Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday July 29, 2015, floral and nature pics from Cozy Place

And whatever you do,
whether in word or deed,
do it all in the name of the
Lord Jesus, giving thanks to
God the Father through him.
Colossians 3:17

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Now don't die from shock that I am 
on time for once. lol

Hope today finds you well and happy

and overflowing with blessings
 from above.

This morning I was trying to do 
some bible study, but I just kept
falling asleep,  so I would read
awhile, then sleep awhile, then
read awhile and sleep awhile,
then pray awhile and sleep awhile,
and on and on, but guess I must
have needed it.  Feel like I have
Rip Van Winkle disease. lol

Then this afternoon I felt pretty 
motivated so just been doing some
needed things around the house.
Also preparing things to make that
Cran/Raspberry Salad I posted yester-
day, accept ours will be Cran/straw-
berry,  hubby wanted to try that, so
I have already made the poppy seed
dressing, and have the chicken all
ready, so going to get the lettuce
all ready looking
forward to this delightful salad.

It has been a much more relaxing
week here,  thank goodness!

Since I still don't have access to
any new pics,  I thought I would
go with some nature and floral
pics from around my house
and yard some years back.

So on with Thankful Thursday....

I am thankful

for a really nice time over at Scott 
and Megans on Sunday, some
much needed fun after the earlier
stressful week we had.  lol

that our phones and garage door are
 up and running again after last weeks
lightning hit.  Still waiting for the new
computer monitor to see if anything
else needs to be done to my computer.
You can always hope!!  lol

we have a lap top too.............boy, do
you get spoiled with being able to look
so much up online...........and when it
is down you almost feel lost without
it................and I am not crazy about
lap tops to be honest............but they
are definitely better than nothing.  lol

that a lil gal that used to be in our
college/career bible study 14 yrs.
or so ago, was in town and came
by to see us.  She is married over
12 yrs. now and has 3 children and
she lives in Michigan.  What a
 sweetheart she is...............and it was 
so such a blessing to get to see her.

that Susan got a very good report
from her surgeon on Monday, and
is continuing to do well at home.
She is getting home physical therapy,
but they only felt she needed it 2 days
a week for a few weeks, so that was
good news.

for a nice long chat with our Dee
Tuesday morning.  She was working
all last week and had company over
 the weekend,  so didn't get to talk to 
her but for a few mins one time,
 so it was nice to catch up with 
her this morning. 

that Dee, Jerry or Rosie and her
friend's dog's Maddie were not
hurt in anyway, when they were 
suddenly charged by a very 
aggressive acting pit bull while
they were minding their own
business and sitting on their
front porch...........scared them
half to death.........we definitely
feel their angels were watching
over them, as the dog just all
of a sudden calmed down, and
he just smelled of Rosie (and
she is 7pd. chijuajua) and then
smelled Maddie (a probably 
12 pd. Schnauzer), so Jerry was
able to quickly snatch Rosie up
 when he started to sniff Maddie
 and then thank heavens a man 
showed up and said it was his
 daughters dog. DeeAnna said
I don't think I have ever been
that scared before...........
Plus the fact that they had a
 situation fresh in their minds
that Jerry had seen at the 
hospital where he works,
I am sure really added to their
fears.....The man had both of 
his arms ripped off by a pitbull.

Isn't that horrible!

I seriously wonder why they do
not outlaw those dogs,  just too
many incidents of devastation.

for lactaid Milk, as I am lactose
 intolerant and it is so nice to be
 able to just pour a glass of milk or 
add it to a recipe without thinking
 about having to take a lactaid pill,
cause sometimes I used to forget,
and then paid for it later............
Plus hubby and I both think
 it tastes better for some reason.

that Scott was able to take care of our 
plants and lawn while we were away 
in Asheville a few weeks ago if 
needed, and we just found out this
 passed weekend that not only did he
 do that, he was also so sweet and 
thoughtful to fertilize all our shrubs
 for us. Our boxwood plants in the
front of the house really needed it,
 as they were sort of yellowing, and 
had done some liquid fertilizers a few
 months ago, but it hadn't done much,
 but they are all nice and green and
healthy looking again now.  
Thanks Scott!!

that Susan has such sweet and helpful
neighbors, as it is helpful to us as well.
Otherwise, we would have to be taking
her trash can out and in and getting her
mail daily, but many times they are 
doing it which saves us having to go
down there daily.  

for the Sunday School materials we
have had this year, they have been
very indepth bible studies and I feel
like I have learned  so much.

for Sweet Iced Tea with lemon, nothing
like a home brewed batch over lots of
ice.  I have been having a hankering
for some for about a week now, so
finally made some today, and what a
tasty delight  I don't make it too often
cause of the calories.... I do like it sweet, 
but I am a Southern gal and we do like
our Sweet Tea, so have to give in once
in awhile,  ya know!!

Well, there you have it folks
another week at Cozy Place

Thankful you could come by.....

Hope you have a Wonderful

Friday and Weekend!

Love, Hugs and

Nature's Blessings to YOU!

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  1. Thanks for linking up at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home!


  2. #1. It's always so good when you can visit, relax, and enjoy.
    #2. Waiting can be a challenge, especially when it's for something you're anticipating!
    #3. I do enjoy my laptop!
    #4. That is so invigorating! I had many of my kindergartners over the years come visit me with "their" kids! I even had one who became a 1st grade teacher at the same school I taught her in!
    #5. They have done well! As so have I!
    #6. What technology we have today! To think in Jesus' time you had to walk great distances to communicate!
    #7. They ought to "outlaw" the owners too. What does the Bible say about the ox that gores someone. It is to be put to death as well as its owner! (Exodus 21:29)
    #8. I basically only have trouble with goat's cheese or sometimes sour cream (if I haven't eaten some in a while.)
    #9. Mine are on their own, ha! My hibiscus, night jasmine, now my rose bush. Since we have had all this rain and my grass went to seed, my yard is looking great after Rosemary and her sons cut it!
    #10. They are great indeed!
    #11. I've been reading mine since I got home (catching up!)
    #12. I have gotten so hung on Simply Fruit's Orange Mango juice!
    Love you all, Susan

  3. I was w/o my computer, too. Had to replace the hard-drive. Expensive, but not as much as a new computer. Obviously, I missed out on your lightening strike I'll read your prior post to find out more. Glad to hear Susan is making a good recovery and has such helpful neighbors....

  4. Hi Nellie, you have had a lot going on. I would be lost without my computer.
    The flowers are lovely. Pitbulls can be scary. I know not all are bad. That would terrify me too.
    Thank for your sweet visit. Hugs

  5. So glad to hear your week was better than the last. No wonder you kept falling asleep- you had to catch up on relaxing from the "bad" week! I hope this week is incredibly good for you. :)

  6. Reading other's thank you lists really prompts me to add to mine! Have a blessed Monday! Linda

  7. #9, and #12 pix were the prettiest. I'm a purple/pink fan!
    Hey, my grand baby just turned 2 also! Aren't they just the best??!!
    Here from HomeMatters.


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