Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Little Black Dress Product

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Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope your weekend and your
 4th of July were both lovely.........

Our weekend was busy as we are
 taking care of my Sister-in-laws pets 
again (she has 7 now, rather than 9)
 and of course, going to the hospital.
Susan had hip surgery on Friday
and everything went well, and she
is in good spirits and no pain.  She
will probably go to the Rehab center,
where she was before....today!

We know now why we had no plans
for the 4th.........lol
However, We did get to go to Scott
 and Megans on Sunday evening,
and had a much needed fun time.

Told you last week I would share a 
post about the Jewelry organizer
 I bought a year ago,  and finally
 put to use. 

 Well, it is called the
 Little Black Dress!
and have to say, it is the best 
thing since sliced bread,  I am
 really enjoying it,  and it certainly
 looks much better than what you 
see below, which was my old way
 of dealing with it.

This is a cup holder just in case you
 don't recognize it!!

Now it has served me well over the
 last 35 years, for hanging my neck-
laces, but as you can see there is a
lot of necklaces hanging on each 
peg, as over the years you keep
 collecting things, which makes
 it hard to even see what I have 
and a nuisance to get one off 
 sometimes, especially if some
thing I want is in the back.

Now ..........
enter a Bed Bath and Beyond
Ad I get in my email box daily,  I
always just check to see what their
special of the day is...........and
typically it is nothing I want!!

But this particular day they high-
lighted the lil black dress jewelry
holder, and I very much liked what
I saw, and they also included a
20% off coupon,  so since I had
been buying and receiving some
larger earrings and stuff that
were not fitting clogging up my
jewelry box, I thought this looked

and I was right!!

As you can see at the bottom of the 
picture,  it has 24 loops for hanging
necklaces, and 39 pockets for earrings
and bracelets or whatever else you
can fit in them.

The necklace side on mine is now 
completely filled, and most all of my
necklaces have there own velcro loop.
It is truly a joy to be able to clearly 
see everything I have on there, and
 all I have to do is pull the velcro loop 
open to take it off, no tangling, or
 having to open the hook and latch
 on the necklace. 
  Which is delightful!

I have filled less that half the 
pockets so far, and I hung it on the
wall where I had my cup holder.
So I can just take it down and
turn it over if I want earrings. As
you see it has a regular coat
 hanger so you can hang it in your
closet if you want then you can
just swivel it side to side.

and Just so you know............
I get absolutely no compensation
for this review, nor was I asked to
 hawk this product, I am simply
 a very pleased consumer and
 think it is a great product, and 
since I love it,  thought you might
love it too.
  It is a brilliant idea as far as I
 am concerned, and has totally
organized my jewelry, and made
life simpler for me.  Which is
Always a good thing.....

I have included a link to it,
 just in case you are interested.

Click Here 

or type in

Well, Bi di bi di bi di.........
that's All Folks!!
(As Porky Pig would say)
(I am sure that probably dates
me, as some of you probably
have no idea who I am talking
about, FYI, he is an old cartoon 
character)  lol

Have a great week!

Love, Hugs, and
Organized Jewelry Blessings!!


Melissa Vera said...

I love the cup hanger rack. We made a jewelry organizer using chicken wire and scrap wood. Thanks for linking up at the #HomeMattersParty. Hope you come back and link up with us again.

Sister Susie Says said...

The LORD works in mysterious ways as He guides our journey in this life's way! I would have never expected it to happen again! Praise His Name this recovery is going better than the last! The long rod is definitely better than the short one!

I can use the cup holder method since I don't have a bunch. I have the two standing jewelry cabinets than have some in them. The others are in the little 4 drawer stacker in the bathroom. It surely helps when you can see them. Of course if it were dad, knowing him, he would say, "I can make you one free at charge!" Nails in the walls were his answer for everything, ha! Love you all, Susan