Sunday, February 28, 2021

Scripture Sunday


Good Sunday Afternoon,

Well, this is the last day of February,
WOW, did that pass by quickly or what!

So here are the verses for today. 

Teach me your way, LORD,
 that I may rely on your faithfulness;
 give me an undivided heart, 
that I may fear your name. 
 I will praise you, Lord my God, 
with all my heart; 
I will glorify your name forever. 
 For great is your love toward me; 
you have delivered me from the depths,
 from the realm of the dead.

  Psalm 86:11-13  NIV

Have a Blessed day



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Friday, February 26, 2021

Thankful Thursday February 25, 2021, Winter Decorating 2021

For what you have done I will always praise you 

in the presence of your faithful people. And I will

 hope in your name, for your name is good.
 Psalm 52:9 

Greetings Sweet Friends,

 How are You?? Know many of you endured

the Winter storms last week, and sure hope you 

are doing well.  Praying for those of you without 

power, that you are keeping warm and fed.

This week we have been excitedly preparing and

 looking forward to our Daughter's visit. It

will be a quick one, but we will make the best

of it.....she is coming to go to Universal 

Studios with lil darling and her brother.

Since lil darling is on break from school

right now.

 We needed some good news!! 

Pictures today are from our Winter Decorating

 202l, hence the opening picture.  I decided to 

undecorate our tree and leave it up in it's natural

 state until Spring, and we might still look a lil bit

Christmasy... but have to say we have really 

enjoyed the beauty of the tree and lights.

And let there be light...........

On with my Thankfuls.....


Thankful my friend Arlene came through

her surgery and is stable. and continues

to be stable.  Has a lot going on still

but remaining stable is very good.

#2 and 3

Thankful for what a loving family she

has, who is doing everything they possibly

can to help her.  Also thankful for all the

prayer warriors she has (family and friends

galore and even people who don't know her).

In real life it is not crooked  Just the picture


Thankful that we are in the process of

getting our porch back together, looking

good so far, think we are gonna try and

put a fresh coat of paint on our swing

 before we put it back


Thankful that I think I have finally 

found some new rugs for our porch I have 

been looking for 2 yrs, but couldn't find any-

thing that would work.......that wasn't

 ridiculously priced!.  So ordered them

and they will arrive next Monday, and

 hoping they look as good as I think

they will.....will see!! lol


Thankful hubby was sweet to take on

painting the swing by himself,  so I 

could work on preparing my daughters

room since she is coming for a few days

to visit.  Can't her room

and the swing both look great!!  


Thankful that the rain held off just long

 enough for him to finish the whole front 

of the swing and we were able to get it 

in out of the rain just in the nick of time

 as the raindrops starting coming.


Thankful that a group messaging text for

my friend Arlene that went off at 7 this

morning (Monday) was not what I

 thought it was at first.  She was asking for

 water and ice and cold water in different texts

 a nunber of times, and sounded frantic, and

 it scared me, I was thinking she was trying

 to get ahold of her daughter and husand,

fortunately they are on the feed too, so

they were able to contact the hospital,

and let us all know she was fine.......

turns out she was a lil delirious from the

meds they have her on.  Was also afraid

she might have a high fever or something

cause of infection,  but she was good.

Thank the Lord.....she has just been

through so much......


Thankful that Arlene's family have 

found a way for us all to talk to

her with a u-tube link, so she can

 play it whenever she wants. 

thought it was a really great idea,

  that way she can hear us or 

maybe even see us.


Thankful that if we had to go 

through this covid thing that the

Good Lord made it where we

could connect in so many different

ways,  and also that we could

do things like instacart, and that

folks could work from home and

learn from home. Just imagine

if this had all happened 15 yrs

or so..... none of that would not

 have been so easy.


Thankful my Daughter got here on

Wed. afternoon safe and sound.  

Also thankful she is feeling better as

she has a sinus infection she is being

treated for....


Thankful for a fun time out with

hubby, our Daughter and lil darling

shopping for lil darlings birthday that

is quickly approaching,  and a nice

dinner at Cracker Barrel including

her Daddy as well.


Well, there you have it....our week

at Cozy Place.

Thanks for stopping by,

and Hope you have a great weekend.

Love, Hugs and end of February



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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Scripture Sunday


Good Sunday Afternoon

Sweet Friends,

Here is the verse for today!

Look to the LORD and his strength; 

seek his face always.

1 Chronicles 16:11 NIV

Have a Blessed Day!



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Friday, February 19, 2021

Thankful Thursday February 18, 2021, with post Valentines day pics 2021


Do Everything in Love.
1 Corinthians 16:14 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you doing well.....

I am sad, yet hopeful....

Our friend Arlene was twice this week

 supposed to go to Germany for her  T-cell

 Cancer treatment, but her condition

worsened yet she rallied and seemed

 ready to go the 2nd time, and then we

 were notified yesterday afternoon she

 has a perforated colon and was going to 

surgery soon.....about midnight last night

 they let us know they didn't do the surgery

 cause Dr. decided to give her strong anti-

 biotics and fluids to get her in better shape

 for the surgery.  They texted this morning: 

All they have heard is her Septis count is 

very high, and her husband said he doubts

 they will do the surgery, but hasn't been

 told that for sure.  Remember they can't

 be in the hospital with her, and they

 are stationed in the parking lot in an

 RV.....We all know beyond a shadow of a

doubt that the Lord can heal her and turn

 this whole thing around, and I can think of

 so many reasons why it would bring HIM

 glory......So we are praying to that end.....

but we also don't know the mind of the 

Lord and what His plan is......and at this 

point the most important thing is that

 she knows Jesus, and that if the Lord

does decide to take her....we will all know

 where she is.....but we can hope in the Lords

 sovereign plan for her, and hope that our 

hopes aligns with His............

