Friday, May 30, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - May 29, 2014

Seven times a day I praise you
for your righteous laws.
Great peace have they who love
your law, and nothing can make
them stumble.
Psalm 119: 164-165

Greetings Sweet Friends,

So how ya been doing??
Hope your doing well and
having some fun these last
days of May.  Guess those
of you who have school age
kiddies must have them out
of school by now or about to
 get out, and looking forward 
to a fun Summer ahead.

I always loved that time of year with 
my kids...cause we have relaxed, laid
back, unscheduled, fun times.....we
have some great memories!!

Sorry I am running so late here but 
our daughter got in yesterday, so we
had one of those summer days here
yesterday and it was delightful. It was
just so great to have her here as it
has been a 2 1/2 months now.  Got a
lot done this week, house wise so can
 concentrate on making some cards today, 
 since Dee is gone for the day visiting with a
 friend before she has to leave for a family
 reunion, then she will spend the rest of the
day with Scott, Megan and Brooklyn. Then
she will be back later on tonight and we
will get to visit a lil tonight then tomorrow
morning until the rest of the family comes
over...........should be another fun day.
We have all been looking forward to her
coming, so very excited she is here finally.
Cause she was coming for Mother's day
then it got we
are very grateful she got to come!!

Hope your week has been a good one
and will tell you about mine as you read.

I am thankful.....

for a restful and relaxing Memorial Day
weekend,  just the 2 of us.  

that we got bushes trimmed back away
from our house in the side yard cause
 hurricane season is a coming!  lol

that hubby has helped me make some
decisions about my card business,  and
that I have been working on it once
again.........was just kind of stymied
there for a while.  Guess cause life
was just happening...........

for a wonderful story and video I saw on yahoo
on Wed. - a really great thing in this day and time.
A 7yr. old boy bullied someone,  and his Mom
found out and made it clear this was unacceptable
behavior,  and he apologized to the other boy, and
told him how had he felt,  and he said he felt so
ashamed of what he did,  he asked his parents
if he could start and anti-bullying club at school,
and of course they said yes,  and the first person
he invited was the other lil boy, and they are friends
now.  He also stated that his parents, church and
boy scouts help him make good decisions.  It also
showed him reading his bible.  Priceless
We need a gazillion more parents and children
 like that.
My own Mom was a bullied child and she made
it very clear to us that we were never to make
fun of anyone,  and I did my best to pass that
along to my children..............
Anyway,  think you will enjoy watching it.

Click here or you can type in or go to the link below.

that my lovely daughter made it in safe and 
sound this morning..........and that it was
so good to lay eyes on her!!  lol

Actually that was yesterday morning,
had my post 2/3 of the way done!

that a friend of mines son, finally got a new
 job, we have all been praying for some 
months now,  and he has had interviews 
but just nothing seemed to work out.
So we are very happy for him!

that a friend who had her MRI come back
  showing  a 7mm lesion on her brain, got the
 word yesterday that everthing is fine. We were
 sooo happy to hear that as this young single Mom
 has really been thru so many really rough things 
in the last years.

for so many great things that are happening
for the young woman we kept for a week last
 Oct. ...remember the one with the broken rib
 and the lil boy. She seemed to really go thru a
time of hard things and that seems to have turned
 around now, and we are just so happy for her
 and her family too.  Cause they are really a sweet

for the word of God, the Bible because
it teaches us how we should live.  It really
is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our
path................we would just be wander-
ing in the wilderness without it for sure.

for some great ideas DeeAnna had for me
about my business.........She is amazing,
and is my best encourager,  I have to say.

that a queaseness and uneaseness in my
stomach seems to be gone finally.  Felt
like I was trying to catch the flu or some-
thing,  but feeling much better today.

that I love and enjoy my family so much,
not everyone can say that....unfortunately.
And there was a time in my life as a child
growing up I couldn't say that....about the
enjoying part anyway!! but I did love them!

with posterized affect

Well, thanks a lot for coming by,
  always nice to hear from you or
 see that you have been by.

