Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Morning.................

And Happy Saturday to you!

Well, it is 3a.m. here............went to bed at 12:30 and gave it a good try and was just about
sleep and then Miss Molly woke me up. Ahhhhhh Pets, they are truly a Joy!
So decided since I was awake why not blog since I didn't get to do it today, rather yesterday.

Friday was a fun day for me tho, I did not wake up until 10:15,
Oh MyHeavvveeeeeeeennnnnns, I thought and made myself get up, felt like I could have slept the rest of the day. That is a cyclical thing too, after I go thru my "sleep deprived week",
I usually go thru what I call the "sleeping like the living dead" week, where I dream like
crazy and feel like I could sleep on and on, plus this week I had the bug thing to go with it.

I am feeling great tho. Anyway, I had been in the house all week, and just wanted to go out and decided to go to Wallie World. Now we have two Super Centers, one is a crowded
like it is Christmas, the other is a breath of fresh air, it is out in the country and not manypeople know about it, so when you go there you feel like you have stepped back in time
30 years, and I am not exaggerating one lil bit!! I have to say there were more cars in
the parking lot today than I have ever seen before, but still it was not even close to crowded.

It was like bliss, uncrowded bliss, I looked at everything and just took my time, I never do that in the other store, it is in, and get what I have to get, and out, just like a guy
Now I am not a huge shopper actually, I don't shop for sport, I usually shop for things
when I need them, but I really do love to look at stuff for the house and yard.

In my looking for filters for the air purifier I came thru the paint dept. and happened to
come on the wallpaper borders. I had seen one I liked awhile back that I had contemplated
getting for my bathroom redo. We have been working on retiling, well we are not at that point yet, we have really been working on ripping out the old tile and hubby had to replace the
shower walls and had to do a little plumbing work, and we are also gonna have to replace
part of the other wall. These projects never seem to be as easy as you would think,

am I right???

Anyway, I noticed they no longer had the border I liked and thought oh darn, cause
I had been checking around some and still had not seen anything really that had struck
my fancy, so I moved on and went down the next aisle, and just as I started down
the aisle there it was on a their sale rack. $5.00 a package, they only had 4 left so I called
hubby since he was working at home, to see if he would mind doing a lil measuring for me.
He called back quickly and said we only needed 3, so I bought them all, just in case.
So, that was fun surprise and blessing and now I am one step closer
to knowing what I want to do in there.

Here's a closeup of the wall border, love the muted colors, and it is the
casual modern look I am looking for. Had another pic but lost it so
I have many others to include, so you will have to wait to see the
finished product.

I sort of already knew since I had bought some pictures for the walls (they were a steal at Sears-$25 pics for $6, I got two, not bad huh!! Just hope they match the border....haven't checked them out yet cause I kind of have them packed away for right now, but if they don't work fo my bathroom I can always put them back in my Guest/Son's room. Since he is leavingon his trip soon, he sold off his shelves and everything for his ebay business, so I will be sort
of putting the room back together the way it was before he came, not completely because he will be back sometime int he next 5 months.

If you haven't figured it out, these are the two pics from Sears,
they have brushed nickel frames and are square.

Then hubby had bought me some neat candles for my birthday, that are battery powered from Cracker Barrel. I love those things, you can almost use them like a flash light, and they look like a candle is really burning, plus they smell good too. I could let them burn all night and not worry about burning the house down. Somebody had a great idea with these things, hope they were able to patten it. I had never seen them before but recently I saw some others at Kohl's.
Seriously, you've got to get some of these. They are a good thing as Martha says!!

This is one of my candles, one is taller. Don't think you can tell in the pic but it is lit. The candle is lime green and brown, and when it is lit the top portion looks deep yellow.

When I complete the bathroom I will do a post or two on it, want be real soon I don't think,
cause we still have a lot of work ahead, and we have learned to just take our time and when it gets done it gets done. I amaze myself at how patient I am in my old age, when I was
in my 20 and 30, it was like let's get this done now and I would stress myself all out about it.
The Lord sure has a way of teaching you patience, he is so good to us. I am just not into
stressing out anymore, I am into living peacefully and simply.

