Sunday, May 19, 2019

Scripture Sunday

Sunday Morning Greetings
Sweet Friends,

Here is the scripture for today.

remove wicked officials from
 the king’s presence, 
and his throne will be established
 through righteousness.
Proverbs 15:5 NIV

Hoping and Praying for that!!

Have a very Blessed day.


Friday, May 17, 2019

Thankful Thursday May 16, 2019, The demise of our tree

 Now, our God, 
we give you thanks, and
 praise your glorious name.

1 Chronicles 29:13 NIV

Greetings and Happy Friday 
to you, Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well

and happy and that you
were sufficiently spoiled
on Mother's day.

We were visiting with our

daughter and son-in-love
since last Thursday before
Mother's day, and got home
 home on Tuesday evening.
Seems like ages since I have
done a post.  lol

Pics today are from the

demise of our big tree in the
front yard that I told you 
about some week back.
In my header pic I didn't
think to take a picture till
they had already cut off
some limbs.  Actually the
tree is half the size it was
last Fall, cause remember
we had 3 big limbs break
off and had to have them
trim it up back then.  It
had just gotten it's leaves
back and was looking
pretty again,  but oh 
well,  it had to go!!

Running late as usual so will 
just get on with it.

Thankful for a safe and uneventful
trip to and from Charleston to see 
our daughter, son-in-love and new
furry grandson dog, Bentley.

#2 and 3
Thankful for a great and restful
 time, as always, while we were 
there..... and
Thankful for a very nice Mothers
day and appreciated the lovely
cards and gifts I received.

Thankful for a fun time for Dee, and
I, getting pedicures, doing face masks
 making bath bombs, and some light
 cooking together and 2  golfcart rides.

Thankful for a good time for all of us
 hanging out and talking, eating, playing 
cards, playing with Bentley, going in the 
pool, shopping, and getting Starbucks. 

Thankful for the new discovery of
a Caramel Ribbon Crunch creme
Frappuccino at Starbuck's.  This
on is made with no coffee, only
creme.  Delicious. 

Thankful that Dee did not get sick,
 as she got a really bad headache
 while we were out shopping, and
 felt weak, nauseous and chilled, so
 had to come home rather than going
 out to dinner as we had planned and
thinking she probably had caught
the flu, but once she took her con-
tacts out the headache went away,
so think it was just the awful head-
ache she had that caused the other
symptoms.  Thank Goodness


Thankful that Bentley is settling
in and calming down more.  If
you have ever had a puppy you
know what I mean,  they are all
quite playful and like to bite on
you or just about anything when
they are teething.  He is 7 mos.
old now, so his teeth are not so
sharp, so if he does bite it just
doesn't really hurt as much, but
he really doesn't do it much any
more, they are working on him
jumping now,  he just gets so
excited when he sees people,
as he really loves people. He
is a very sweet lil dog, course,
not as small as Rosie, as he is
20 pds. now, but he was only
suppose to be less than 10 pds.
He was suppose to be a micro
golden doodle but something
didn't go quite right.  lol


Thankful for my daughter and
what a great young lady she is.
She is always very thoughtful,
loving and sweet to her parents.
she is our best cheerleader.

Thankful for 2 really precious
flashbacks I had this week, one
was about my paternal Grand-
mother, and the other one was
about something a christian
family did for my Mother and
our family because my Mom
 was a single parent. Both came
 about due to (I think) 2 situations
 we are involved with right now.
So definitely divine recalls.


Thankful for the joy of 
watching my hubby with lil
darling. They built a lil foam
green house yesterday. It was
 a kit we found at Michaels a
few weeks back, and it is so
adorable and she did most of
the work this time and did
 a great job, course Grampy
helped her with instructions
and getting the right pcs. in
 the right place. They had a
lot of fun doing it...and it
 was just so sweet!


Thankful lil darlings Mommy
really liked the Mother's day 
gifts she and I worked on.

and now she is gone!  It hasn't
been quite as bad as I thought
it would be, but what we have 
noticed most is our garage is 
lot hotter than normal, for 
this time of year, guess cause
she used to provide so much


Well, that's it for us at 
Cozy Place.

