Monday, May 11, 2009

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day

Hi Girlie's and Guysie's or would it be Boyies??? Just Kidding!!

Gotta say it sounds better than Hello, ladies and Gentlemen,

My heart is overflowing today with love and gratitude, and I hope yours is too!!

I have to brag on my family a bit, cause yesterday was an awesome day for me. They really made it a special day! Not that they don't always do special things but this was their best.

My husband took the lead role in planning everything and got them all involved, even my sister-in- law. It was so great to have my son and daughter here on the actual day of Mother's day, cause it has been a while. They did such a good job on dinner, and they gave me such precious cards with handwritten notes in them. Gee, makes me think they might have read my blog!! Actually, my daughter always does that, sometimes my son does but not always.
It was truly a blessed day.

My daughter arrived about 2:30, and we sat and chatted, and watched my son who is 31 and
about to go hiking on the Appalachian trail soon (June 8Th). We had him put on his gear, his
huge backpack that has a gazillion pockets on it and has his mattress pad, and tent attached)
plus his carrier for his lil 12 pd. Jacket Russell terrier, Joey. It is a sight to behold!! Joey will hike with him, and when she gets tired he will carry her in this thing that she was suppose to sit in.......but we sort of reconstructed to be like a sling so she can lay down. Lord only knows what it will be like on the trail. Glad it is him, not me.

Course, Joey is quite the adventuresome dog and will absolutely love it, she loves to chase lizards and crawl around in my plants, and just explore, so she is much like her owner. Think we are gonna have to get her a shirt that say "Super Trail Dog" ,"Adventure Dog", or maybe " Suvivor Dog". Leave a comment and tell me which name you like best!!

The backpack alone weights 40 Pd's. He is a fit guy tho, and has been working out at the gym and reading every book he can get his hot lil hands on to prepare. He has also been dehydrating food for a month now. Strawberries, apples, bananas, refried beans, scallions, carrots, onions, mushrooms, yogurt, blueberries, pineapple, and I am sure there is something I have forgotten. He came home on Saturday with huge cans of nuts, and big bags of trail mix, and powdered milk, Raman noodles, instant mashed potatoes, tuna, spices, and honey. He has already made his meals for the first 8 days, and then we will ship him packages to the right post office every so often (probably weekly) I would think.

This would be Joey the "Survivor Dog"

Mom is gonna need a lot of prayer when the time gets here. I am doing fine right now, because I just keep reminding myself the Lord took care of him when he lived in Gainesville, then in Ky, and then in Tampa, so he can take care of him on the trail. Course, they didn't have bears there, and he didn't sleep in a tent in the back yard. Course, that's just me, I am a typical Mom, and if it was your son, you wouldn't be thrilled about this venture either. We Mom's have to stick together!!

Oh yea, I sort of spider webbed there a bit, then
We had dinner, opened gifts (well, I opened gifts and cards) they watched, and we played
Taboo, and ate cheesecake. A perfect day as far as I was concerned, I'd rate it a 10.
it was like heaven to me. Sorry don't mean to go on & on, but I am just SO
darn proud of them.

I spent the morning sending them all ecards and letting them know what a great job they did,
and how appreciated it was!! Hope it encourages them and spurs them on to good works, not
just for their Mother, but for others as well.

Well, it is time to make din din, cause Morris will be home soon!! Just a joke.......remember
Morris the cat, and they used to say "Din din, Morris! My husband is Jim, but he does like
din din too!!

Hey, have a great rest of the day.

Blessings, Nellie


BECKY said...

Hey Gal, I'm so glad your Mother's Day was good!! Wow...GO SCOTT!! You know I will be praying!!

My Sunday was great, too, and I was successful on my little shopping jaunt!! YAY!! Got some shirts for Randy, too!! He has to have something that fits!!


Neabear said...

I can understand you worrying about your kids. I do mine all the time. My son lives in Florida and I am way out here in California. Daughter is in Illinois. Picture me pouting cuz the kids are too far away to spend time with me for Mother's day. My brother did one of those kinds of hikes when he was in high school. I am sure my mother worried about him doing that. It was a long time ago. My brother will be 50 next month!

Alice said...

Sounds like your Mother's Day was awesome! I've hopped over here from Becky's page to say hello and good luck with your blog. I love your lily photo at the top of this post. I love flower shots and this is a beautiful one! I'll be checking back in with you another time. God bless :O).

Sue said...

Hi Nellie,
So nice to meet you, It sure sounds like you too had a great Mother's Day. I too get worried when my kids go away, My best to your son on his trip. I have heard that trial is an awesome one. I will be back for a visit. I see you like day lilies too.

Sarah said...

Hi Nellie, lovely to meet you in blogland, I just popped over here from Becky's blog to wish you a happy welcome into the virtual world.

Clare said...

Wow what a wonderful time you had. I am a bloggy friend of Becky and popped over to say Hi.

Still Learning said...

Hi, I am visiting from Becky's. I hope you are enjoying blogging.

I see you had a happy Mother's Day. I love Mother's Day....

Just popped in to say hello.

Have a great day,


Heather said...

welcome to blogland! how long is your son going hiking for? sounds adventurous and scary! he seems to have thought of everything though to make his trip perfect. very cool! glad you had a nice mother's day.

Bonnie said...

Welcome to Blogland Nellie. You will love it! I am glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your family! My blog is
Stop by for a visit anytime! Bonnie

A House FULL of Grace said...

Hi Nellie. So wonderful to meet you. Becky suggested I stop by for a visit and I'm so glad I did! I'll be praying for your boy (and his mama) as he takes on this great adventure. Look forward to coming back!


Elena said...

Hi Nellie, It is so nice to meet you. Becky told me about your blog and I am glad I stopped by! Your mother's day sounded wonderful. I hear you about your son hiking in the wilderness. There are a lot of people that hike the Pacific Crest trail here. It takes a long time and lots of packages mailed along the way! Have a wonderful day! Elena

NanaNor's said...

Hi Nellie, Welcome to the small world of bloggers-it is a great circle of friends! Loved your post and can't wait to read more. You have a wonderful sweet spirit and I know many will be blessed from reading your blog.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Hi Nellie and welcome to blogland☺ I found my way over here from Becky's. It's nice to meet you. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I can understand your worry about your son's upcoming hiking trip. Hope you have a great week☺

Jess said...

Hi Nellie,
Congrats on your new Blog!
And thanks for the Mother's Day e-card.
You are always sooooooooo thoughtful.
Of course I really missed my kids on Sunday, but I had a great idea: Go to Kentucky to be with them each Mother's Day! Then we can celebrated three family birthdays and go to church together.