Back to Wallie World...................

I am a terrible spider webber when I talk or write, sorry, hope I don't confuse you.
Course, I know some of you are just like me, maybe even worse!! ha

I also found these neat outside lights today. I have been wanting to put some
along the sidewalk coming up to the house, but again have not seen anything that I really liked until I saw these. They are solar powered and they are small, and unassuming, they come in nickel, copper, and a gun metal color (dark brown almost black). They were only $4 each, so I got 1 copper, and 1 gun metal to try the colors. We liked both of them, so think we are gonna mix them. Gotta go back and get some more tomorrow. Have to figure out how many I need. We put them out there and they look really neat tonight. They have lil LED lights in them.

Just looks like a little stick, all you have to do is turn the point side out (it is stuck up inside the cylinder of copper) as you can see we already have the pointed side out, then stick her in the ground, oh yea, you have to take the top off and pull a little tab that is in there to release the Led light. Guy @ the checkout told me cause he said they get returned all the time because people don't know to do that and think they are broken. Good piece of advice to know!!

and this is the bronze aluminum ( I called it gun metal before cause I couldn't think of the word, after all it was 4 in the morning) one stuck along our walk way, wanted to get a pic of them at night but thought I might wake up the family and they just might not appreciate my bloggy zeal.

Also finally found some water bottles to keep in the fridge for when I go out. I am trying
to be green and safe with good plastic, and amazingly they were made in the good ole USA.

And might I add that I LOVE supporting our industry here!!

Just thought I would show you the label in case you too are looking for some decent water bottles made in the USA.

Also, ran into a friend from church, and we chatted awhile, she and I are definitely on the same page with so many things, and we are both talkers. She is a wonderful person, and I love and respect her very much. So that added a lil whimsy to my trip.

Then I scooted on over to the grocery area, got what I needed and headed home.
It was perfect timing, there had been a downpour and I didn't even know it, and it was
evidently just clearing up since it was just barely sprinkling, then it quit alltogether

When I got home of course, of course, there was snacking on all the good food finds.
I found these string cheese sticks by Weight Watchers that have only 1 gram of Saturated fat,
and I am serious they are the best string cheese I have ever had, hubby said the same.Then we also had some wholegrain goldfish crackers, and they were yummy too.
And pistachio nuts, we haven't had those for awhile either.

Told you, I am a simple Girl.............. but simple is Good!!

Glad you came by to visit.............and now I am going to bed. Night Night!!

Have a great Weekend and see if you can find a Walmart that is out in the Country.
You will truly enjoy it!!

Blessings and Hugs,


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Good Afternoon Sweet friends,

Well, I am happy to say I am feeling like my ole self, and we also got the lawn
mowed, and we finished just in the nick of time before the thunderstorms rolled in.
The lawn looks great, so neat, trim, and green!!

I have been sewing this morning with one of the young gals that was here
for Memorial day. She is a sweetie and has a little 2 yr. - and she bought
some fabric that you can make a sundress out of for a child. It is smocked at
the top and has the straight dress part at the bottom, already hemmed, so all you have to
do is run a seam up the back and add straps. She made the straps out of ribbon.
We only put straps on one so far, so she can see how it fits her daughter.

Next week, we will finish and maybe do a few others.
Just in case you might be interested in doing this for your little one, she got the
fabric at good ole Walmart, better know as "Wallie World " to us, at least that's what we call it.

Well, on to thankful Thursday.......................

I am very grateful and Thankful for my sweet Hubby and Honey, Jim.
He is a wonderful man. Easy going, sweet, gentle, loving, happy, easy to please,
hardworking, faithful, honorable, sacrificial, my handiman, my computer man,

My Man!! He is the Best!!

Oh yea, and I forgot to say Brilliant.

He is all these things and more, and I love him too death,
He is the best thing that ever happened to me beside Jesus.
He and I will celebrate 39 years of wedded bliss in November,
course, it has not been all bliss, we have had our ups and downs
just like everyone else, but I would have to say the ups have been far more,
than the downs.