Hope you have a weekend full
of Fun and Relaxation.

Love,  Hugs and
Blissful Family Bessings.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to press linens with embroidery to make them pop, in case you don't know..... and a table for two remake.

Howdy Sweet Friends,

So how is your week going so far?? 
 Hope you all had a nice relaxing,
 reflective Memorial Day.

Mine week has run off and left  For some reason
 I thought yesterday was Monday,  so that is why I didn't post.
Guess we had a lil too much quiet, relaxing, refreshing and  Our Memorial day was all of that I have
to say, and hubs and I enjoyed it so much.  We did manage to
 accomplish some yard work,  and I did some work towards
my card business, we watched some movies and some TV,
played cards and just talked a lot and rested.  We are gearing
up for next weekend since we know Dee will be home and
we will be busy visiting and having family get togethers then.
We are all looking forward to her has been
a few months since we have seen her,  so we are more

Well, had an opportunity to use my embroidered
place mats last week,  so had to get them ironed cause
they were pretty wrinkled. I learned a tip from guess
who???   Martha Stewart probably 15 years or so ago
when she had her old show, some of you probably
already know, but thought some of you vintage linen
lovers might not,  so thought I would share it just in
case.  Sure wish Martha Stewart still had her old
 show, cause I used to love to watch it but just
 never did like the new one.

Ironing Embroidered Linens Tutorial

Anywho,  first of all you get a nice fluffy towel and
fold it in two, then put it on your ironing board.
You might also need a spritzer of water just in case
 you need it for wrinkles,  cause a lot of times the
 steam setting just doesn't do it........

Then you place the item right side up and iron or
press it, whichever you call it.
Most of the time you can tell which is the right side,
but sometimes that is hard to tell.  If it was a blouse
for instance you would know easily,  but wasn't as
easy to see on the place mats cause both side look

This pic above seems to be the wrong side as you can
see the lil stitches around the flower, so after you have
pressed the right side, then flip it over to the wrong
side...  then press sorta of hard with the iron,  and
 you can spritz it with water if need be................

and this is what the right side will look like afterwards,
 ironing on the towel makes everything pop up and 
just makes the embroidiery work show up so much

Here's a side shot just so you can see........

Doesn't it pop up nicely............

Now for the reason I ironed these lil pretties.....

After Mother's day was over I had a friend that
I knew had a birthday coming up soon,  so I
managed to save just enough plates and napkins
from my Mother's day table and just left the
 basket and pitcher with flowers in them, so
that I could do a pretty table for her and have
her over for lunch.  It wound up being very
improptu,  but it turned out fine.........

Decided not to use a tablecloth, which I
 rarely do and you will see why as I go
 thru the pics. Then moved 2 of the 
chairs out so I could center things.
since it was just a table for two......

Remember the hot pink azaleas
 arrangements, Just took the napkins 
out to change it up a little.

This time I tried the round silver
 rimmed salad plates
and different silverware along with
some stemmed goblets.

and folded the napkins differently.
and still had a few candies left too.

Put just one simple candle in the center
Tried both plates and decided to go 
with the rounded edge square ones
again,  just cause it was easier.  lol

I know it is daylight,  but still like
 to use candlelight,  think it just adds
 some special ambiance that most
 ladies enjoy!

This is from the opposite end of the table

Have you noticed how you can see
 thru the table and see the chairs and it
 also reflects light and you see reflections
 of the dining room light and stuff.........
It is a very pretty table, but I really wish 
I had my old solid oak parson style table
 still........rather than the glass, but it
got messed up in a house flood about
13 yrs or so ago,  such is life!!
That is why I almost always use a table
cloth for dinners.  I let it stay without one
in summer as long as we are not eating.

this has a posterized affect but it is hard
to tell for some reason.

Since the basket was black and Scott
 and Megan had given me these Faith
 Family and Friends signs,for Mother's
Day I decided to use the Friends one
 on the table.

