Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Emotional Heart Health and more surprises...........

(Sweet lil bird,  from a Sweet, lovely  friend)
Afternoon Sweet Friends,
And how are you today???  Doing well I hope.
Yesterday I was telling you about how loved I felt by all
 that transpired for my birthday. So I also wanted to share
 some thoughts about that with you!!
I think it is the desire of every human being to be loved 
by others;  we want that,  we desire that,  and most of all,  
we need that! And it is the Most Wonderful and Marvelous
thing to know we are loved by our Loving Heavenly Father,
 and that should Top our list!!
But I think we all know we need a little Jesus with skin on
 (as my dear friend Diane says). We need the love of family,
 friends, sisters and brothers in Christ, neighbors and
 sometimes even strangers.  Yes, many times we can sense
and feel the love of God, and other times God uses plain ole
 people just like you and me to make others feel loved.
After all Jesus said in John 13:34-35 (NIV)
"A new command I give you: Love one another.
As I have loved you, so you must love one
another.  By this all men will know that you
are my disciples, if you love one another."
Now I wanted to say some practical things about that
 and what it looks like comparing it to some of what 
happened during my birthday.  
Cards -Cards are a Wonderful way to express your love. 
 Even if the card has nice words,  adding a lil  personal note
makes it soooo special.  Now this is just me,  but I do not
 believe in wasting good money on joke cards,  I think if 
I am gonna take my time making or buying a card for
someone,  it should be something that will build the person
 up and make them feel loved. And I know anytime I have
 recieved one, I feel a bit disappointed,  almost like that 
person didn't have anything nice to say about me or 
something,  know what I mean???

See these cards.....Not a joke card in the bunch! 
 I believe we have plenty of time for joking and I am 
all for fun, but it is like another friend Tracey from church
 says,  I would rather have my flowers now than at my 
funeral!  Good Saying,  just another way of saying let's
 love on people while we still have them, and not regret
 later that we never told them how we felt about them.
I think we all think good things about each other but so
 many times those words never get out of our mouths
 and they could make such a tremendous difference to the
 person receiving them.  I think we need to learn to be
 lavish with our praise and love for others,  and every
 chance we get pour on the love...........Love is the least
 expensive and the most important gift you can ever give
anyone!!  Cards are a perfect way if you have
trouble saying things to others,  say it in writing,
but say it!!  It could change someones life!
Sometimes the enemy of our soul tricks people
into thinking that no one cares about them or
loves them,  when there could be a whole host
of people that adore them,  but never take the
time to every say it!!  I have actually known of
those situations and seen the disasterous results.
Seriously,  you pouring out your heart in words
spoken or in words written could literally change
someone's life,  I am dead serious!!
I have read where it say it takes about 10 good
or positive words,  to undo 1 bad word,  meaning
if someone says one derogatory thing to you,  it
will take 10 encouraging statements to erase it.
Whoa............sometimes I think it might even 
take more than that!  So realize someone you
love maybe have had someone say something 
derogatory to them today and guess what, they
need you to pour some loving words on that
negative thing!! 
Gifts - not that gifts are always necessary cause
sometimes a card full of loving words can be
just as much a gift as anything you could give.
But if you are going to give a gift be sure that
when you are choosing it you are thinking about
what the person you are buying it for likes...
 not what you like.  Sometimes that takes a lot
of thought and sometimes I ask the Lord for 
ideas,  and he has given me some good ones.
There are times when you just aren't sure if the
 person will really like it or not,  so I usually try to 
give a gift receipt,  or at least tell the person if
 this does not fit properly or you don't care for
 the color, or it isn't your cup of tea,  I will not be
the least bit offended if you return it. I bought the
 gift  for you, and I want you to like it,  so if you
 aren't happy with it please please get something
 you will be happy with!  Of Course, We should
 always be grateful for any gift we recieve because
the person doesn't have to give us anything,
Time - I think the gift of time is a  wonderful way to 
say I love you and I enjoy spending time with you, 
 I love that my hubby takes the day off if he can, to
 spend the day with me on my birthday and
 Anniversary.  One birthday my daughter, and I
 got subs and a fruit salad from Publix and
 went to the park together and just lunched
and talked,  it was my idea of a fun day.
In fact, tomorrow she is taking me to get a 
pedicure.  She many times chooses gifts that 
we can enjoy together,  and I love that! 