And here he is with my sweet daughter at her Graduation from
Radiology School in December 2008.

Hope you are feeling well and happy today.

Hope you are having more ups than downs,
If not, make sure you look up to the Father
and get your eyes fixed on Him.

Have a simply Wonderful day.

Blessings and Hugs,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Beautiful Sunny Day on the Porch.

Good Afternoon Sweet Girls.................and Boys!!
(Just in case there might be a few)

My husband usually read my blog, so at least I know there is one.

I am feeling much better than yesterday, but still not totally up to par,
but I was thrilled to be able to sit on the porch this morning.

I have not been able to do that since my last post on "Glorious morning
on the Porch". It has done nothing but rain here for almost 2 weeks.
Our grass looks like no one lives here, and we are hoping it might
stay dry enough to get her mowed, maybe today, probably not.
Suppose to be 60% chance of showers again today.

Although, I have been extremely thankful for the rain because it
was so needed, because our water table is very low, plus our scorched grass needed a good soaking that the sprinklers just don't seem to be able to accomplish at times, and it cleans the air of pollen and dirt, and causes everything to grow and look so wonderfully lush and green from all that nitrogen in the rain. I have to say I have mourned the loss of the Sun, and missed
the joy of sitting on my porch, and doing my typical routine things. I did not like the dismal, gloominess of all the rain and overcast skies. It was just plain hard to enjoy!!

that is why I am rejoicing so much over the lovely Sunshine
and being able to return to normal activity, altho it will probably
begin to cloud up soon, but I am basking in the glory of these few hours
or whatever of sunshine.

I got to thinking about this and how happy I was about the weather,
and realized it is because I have not had it for awhile, we so take for granted
what we have all the time. In Florida it is definitely Sunshine (at least most of the time),
But I also realized if we never had the rain all this time, I would not be so
thankful for the beautiful weather, and I got to thinking about how this really
compares to our lives.

Oh, we love the Sunny, bright, encouraging days when all is well, and things
are going our way, but then we begin to take them for granted..........
we take our spouses for granted, our children, parents, friends, health,
you name it we take it for granted and sometimes lose our gratitude
and thankfulness for these everyday blessings.

But then the Lord begins to bring the rain in the form of trials, hardship or testing.
Maybe we are taking his goodness for granted, or maybe our faith is low
and needs to rise to a new height, or maybe our soul is parched and needs nurturing, or
maybe we have bitterness, anger or some other sin that needs to be cleansed, or maybe we are missing the Son because we have been to busy. The Lord allows the rain,
So that once again, we will grow in that abundant life He wants to give us,
and so that we can look a little more like Jesus.

Whether we have Sunshine or Rain we have to learn to be Thankful for both,
because they both come from the God who loves us and wants our best,
and because they both have a good and special purpose, envirionmentally and spiritually!!

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you
know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance, Perseverance must finish it's work
so that you may be mature, and complete, not lacking anything.
James 1:2-4 NIV

That is a cool thought - not lacking anything!!

Hope you enjoy my musings,
and that they are an encouragement to you.

Thanks for stopping in,

Love and Blessings,

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Memorial Day Weekend was such a blessing

Good Morning Dear ones,

I chose this picture because it looked peaceful and restful,
and that is what I need today. Not feeling too well and feel like I might be trying to catch
something! I am achy, have a sorethroat and feel like a block head, I want to go back
to sleep but my body hurts too much, so I figured I would work out some ot the kinks first then go back to bed.

My son's party was small but nice, and he was very surprised.
These sweet people went out there and even got rained on to do this for him,
the Lord was good to keep the rain away the majority of the time, and it
cleared up in the afternoon and they were able to go canoeing.

His Sunday School teacher made the cutest cake, and I wished I had
taken my camera. She made a square chocolate cake and had dyed coconut to make grass
and then made a lil tent out of construction paper, and had found these adorable little bears online, that were dressed in camping gear, one had a fishing pole, another holding fish, etc.
you get the idea. She had quite a few of the little bears
and she couldn't fit them all on the cake so she made cupcakes to surround the square cake
and each had a lil camper bear. It was adorable, and delicious.

