Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday July 29, 2015, floral and nature pics from Cozy Place

And whatever you do,
whether in word or deed,
do it all in the name of the
Lord Jesus, giving thanks to
God the Father through him.
Colossians 3:17

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Now don't die from shock that I am 
on time for once. lol

Hope today finds you well and happy

and overflowing with blessings
 from above.

This morning I was trying to do 
some bible study, but I just kept
falling asleep,  so I would read
awhile, then sleep awhile, then
read awhile and sleep awhile,
then pray awhile and sleep awhile,
and on and on, but guess I must
have needed it.  Feel like I have
Rip Van Winkle disease. lol

Then this afternoon I felt pretty 
motivated so just been doing some
needed things around the house.
Also preparing things to make that
Cran/Raspberry Salad I posted yester-
day, accept ours will be Cran/straw-
berry,  hubby wanted to try that, so
I have already made the poppy seed
dressing, and have the chicken all
ready, so going to get the lettuce
all ready looking
forward to this delightful salad.

It has been a much more relaxing
week here,  thank goodness!

Since I still don't have access to
any new pics,  I thought I would
go with some nature and floral
pics from around my house
and yard some years back.

So on with Thankful Thursday....

I am thankful

for a really nice time over at Scott 
and Megans on Sunday, some
much needed fun after the earlier
stressful week we had.  lol

that our phones and garage door are
 up and running again after last weeks
lightning hit.  Still waiting for the new
computer monitor to see if anything
else needs to be done to my computer.
You can always hope!!  lol

we have a lap top too.............boy, do
you get spoiled with being able to look
so much up online...........and when it
is down you almost feel lost without
it................and I am not crazy about
lap tops to be honest............but they
are definitely better than nothing.  lol

that a lil gal that used to be in our
college/career bible study 14 yrs.
or so ago, was in town and came
by to see us.  She is married over
12 yrs. now and has 3 children and
she lives in Michigan.  What a
 sweetheart she is...............and it was 
so such a blessing to get to see her.

that Susan got a very good report
from her surgeon on Monday, and
is continuing to do well at home.
She is getting home physical therapy,
but they only felt she needed it 2 days
a week for a few weeks, so that was
good news.

for a nice long chat with our Dee
Tuesday morning.  She was working
all last week and had company over
 the weekend,  so didn't get to talk to 
her but for a few mins one time,
 so it was nice to catch up with 
her this morning. 

that Dee, Jerry or Rosie and her
friend's dog's Maddie were not
hurt in anyway, when they were 
suddenly charged by a very 
aggressive acting pit bull while
they were minding their own
business and sitting on their
front porch...........scared them
half to death.........we definitely
feel their angels were watching
over them, as the dog just all
of a sudden calmed down, and
he just smelled of Rosie (and
she is 7pd. chijuajua) and then
smelled Maddie (a probably 
12 pd. Schnauzer), so Jerry was
able to quickly snatch Rosie up
 when he started to sniff Maddie
 and then thank heavens a man 
showed up and said it was his
 daughters dog. DeeAnna said
I don't think I have ever been
that scared before...........
Plus the fact that they had a
 situation fresh in their minds
that Jerry had seen at the 
hospital where he works,
I am sure really added to their
fears.....The man had both of 
his arms ripped off by a pitbull.

Isn't that horrible!

I seriously wonder why they do
not outlaw those dogs,  just too
many incidents of devastation.

for lactaid Milk, as I am lactose
 intolerant and it is so nice to be
 able to just pour a glass of milk or 
add it to a recipe without thinking
 about having to take a lactaid pill,
cause sometimes I used to forget,
and then paid for it later............
Plus hubby and I both think
 it tastes better for some reason.

