Saturday, March 23, 2019

Scripture Sunday

Happy Sunday, Happy Spring
Sweet Friends,

Here is the verse for today.

A word fitly spoken is like apples
of gold in settings of silver.

Proverbs 25:11 NKJV

Have a lovely day,

Spring time Blessings,

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Friday, March 22, 2019

Thankful Thursday March 21, 2019, More Spring flowers

 But let all who take refuge in you
 be glad; let them ever sing for joy.
 Spread your protection over them,
 that those who love your name 
may rejoice in you.
Psalm 5:11 NIV

Welcome to Spring
 Sweet Friends,

She has officially arrived and
know many of you are soooo
happy about that..........

Hope you have had a very good 
week.  Ours has been a mix of
not so good the first 3 days
since last Thursday, and very
 busy, yet very good, the last 
part of the week until now.

Was sick over the weekend, and 
then found out my cousin passed
away over the weekend, on Mon-
day.....She was 76 yrs. old and
single, and lived in Pennsylvania,
Gosh, I can't even remember the
 last time we saw each other, but 
we did talk on the phone at times.
She used to live with her sister
until she passed about 10 yrs.
ago,  then she moved near her
younger brother.  She will surely
be missed.....

Picture today will be of flowers
again as I have nothing else to
show you until I get my house

Thankful that my daughter-in-love
and lil darling are mostly better 
now, and so far, my son hasn't
gotten any of it.....

Thankful I am feeling better as I
was feeling bad over the weekend,
and was already struggling before
 with what I thought werre allergies
 or maybe fighting off a virus.

Thankful my son got home safe
and sound from Spain and was
able to look after his wife and
lil darling over the weekend.

Thankful hubby did not catch any
thing from the rest of us sickies.

Thankful for lots of rest and sleep.

#6 and 7
Thankful that I got all my Winter
Decor down and Thankful for
 lil darling's help last Thursday,
 She did a great job of helping.

Thankful that I got to talk to my 
cousin Donna again last week,
 because I got a call that she had
 passed away over the weekend.
This is the same lady who asked me
 (just 10 days before her passing) to 
make Easter cards for her family.
 So I am gonna complete that 
mission next month.

Thankful that Donna was such
 a sweet and loving person and
most of all she knew the Lord,
and we know she is in Heaven
 with so many other family
 members that have gone on 
before us.

Thankful that the Lord layed
it on my heart to design a
Wedding Invitation for our
friend who is getting married.
She and her fiancee' both
loved it............

Thankful for the big and small
ways the Lord blesses us. I have
been looking for periwinkle blue
towels for probably 7-8 years,
and could never find the right
ones, even tho I brought some
home thinking they were...they
were always to much navy in
them. Last night I was in 
Penneys on the way to the rest
room, and ran right into a table
full of towels that were on sale
and there they were.  They only
had 6 bath towels left, but didn't
see any hand towels so did a
lil searching around and found
those too, So came home with
them and they are a perfect
match.........Good things come
to those who wait....I always
say! I am just tickled pink,
or should I say

Thankful that our roofer (the 
one who is gonna do our shed 
remodel is okay. He and his boss
 slide off a very tall roof, but 
fortunately, the Lord protected 
them because they slide where 
there was a lower roof, so they 
didn't fall off the house, but he
did injure his knee some, but
it could have been so much
worse, as one of the other men
did fall all the way to the ground
and fortunately it didn't kill him
but did really injure his leg

Well, there you have it folks,

Glad you could come by for a visit.

Would love you to tell us something
you are thankful for as well.

Have a wonderful March weekend.

Love, Hugs, and
Happy Spring Blessings,


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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Quotes to Ponder............

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Sweet Friends,

How this finds you well and happy 
and wearing some green......
So you don't get pinched.  lol

Since I have been feeling under
the weather again.....I had this
quote in my draft box, so....
decided today would be a good
day to use it.

“You know what makes your heart
 refreshed, the things that make you 
come alive. We need to drink in
 beauty wherever we can get it—
in music, in nature, in art, in a 
great meal shared. These are all 
gifts to us from God’s generous
heart. Friends, those things are 
not decorations to a life, 
they bring life.” 

By John Eldredge

I so agree with him.....

Have a lovely and Restful day

Hugs and Irish Blessings to you!


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