Then yesterday, our Sweet Friend Becky from
 over at Holiday in the Sun came over to sit a 
spell and chat,  my favorite thing to do!! lol
And she came armed with yellow Mums,
a small lovely cake plate, that she had made, 
with strawberry pizza, she had made as well.
Delicious!! and a absolutely gorgeous
handmade card that was so sweet , and
a lil birdie in a cage.  Everything was
packaged so beautifully too,  This girl
has such a flair......... I tell you........
.It just made my whole day!
Is the packaging even a gift,  lovely glassine
bag and curly ribbon and bow and irredescent
Easter grass and doilies and colorful tissue paper.
What a vision of lovliness,  I didn't even need
to open it,  it was a gift in and of itself.
But then I did and it has this inside.
and look she put the nest and birdie inside,
how sweet and cute is that!

Then she had this adorable lil cake stand that
she made with a candlestick and plate,  
I just love it,  but even more
it had this on it!!
This is strawberry pizza with a pecan sandy crust,
They were so delicious,  and made by the sweet
hands of Miss Becky too!
How thoughtful and delightful!
I had already taken a pc off the plate before 
I thought to take a pic,  couldn't wait to get
into those sweet babies!!  lol

And here is the Beautiful card she handmade for me.
Isn't it so pretty,  and filled with loving and encour-
aging words as well.
and look at this... even the envelope is special with 
little flowers on it,  so cute!  Couldn't bring myself
to throw it out.

Here's the mums in a vase,  and I attached 
all the trimmings from the gift bag.  Doesn't it 
look so nice. I placed it in my freshly painted
bathroom and I love it!!
Here's a closeup of the decorations,
think they are so festive....
Some type of lovely Chrysanthemum,  I think!
All I know is they sure are pretty.
Another good lesson is how wonderful it can be to make 
gifts for someone. I can tell you I was totally thrilled by
all that Becky did,  cause I know how much thought, love
 and work went into all that!  
So hope I have given you something to think about the
 next time you have an opportunity to celebrate something
 in someones life.  All I can say is if you treat your loved
ones and friends the way I was treated this week,  they
will definitely have an emotionally healthy heart!!
I also, want to say that  I love love loved all my
 wonderful cards, They were so sweet and 
cry worthy!! lol
and loved all my gifts and surprises!  
It has been a Fantastic week I have to say!
Thank you to everyone who made my  birthday
so Special,  and May the Lord bless you abundantly
for your goodness, sweetness and love to me.
So sorry this is sooooooooooo long,  I never intend
that, but it just sort of happens.  Thought it wouldn't
be too bad since it had so many pictures.
Have a great day tomorrow!
Blessings and Hugs,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Emotionally Healthy Heart to Me!!

Hello Sweet Friends,
and welcome to Heart Tips Tuesday, Not!! lol
I have been soooo busy having fun, being pampered,
and loved on, that I haven't even had time to think
of what to post for Heart Tips Tuesday!!  Sorry if
you are disappointed in any way,  I will try my best
to get with the program for next week!! lol
I do have some tips however,  for making someones
heart emotionally healthy,  cause I think if mine could
feel anymore loved it might just burst!
As some of you might have figured out,  I had a
birthday this week.  Thanks so much to all you
Happy birthday Well wishers.  I so appreciate
your sweet thoughts.
Hard to believe, sometimes you wonder how
you got here so fast,  but what we lose in youth
we make up for in wisdom, I think!! 
At least, that's my story and I am sticking
to it!! lol
It has been a Wonderful 3 days I have to say!
I feel like I should write my Thankful Thursday
post today!!   Seriously!!
I am thankful for what a great time we all had
as a family on Sunday.  They all made dinner
for me and cleaned up after and put everything away,
  Finally ... the good fairies actually did show up!! lol
Scott and Megan bought me 2 new games, cause
they know how much I love to play games,  and 
we played one,  called "the Last word",  it was
 so much fun,  but I felt like I was brain dead the
first round and just as I was starting to get the
hang of it,  it was time to stop. lol
Maybe I will do better the next time.
Jim took Monday off,  so we could go shopping
and spend the day together. Didn't do exactly what we
 were planning originally but that was fine with me because
 we got more stuff to try in the bathroom,  one of these
 days we will get it figured out!  lol
and it will be lovely!!  For Sure!
We had shopped till we dropped then went to
Red Lobster for din din,  it's was delish!!
Most of all we had a really fun time together!
We found this salad/dessert plate while we were at Home Goods,
and thought it was so cute,  we decided to buy one and make it for
Special celebrations.   When we have Birthday Celebrations or
whatever we are Celebrating the Special Person can have their cake
or dessert on the Queen or King for a day plate!!

