Thursday, August 31, 2017

Part 2 of Play and Practicing with a Moroccan flair....

Happy Tuesday  Wednesday, 
Thursday Sweet Friends,

I am a bit late a you can see....
just been having to much fun
living life and know you all
know what that is like.

Can you believe this is the
last day of August....oh my,
but oh yeah, we have all of
Fall to look forward to......

Hope you are having fun
whatever you are doing too!

See ya tomorrow hopefully

More pics from last weeks
coming up!!

A shot from last week.
If you missed it you can just
click here to see it.

A few change ups......
the olive jar pitcher instead
of the pitcher with hydrangeas

A different silverware 
arrangement,  just seemed to
need something a bit less

With a Posterized affect.

with white appetizer/bread plates
instead of the Moroccan ones.

with Cutout affect

Then decided I needed to 
do a centerpiece for the table
so most of the pics are changed
up with just one or 2 items.

You can see our new picture that we
bought in Jan. but just hung in
It the one I told you I could not make
 up my mind where to put it.....well it
 ended up in the dining room.............

Playing Done.........

Thanks for stopping by......
Hope you had a lil eye candy fun.....

Have a lovely week.

Hugs and Blessings,

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Scripture Sunday - what causes a darkened heart

For although they knew God, 
they neither glorified him as God
nor gave thanks to him, but their
 thinking became futile and their
 foolish hearts were darkened.  

Romans 1:21 NIV

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Thankful Thursday August 24, 2017, Spring Golf Cart home Tour #12

 The Mighty One, God, the LORD, 
speaks and summons the earth from 
the rising of the sun to where it sets. 

Psalm 50:1 NIV

Greetings  Sweet Friends,

Hope you have all had a really 
great week...........

Mine was a lil better at least
I got some things accomplished,
which was a good feeling......and
 got to spend a lil more time with
 lil darling,  looks like our days
are gonna be even shorter as she
 has dance class and has to leave
earlier now.  Sad to see them 
grow up sometimes......but that
is life...........

Today pictures are the last of
the Charleston, S. C. Spring
 Home Golf Cart Tour.....can
you believe it I finally ran out

I am thankful

that all my bloodwork and both
sonograms came back mostly fine
The only things they found were, I was
 deficient in Vit D (and I live in Florida,
 go figure on that one, but he said he sees
 lots of that with his patients and he said 
it makes you wonder how bad it must
be for people up north) and thenI have
one kidney stone but the Dr. said it had
 probably been there my whole life and
 would  probably never cause me any
 problems, so hoping he is right about all I have to do it take
a Vit D supplement daily and go back
for a recheck in 3 months.....and we
will be praying it goes up up up.  lol

for our old favorite...a chocolate
Elvis from Plantet Smoothie. Our 
fav frozen yogurt place closed
some time ago and we tried race
trac gas stations yogurt and it was
fairly good,  but got where we didn't
like the flavors,  so we went back
to planet smoothie...........

we got to watch a really good
 heartwarming movie on Friday
 night called "I am Sam". Very
Touching...You will probably need
your kleenex,  I sure
There is just a teeny bit of bad
language, and a hand guesture, 
but thankfully it was quick and
over with...........

for a good laugh at myself. I 
was waiting at a traffic light
behind a dark SUV and I saw
something on their back door
that looked like a hologram of
a white jack-o-lantern, and I
was staring at it trying to figure
out what in the world it was,
and then the light changed and
the car started to move, and things
 began to come into the right per-
spective all of a was a
 reflection of my white van.....but 
upclose it really did look like a
 white Jack -o-lantern.  lol

that I found a new bathing suit
at a great price, that I am very
happy with......just in case some
one might not know.......this is the
 best time of year to buy a bathing
suit, in Florida, anyway!

for some information my SIL
Susan gave me about the  Solar
eclipse that happened on Monday. 
 She said it was a reminder of the 
day Jesus died on the cross for our/
and the whole world's sins. That 
makes perfect sense to me, as God
 leaves his reminder about Easter
 which is about Christ death and
 Resurrection from the dead all 
over the place in the Spring.
 So here could be just one more the bible says
 darkness came over all the land 
from the 6th to the 9th hour
 (which in the commentary it says
 from the Jewish method of 
designating time that was from
 noon until 3 P.M.)
So it seems that the time of
Jesus' death was 3 P.M. 
Exactly the time the Eclipse ended.
 I find that very interesting!