Then we went and spent the rest of the afternoon with my daughter before she had to
go to work. Plus made a quick trip to Sam's to get things for Memorial day. Turned out to be
a fun day.

Then Sunday my nephew and his wife, and 3 children, showed up at church, we knew they
were in town but had not seen them yet. They live in Missouri, and are with New Tribes Mission. So they have quite an itineary while here, so we had been trying to find a time that
worked for both of us to get together. So we ceased the moment and ran to the store and
got coldcuts, potato salad, and fruit salad and quickly thru together a nice lunch. So we got
to visit with them for awhile. I felt for them cause one of their 2 yr. olds was sick and running
a fever, they have a set of twins, and then a 5 yr old. all adorable little girls!!

Hard traveling with children but especially when you have been gone for over 2 weeks or more and you are staying at different places, and they are not on their routine or in thier own
beds or eating the same things, or getting their naps as usual. And much harder when they
are sick. We will get to see them again next Sunday evening cause they will be speaking
at our church, and then will be headed back towards Mo. on June 4th. I have not seen
them in 5 years, and that was at my Son's Wedding, so you know how that is, not a lot of time
for visiting..

We had a lovely day yesterday, plenty of good food and fellowship, and key lime pie,
brownies and cookies. Yum!! My scales were up a bit today, course, we have not
exercised since Friday, and it is a rare thing when we go 3 days.

We really had so much fun yesterday, and yes, we remembered to pray for our troops
and the families that had lost loved ones, and especially for James as well.

The young couple that came, has a 5 mos. old baby girl, named Faith and she is the most adorable precious lil thing, she is just discovering her tongue and keep chewing on it and sticking it out, it was so funny to watch, and they also have an adorable, very well behaved
5 yr. old boy, named Austin. We don't typically have many children over, so that made
it a much more fun day. I think we are sooooo ready to be grandparents we just loved it.

We also loved watching all of our adult children sit in the floor and play legos with Austin.
I think they were quite enjoying themselves. I am mad I didn't get pics of them and
what they built, cause I was teasing them that they were gonna be in my blog today.

The day before my son and my nephew did that with his girls, and it was like old times,
they used to spend hours as kids, sitting in my sons room, hardly talking to one another,
building all sorts of stuff. I think it was a refreshing break and blast from the past for them.

Well, that was our weekend, and it was a darn good one, very enjoyable I must say.
Our hearts are full this morning, and hope your's is too!!

Thanks for dropping In,

Talk with you tomorrow hopefully,

Hugs and Blessings,

P.S. Sorry about the congestion of the writing, I tried many times to cause it to be
separated between paragraphs, but it just want do it, so I finally gave it up!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day

Good Morning Sweet folks,
Sorry I wanted to put a Patriotic Picture, but couldn't find anything to
download, so the red flowers was the best I could do.

It is a very overcast Saturday Morning here, glad today is not the day we celebrate Memorial
Day course, it might look like this on Monday as well.............since it has been raining for over
a week now. Course, don't hear me complaining, our water table is low and this is good, real
good. Just being a Florida girl we are not used to going this long without the sun !!

My son just left to go to a picnic for his sunday school class and it looks like it is gonna pour
any minute, but what he doesn't know is it is a feigned Memorial day picnic and a going away
party for him as he is leaving on his hiking trip soon. We are going over to the park about
11:30 as well so we can all surprise him. I think they know how much he needs to know he is
loved his last 6 months have been pretty awful, his wife of almost 5 years decided all
of a sudden Thanksgiving weekend to take a hike herself, but it wasn't to the Appalachian
Trail, it was out of his life. He is devastated and that is why he has been living here with us.

Hope he will be totally surprised and uplifted by all those that care about him, there are many,
many people that dearly love him, but a shock like this can make you feel like the most unloveable human of all. As concerned as we are about this hiking trip to the Appalachians,
we are praying that it will be cathartic for him, and maybe give him some distance from it all,
and help him to sort out the direction the Lord has for him now. He is feeling rather lost I think.

