Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fun, Food, and Fellowship

woke up at 6:30 a.m. and hit the ground running.... cause this morning... I had a very special old friend, guess I had better call her a very special long time friend (just in case she reads this) coming over for brunch.

I had two quiches to make, a table to set, coffee to make, my hair to wash (and blow dry), half the house to vacuum, a bed to make, and the usual house straightening procedures. I got it all done!!! I should have a deadline every morning, I work better and faster under pressure!!

My friend arrived just before 10:00 and we brunched on crustless (my own invention cause I don't make my own pie crusts and those name brand ones have those dreaded oils - plus the only part of the crust I like is the crispy part anyway) broccoli, cheddar and ham Quiche, a lovely fruit salad, and a wonderful wholegrain bread (compliments of Publix supermarket) and coffee and orange juice (after all, we do live in Florida). Ummm..........Nothing like good Food!

We talked the whole time. We talked at the kitchen table, we talked on the porch, we talked
on the sofa in the family room, about anything and everything we love and care about.
Days like this make me a happy girl. That is because my love language is Quality Time.(according to Gary Chapman's, "The five love languages", a good read by the way). I am one of those people that love to sit eyeball to eyeball and just have a good heart to heart talk, I am definitely a one on oner!! Now don't get me wrong I am okay in a group, especially if I know the group, but I much prefer talking one on one to people and really getting to know them. That really spells Fun to me!!

We did spend a few lil minutes on the computer, she has been blogging longer than I, so she
is passing on her new found knowledge to me. Another thing I enjoy, I love to pass on things
I have learned or the Lord has taught me, and I love when others share those same things
with me. It was a day well spent, Ah.........relationships, aren't they great, especially when they are working the way God intended. Now that's real fellowship!!

Well, time to make din'll be much easier since I made two quiches, one for breakfast and one for dinner. Now I might be simple, but that doesn't mean I'm not smart!!

Have a great evening, and don't forget tomorrow May 7th, is National Day of Prayer!!
I think America needs some Very Serious Prayer, how bout you!!

Talk with you tomorrow.

Blessings, Nellie

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