If you would like to see for 
yourself check out these

See Matthew 27:45-54
Mark 15: 33-39
Luke 23:44-47

for the solar eclipse and how it
brought America together again
in a type of celebration as they
watched this marvelous event.
It was wonderful to see the eclipse
and all the Americans so excited
about was like the old 
America we knew so well......

and pleasantly surprised that they 
haven't found a way to blame
 Pres.Trump for the Solar Eclipse. 
I figured the news media would
 have him colluding with God,
 to orchestrate the Solar Eclipse
 to bring a sense of unity to the
 American people. 

Sorry.....just couldn't resist
Can you tell I am over all the
ridiculous accusations and
interruptions to keep him from
doing his job........and I find
it truly amazing that he did
not somehow get blamed
for this since some people
really believe that people can
 control the weather .......

I loved the shadows of the trees on
their driveway and the unique house
of course........

 for a new type of Grapes that we
 found at our local supermarket
 Publix.  Never thought anything
about the name of them until I
ate one. They are called "Cotton
Candy Grapes", and the first bite
they tasted just  like cotton candy,
so then I looked more closely at
the name on the bag, and thought
well....they definitely have the
Oh, and they are delicious.....

for the wonder of all the amazing
electronic gadgetry there is....had
to get fingerprinted at the prechool
where my grandaughter goes, and
it is all computerized, you just 
stick your finger on this lil device,
4 separate times, and your done,
no ink necessary, and when I go
to pick her up,  I just sign in on
the computer by putting my
finger on there and my name 
and her name comes up, and I
click signing her out, and away
we go..............Amazing!

for dinner out with hubby at Texas 
Roadhouse on Wed. night.......


for something exciting that is coming
up for us soon,  just can't say what
it is yet.............

Well, there you have it folks,

a lil glimpse into our lives
via our Thankful list.

Thanks for coming by

Hope you have a
 Super Duper weekend

Love, Hugs and
late August Blessings,

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Playing and Practicing with a bit of a Moroccan flair

Hello Sweet Friends,

Hope your week is going well.

Mine has been a bit more productive
this week since I have been getting
more sleep.  Still experiencing an
energy shortage but guess it will take
 awhile to get that Vit D in my system,
and hopefully that will help.

Oops forgot you don't know about
that yet..............
Guess I had better explain......
Went back to the Drs. on Friday for
the report from all my bloodwork 
and sonograms.  Dr. said most of
my bloodwork was near perfect.....
but I did have a Vit. D deficiency,
and both sonograms showed no
problems other than I do have 1
kidney stone which he said I have
probably always had and will
probably never give me any
 trouble  and sure hoping he is
right about Dr. was very
positive about everything so I left 
very thankful for the good news
 but a bit perplexed as to why I am
feeling so exhausted, but looked
up the symptoms of a Vit D de-
ficiency and that is one of the 
symptoms So....guess we will see
 what happens.....I am to take 3000 
units of Vit D daily and they will do
 another blood test in 3 months.

Since I have been in this exhausted 
stupor I have had no creativity
pretty much.....course, I have been
thinking about what I want to do
for Fall,  but not ready to do any
thing, which is good, cause I don't
have the energy to do it anyway,
but Monday I just felt like I needed
to do something creative as it always
seems to be like theraphy for me. So 
 was thinking maybe I could just do 
one simple placesetting or something.

So I remembered I have a table runner
 that is sort of Moroccan looking that
 I got when I was in Charleston in

I loved the color combo and thought
it would look great with white dishes and 
my green place mats that I already have, 
and they did match perfectly but they 
are too big to use with the runner as it
 just doesn't look all that great.....
and I have to use place mats cause
 if I don't use a tablecloth, the tabletop 
is mostly glass and scratches very
 easily.  So sorta just did an easy faux 
placesetting just for the fun of it and
 to have something pretty to post.  lol
and I can always use the camera
 practice as well.

Anyway here are the results of my

I layered a green napkin
 over a navy one.

Used my white corelle ware plates and
Borrowed the  bowl from our bedroom

Used my Wedding silverware, as it 
seemed to need something ornate.

Love these lil Moroccan looking
 apetizer/bread plates.... since they
were similar colors decided to 
throw them in the mix.  Got them
at Home Goods in Asheville.