This is a close up of the Crown,  and the actual color
of the plate.  Don't know why that came out so dark.
Isn't it just the cutest!!
I have never gotten more birthday wishes than
I did this birthday,  it was amazing,  and most 
of that is due to Facebook and blogging.  I
got 22 facebook wishes and quite a few blog
wishes,  5 phone calls,  1 ecard, 1 email, and
8 Birthday cards,  and 2 gift cards, and a one
 free smoothie from our favorite place (Planet 
Smoothie) . All this took place between Sunday 
and Monday. I am telling you I am overwhelmingly
surprised and touched beyond words.
There is more to come tomorrow.........
I will tell you about the emotional heart
tips then cause it was getting too long,  so I
decided to stop.
I hope you are all doing well and I hope
you have a Wonderful Evening with
your families,  friends/and or Pets.
Hopefully I will get around to visit soon,
I have been reading just not commenting
cause it has been rather busy lately.
Hugs and Blessings,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Have a Steadfast Sunday

Good Sunday Morning to You All
Well,  I am a tired camper tonight,  cause
we have been working most of the day
cleaning our porch and all the stuff on 
the porch cause you know how dusty and 
dirty it gets,  but it looks wonderful now.
Just a few more touches and it will be
all back to normal and ready to enjoy!
I love this time of the year when we can
really use and enjoy our porch.  I love to
do my quiet times out there,  and to eat
lunch and dinner out there,  and sometimes
we even play card out there at night using
the kerosene lantern.  Just something different
to add a lil spice to life!
And I am all about long as it is
good clean spice!! lol
Well,  gotta go blow dry my hair and get
ready for beddy!
So I will leave you with another one of
favorite and much used verses.
It is Isaiah 26:3 (NIV)
You will keep in perfect peace
him whose mind is steadfast,
because he trust in you.
(another version says "him whose
mind is stayed on you")
Personally,  I like that version better but I was having
 trouble finding it,  and am too tired to look for it,  Sorry!
You have a Steadfast Sunday,
Love, Blessings and Hugs,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - March 25, 2010

Hello Sweet Friends
Welcome to Thankful Thursday!
So how is your Thursday going???  Well,  I hope!
Hope the weather is glorious wherever you live,
and you are able to really be enjoying this Spring
It's a beautiful day here and a pretty warm 80 degrees,
must get out there and sit in the sun some.  sounds
Wonderful since I am feeling a lil bit chilly.
 My hormones are all over the place these days,  one
 minute I am hot, another I am cold,  but I am definitely 
having more cold spells than hot these days,  which is a
 real praise for me because I used to have hellacious hot
 flashes where I truly thought I might combust one day!!  lol
So guess that would be my 
thing I am truly thankful for cause it has been a
long time in coming!!  Too Long,  if you know what I 
mean!! lol  Am hoping the cold spells last once we get to
 those soaring summer temperatures.  lol
I am thankful
 for these absolutely gorgeous hydrangeas hubby
 brought me yesterday, as an early birthday present.
They were just putting them out at Sam's when he was
there,  and he knows how much I love them.  I had 2
others that I tried to grow on the side of the house 
where there is filtered sunlight,  but I really think they
just do not like our soil around here, so he said he
thinks we should just put this one in a large pot,  and
see what happens.  Great Idea Honey!!
I am thankful
that we had the opportunity to counsel a young couple
with marital problems last evening,  and hope we were
able to instill some hope in them.

