Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome.......let's talk about Serendipity

Welcome to Nellie's Place where I hope you will find us cozy, like an old friend. This is my very first adventure with blogging... however, I do have years of journaling experience, so don't run off just yet!!
My hope is to add some serendipity and fun to your day, bring some spiritual encouragement from my close to 30 year walk with the Lord, share things I have learned from being a full time homemaker and Mom of almost 32 years, and anything else I might think of that would bring joy to our hearts.
I just returned from the grocery store and got to thinking about the serendipity I was so enjoying trying the new things I found at the grocery store, like these butter biscuit cookies that were made in Germany (that are heart healthy with no hydrogenated oils) and they are really delicious... and not too many of those types of cookies on the shelves by the way, well, that is another story for another day. Then there was the new low-fat Ritz Crackers and roasted red pepper hummus. Yum! I love going to the grocery store and finding new things we can eat. My husband, Jim has been a heart patient for over 3 yrs. now, and it has changed our whole lifestyle, and for the better, I might add. Anyway, I absolutely love coming home from the grocery store and as I am putting away the goods, I am snacking on all the new stuff, (usually because I am starving, call me a bad girl - but I go a lil bit hungry or I come home with nothing), plus I even love snacking on regular stuff like watermelon, and Sliced chicken breast, or grape tomatoes. I love it, I really do!! And I remember doing it when my mom came home from the grocery store as well. It was always a joyous occasion! Call me simple if you want, I guess that is what I am, I love simple little pleasures like that, they bring such warmth, joy, and happiness to what could be a rather mundane experience.
I am off to make an Iced Coffee now.........another one of those simple lil pleasures, hope to see ya tomorrow!! Blessings, Nellie

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  1. YAY!! Your first post!!! How fun!! :o)

    I'm definitely going to try those little German biscuits for our Keeper's at Home luncheon, and I'm all for iced coffee!! YEH!!!

    Love ya,


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