that Scott was able to take care of our 
plants and lawn while we were away 
in Asheville a few weeks ago if 
needed, and we just found out this
 passed weekend that not only did he
 do that, he was also so sweet and 
thoughtful to fertilize all our shrubs
 for us. Our boxwood plants in the
front of the house really needed it,
 as they were sort of yellowing, and 
had done some liquid fertilizers a few
 months ago, but it hadn't done much,
 but they are all nice and green and
healthy looking again now.  
Thanks Scott!!

that Susan has such sweet and helpful
neighbors, as it is helpful to us as well.
Otherwise, we would have to be taking
her trash can out and in and getting her
mail daily, but many times they are 
doing it which saves us having to go
down there daily.  

for the Sunday School materials we
have had this year, they have been
very indepth bible studies and I feel
like I have learned  so much.

for Sweet Iced Tea with lemon, nothing
like a home brewed batch over lots of
ice.  I have been having a hankering
for some for about a week now, so
finally made some today, and what a
tasty delight  I don't make it too often
cause of the calories.... I do like it sweet, 
but I am a Southern gal and we do like
our Sweet Tea, so have to give in once
in awhile,  ya know!!

Well, there you have it folks
another week at Cozy Place

Thankful you could come by.....

Hope you have a Wonderful

Friday and Weekend!

Love, Hugs and

Nature's Blessings to YOU!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cran/Raspberry Chicken Salad Recipe

Hello Sweet Friends,

How in the world are you?? 
 Doing well,  I hope.

We are having a much better week thus far!! lol
My computer is still down so can't upload or down
load any new photos from hubbies lap top, so
decided to repost a really great recipe from
 July of 2010.

Does that opening pic make you hungry??

  It sure does me in fact,  I might just have to
make it for din din tonight as it really is a
scrumptiously delicious salad, and we
 have only had it once this summer.

So thought you might just like to try it 
as well.

So here is the recipe!!

Cran/Raspberry Chicken Salad recipe
Romaine lettuce
Purple onion (or white)
Mozzarella cheese shredded or even
better parmesan shredded cheese
dried cranberries
Chicken breast slivers
fresh raspberries
pecans, coarsely chopped
This is like a whole dinner salad that you
would maybe have crackers or rolls with and
a beverage.  It is wonderful for summer.
Easy,  no heat in the kitchen,  and
did I mention yummy yum!!

Anyway, after preparing and cutting or
tearing the lettuce,  I put it on, however
many dinner plates of salad you want
 to make.  Then I add all the rest of the
ingredients in the order in which they
are listed above.

Now you will need to make some poppy seed dressing.

Poppy Seed Dressings Recipe

click here for Poppy Seed Dressing recipe
I know it says Country French Chicken,
and that recipe is on there too,  but scroll
all the way to the bottom and you will
find the Poppy Seed Dressing recipe.
The salad that I modeled this after was
a salad from Bob Evans called a cranberry
Chicken salad with feta cheese,  they used
a sweet Italian Dressing, and it was delicious
but since I already had a poppy seed dressing
recipe I just decided to use that,  and we
loved it!!

Well,  Hope you enjoy this recipe, 
 I will be totally shocked if you don't.
Course, you have to like fruit and 
some sweetness to your salad or 
you might not like it.

Thanks for stopping in......
Hope you have a great week,

Hugs and 
Yummy Salad Blessings,


Be sure to check out these
neat linky parties below............
Lots of inspiration there...

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday July 23, 2015, scenes from the Appalachian Trail

You are my God, and I will give you thanks;
 you are my God, and I will exalt you.
Psalm 118:28

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So what cha' been up to this week?
Whatever it is.....Hope it has been
 less stressful than our week.

We got home from Asheville and 
pretty much hit the ground running.
It has been one of those weeks that
 just want quit
Decisions that needed to be made, 
things we aren't sure what to do
 about, meetings, arrangements,
 errands and phone calls..... 
all to do with Susan's situation.