Thanks for dropping by 
Have a Wonderful Weekend,

Love, Hugs and
Mid May Blessings,


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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Scripture Sunday

Happy Mother's Day
Sweet Friends,

Hope your family spoils you
a whole lot, and that you have
 a really Wonderful and 
Memorable Day.

Here is the scripture for the day.

Then I said: 
“LORD, the God of heaven,
the great and awesome God,
 who keeps his covenant of love
 with those who love him
 and keep his commandments
Nehemiah 1:5 NIV

Have a loving Sunday,

Hugs and Blessings,

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thankful Thursday May 9, 2019, last of Easter #6

I will sing the LORD’s praise, 
for he has been good to me.
Psalm 13:6 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a good
week so far.

Our week has been good, so
far, no work on the shed or
the drainfield yet, but oh well, 
maybe next week. Did do a
number of cards this week 
and even learned some new
things on my card making
software, so that was fun.

Pictures today are the last of our
Easter decorations, know I am a
little late,  but figured I might
still get them

Thankful for a fun shopping
trip to Michaels for their 70%
off sale.  We found a number
of things to keep lil darling
busy and happy over the
summer, and was just fun to
look around and to get out of 
the house for awhile.

Thankful for a fun sleepover
with lil darling on Friday 

Thankful to have made 4 new
cards this week for our website.
It is still under construction.

Thankful for this Gorgeous
watercolor printable from Lucy
over at The Craftberry Bush 
blog, that you see here in the pic
 above and below. Think she did
 it 3-4 yrs. ago, but it has shown
 up in my house for Easter in 
various places every since. Be
 sure to visit her if you never have,
 she is a very talented, sweet and 
beautiful young wife and Mom.
 and you will not be disappointed
I promise!!
Visit her here.

Thankful for something fun
we have coming up soon. Will
have to tell you about it later.

Thankful they are here doing
our inspection for the drain
field permit. (Monday) Still
have heard nothing about it.
Can't believe they leave and
tell you nothing.

Thankful that some folks that
used to attend our church for
years, came back, it was great
to see them and talk with them,
and hope to have them over
sometime soon.


Thankful for the Mike Huckabee
 show every week on Sunday 
Evening.  We really enjoy watching
it as he has some very interesting
guests on his show, and we have
learned about some talented folks
and books......and you can hear
the truth there too.  Love that!!

Thankful that the Lord gave
 us a unique way to help a 
single Mom that we know
 who has just been over-
whelmed by circumstances
 lately. I came from a single 
parent home myself so know
 what my poor Mom went
 through, so it makes me very
happy to help a single Mom

Thankful that hubby and I
are really enjoying working
on our greeting card business.
It is so neat cause we both 
have gift and talents that are
needed to do it, and this will
be a new first for us.  We 
sorta feel like Moses when
the Lord called him, I think
he was in his 80's and God
used him more than ever
before.  We aren't quite in
our 80's but we are in our
late 60's and early 70's, so
we are excited about where
the Lord is taking us in this
journey.  It has been a long
time coming.

Thankful that all my Easter 
things are down and packed
away for next year, and you
probably are too.  lol

Thankful to read a story
online about a lil 8 yr.
old boy who saved his
Sister from a would be
kidnapper. As the man was
starting to drive away he
 jumped out of the car as 
the guy was driving off and
 his sister was trying to jump 
out too, but the kidnapper
 grabbed her hoodie but her 
brother pulled her out of 
the car to safety.

Well, that's it for this week
at Cozy Place.

Thanks for coming by
Hope you have a really
lovely Mother's Day

Love, Hugs and
Special Mother's Day Blessings,


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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Scripture Sunday

Good Sunday Afternoon to You!

Here is the scripture for today!