As a Mom it has been hard to watch, gut wrenching at times.......because there is nothing you
can do to stop the pain. At a certain point I realized I was grieving too, the loss of my relation-
ship with my daughter-in-law, also the anger I felt towards her, and the changes all this has brought for him and for all of us really. I know once again, why God says he hates divorce........course, I have known all along cause I am a product of a divorced home, and it
was the last thing I expected to happen to one of my children.

Well, hope this finds you all well and happy.


I pray you have a very Blessed Memorial Day, and if you didn't read my blog yesterday,

it is about Memorial day, so you might want to give it a look.


And if you have lost a loved one in the military, you have my deepest condolences and appreciation, it is because of their willingness to give their very lives that I can enjoy the
wonderful freedoms we have in America, so God bless you and your loved ones who serve
in our military. I have the utmost respect for our Service men and women. My own
Dad was in the Navy, as was my father-in-law who served in WWII, my uncle and my
husband were in the AirForce, and my 2 brothers were both in the Marines,
and served in the Viet Nam war.


And May God Continue to Bless America!!


Love and Blessings,


Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Friday and Memorial Day is coming

Good Morning Lovely Sweethearts,

Well, this will be an early post no doubt, since it is 1 a.m. and
I can't sleep so figured I might as well blog.
This sleep thing seems to be a cyclical thing, so I am pretty
sure it is hormone related. Hormones.......aren't they wonderful
lil jewels!! They sure do keep you guessing, so that
keeps life from being dull and boring cause you never
know what they are gonna do.

Have been thinking about Memorial Day and what I am going to make
food wise. It will be sort of traditional I guess, hamburgers, hotdogs, Potato salad,
and baked beans, chips and dip and brownies with cookies and cream frozen yogurt.
Probably a veggie tray and some fruit salad as well.

We are having approximately 12-14 people over. Some dear friends of almost 30 years, their adult son and his wife and children, and her sister and children, they are all friends of my adult son, and of course, he will be here too, and maybe my daughter and a new fella she has been hanging out with and is trying to decide if she wants to date him or not. She might let us
check him out to see what we think. I like that part!! ha

I am looking forward to a fun day of chatting, laughing, eating, playing games, and hanging out.
It should be a really fun day and maybe just maybe, it might not rain!!

But with all that said, and all the festivities and fun we think about having on Memorial Day, we really have to remember why we are celebrating it to start with,
It really isn't about the food and the fun, it is really about remembering and honoring our fallen Veterans who gave their very lives for our country.
If it were not for these brave men and women in uniform we would not have the freedoms we so often take for granted and enjoy today.

So before you take that first bite of food, make sure you offer up a prayer of Thanksgiving and gratitude for these dear men and women, and take some time to ponder the freedoms that you hold dear. Also be sure to say a prayer for all the brave men and women who are right now serving our country in Iraq and Afghanistan. They need our continued support and prayers for safety.

We will definitely be praying for them cause the families that are coming
have a son/brother in Iraq as I type this. He is a marine, His name is James,
we would love for you to pray for him if you don't know of anyone that is there.

Happy Memorial Day to You!!

Hugs & Blessings,

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Good Afternoon Lovlies..............

And Welcome to Thankful Thursday

Hope you are having a great day, mine has been rainy
and overcast but good, just finished lunch and it it
2:30 in the afternoon, we were a bit late today
cause we just weren't hungry.
We meaning myself and hubby, he is working at home today.
He is able to do that every week on thurs.
and Friday. Has worked out very nicely I might add.

Anyway, on with what I am thankful for today.......

It is the "Peace of God"

There is nothing like His peace, and it can't be
bought with money or anything else, but it is an
invaluable gift from someone who loves us very much.

You see, I am a converted worrier, oh I can still
worry at times, but I have learned that I am much
better off turning things over to my Lord, because
most of them are things I can do nothing about anyway,
but pray..........course, prayer should be our first
and best course anyway.

I am learning more and more over the last years that
life really is more about surrendering things to Him.
Lord, help me to let my children go into your hands,
Father, my husband's health is in your hands, Jesus, please
take away my fear. Father, I know you will take care of
me, no matter what because I am your child.

