safe and sound from his trip

to Arizona.


Thankful for a couple of long conversations with my Daughter 

the last few days, cause between the busyness of both of us

had been awhile.  Always wonderful to catch up.


Thankful for Pixabay and Unsplash and all the beautiful

 pictures they have.....looking thru them just makes my heart sing

 for some reason. I guess cause I just love beauty of any kind!!


Thankful for a blog that some of you might know about but

if you don't you should definitely check out.  It is called the

"Crowned Goat" written by a gal named Coco.  She seems

like a real sweetheart and I love her writing style and

everything about her blog and think you will too.

Click here  or type it in for yourself



Thankful for a miraculous story I read about in the Epoch

 Times,about a young Mom who had 3 children and was in a

 terrible accident and was in a coma for 5 years, and woke up 

laughing at a joke her Mom told. Her children are now 

21, 18, and 11 years of age.

Her Mom was there for her every day and always believed

she would wake up. She is sad for all the lost time with her

children, but trying not to dwell on that, as it will keep her

from moving forward, as she had to have a lot of therapy,

to regain what she lost during those 5 years.

  Praying that the Lord will repay

 her for the days that the locust have stolen.  (Joel 2:25)

Love hearing true stories like this.........


Thankful for things that we can take that are immune

boosters like Vitamin C, D, and B Complex,

and Elderberry  Gummies.  Especially when we

know we are exposed to sickness, a few weeks ago,

I was starting to get sick but had an appoint-

ment to have a crown done, and they were sort

of squeezing me in, so did not want to miss it,

and I took all that along with gargling with

Listerine, and also asked a few friends to pay

and it the Lord answered  Hoping the Lord

sees fit to answer again cause hubby is now 

sick with a bad cold.

Note: We were all praying again this week and did

 the same stuff and so far I have been fine, and was

 able to go to the dentist again to finish up.  Shew!

Very Thankful and happy I stayed well

 and was able to go.


Thankful for Ham, cheese, broccoli and onion quiche. 

Haven't made it in a long while and it was very enjoyable.

Glad that we had leftover chopped broccoli, as that was

my impetus to make it.  lol


Thankful I got my permanent crown today.

So that is finally off my plate. Who hoo!!

but will need to go for x-rays and an official

checkup in March.


Thankful for some grocery shopping at Wally World

and din din at Longhorn steakhouse.  We had the most

delightful young lady as our server. She was adorable.


Thankful for a good day with lil darling, she got all her 

school work done even tho she was a lil tired from their trip. 

 Which she really enjoyed.  We even had time to work

 on our story we are writing,  just for the fun of it,

"The Kingdom of Cookie dough"!

She could grow up to be a writer, you never know!!


Thankful for a nice long chat with 

Sweet Daughter who lives in S. Carolina.

Always Fun!  Also, thankful for a new

blessing they received this week.


Thankful that I was finally able to find some new 

 fitted sheets to match our bed linens, as one of the fitted

 sheets just ripped  all of a sudden when I washed it, 

and we really haven't had them all that long, so that

was a surprise.  Anyway.....the new ones are ordered

 and hoping they work out well.  Not easy to find

many sheets that are not in a set.  We have a queen 

adjustable bed so we have to have twin sheets for each 

side.  The top sheets and pillow cases are still in

 great condition, not quite sure what happened to

the bottom ones.  lol

Well, that's it for this week at Cozy Place.

Glad you came by...............

and hope you have a Sweet Valentines day

next week............

Love, Hugs and

Valentine Blessings,


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Easy and Delicious Alfredo Sauce recipe

Picture compliments of Pixabay Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends, Hope this day finds you well and happy. For Valentine's Day I think I told y...