Monday, March 1, 2010

Welcome to Monday Manna - March 1, 2010

Greetings Sweet Friends,
So how was your weekend?
Do anything fun or interesting??
We didn't do anything particularly 
interesting but we did have a really
sweet & fun day yesterday, celebrating
 for my Sil's Susan's birthday.
Susan came of course, and our DeeAnna,
and Scott and his girlfriend Megan.
We had chicken Stroganoff and 24 hr.
salad, rolls, and cheesecake with
fresh strawberries on top!  all her
favorites, accept maybe the cheese
cake, course, she likes it but I was
gonna make Strawberry shortcake,
(her favorite), but couldn't find enough
fresh strawberries anywhere.
Fortunately, Becky over at Holiday in
the Sun had gotten me strawberries
from the farmers market the week
before,  so I was able to cut the
rest up and put them in the freezer
for her birthday celebration.
Um um the cheesecake was delicious
with those fresh strawberries on top,
I do have to say!!
Guess I had better get on with my
real post for today.

Might your daisy be drooping spiritually!
Then read on for some practical ideas that
 might just help.
If you would like to see the beginning
of this series click here.
When I wrote last week I took it for
granted that you probably were already
going to church, reading your bible,
and praying,  but if not,  that is surely
the first place you would want to start.
but here are some other things you
might like to incorporate, if you are
feeling the need.  Remember these
are not in any particular order of 
best to least or anything like that.
Just ideas off the top of my head.
Watch some good preaching on TV,
there are some solid Pastors like;
Charles Stanley, James Merritt,
David Jeremiah, Joyce Meyer, to 
name just a few, and then there is
always 700 club.  Watching these
programs are always an inspiration
to me.
Watch the worship network if you can
get it where you live.  It is either on
channel 40.3 or 50.4.  Those are regular
stations, we don't have cable.
I love this station because it has beautiful
scenery with music, and then they put up verses
 every so often, and sometimes they have people
 that tell some sort of inspirational story.
It is a very worshipful experience for me!
Read your bible and pray in another room of the 
house just to break your routine.
Read a different version of the bible just to break
 your routine.  Our church is doing a program where
 we are sent a scripture reading everyday, but it has
been in another translation I haven't read before, and 
it's been great, I have really enjoyed it, and gleaned
 many new incites,  I then go, and read it in my NIV
bible as well.
Join a ladies bible study group.
Get together with a few other ladies
and just spend time talking and having
fun, then spend some time in prayer.
Go to your local Christian bookstore and
buy some sort of bible study workbook,
on a subject that you would like to study
and set about doing it.
Read a christian book you have been 
wanting to read,  or one that happens to
address some issue you need to work
on like anger or forgiveness.

You might well be surprised what happens
 if you just try even one or two items on the list.

You might just look bright and perky
like this bouquet
Same bouquet that had it's daisy drooping,
 just has the dead flowers and the dirty water removed,
(like our sin or discouragement)
refreshed and renewed with nice, clear, clean water!
(Like having our minds renewed from God's word).
and many of the flowers were there all along
just tucked in the back.
(like God, he is always there even when you
can't see or feel him,  he never leaves us
nor forsakes us.)
Hope you have a Super Day Enjoying
the Saviors Company!
Blessings, love and Hugs,


sistersusiesays said...

Another thing that helps me is to write things down in my prayer journal. It's just a notebook
I list my daily Bible reading in (following our church's 2 years through the Bible.)I have my thoughts and prayers for others in it and things that the Holy Spirit brings to my mind to try and do better. Well, I'm going to go eat my dinner I have from my birthday!
Love you a lot!

Bonnie said...

First of all, Happy Belated Birthday to Susie!

This is great Nellie. Anything we can do to focus on Christ and his blessings is so important. Another thing that is similar about us...we don't have cable either. We have dish network but have all the stations blocked but BYU TV. That is all we watch and they have fantastic talks on there all the time. Very uplifting. I know that Dish thinks we are absolutely nuts but we don't care. but I am sure we have made it to someone's dinner time conversation that works there. There is this crazy family that only watches one channel kind of dinner talk. I am OK with that maybe they'll check it out themselves!

Have a great evening, Nellie!

love, B

BECKY said...

Love this post, Nellie! The drooping daisy analogy is great! My daisy has drooped a few times this past week, that is for sure! Thankfully I found my way to the Word and prayer and the Lord lifted my cares! Then I drooped again...then lifted again!!

Love ya gal!! Thank the Lord for your lovely friendship always!!