Then on Wed. we took a lightning 
strike, that seemed like it was just 
outside our guest bedroom, that
was so loud it shook the windows
and lit up the room, and that no
 joke, literally made me holler, as
I seriously thought we were gonna
be hit by lightning, so it scared me
 and lil darling half to death, as we
 were laying down for her to take
 a nap. She was crying so hard I
took her over to our bedroom to
nap, bless her sweet heart!
The lightning took out our internet
service and possibly my computer,
I am on hubbies lap top, as we
got our internet service back, so
he hasn't had time to check mine
out yet. ATT came out this morn, 
once he checked the phone lines,
he said it also took out both of
our phones, which hubby already
suspected, and we already knew it
 also took out our garage door opener 
since it blew some circuit breakers.

Since we had such a stressful 
week thought I would find some
relaxing pictures to share. All of
these pics are compliments of my
son, Scott....from when he hiked
part of the Appalachian trail, about
6-7 years ago.  He and  his lil dog
 Joey hiked almost all the way thru 
Maine and into New Hampshire,
for about 6 weeks I think it was. 
 Very peaceful and Relaxing
 pictures. It was a nice blast from
 the past for me..................
so hope you enjoy them too!!

So......on with my thankful post.

I am thankful

that Susan is doing really well and 
came home last night (Thursday).
She is walking 50% better than she 
was the last time she came home, 
when she broke her other hip
 8 1/2 mos ago.  If you feel so
led please pray for a continued
good and quick recovery, and for
her to remember safety first in all
that she does............

click on any pic to enlarge them all for better viewing.

that lil darling and I were only 
scared by the lightning rather than
being hit by it..............

that we have cell phones, as we 
were talking back and forth with
the rehab center and Susan a lot
on Wed. and Thursday, so would
have really been a mess without

 that ATT was able to get out here by
10:00 this morning, (Thursday)
and that the rep. had a new modem
 to put on our computer and got our 
phone lines and internet service back
 up so hubby can still work at home 
especially right now with the situation 
with Susan. Cause he had to go into
 work this morning.
So that was great the service tech
 had the modem, as sometimes you 
have to wait for them to order it,
 and come back out.

that everyone at the rehab center
finally got on the same page about
Susan coming home, as it seemed
like one hand didn't know what the
other was doing, or else they were
coming up with reasons to try to
keep her longer for monetary
 reasons. Could be a little bit of

that we have learned from this
situation, that when dealing with
 these rehab situations to get whatever
 the price is in writing before you are
 released from the hospital to go there,
 because unfortunately, not everyone
 keeps their word, and some have no
 problem out and out lying about it.
That's a whole nother story!!  

that some new lamps I purchased
for my bedroom last week came
 today, and I really like them and
think they look great. It was unex-
pected too, as I never got a notice
that they had shipped and was 
gonna call about it,  but hadn't had
time, and then they just came!
 and I really needed
something nice to happen today!!
The Lord always knows what
 we need......

that we had that nice restful, relaxing 
and fun time last week at Dee and Jerry's,
cause at least as crazy as it has been, I am
not feeling exhausted until bedtime........
which was not the case the last time we
 went thru this.............
Have to say it seems like weeks ago 
that we were in Asheville, and we
just got home 4 days ago.  lol

for the joy of getting to see lil darling
 and Megan on Wed., cause think it had
 been 2 wks. since we had seen them.  
Still haven't seen Scott only talked
to him.............

for the belly laughs and fun
on Wed. that lil darling generated 
with her Grampy. There is just
 something very special about
 watching and hearing a lil one 
laugh so hard. It was a great 
and much needed stress reliever
She is also trying to talk more in
sentences now too, too cute!!

for a Cobb Salad we discovered
that they have at Zaxby's Chicken
place.  They are really delish!!

that we are looking forward to going
over to Scott and Megans on Sunday
for a visit and din din.  A nice end to 
a hectic week................

Well, There you have it .....
 our crazy week at Cozy Place!

Thanks for coming by and Thanks

for reading........