This has a posterized affect, 
 and you can tell thankfully!!  lol

Made us salads, and decided to do it the way they 
do it at Long Horn Steak House. they dice up the
cucumbers and tomatoes, it does make for a nice
presentation and somehow I think it tastes better
too.......maybe it is just my imagination.  lol 
We also had Black Beans and yellow rice
 with chicken,  sauteed onions and fresh tomatoes
 on top. Wished I would have had cilantro, cause
that really adds a lot of flavor. Only got a pic of the
salad just cause I thought it looked appetizing!! lol
  Since it was impromptu I had to go with what
 I had in the house,  which wasn't much at the
time, but it worked out well...........

Things like that are like a challenge to me and I
feel good when I actually pull it off without having
 to run to the  Course, I really can't
take credit for it, cause I asked the Lord in
 desperation what can I make? cause I didn't even
 know what I would get a the store if I went!!  lol 
 So all of a sudden I remembered I had black
 beans and rice leftover from the night before, 
 and rotisserie chicken, which I know my friend
 likes, and stuff for salad, so it was like a light
 bulb moment......
  so I know where it came

Well, there you have it folks.......
my table and food challenge and
 even a tutorial on

Gee.....Can it get any better 
than that!!  lol

If you happened to miss our
 Mother's Day table and would like
 to see it,  Just click here!

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over @ Ivey and Elephants,
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a stroll thru life.  
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Have a lovely evening 
with your family/friends!

Hugs and Happy Ironing


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - May 22, 2014

 You are my God, and I will give
you thanks:  you are my God,
and I will exalt you.
Psalm 118:28

Greetings Sweet Peas

Hope this week has been good

 to you!

My week got better as it went along,  thankfully!
In case you didn't read Tues. post have been
having trouble with my back and foot.

Yesterday, I got to watch Brooklyn, have to say
I was wondering if that was gonna be possible
at the beginning of the week.  So the Lord
was good to me.  Was feeling much better
yesterday and even better today.  I went to
 sleep at 9 last night and woke up for about
 an hour around 4a.m, but went back to sleep
 and woke up at a nice surprise!
It's on my list ..........

Thought I would take you on a tour thru
Violet blue hydrangea land..........along
with Thankful Thursday.........

I am thankful.....

for these gorgeous violet blue hydrangeas
that were a Mother's day gift from my
sweet hubby.  Have been enjoying them
for a few weeks now,  but most of them
have withered now. (sniff, sniff)
Was trying to find just the right place for
them,  but the kitchen table was not it.

for Blue Buffalo grain free cat food. Our
pretty black and white kitty is looking and
 feeling beautiful again.  Since she has been
 on this cat food,  she has stopped itching 
and pulling her fur out and has almost
completely gotten all her fur back and is
also eating better than she has in a long
time, and you can just tell she feels so
much better.  Wonderful to see!
Bless her lil heart............
Thank You Blue Buffalo Co.


For a  really good belly laugh from watching
a video someone put on facebook. A 4 yr. old
 called 9ll to ask for help with his Math.....
it was so cute cause it shows him talking to the
9ll dispatcher, and at the end the Mom comes
 in and said what are you doing on the phone
and he said  you told me to call someone to
help me and the policeman is helping me,
 and she says what??  of my gosh,  I didn't
mean call the police.  Such a riot!

Click her to watch it....

Have to say I have never heard of a 4 year old
doing subtraction,  so maybe that is why he is
having so much

for the fun and enjoyment I got from receiving
a cute pic of one of my blog firends.  She and
her hubby did one of those wild west photos,
while on vacation and sent it to me and Susan.
Thanks for thinking of us Janet!!  It brightened
up my day............

for recycling.........not only is it great for the
environment but in our city they take the money
they make and give it to people for scholarships
for college, which I think is great! Plus I think it
 is such a shame we throw away so many great
 containers, bottles and stuff that could be used
 for something else, so at least they aren't going
 to waste.

an analgesic gel called Biofreeze that I got at
the Chiropractors office.  Have used it before
but it has been over 10 yrs. and I forgot how
great this stuff is..........  Just put some on
 my lower back,  oh my,  it is amazing,
my back is doing the happy dance!! 
Well,  it would if it

Tried the plant here and this wasn't the place either!

for a new book I am reading called "God is able"
by Priscilla Shirer.  Easy, but great reading.

that I was able to pray for and be an encouragement
to someone who really needed it last night.