Life is sometimes very tough, but we make it tougher
by not asking for divine help. Father is waiting to
hear from us and help us.

(Psalm 107:13 and 19) -Think he is trying to make a point?
Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble,
and he saved them from their distress.

Sounds like a deal to me.

Then why does it take us so long to cry out to Him???
You got me??? Wish I had the answer to that one.

Maybe cause we think we can handle it, may be cause
we think he doesn't care, maybe we just don't trust him,
or maybe we think we don't deserve His help, or maybe
because we just plain don't think he can really help.

Whatever the reason, lets give Him a good ole fashioned
try, and see what the result is, maybe that will make
it easier the next time and the next.

He says in his word
"Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.
Psalm 34:8

And that sure sounds good to me!!

Hope it sounds good to you too!!

Have a great evening,

Love and Blessings,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More of St. Augustine

Top of the Morning to you Lovlies!
Come along for a Carriage ride or nice bike ride
and let's explore a little more of St. Augustine.
We took the carriage ride once years back with our children
when we visited and it was really a fun and relaxing time.
It is one of my favorite memories of St. Augustine and
Savannah, Georgia when we there years ago as well.

This was just a pretty lil square on the corner in the
area where the shops were, it was all fenced off too.
Wish I knew what the statue represented but didn't
say anything on the fencing anywhere as to what it was.

This was growing in a pot near a ceramic store
and the bits of yellow and orange you see coming thru it
are a ceramic sun. I know the name of this plant
but it escapes me at the moment, maybe it will
come to me before I finish.
Just found out from one of my lovely blogger friends,
that this plant is called Agapantha. I knew it started
with an A, was thinking Alessia, and checked but
couldn't find a picture.
Thanks, Noreen for the information,
You're a sweetie.

Took this cause I just thought it was funny with the lil ceramic chickens peeking out of it, this was in the same ceramic shop area.
You can see all the pretty pots in the background.

This was also in the same ceramic shop, loved their planterson the wall, course, they sell them there, but thought it was a nice shot.

You'll probably think I am a lil crazy on this one, but I was fascinated by the roots on the night blooming Jasmine, and it was growing out of a small black pot (a 2 qt. pot that you buy them in)Wait till you see what it grew into. I thought it was one of the wonders of nature.
The whole top of this lanai was covered with it.

Happened to see this painted on a wall in this lil alcove area,took it thinking it probably wouldn't come out but decided totake it anyway. I was practically on top of it taking the picture.Was amazed at how well it came out. Never hurts to try!!

These last shots were all taken as we were walking to try and find the parking lot where we left our car. It was a nice walkwith pretty scenery. That was where we saw the carriage ride at the beginning as well.

Oh yea, This was a Bed & Breakfast

This was another bed and breakfast right next to the other one.

Thought this was just a quaint lil sitting area,kinda wanted to sit there myself, but it was in someones yard so thought I best not. ha!

This beautiful old Victorian Home caught my eye because it was freshlypainted and I loved the color scheme. They have lot of old homes like these but many are white or many are very weathered.
and that Fella, would be my honey, looks like he dressed to match the picture.

Here is a nice close up of the door!! Can you tell I like this house. ha!!

And last but certainly not least, is the big beautiful Methodist Church, the orange parts are actually made of clay, another tourist told me, she heard it when the carriage driver was giving his tour guide talk.

Well, dearies........... The Methodist church completes our tour,
I saved the Best for last, it was right where we left our car
so we found our car and drove off into the Sunset
towards home.
See ya tomorrow,
Thanks for stopping In, I have been thinking about building an Ark
it has been raining soooooooo much, course, I am thankful for God's reminder
Rainbow that says he will never flood our earth again. ha
Have a good one!!
Blessings, Nellie

P.S. Alice hope you had another great trip down memory lane, Glad you enjoyed it so much.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

St. Augustine

This was a pretty

fountain that we saw

in front of some

little shops.

Impossible to get

pics without people in them.