I am thankful
that this sweet young couple said they wanted their
marriage to make it very much,  and they were
willing to do whatever it takes,  Now that is good
material the Lord can work with!
Exciting to see what the Lord is gonna do with this,
and happy he is allowing us to be part of the process.
I am thankful
for the encouragement that the Lord gives me
about soooooooo many things.  It just blesses
my heart with so much joy.
I am thankful
that I didn't have anything I had to get done today,
because the week has been busy, and I feel rather
whipped, so it has been a leisurely morning and
I am so enjoying it.
I am thankful
for this cute lil critter below,  he is so adorable.  
He was out in the Sweet gum tree in our front yard.
I love how he is holding his lil paws and has his
tail pulled in close.  These were both taken on
zoom from inside the house.  Thought they
came out pretty good for being taken thru
the window!  lol
I am thankful
that I finally finished my Spring decorating and got
everything put away and most of the house cleaned,
so we can just enjoy it,  and we are!!
So nice to have the refreshing change inside as
well as outside.
I am thankful
that I think I have figured out a way to make the 
paint in our bathroom and water closet work out,
if I can just find the right shower curtain,  with just
the right colors!!  I have found several that I like
and that could work,  but want to look more to
make sure.  Don't know about you but I like
to check all my options, cause there is nothing
that annoys me more than buying something
and then going to another store a week later,
and finding something else I love more.
I am thankful
that hubby brought a shower curtain home.
He of course,  knew I was looking so he went to
 Target to see what they had and planned to
have it be one of my birthday gifts, but when he
saw  I brought 3 others home, and I wasn't too
crazy about any of them, he decided to show me
 the one he bought.  It has a chocolate brown 
background, with large circles in green, blue and tan,
 and I had actually seen it there before and liked it but
 thought it would be way too dark,  but actually I really
 liked it.  It is very striking,  however,  it is minus one of
 the colors I need , but am still thinking on it....
It is definitely a possibility,  but would then have to
 come up with another idea for a window dressing. 
 just need some time to look around and fritz with it
 some and I will find what I need and make up my
mind,  eventually, just have to be patient! 
 Good things come to those who wait on the Lord!

I am thankful
and honored that the Duchess over at  rose tea cottage
mentioned me in her blog today,  and not only did she
mention me,  she directed folks to visit me, and because
of that I have made 3 new friends/followers.
Thank You for that Sweet gift to me!
You should visit her as well,  she has a delightful
blog full of grace and beauty.
click here
I am thankful
for life itself!  Life is hard at times,  but life can also
be joyous, exciting, fun, enjoyable, blessed, and
full of the Wonder and Awe of God!
I believe he wants us to enjoy the lives that He has
given to us,  not just endure them!
I once heard a saying,  hope I get it right..........
Our lives are a gift from God
and what we do with our lives is our gift back to God!
And I just remembered another One!
I am thankful
that Rosie, our grandaughter dog is fine.
On Sunday she was acting wierd and her
the whites of her eyes looked horrible,
like blood,  Dee was afraid she might have
had blood pressure problems or something
like a brain tumor or stroke,  cause it just happened
all of a sudden. So Dee had to take her to the vet
at Pet Smart cause that was the only place open, 
and they thought it was an allergy to something.
We were all talking and we were asking her
if she has sprayed hair spray or perfume or anything
 like that,  and she did remember spraying some
 room freshner not too long before this happened,
but she couldn't remember if Rosie was around
or not at the time, but we are thinking that could have 
been it,  so just in case be careful spraying stuff if you
 have a pet near by. She looked awfully scary I'll tell you,
 I was thinking a few broken blood vessels maybe, but ,
  it looked like pure blood in her eyes.  She is like our
 baby, she is such a sweet cuddly lovey lil dog,  so just
 had to include this on My list for sure cause it gave
us all a scare for sure.
Try to be a blessings to someone today
You want be sorry!
Thanks for coming by,
So...........What are you 
Thankful for today!!
Blessings and Hugs friends,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to Heart Tips Tuesday - more about exercise

