Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Morning.................

And Happy Saturday to you!

Well, it is 3a.m. here............went to bed at 12:30 and gave it a good try and was just about
sleep and then Miss Molly woke me up. Ahhhhhh Pets, they are truly a Joy!
So decided since I was awake why not blog since I didn't get to do it today, rather yesterday.

Friday was a fun day for me tho, I did not wake up until 10:15,
Oh MyHeavvveeeeeeeennnnnns, I thought and made myself get up, felt like I could have slept the rest of the day. That is a cyclical thing too, after I go thru my "sleep deprived week",
I usually go thru what I call the "sleeping like the living dead" week, where I dream like
crazy and feel like I could sleep on and on, plus this week I had the bug thing to go with it.

I am feeling great tho. Anyway, I had been in the house all week, and just wanted to go out and decided to go to Wallie World. Now we have two Super Centers, one is a crowded
like it is Christmas, the other is a breath of fresh air, it is out in the country and not manypeople know about it, so when you go there you feel like you have stepped back in time
30 years, and I am not exaggerating one lil bit!! I have to say there were more cars in
the parking lot today than I have ever seen before, but still it was not even close to crowded.

It was like bliss, uncrowded bliss, I looked at everything and just took my time, I never do that in the other store, it is in, and get what I have to get, and out, just like a guy
Now I am not a huge shopper actually, I don't shop for sport, I usually shop for things
when I need them, but I really do love to look at stuff for the house and yard.

In my looking for filters for the air purifier I came thru the paint dept. and happened to
come on the wallpaper borders. I had seen one I liked awhile back that I had contemplated
getting for my bathroom redo. We have been working on retiling, well we are not at that point yet, we have really been working on ripping out the old tile and hubby had to replace the
shower walls and had to do a little plumbing work, and we are also gonna have to replace
part of the other wall. These projects never seem to be as easy as you would think,

am I right???

Anyway, I noticed they no longer had the border I liked and thought oh darn, cause
I had been checking around some and still had not seen anything really that had struck
my fancy, so I moved on and went down the next aisle, and just as I started down
the aisle there it was on a their sale rack. $5.00 a package, they only had 4 left so I called
hubby since he was working at home, to see if he would mind doing a lil measuring for me.
He called back quickly and said we only needed 3, so I bought them all, just in case.
So, that was fun surprise and blessing and now I am one step closer
to knowing what I want to do in there.

Here's a closeup of the wall border, love the muted colors, and it is the
casual modern look I am looking for. Had another pic but lost it so
I have many others to include, so you will have to wait to see the
finished product.

I sort of already knew since I had bought some pictures for the walls (they were a steal at Sears-$25 pics for $6, I got two, not bad huh!! Just hope they match the border....haven't checked them out yet cause I kind of have them packed away for right now, but if they don't work fo my bathroom I can always put them back in my Guest/Son's room. Since he is leavingon his trip soon, he sold off his shelves and everything for his ebay business, so I will be sort
of putting the room back together the way it was before he came, not completely because he will be back sometime int he next 5 months.

If you haven't figured it out, these are the two pics from Sears,
they have brushed nickel frames and are square.

Then hubby had bought me some neat candles for my birthday, that are battery powered from Cracker Barrel. I love those things, you can almost use them like a flash light, and they look like a candle is really burning, plus they smell good too. I could let them burn all night and not worry about burning the house down. Somebody had a great idea with these things, hope they were able to patten it. I had never seen them before but recently I saw some others at Kohl's.
Seriously, you've got to get some of these. They are a good thing as Martha says!!

This is one of my candles, one is taller. Don't think you can tell in the pic but it is lit. The candle is lime green and brown, and when it is lit the top portion looks deep yellow.

When I complete the bathroom I will do a post or two on it, want be real soon I don't think,
cause we still have a lot of work ahead, and we have learned to just take our time and when it gets done it gets done. I amaze myself at how patient I am in my old age, when I was
in my 20 and 30, it was like let's get this done now and I would stress myself all out about it.
The Lord sure has a way of teaching you patience, he is so good to us. I am just not into
stressing out anymore, I am into living peacefully and simply.

Back to Wallie World...................

I am a terrible spider webber when I talk or write, sorry, hope I don't confuse you.
Course, I know some of you are just like me, maybe even worse!! ha

I also found these neat outside lights today. I have been wanting to put some
along the sidewalk coming up to the house, but again have not seen anything that I really liked until I saw these. They are solar powered and they are small, and unassuming, they come in nickel, copper, and a gun metal color (dark brown almost black). They were only $4 each, so I got 1 copper, and 1 gun metal to try the colors. We liked both of them, so think we are gonna mix them. Gotta go back and get some more tomorrow. Have to figure out how many I need. We put them out there and they look really neat tonight. They have lil LED lights in them.

Just looks like a little stick, all you have to do is turn the point side out (it is stuck up inside the cylinder of copper) as you can see we already have the pointed side out, then stick her in the ground, oh yea, you have to take the top off and pull a little tab that is in there to release the Led light. Guy @ the checkout told me cause he said they get returned all the time because people don't know to do that and think they are broken. Good piece of advice to know!!

and this is the bronze aluminum ( I called it gun metal before cause I couldn't think of the word, after all it was 4 in the morning) one stuck along our walk way, wanted to get a pic of them at night but thought I might wake up the family and they just might not appreciate my bloggy zeal.

Also finally found some water bottles to keep in the fridge for when I go out. I am trying
to be green and safe with good plastic, and amazingly they were made in the good ole USA.

And might I add that I LOVE supporting our industry here!!

Just thought I would show you the label in case you too are looking for some decent water bottles made in the USA.

Also, ran into a friend from church, and we chatted awhile, she and I are definitely on the same page with so many things, and we are both talkers. She is a wonderful person, and I love and respect her very much. So that added a lil whimsy to my trip.

Then I scooted on over to the grocery area, got what I needed and headed home.
It was perfect timing, there had been a downpour and I didn't even know it, and it was
evidently just clearing up since it was just barely sprinkling, then it quit alltogether

When I got home of course, of course, there was snacking on all the good food finds.
I found these string cheese sticks by Weight Watchers that have only 1 gram of Saturated fat,
and I am serious they are the best string cheese I have ever had, hubby said the same.Then we also had some wholegrain goldfish crackers, and they were yummy too.
And pistachio nuts, we haven't had those for awhile either.

Told you, I am a simple Girl.............. but simple is Good!!

Glad you came by to visit.............and now I am going to bed. Night Night!!

Have a great Weekend and see if you can find a Walmart that is out in the Country.
You will truly enjoy it!!

Blessings and Hugs,



BECKY said...

Wow, gal, you have accomplished a lot, and had some fun, too!! That's the way to do it!! I've been to that WalMart, too and if it wasn't so far for me I would ALWAYS go there!! It does feel like another world!!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!!
I am praying for Scott's trip!!
Blessings and hugs,

Bonnie said...

How funny that you call Walmart Wally World...I had never heard that before. Our family calls it Stuffmart. they will not let any super Walmarts in CA due to the retail clerks unionopposition ~bummer as I do like their food prices. But now we have a Winco and I think it is even better.

I agree with you on all counts regarding remodeling. We have been torn up for months. I just don't stress about it anymore. It is pointless and will get done in due time. I a into the peace too!