Well, Happy Morning to you,

Want to come along for a little train ride...........................
Just had to take a pic of that because it reminded me so much of the Key West
Conch train, my husband and I grew up in the Keys. I spent summers with my
dad and Grandparents, and he lived on Big coppitt Key, about 20 mins. out of Key West.
We met and married there and lived there our first year of married life.
It is a beautiful tropical place, hot tho, I might add, very humid!!

Take a shower get out, feel like you need another one humid.

Anyway, back to St. Augustine.

Saw these beautiful flowers
first thing, and as you probably
know by now, I LOVE FLOWERS!!
I have no earthly idea what
they are called. Maybe when my
son comes in I can ask him, he has a
horticulture degree, so there is
a good chance he might know.
I would like to get some myself
cause they were growing all over
a wall. Breathtaking!!

My son looked and doesn't know either. Guess they will just have to be pretty to look at.

This was a house with a restaurant upstairs
and shops downstairs, I took it for the
beautiful bougainvilla growing all over it.
You know me flowers again!!

This was a zoom photo of theBougainvilla. I have 3 of these in my backyard and just love them. They are no where as big as this!

We found this quaint little garden in the back of some shops we were looking in, what a delight it was to sit a spell in this beautiful place.Rustic tho it might be. Loved the brick pathways.

Do you see the stainglass hanging out there??

To the left is just a street scene where all the shops
are located. You can see it is a mighty busy place.

This was just an interesting looking bldg.I think
it hasa restaurant or pub upstair and
shops downstairs

This is a spanish restaurant that has
been there since 1905,
"The Colombia"

I should have gotten a closeup of the fountain.

We just happened to catch a glimpse of a
Junkanoo or Junkaque( have no idea how you spell that)
band that was visiting from the Bahamas,
they play Island type music,
and as you can see dress very colorfully.

This was an old grist mill
thought it was nice and rustic,

I want to know if they grind grist,
and what the heck is it??

Just kidding.

Some beautiful Hawaaian Giner
It is so pretty and smells Wonderful!!

Have Wonderful Tuesday,

Hopefully I will have some more St. Augustine pics
tomorrow. It takes soooooooooo long to download
these buggers, so it might be a little later in the
week, I'll have to see.

Thanks for stopping by...............

Blessings and more blessings, Nellie

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Wedding

Good Sunday Morning, course, it will be Monday Morning for you, since this is my Monday
Morning Post..
It is 2:56 a.m. - and I can't sleep, well........I was asleep until my cat was crying to get in cause there was something out in the back yard, so since I was startled awake, guess I must a lil adrenalin rush going on and am now wide awake!! So figured if all I was gonna do was
toss and turn I might as well make good use of the time, and do some blogging.

Well, we left Friday afternoon about 3 P.M. to go to St. Augustine, Florida for the Wedding.We checked into the Holiday inn a lil before 5P.M., and were starting to settle in when we kept seeing things in the room, like stuff on the floor, open food in the fridge, the coffee table in front of the sofa with smears, the bed spread up.... but the bedspread off on the floor and the pillows looked all funny like someone was leaning on them, oh yea, and problems with the commode as well. Great!! The commode and the bed was the end, I called and said we want another room, I am not sure this bed has been changed, and they said oh yea, it has and I said No, I think if you saw it you would probably agree with me, so they gave us another room, and it was much nicer and cleaner. Thank the Lord!! and the commode even worked to boot!! I meant to take some pics of the room, but left the camera in the car. Later I was able to take a few pics just as we were leaving.... I took pics of pics that were on the walls cause I found them intriguing, especially the one with the roses and birds, but I was not gonna make up the bed for yall...... After all this was a get away, no bed making, Sorry!! We did take another pic of the room, but it didn't come out well, so there you go!! I would have retaken it but hubby was ready to go. You Know!!

Did you know if you double click
on the pictures they will enlarge.

The Wedding was held in an old bldg. or possibly an old home, in the historic district called the "White Room". The bldg. has 3 floors, the Wedding was held on the 3rd floor, out on the rooftop overlooking the city and the bay under a glorious sky of blue @ 7 P.M. The Wedding, and the weather was perfect (we heard it rained for the rehearsal) it was breezy, shady and a touch warm, but very very pleasant.