Evening Sweet Friends
Welcome to Heart Tips Tuesday!
Sorry I am posting so late,  but I had a busy day full of
 making menus, grocery lists and then shopping and dragging my
 haul in!!  lol  I don't have to tell you..... I am sure you know all
 about that, after all,  we all have to eat!! 
I left off last week with showing you the first video we 
started with,  and today I will tell you about the other
3,  they are all by Leslie Sansone,  and give us a  great
workout,  and one thing I like is that all but in one video
and one lady they are all pretty covered up,  not like
so many others videos where they let it all hang out,
if you get my drift!!
Our 2nd video was called "Walk way the pounds"
 The Walk & Jog video. It has about 4, 2 minute 
jog sessions, so it is easy to do,  or you can just do
 the low impact, cause she has a person that you follow
 for that as well.  I could not find the dvd cover for it
 for some reason,  Sorry!
Our 3rd one is this one below:  This has a 30
and 45 minute routine where you use weights.
In fact, it comes with 2 ball type 1pd. weights,
and we have worked our way up,  I am doing
3 pds,  (I can't really go over that weight, because
 of a problem with my neck but Jim is up to 5
pds)  Our Dr. wanted us to add some strength
training to our workout.  It probably isn't as
good as going to the gym and using their machines
but it does a fairly decent job as you up the
weight more,  but the workouts are excellent.
But again you want to work up to this,
not start with it.

Our 4th one is this one below.  This has a belt
that goes around your waist,  but you don't 
have to use it unless you want to.
  It is 45 min. workout and a good one too!
  Our daughter bought this one for  us.

We also rotate the videos,  so we are not doing
the same one all the time either.
We have been walking outside some lately,
cause we are ready to do something different.
That is a nice change of pace.  We may fix
our bikes and start riding them some too.
You just need to find something you like to
do,  I have a friend that plays tennis all the time,
and she is in great shape and loves doing that.
I have another friend that goes to jazzercise and
she loves that,  so you just need to find whatever
it is that you enjoy doing,  maybe it is playing
badmitton in the back yard or swimming or 
raquetball,  my husband used to do that.
It is also good if you can get a partner,
to exercise with.  I have one friend who talked
all the ladies in her office into going to Curves,
(it is an exercise place just for ladies,  and it is
a combo of machines and floor exercises,  if
I understand correctly) so they go their to exercise
 every Mon., Wed, and Friday after work.
I have gone to jazzercise in my earlier years
and loved it,  but it took a huge chunk out of my
day because it was 25 mins. away,  so by the
time I got dressed, drove there exercised for
over an hour and came home,  I would eat up
so much of my day,  so I also chose to do 
something close to home like walking outside
with my headphones and listening to good
praise and worship music,  or riding my bike.
Now fortunately,  Jim and I exercsie together
all the time,  so we can spur one another on.
Plus since we do it at home it only take us
30-35 mins. cause we don't have to drive
somewhere, and since we do it everyday
it only has to be 30 mins. for 5 days a week.
If we are having a busy week sometimes
we do 2 -  45 min. routines to get it all in.
Oh yea,  our kids used to have a trampoline
and that is good exercise too.  I used to jog
on the trampoline.  When I was in my 20's
I used to jog all the time,  and that gets you
into shape very quickly,  but as you get older
it isn't great for your enternal organs or your
knees,  so I haven't done that for a long time.
I love swimming and sometimes use my
sister-in-laws pool during the summer months,
cause it is the best over all exercise you can
get cause it is easy on your joints and you
use all your muscles and it will flatten your
stomach and tone your arms better than 
anything I have ever done.
Well,  hope you will be thinking about
some things that you can do that will be fun
for you to do,  cause that is half the battle.
Once I borrowed a rowing machine from
a friend and tried that,  suppose to be good
for flattening your stomach.  I liked it but
it became annoying cause the kids were
always playing on it and readjusting it
so I finally gave it back!!  lol
I have another friend who has an 
elliptical,  it is sorta like the gazelle 
that we have,  but a little different.
We like the gazelle and use it at
least once a week.
Jim and I had decided quite awhile
before he ever had the heart problems
that we needed to be exercising.
The big reason..........we had seen
both of our Mom's lose their legs do to
 lack of activity,  and we knew instinctively,
 that we had to do something different
 than what they did if we didn't want to
end up that way.  We don't know how
long the Lord will let us live, but we do
know we want to be as healthy as we
possibly can be, as far as it depends on us.
Thanks for coming by and listening
to the ramblings of this determined
wife who is trying to help her husband
reverse his coronary artery disease.
I have to say I believe the Lord is in
it, and I believe it will happen one day,
We have seen a lot of progress,  and
we just ordered a book about a man
who had i,t when he was 32 yrs. old
and had bypass surgery and they didn't
think he would live past 40,  now he
just filed for medicare,  and he reversed
his,  so we can't wait to read the book,
cause we will probably pick up some
new tips.  Hope so anyway!
Have a great day tomorrow,
it is too late for a good evening, it
has passed already,  and you are
probably heading to beddie bye land!
I know I am going there soon!! lol
What do you do to get exercise???
Or what are you thinking about doing???
Love and blessings to you all,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Monday Sweet Peas