Finally found the perfect spot!!  lol

for a story I read in the book I am reading
 by Dr. Ben Carson because it might be
something that will help the lady I spoke
 with last night who was so discouraged.

that I had no back pain or any problems
 picking my lil darling yesterday,  and....
 that I am feeling great today. 

Extremely Grateful for That!!  This really should
have higher on my list but I have been adding to
 the list all week and this is where it fell..........
but in my heart it is way up there on the list!!

that I woke up this morning to a call from my Sweet
 daughter! We haven't gotten to talk since last Wed. cause
 she has been working all day, and we usually don't talk on 
the weekends cause hubbies are home.  We did email
 a lil but she was so busy it was hard to even do that!
So have really missed her.... especially since I was out
 of commission and had so much time on my hands.

for you my friend and that you take the time to come
by and visit and to read my posts.  I do enjoy writing
them so much, and had pen pals when I was a kid
growing up and always enjoyed this,  so this is sort
of like electronic pen pals for me.  So thanks for your
 visits and your blog/pen pal friendship!!
Also thanks to you for the encouragement, inspiration,
and enjoyment you give to me with all of your
wonderful posts too!


So glad you could visit with me today!

Hope you will share a thankful or two 
with us.  Would love to hear them!

Have a Happy Happy Happy

Love,  Hugs and 
Sweet Blue Hydrangea Blessings,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What is that????

Morning There......Sweet Friends,

So how are ya?  and how was your 
weekend?? Great.... I hope on
 both accounts!

Our weekend was quiet, restful and relaxing cause I was
at the chiropractor on Friday because of my back and 
my foot........foot started acting up on Wed. afternoon 
late,  started limping cause it was hurting and didn't
do anything to it that I know of,  but by Thurs. night I was
 having trouble with my lower back and was feeling it
 in my leg too,  so decided they must be connected.

Thank the Lord for Ibuprophen because by the time
I got home on Friday my foot was throbbing and I
 thought oh my gosh,  I must have a pinched nerve,
but the Ibuprophen helped and it was some better
on Sat.  and took some again on Sunday so I could
go to church,  so had no pain but once the meds
wore off,  I was limping again,  just not quite as

By Monday my foot was some better but could tell my
 back was still not right,  so went back to Dr. yesterday
and my  foot is better but still not there yet, but I am
 walking much better so am hoping it is on the mend.
So I have sort of been out of commission......if you get
my drift.  However, I  did watch a movie, start a new book,
  and sit in the sun and out front under our pretty tree while
 hubby worked on his John Deere since it was nice and
 breezy. Made a few birthday cards, oh yea, and washed
 and folded some clothes.........lets not forget the work!!  lol
Feeling a lil bit bored if you know what I mean, that
is probably why I was so easily entertained by w
what you will see

So now I will tell you what all those
keys are about.....

You thought I was.....................
never gonna say,  right??

Well....... when I was out to the Drs. on Friday,  afterwards
 I ran into Publix for a few minutes and when I came out
 I saw this..................

on the way to my cause I keep
my old camera in the van now,  I just had to get
a few shots to show hubby,  and then today when
I was downloading or uploading or whatever
you call yall might like
a gander as well.

Have to say it is quite the car...............
wouldn't you agree!  Was hoping the owner
would come out before I left so I could get
a peek at him or her

in case you don't know you can click on this pic or any
of them and it will make then all larger.

  this was as exciting as it got over
 our weekend!!  lol

Here's hoping it is way better 
next weekend!!  

Thanks for coming by...........and be
 sure to let me know what you think 
of this art car............

Hugs and Happy
Key Car Blessings to you!!


Scripture Sunday

  Have a  Sweetly Blessed Day! Hugs,  Nellie