The Bride of course, was stunning!! The groom happy as a clam, and so handsome in his attire, as all men are, don't know what it is about a Suit........... but guys sure look great, course, we ladies
look pretty good when we are all gussied up too. Their colors were tan and coral orange. She had orange Tiger lilies in her bouquet, and of course, her attendants all had on coral orange long flowing dresses, the guys had the coral orange cumberbunds and ties, with tan suits. Had never seen that before, but very striking.
The Brides Bouqet

Attendants Dresses
The Pastor did a phenomenal job on the ceremony. As people who really believe in the sancty and commitment to marriage vows and who love to teach marriage classes, my husband and I
were overjoyed with his charge to them, and the neat vows he had them take. Wish we could have recorded them. He had the young man vow to spiritually lead his wife, and He had her vow to be submissive to his leading. Course, that is not a popular or politically correct statement in our day. Oh Well! He made them vow to walk together thru good times and bad times as well, think that was a good one too, in this day of as soon as things aren't good I am outta here
thinking. Anyway, he said a lot more and we wanted to applaud. We have been married close to 39 years now, and we, as everyone else have had our ups and our downs, but you have to work it out, and I am so glad we have stuck it out cause life just gets better and better when you do. We have seen so many marriages go south and then they get remarried and (maybe) have some temporary happiness and then they wind up right back where they started in the first marriage usually, dealing with the same ole problems. Don't hear me criticizing cause I really am not, I well know there are biblical grounds for divorce, and my heart definitely goes out to those in that situation but sometimes it is not a matter of infidelity or abuse or anything. Anyway, let me get off my soapbox now!! ha

The reception was on the 2nd floor in a lovely large room with mirrors and pretty architecture.
We dined on Roast Chicken, a lovely vegetables mix and something called "Martini Mash Potatoes", it was very cute.......they put the yummy home made mashed potatoes in a martini glass and then you could put any or all of the toppings you wanted. They were delicious, I could have been happy with thepotatoes alone, they were so good, and of course, while we were waiting they had all sorts of yummy fruit and veggies with dip, and crackers and cheese, Baked Brie and other goodies.
It was a lovely evening, and we so enjoyed watching the bride and groom, and their parents bask in the joy of it all. We stayed for all the festivities of the garter throw, the bouquet toss, and the cutting of the Wedding Cake. It was delicious and delightful. Never saw a cake like it before,
very different but very beautiful!! You can see the pics below. Also note the lil salt and pepper shakers dressed up in wedding attire - think that was a take off from the move "Fireproof."

In Case you can't tell those are chocolate covered

strawberries on the top of the cake

Aren't they adorable mr. and and mrs. salt
and pepper shakers.
They also had the
champagne glasses
done the same way.
Wish I had thought
and taken a pic of
the whole table.

We left and returned to our room at the hotel, got cozy, talked about the wedding and the fun, watched a little HGTV and hit the sack, then we got up and spent the morning together and left the hotel about 1:30 in the afternoon and took in some of the shops in the historic district of St. Augustine. We kept seeing ice cream shops and my husband and I eat only lowfat type foods because he had bypass surgery about 3 or so years ago, and we want to keep him around for awhile. Anyway, we found a place that had peach yougurt and he had it put in a homemade waffle cone, talk about delicious, it had large pcs. of fresh peaches in it. The only thing wrong with it was we would have to go too far to get another one!! I had a pecan caramel turtle, course, we each sampled a bit of each. That was a yummy and fun treat for us both. Then on the way home we stopped and had dinner at a Longhorn steakhouse. It was an excellent, and very enjoyable meal and we had a very sweet young lady that served us. Doesn't it make such
a difference when you have such a nice server, course. It's also nice for them when they have nice guests to serve, so always remember that!! It was a fun day, and a nice change of scenery for us. I will post pics of St. Augustine on Tuesday.

Well, have a mighty fine Monday............... It is 3:40, I am going to beddie bye land!!

Blessings & hugs to you, Nellie

Scripture Sunday

  Have a  Sweetly Blessed Day! Hugs,  Nellie