Have a Westful and Welaxing

Weekend!  lol

Love, Hugs and

Stress Free Blessings,


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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Thankful Thursday July16, 2014, Neat Photo affects

Gradient Map Affect

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed,
 do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus,
 giving thanks to God the Father through him.
Colossians 3:17

Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are ya?? Enjoying
 your summer,  I hope!!

Have to say I am....especially this
 week, as we are in Asheville for a
visit with Dee and Jerry, and so
enjoying the cool mornings and
evenings. Still fairly hot in the
daytime, but at least you do get 
a bit of a break a times and it
has been overcast a lot, so that
has helped too.

Told you on Tuesday I would
have some neat photo affects
 for you today, so hope you
 enjoy them.  I did all of them
but one on photoshop. Just in
case you don't know, just click
 once on any picture and it will
 enlarge them all,
so you can see the affects
much better........

well, on with my list.........

I am thankful

that the Lord made it possible for us 
to come on our trip to Asheville that we
 already had planned.  We have been
here since last Saturday afternoon.

Normal Picture with no affects

that our Veterinarian owns his own
 kennel and has kept Susan's dogs before,
 so we felt as good as we could about 
having them there.

With poster edges affect

for Susan's neighbor/friend Bodie
 who said he would take care of the cats
 and birds for us. Scott was going to do
it... but it would have been a hassle
for him..........since he lives 20 mins
away, and has to go out of town at
So, What a blessing for us and him.

With color change

that Susan was settled into rehab and 
wound up having a therapist that my
 late Mother-in-law had years ago,
then found out another lady from our
 church was in the same facility and also
 another lady friend she knows thru her 
neighbor/friend, so that made us feel
much better about coming on our trip.

Colored prncil affect

that our kitty Molly has done amazingly
well since we had to bring her on our
trip. She was great in the car, and had 
only ever been in a car 30 mins. @ tops,
and had never been on a leash, but now
she is like a pro, and was meowing to
go out for the first time on Wednesday
 morning, the rest of the time we have
 just been taking her out often, but think
 she has gotten it that the walks are
 shorter when she hurries up and does 
her business. You truly can teach an 
old cat new tricks, cause I feel like
 we have a cat/dog now. Course, I can
attribute this all to folks who are 
praying, cause it has just worked out
so can only be the Lord.

Photocopy affect

that Dee had to work on Wed. but
 wound up being able to get off at noon. 
  Whoo Hoo!

Equalized Posterized Affect

for the wonderful home Dee and 
Jerry have here and that they are
 finally feeling settled in, and like
they are home.

Smudgestick affect

for the lovely neighborhood they 
live in,  again it is like looking at a
 Thomas Kincaide painting I used to 
see, don't know the name but think
it might have been "Main Street"
USA.  It is just sooo 
quaint and beautiful!!  

Fotosketcher - Cartoon Affect

for their charming front porch, we can
 sit out there and gab in the morning and 
evening, as it is cool and breezy,  such
 a respite from our Florida heat, and
 reminds me of the old days when people
 used to sit out on their porches
all the time.  Lovely!

Posterized affect

that Susan seems to be coming along
 great with her rehab and is in good
spirits, as I talk to her daily. We are
hoping she might be ready to come
home next week.  Have to wait and
see,  but it might just be possible.

Colored pencil affect

that we found some wonderful 
fresh blackberries at a farmers
 market here in the square on Wed.
and got to have them on waffles 
with whip cream Thurs. morning.

Fotosketcher - Vintage Affect

for the great time we have had with
 Dee, Jerry and Rosie all week. These
are always sweet times that we hate
to see come to an end, but we will
be headed home soon and are thank-
ful we have more times in the future
 to look forward to, and also the
 other side of the family to enjoy!!

Well, here's to another week
 at Cozy Place...

Glad you came by.......

Until next time!

Love, Hugs, and
Summer Fun Blessings,

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Scripture Sunday

  Have a Joyfully Blessed Day! Hugs, Nellie Sharing with: Between Naps on the Porch