However, as it is written:
 “What no eye has seen,
what no ear has heard, 
and what no human mind has conceived”
 — the things God has prepared
 for those who love him—

1 Corinthians 2:9 NIV

Have a Beautifully
 Blessed Day,


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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Thankful Thursday May 2, 2019, Spring/Easter decor #5

 May the glory of the LORD
 endure forever; 
may the LORD rejoice
 in his works—
Psalm 104:1

Greetings Sweet Friends,

and Welcome to May.....

How has your week been?
Good I hope.

Ours has been good, been a bit
busy trying to find out when they
are gonna permit us for our drain
field, playing phone tag mostly
but did finally get them, and found
out they are running behind and
 have only 3 employees doing the 
work of 5, so not likely to be real
 soon.  Oh Well....just makes me 
bit nervous having this big 
hole in our front yard, but thank
 heavens, we don't have any lil
children running around in our

Pictures today will still be of
Spring/Easter but figured I
would get them in before we
were too far out from Easter.
If you missed #4
Click here

So here we go!!

With soft omni  affect

Thankful that they worked on our
shed last weekend and 3 of the
walls are up now.  Starting to look
 like somewhat of a shed now.

Thankful that I was able to make
 5 new cards to add to our website
this week.

Thankful that I was able to pick
up my birthstone necklace from
the jeweler, as the fine chain had
broken, and they had to repair it,
I think they gave me a new one
because we could not tell in any
way that they had repaired it.
It was my Christmas gift this
passed Christmas and I really
love it, and it goes so well with
so many outfits.  Love that!

Thankful for lunch out at 
Carrabbas on Sunday just
the 2 of us.

With paint Daubs affect

Thankful that we saw some folks
we really admire that were a part
of our churches leadership, and
used to attend our church for
 awhile before they had to move
 to West Palm Beach. They visited 
our church this  passed weekend.
  They are retired now too, and it
 was a real treat to see them, 
as they are great folks.

Thankful that they have finally
cleared our nephews lot so they
can start building.  They were
suppose to start in January, so
they are a bit behind to say the

With Polar Opposites affect

Thankful that it looks like their
girls might go to the same school
as lil darling, which will be cool
for them and for her.

Thankful that my friend's brother
is doing so much better.  He lives
in Italy and he came down with
bacterial meningitis, and at a certain
point they thought they were gonna
lose him, and the Drs. said there was
nothing else they could do,  so his
wife called her Pastor to ask for
prayers, so he called several churches
and they called more churches and
one it went, and within 30 mins.
he made a huge turnaround, and
he is out of danger now, but they
are keeping him in the hospital
for awhile. So happy for his family
as he is a wonderful Christian man.
We got to meet him once when
he was here...his sister thinks
the world of him, so happy things
turned out so well.  God answers
the prayers of his people.

Update:  her brother continues
to be doing well, but is still
in the hospital. Guess they are
just really being careful to make
sure he doesn't have any kind
of relapse.

Thankful to hear that our FBI, under-
cover agents and police and law enforce-
ment in Calif. thwarted another terrorist
 attack near the Los Angeles area a few
days ago.  It sounds like it would have
 been a very bad attack too.  Thank the
 Lord for what these folks do, they are
doing an amazing job.

Thankful for our law enforcement
all over this country, and our service
men and women who protect us and
risk their lives every single day even
when so many do nothing but criticize
and demean them. One day these
people may need law enforcement
and not be able to get help, and
wish they hadn't been so hateful.

Thankful for a wonderful story
I saw on facebook about a 12 yr. old
boy who went around the neighbor
hood filling potholes in the road with
dirt from his backyard, just because
he didn't want people to think his
neighborhood was a bad neighbor-
hood.  What an amazing young man.
and what a lovely and uplifting story.
Lowe's (I think it was) donated some
lawn equipment to him to encourage
him on his quest, cause they thought
he was such a wonderful young man,
and wanted to encourage him in his
good works.  Great Idea......

Thankful for a fun day with lil
darling on Wed. making surprise
 Mother's Day gifts.  She was
 really into it and did a great job, 
cause she loves her Mommy.
Which is great!!

Well, that's our week at 
Cozy Place.

Happy you could come by, 


Hope you have a delightful

Love, Hugs, and 
Early May Blessings,

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