Monday Greetings to All You
Sweet Peas!!
Hope your day is going well so far, after all,  it is Monday,
 and usually slow going getting back into the weekly rountine.
It is about 65 degrees here today, and been sort of a dismal,
gloomy looking day,  think it can probably  match what is going
 on in the hearts of God's people to do with this Government
 Healthcare bill's passage.
Funny that I went to bed last night bursting with Joy over
having such a wonderful day with my hubby and children
yesterday,  and rejoicing that this is the 3rd time Megan
has come to church with Scott,  and the more I get to
know her the more thrilled I am about their relationship.
She is a darling girl,  really..............
But somewhere around 4o'clock I would say I woke up 
and started having all sorts of fearful thoughts bombarding
me,  about my children, our country falling apart, and
can't even remember what else, but could not get back
 to sleep. Amazing how the enemy of our soul loves to
 come to us, when we are barely awake and  when the
 house is dark and quiet,  he tries to devour us before
daybreak,  so that we will get out of bed fearful, anxious
and totally lose sight of the power of the
 Lord of our love and lives.
  Hubby arose at 6:00 a.m. and I told him I just realized that
enemy is really attacking my mind with all these negative
 scary thoughts,  when he came to say goodbye as he
was leaving for work,  I was sound asleep,  and he said
are you feeling better,  and I said yes, it has stopped.and I
 knew he had been praying that was why I could sleep.
Later when I got up and checked email and my blog
I read that the healthcare bill had passed,  and again
l felt like a heavy cloud over my head about what 
is happening to our beloved country, then I decided
to read our online devotional and yesterdays was
 about the book of Job,  anyway, to make a long story
 short, what I read made me want to go back and read
some of the Job story.  This heaviness of spirit I was feeling, 
 drove me to the Lord to spend time with him,  so I got out
 my bible and started reading in Job 31,  where Job was talking
 to his friends,  and then I read on till the end of the story.
Well,  all I can tell you is when it gets to the part where
God is talking to Job,  it is a powerful testimony of who
God really is,  I came out of my bedroom a different
woman than I went in,  which is suppose to be what
 happens when we spend time with the Lord. 
 I came out reassured of the fact that Our God is truly
 in control of everything, and He has the power to do
 whatever He desires,  and He is in control of the smallest,
tiniest details of our world and our lives,  and that
He will take care of me and my family and those that love
 and follow Him,  no matter what happens. 
 My job is to keep a close walk with Him,  and to be as
 obedient as I possibly can to what His word and His
 Holy Spirit tells me.
And I might add to keep the enemy at bay for he tells 
us to resist the enemy and he will flee.
I hope if your heart is heavy today and the world
seems to be pressing in with anxiety and fear,
Spend some time reading Job Chapter 38-42.
Trust me it will not be wasted time.
Don't let the enemy of your soul still your JOY!! 
 Do something, don't just sit and just let him
 devour you.
Remember John 10:10 says the thief (satan)
 comes only to kill, steal and destroy:
but I (Jesus) have come that they might have life,
and have it to the full. (that means being full of the
fruit of the spirit..... love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
 goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness, and self control.
 (Gal. 5:22-23)
Reading, Praying and Praising are a good way to
submit yourself to God, resist the enemy and 
make him flee as James 4:7 instructs.
Just felt the Lord would have me share this 
just in case someone else had the kind of day
I had.
Have a Wonderful Evening with your Family
and/or Friends 
See ya tomorrow!
Blessings n' hugs,

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