Monday, March 19, 2018

Scripture Sunday....a little late.....

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Here is the scriptures for the day,
just a wee bit late!!  lol

 Shout for joy to the LORD, all the earth. 

 Worship the LORD with gladness; 

come before him with joyful songs.

 Know that the LORD is God. 

It is he who made us, and we are his ;

 we are his people, the sheep of his pasture. 

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and 

his courts with praise; give thanks to him

 and praise his name. 

For the LORD is good and his love 

endures forever; his faithfulness continues

 through all generations.

Psalm 100:1-5

Have a lovely week,

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thankful Thursday March 15, 2018, more of Easters past.....

But may all who seek you rejoice and
 be glad in you; may those who long for
 your saving help always say, 
“The LORD is great!”
Psalm 40:16 NIV

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope your week has been a good one.

Mine not so good physically, not
 horrible but not feeling up to par.....
started off with an earache on Monday
 morning then sinus issues and just 
feeling very overtired, but sinus meds
 and naps made things considerably
 better, thankfully!  But will sure be
 glad when is goes bye bye....

So that is why you haven't heard
from me this week until now.

Pictures today will be from Easters
past again...............

On with my Thankfuls

Thankful for Tylenol Sinus medication,
that helped make me feel better.

Thankful that we got to have lil darling
for a lil while on Saturday and then all
day Tuesday and Wednesday since she
was out of school for Spring Break.
We had a lot of fun....thanks to Tylenol


Thankful for Google search engine!
Lil darling and I were reading a book that
 had a peacock in it with all it's beautiful
 tail feathers fanned out, and I was asking her
seen one with it's feather closed and how it
drags on the ground in back of it.  She had not
ever seen that, so we did a google search and
found way more than that......did you know
there are peacocks in all different colors,
from all over the world.  Solid white, orange,
Purple, lime green, green and red, it was
amazing and beautiful to see all of them.

Thankful that my hydrangeas and
Bougainvilla are still alive and made
it through the few freezes that we
had.....wasn't sure if that was gonna
be the case, as they looked pretty

Thankful that hubby has continued
to get birthday cards and well wishes
from many who were not able to
attend his nice of them
to remember him.

Thankful that a long time friend of
ours who had prostrate cancer and
had surgery is doing really well.

Thankful to hear a good report back
about our youth pastor's mother-in-law
Her pathology report showed no 
evidence of cancer.............


Thankful for all the beautiful Spring
weather we have been having.  It has
been absolutely gorgeous out for most
of the last week..

Thankful for Burger King, Whoppers,
one of my fav hamburgers! 
Lunch for today!!  lol

Thankful for something fun coming
up soon,  will have to tell you about
it later..........

Thankful that hubby found a way for
us to watch Season 5 of Fixer Upper.
We have so missed it since Roku cut
off HGTV last year.  So that was a
very nice surprise!

Thankful that 2 other people from 
church we have been praying for
came thru their surgeries well today.


Thanks for hopping by.....

Hope you enjoyed your time here,
and have a hopping good Friday
and weekend with those you love.

Hugs, and middle of March
Blessings to you and yours,


Can you believe we are already
Mid March??  amazing!

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Thankful Thursday March 8, 2018, Random Easter pics from the past.....

 Sing joyfully to the LORD, you righteous;
 it is fitting for the upright to praise him.
Psalm 33:1 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are you??  Doing well I hope.....

Maybe starting to do a lil Spring or
 Easter Decorating??

After resting up a few days I have started
 to feel like putting out a few Easter things, 
but think I will hold off most of my Spring 
decorating till after Easter since it is so
early this year...........

Now be clear... I know that Easter is all
about Jesus.....but the lil girl in me loves,
bunnies and eggs and whimsical things,
so indulge me here while I add some
random pics from Easter's past with
no disrespect intended.....

With that said, on with my thankful

Thankful that my hubbies Surprise
70th Birthday party on Saturday
 turned out so well, and everyone had
 a great time, and thankful that he was
 actually surprised, which was nothing
 short of a miracle, as he works from 
home most days, so navigating that 
while trying to keep it a surprise was 
quite difficult and stressful....
All my Mondays were spent all day
doing things toward his book and that is the only full day
he goes into work......and we started
 the middle of January, so this is the
surprise you have heard me mention
a few times in some of my posts.

Thankful for all the family and friends
 that came to celebrate with him. Some 
we had not seen for years, so it was
 such a blessing to see them.

Thankful that I had paced myself
well and had pretty much every
thing done house wise, and food
wise, so was able to visit with my
 daughter and son-in-love on Friday
 before the party as I just had to
 deal with picking up /and setting 
up food on the day of the party.

Thankful that my son-in-love
was here to take him to my son's
house to have breakfast and to
watch the new "StarTrek movie"
Hubby loves movies and Star
Trek, and especially enjoyed
it with the guys.....

Thankful for all who participated
in sending me, their well wishes,
sentiments and stories so that we
could make a commenorative 
book for him. He really loved
it and was so blessed by it.

Thankful for my daughter who 
did the work of typing it all up
to be sent in to have it made
into a book,  and it came out
even better than we expected.
They did a great job, so if you
ever want to make one for some-
body you love we would highly
 recommend using from a Birdie.
Click here to see their site or
type it in yourself @

I get no compensation in any
way for recommending them,
we are just satisfied customers
who want to share their good
work with others.

Thankful that my daughter could
be here and thankful for she and
my daughter-in-love for their
 hands on help the day of the

Thankful to the whole family,
as they all contributed in so
 many different and helpful ways.
You were all such a blessing
to me, and I could never have
done it without you.

Thankful for Publix bakery
for their Delicious and pretty
cakes that helped make our
dessert party............

Thankful that his party has 
finally arrived and gone cause
as much fun and joy was the
planning, it was equally as
stressful for me, as I am not
good at keeping secrets from
my hubby,  and made quite
a few slips at times and tried
to cover them.....

Thankful for all the love and Joy
that can be poured out through
other people that so blesses our
lives.........that love and Joy was
so evident here on Saturday, and
we were all so blessed by it.....

Thankful that lil darling had 
great birthday party on Sunday,
she turned 5 years old. Can hardly
 believe it.....Just wish we could
slow it down somehow!!  lol
They just grow up too fast.......

Well, as I am sure you can tell the
Surprise Birthday party  was the
 focus of our week at cozy Place.....

Moving on to Easter now!!  lol

Have a great Friday and Weekend!

Love, Hugs, and 

Merry March Blessings,


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