Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Good Afternoon to all you
Encouraging lil Sweethearts,

Welcome toThankful Thursday

I want to say that I am so thankful for all the friends
that God has given me, but I am especially thankful for Becky
today because of all her encouragement with my blogging.

It is something my husband had mentioned that I might like,
and something I had entertained for a while now,
and when Becky started telling me all the neat things that were
happening with her blogging, the next day I just really felt
to start one myself, and I am having a ball with it.

I also want to thank Becky for directing you all to my blog,
and for all her sweet, kind words about me.
You are a Special Girl Becky, and very appreciated.

I am also, Very Thankful for all of you who were so thoughtful.
sweet and kind to stop and visit my blog. You really made my week,
and I was so High from the excitement of it all, my hubby practically
had to scrape me off the ceiling last night.

It is so wonderful to know there are so many ladies out there
that have such hearts of love and encouragement,
and who love the Lord, and their families,
and have a heart for the home.


So wonderful to know that someone likes and enjoys reading
your blog about your simple lil life.

Well, ladies I pray the Lord smiles on you in a Big Way today
for what you did for me today and yesterday,
You have been a huge blessing I can not describe.

Just for your information: I had almost 60 visits, picked
up 3 followers, and had 21 comments just since yesterday,
it has been joyously, overwhelmingly, Serendipitous for sure!

Love and Blessings,


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Neabear said...

You will find that blogging is great fun! I am glad you have had some visits from others too! I am thankful I am back at home. Work has been exhausting lately. I was so tired while doing my billing and documentation at work, I was almost nodding off at the computer. Billing and documentation is the only thing I go on the computer for at work. The rest of the time is spent with patient. I had 10 to see today. A normal day for me is to see 5 or 6 patients so 10 is a lot for me. I will probably need to go to bed earlier tonight. Looking forward to your next post!