Nice overview

Grabbed a pitcher of hydrangeas
from the guest bedroom

Used my blue everyday glasses,
This shot reminded me I needed 
some candle

So here it is with some
candle light.  Much better!!

grabbed the cookies from the kitchen, 
and with all of those pieces came up
 with this quick one place setting.
 These are really so  much easier,
but typically I actually have a real
tablescape to share, but this was
fun.  I love the challenge of just
seeing what I can come up with
just by shopping my house.  lol

Well, hope you enjoyed my
playing and photography.......

Thanks for coming by......

Always nice to know
 you came..............

Have a lovely rest of the week.


Keep your light shining brightly!!

Love, Hugs and late
August Blessings,


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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thankful Thursday August 17, 2017, Golf cart tour #11

I will praise the LORD, who counsels me; 
even at night my heart instructs me. 
Psalm 16:7

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope it has been a good week, especially
 for those who sent their kiddles back
 to school.

It's been a good week here.....Went to
 get lil darling from preschool yesterday,
for the first time....been a long time
 since I got a kid from school, that is
 for sure. She was quite happy to see
 me too. When she saw me she yelled
 "Grammy" and came running......was
 like a get out of jail free card!!  lol
  Then came home and had lunch with
Grampy and played a short time and
she was falling asleep on mylap. She
 is a child who needs a lot of sleep,
 and they aren't letting them nap now,
so she was exhausted and went out the
 minute her head hit the pillow. 
 Unfortunately for me, Scott came to 
get her early so she woke up but was 
still out of it and then went home, so
 hope it want be that way next week.

Pictures today are from, I bet you
guessed it,  our Spring golf cart
tour of Charleston. S.C.  lol
So on with it..............

I am thankful

that my 2nd sonogram went really
well.  We got there way earlier as
 hubby went a different direction than 
I go, so we were 50 mins. early, and
 they took me in pretty quick and I was
 done by the time I was suppose to be that was nice. 

for a nice lunch at Cracker Barrel
after and some fun shopping at Ross,
Home Goods and Fresh Market.

for a wonderfully fragrant candle
we found at Home Goods for Fall.
It smells like citrus,  but mostly
like oranges......yummy!

for finding some Shashima Tuna
steak on sale at Fresh Market.
I put them in a marinade of olive
oil and lime juice and sprinkled
them with Lawry's seasoned salt
and granulated garlic,  and hubby
grilled them.  They were really
delicious........with rainbow carrots
and green bean casserole.

for my Mother.  Yesterday would
have been her 90th Birthday.  She
 has been in heaven with Jesus for
12 years now.   My Mom taught
me many many great things!

for my Daughter, her birthday 
is Today! and we will sure miss
being with her, but will be seeing
her soon..........Lord willing!!
She and I spent lots of time
gabbing today,  and she spent
some time with a new friend,
and then her hubby was taking
her out for din a new
place that someone told him 
about.  So sounds like she is
having a special birthday suited
for a special girl.........

for melatonin....I decided to try
it for sleeping and I have had 4
good nights of sleep.  Beats the
sleeping pills my Dr. wanted me
to thank you!! lol

for having some breeze as I sat
in the sun, very hot,  but much
more bearable when it is breezy.

that lil darlings Mom and Dad 
decided to change her school
schedule to have her go only till 
11:30 every day, so think that
was a great decision, since she
is already transistioning from
2 days to 5 days.  Happy that it
will also give us more time with
her if she does need a nap.

thankful that T-mobile now gives
senior rates.  We just got $37. a
month off our bill......whoo hoo!!
Go T-mobile.....we have had them
for years and they have given us
very good service,  and I get no
sort of payment or perks for saying
any of that,  it is just the truth!!

that I got a box of pictures and stuff in
the mail from my Mom's house, it has
been rather interesting the emotional
 impact it has had on me.  I have been
 very weepy at times for a number of 
reasons that I know and for some
I don'

that my Drs. appt is finally tomorrow,
so maybe they can figure out what is
up with me lately.

Well, there you have it another week
at Cozy Place.

Thanks for coming by.................

Hope you have a lovely Friday
 and Weekend
with those you hold dear.

Love, Hugs and 
Mid August and back to school


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  Have a  Sweetly Blessed Day! Hugs,  Nellie