Friday, July 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday July 23, 2015, scenes from the Appalachian Trail

You are my God, and I will give you thanks;
 you are my God, and I will exalt you.
Psalm 118:28

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So what cha' been up to this week?
Whatever it is.....Hope it has been
 less stressful than our week.

We got home from Asheville and 
pretty much hit the ground running.
It has been one of those weeks that
 just want quit
Decisions that needed to be made, 
things we aren't sure what to do
 about, meetings, arrangements,
 errands and phone calls..... 
all to do with Susan's situation.

Then on Wed. we took a lightning 
strike, that seemed like it was just 
outside our guest bedroom, that
was so loud it shook the windows
and lit up the room, and that no
 joke, literally made me holler, as
I seriously thought we were gonna
be hit by lightning, so it scared me
 and lil darling half to death, as we
 were laying down for her to take
 a nap. She was crying so hard I
took her over to our bedroom to
nap, bless her sweet heart!
The lightning took out our internet
service and possibly my computer,
I am on hubbies lap top, as we
got our internet service back, so
he hasn't had time to check mine
out yet. ATT came out this morn, 
once he checked the phone lines,
he said it also took out both of
our phones, which hubby already
suspected, and we already knew it
 also took out our garage door opener 
since it blew some circuit breakers.

Since we had such a stressful 
week thought I would find some
relaxing pictures to share. All of
these pics are compliments of my
son, Scott....from when he hiked
part of the Appalachian trail, about
6-7 years ago.  He and  his lil dog
 Joey hiked almost all the way thru 
Maine and into New Hampshire,
for about 6 weeks I think it was. 
 Very peaceful and Relaxing
 pictures. It was a nice blast from
 the past for me..................
so hope you enjoy them too!!

So......on with my thankful post.

I am thankful

that Susan is doing really well and 
came home last night (Thursday).
She is walking 50% better than she 
was the last time she came home, 
when she broke her other hip
 8 1/2 mos ago.  If you feel so
led please pray for a continued
good and quick recovery, and for
her to remember safety first in all
that she does............

click on any pic to enlarge them all for better viewing.

that lil darling and I were only 
scared by the lightning rather than
being hit by it..............

that we have cell phones, as we 
were talking back and forth with
the rehab center and Susan a lot
on Wed. and Thursday, so would
have really been a mess without

 that ATT was able to get out here by
10:00 this morning, (Thursday)
and that the rep. had a new modem
 to put on our computer and got our 
phone lines and internet service back
 up so hubby can still work at home 
especially right now with the situation 
with Susan. Cause he had to go into
 work this morning.
So that was great the service tech
 had the modem, as sometimes you 
have to wait for them to order it,
 and come back out.

that everyone at the rehab center
finally got on the same page about
Susan coming home, as it seemed
like one hand didn't know what the
other was doing, or else they were
coming up with reasons to try to
keep her longer for monetary
 reasons. Could be a little bit of

that we have learned from this
situation, that when dealing with
 these rehab situations to get whatever
 the price is in writing before you are
 released from the hospital to go there,
 because unfortunately, not everyone
 keeps their word, and some have no
 problem out and out lying about it.
That's a whole nother story!!  

that some new lamps I purchased
for my bedroom last week came
 today, and I really like them and
think they look great. It was unex-
pected too, as I never got a notice
that they had shipped and was 
gonna call about it,  but hadn't had
time, and then they just came!
 and I really needed
something nice to happen today!!
The Lord always knows what
 we need......

that we had that nice restful, relaxing 
and fun time last week at Dee and Jerry's,
cause at least as crazy as it has been, I am
not feeling exhausted until bedtime........
which was not the case the last time we
 went thru this.............
Have to say it seems like weeks ago 
that we were in Asheville, and we
just got home 4 days ago.  lol

for the joy of getting to see lil darling
 and Megan on Wed., cause think it had
 been 2 wks. since we had seen them.  
Still haven't seen Scott only talked
to him.............

for the belly laughs and fun
on Wed. that lil darling generated 
with her Grampy. There is just
 something very special about
 watching and hearing a lil one 
laugh so hard. It was a great 
and much needed stress reliever
She is also trying to talk more in
sentences now too, too cute!!

for a Cobb Salad we discovered
that they have at Zaxby's Chicken
place.  They are really delish!!

that we are looking forward to going
over to Scott and Megans on Sunday
for a visit and din din.  A nice end to 
a hectic week................

Well, There you have it .....
 our crazy week at Cozy Place!

Thanks for coming by and Thanks

for reading........

Have a Westful and Welaxing

Weekend!  lol

Love, Hugs and

Stress Free Blessings,


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  1. Nellie, what a trepidatious week. That's my polite made up word for it! Thank goodness you and lil darlin' are safe and well and that no permanent damage was caused by the lightning strike. The photos are so beautiful too. I'm adding Susan to my prayers and adding a little thanks for your safe keeping. Love, Mimi xxx

  2. I'm so glad you're okay! I think this July was quite stressful for many people. I've heard of some much misery from people about the past couple of weeks. But it will all pass. You just have to stay in faith.
    Praying for your SIL. I hope all her strength returns.
    I'm doing great. Lizzie and Gigie are fantastic. I'm planning their next trip to the beach. I take Gigie out in the car once a week. She loves it. I'm so glad you took your cat along on your trip. Who knew it was so easy right!! It's so much less stress having them with you. You don't have to worry about them being at home without you and worrying about storms and other potential mishaps.
    Have a terrific weekend without stress!

  3. Greetings Nellie! Gosh, one can only imagine how frightening that lightening strike must have been. Happy that no one was hurt. How impressive that the ATT person had the right modem! Hoping that your Susan heals swiftly.
    Blessings to you and yours,
    gerre lynne

  4. Thank you Mimi Mama, Caroline, and Gerre Lynne for your prayers. I do believe that is what has made this recovery so much faster!
    #1. Thank you for your prayers! Safety IS my first concern! Now it has been over a week since I have been home. I just got my internet back up and going! I'm doing great!
    #2. I'm so glad! I can't imagine the POP of sound that happened!
    #3. (I use my cell now more that the home phone. I still have 6996 minutes built up from when I only used it for emergencies before!
    #4. Yesterday ATT came at 9:00 and left at 2:30! I'm changing over from Bright House and He had to run new underground wire from the ATT box to the house. The other was "outdated." All that came with the installing charge already listed. So I want have to pay extra!
    #5. They already made money when they quoted a lower price, yet charged $1800 more! It's a shame that money has such a death grip on people in business! It will "come out in the wash" when they stand before GOD, giving an account as to why they quote one price to be paid and charge another with us unaware!
    #6. The Bible says, "All liars, their share will be in the Lake of Fire forever. This is the second death." Revelation 21:8 This is an ongoing Eternal state! That's what forever means.
    #7. Decorations are your joy. My animals are mine!
    #8. As we get older, our bodies tell our minds this in tiredness though we often don't want to listen. I've learned my lesson!
    #9. The joys of being back home.
    #10. Laughter is great for the heart! Max (my macaw) cracks me up so many times that all I can do is laugh and he joins right in with his laughter! Boddy said he couldn't believe it until Max started the same with him!!
    #11. Yes! Thank you for bringing me one!
    #12. As Lawrence Welk used to say, "Wonderful, wonderful!"
    Love you all, Susan


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