Thursday, March 11, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - March 11, 2010


Hello Sweet Friends,
Welcome to Thankful Thursday!
Hope your Thursday has been a good one.
Our's has been good,  but a bit dreary and a lot
rainy,  but thankfully we haven't had any of the
really bad weather that some of our neighboring
counties are having,  some tornados on the ground
and hail and really heavy thunderstorms.
So that would be praise the Lord
I am thankful today 
that hubby had a nice birthday and that all of the
family could be together again to celebrate.
That is such a blessing.
If you want to see some pics... check out yesterday's blog.
I am thankful
that I think winter is behind us and Spring has pretty
much sprung here in central Florida.
I am thankful
to be able to be outside working in the yard in the
lovely mild temps,  with a lovely breeze blowing.
So Wonderful!!
I am thankful
that I got so much yard work done, in 3 mornings
out there, and that the weather cooperated with me
until today. At least everything is all trimmed up out in
 front of the house.
I am thankful for all the neat signs of Christ's resurrection
that the Lord has put all around us during this season of
the year.  Amazing how in all the deadness you can see
the new life popping up all over the place.
I just love that........and I think it helps prepare my heart
for Easter,  the 2nd greatest Celebration.  Christmas
being the first.

Look at the dead blue daze,  could be seen
 as something ugly but  look closer....underneath is
lil  traces of new life
Lil new beginnings of life out of all that deadness,  I think that is
 beautiful and speaks to us of our Savior and what He did for us.
I am thankful
that our friend that went to the hospital on Tuesday
is doing better.  He still needs prayer tho.  If all
goes well he might get out of the hospital tomorrow.
I am thankful
for the rain we had today even if it did keep me from
working in the yard,  cause it was very needed,  and
the plants just love that heavenly watering!!
I am thankful
for the pizza recipe I shared with you earlier in the
week cause we are gonna have it again tonight.
I am telling you hubby really really likes it!! lol
I am thankful
 that Kathy's husband over at Sweet up north mornings
 is doing pretty well with his cancer treatments.  He still
 has 6 weeks of chemo to go until they know the results,
please pray for them, if you think of it.
 That waiting is like torture!
I am thankful
for all you praying, encouraging, sweet, uplifting,
 creative, inspiring and wonderful bloggy friends that
 I  have made. You are truly special to me, 
 and I love each and every one of you.
  You are truly such a Blessing to me.
I am thankful
for Beth Moore.  I happened to catch her on a
 christian TV program today,  and everytime I listen to her...
I feel like my spirit soars.  She is such a power house
 for God,  and just inspires me so!!
I want to grow up to be like Beth Moore!! lol
Well,  Sweet folks,
Hope you have a Wonderful Friday
and a Blessed Weekend!!
So what are you Thankful for Today!!
Love, Blessings and Hugs,

and P.S.  I am thankful we finally remembered to take 
some family pics altho not all of them came out well,
 we have more than we did!! lol


  1. #6 was inspiring. i never thought of it like that. i usually get depressed with fall because of everything dieig... but now i can think about how if Jesus hadnt died on the cross he couldnt have rose again. Thank you for that, it means more then you know. :)

  2. Love your list a usual Nellie!

    I'm definately thankful that I not only met you as a 'bloggy friend', yet the Lord has also brought us together as monthly phone buddies!.., I'm looking forward to our next 'chin wag' sweet friend!..,

    Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  3. i think your rain has come up our way. last night it started and i don't think it's going to stop until monday or tuesday! boo. Ella and I have been walking around the neighborhood everyday this week and now the rain is going to put an end to that until it stops raining. oh well. it was fun while it lasted, LOL. glad to hear everyone is doing better now too! another wonderful thankful Thursday list.

  4. Well did it again! I don't know what makes my answer disappear, but it did again. I'll try again tomorrow!

  5. Here I am again, lol!
    #1. I'm so glad to see the nice bright sky! However, the temps are suppose to drop again by mid week!
    #2. I always enjoy our special days together. In a couple of weeks you have a birthday coming up too!!
    #3. This year has had one long winter. I'm ready for spring too!
    #4. I should be out in my yard working even though I don't have much to do anymore. I may have to pay Scott to cut down my bougainvilla and powder puff so it can regenerate. I will have to cut down the one orange tree too this year. It is 24 years old and has given all it can give!
    #5. I have my hibiscus by the pool to cut back. The freezes got it, but not the roots. This year I'll miss the hummingbirds that fed on the flowers.
    #6. Easter is such a time of revitalization, beginning with our worship of Christ's resurrection! May this be the year the Great Resurrection occurs! I can hardly wait for all of my Easter Lilies to bloom! They usually are in full bloom by Easter. They should do really well since we had an extra cold winter.
    #7. I pray your friend is now home and doing well. It means so much when you can go home to recooperate.
    #8. I am so thankful for the revitalizing rain, but why does it always have to happen right as the kids get out of school, lol! What a mess with the flooding of the sidewalks, kids not staying out of the flow off the roof, and the noise that goes with it. You would think they had never seen rain before, ha!
    #9. I am thankful for Publix's Sunflower bread. I had cheese toast and chicken!
    #10. I praise God for Kathy's husband's progress! Please pray for Doug (at my school) that the LORD will heal his prostate cancer. He is a Christian. I pray this will be a testimony to others at our school.
    #11. Thank you, Nellie, for getting me into blogging. What a wonderful way to share with others. I so much enjoy blogging to those you have introduced me to!
    #12. Praise God for those who minister to us on T.V. I especially enjoy Charles Stanley, John Hagee, and Jack and Roxella Van Impe! I pray for their ministries that go all over the world. May God bring many multitudes into His Kingdom by these ministers of His Word!
    Until next Thursday,
    Love you, Susie

  6. Hello Dear Nellie,
    I loved all of your Thankful list, I was so blessed. and I am so thankful for you. Hope your weekend is filled with many more blessings,


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