Just now got a text that she is going into

 surgery soon,  she is next on the roster.....

That was quite unexpected! and please

if you feel so led, pray for her.

Update: Sat. Morning.  We heard last

night at midnight she had come thru

the surgery and is stable, but haven't

heard anything else yet today. but we

are Praising the Lord for answered

prayer.  They are hoping that if she

is recovered enough by 2 weeks that

they can still take her to Germany.

So praying now for a good and 

quick recovery.

Pictures today are from post 

Valentines day......

So on with my Thankfuls......


Thankful for Tulips that we saw when we 

went to Wally World,  I love Tulips....especially

 Red ones, and they were the only ones left, 

everything else was roses.  I find them not only

beautiful but so interesting as they have a mind

 of their own and move about a lot.  So we 

brought some home.


Thankful for a fun time at my Son house.

Lil darling had another bake sale, and

they made these really good vanilla sugar

 cookies and chocolate caramel brownies

 and then this fresh homemade lemonade, 

 it was all sooooooo good.  


Thankful for a nice relaxing Valentine's Day

 just the two of us, and Thankful for an easy 

scrumptious dinner and dessert.  We had 

beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, salad, rolls

and Sparkling red grape juice and for dessert

  brownie (compliments of our Son and lil 

darling) sundae's. Everything was very

 simple....... yet absolutely delicious.

Our easy peasy Valentines table.....


Thankful that we were able to find some cards

that were missing for our shop.....and hubby

 found a new program that helped us locate

 them for now and future.  Still fixing glitches

 from getting the new computer.  If it wasn't

for hubby I could never do any of this stuff

on the computer.


Thankful that my friend who fell last week was 

finally moved out of the covid area, and is in

the hospital rehab now. They moved her over

the weekend, so now her hubby can see her.

Please if you feel so led, pray for her,  as the

leg with the broken femur is very weak and

she is having a hard time sitting for a very

long, and putting her weight on it as well.


Thankful that we got our 3 porch rugs cleaned as 

well as some of the porch accessories on Monday

  Hoping to clean the porch itself tomorrow.


Thankful we get to have another caramel

 brownie sundae tonight.  (Monday)


Thankful our neighbors are fine and were

just out of town to see their son who is a

new marine.  Another neighbor called me

to see if I knew if they were okay or not,

and had to say No,  why??  Anyway she

has noticed that all their cars were there

but she hadn't seen any of them in about

4 days, not even their dogs who are out

side a lot.  She had called the wife, and

got no response,  so I tried calling and

we did get them, they were on the way

home from N.C., guess they must have

rented or borrowed a car.  Just happy

they are fine.....Thankful for what a

good neighbor Connie is...she is the

one who brings us veggie soup!


Thankful we got our porch pressure washed

 on Tuesday and it looks awesome, trying to

 decide if we should seal it again with some

 urethane, cause think we have some left

over from the last time we did it.


Thankful we decided to seal the porch

 floor and got them sealed on Wednesday.

It looks so nice but the sealant didn't make

 it as shiny as the last time, must be because 

it was old, but looked the same as last time

we rolled it on.  Would put another coat

 on but they say not to.


Thankful that the weather was absolutely 

perfect for both days that we worked

 on the porch. 


Thankful for a short but fun time with lil 

darling on Thursday and a short trip to

 Hobby Lobby and out to dinner at one of our

fav Mexican restaurants.  I had a Chicken

 taco salad and it was perfect,  just the way

 I like it.

Well,  that's it for Cozy Place this week.

This is a Post Valentines day edition.   lol

Thanks for coming by,

Hope you have a warm weekend

especially if you were in the storm

Zones and hope you have power.

Praying for yall too!

Love, Hugs and



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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Scripture Sunday


Happy Valentine's Day

Sweet Friends,

Hope you have a day filled

with every kind of love.

Here is the verse for today!

Because Love doesn't get any better

than this!

"For God so loVed the world

that He gAve

His one and onLy son

That whoevEr

believes iN

him shall noT


but have eterNal


John 3:16 NIV


Jesus is the truly the Best Valentine.

Hope you all have a Sweet Day

celebrating those you love.

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Friday, February 12, 2021

Thankful Thursday February 11, 2021, and Valentine's Decor from the past

We love, because he first loved us.

1 John 4:19 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope your week was a good one.

Have to say ours was a very rough

 week emotionally. As we have already

 been saddened about our friend, 

Arlene who has the Ovarian cancer, 

and who has been waiting to get her

 treatment, and it looks like she is going

 to be able to go this Sunday, but she 

has been having more difficult problems

 this week and is in the hospital again, 

and they are trying to get her built up

 and in shape because she is scheduled 

to fly to Germany on Sunday to finally

 get her T-cell treatment. 

I have been able to text some with her

and It is just heartbreaking to hear all 

that she is going through, and I am

 only hearing the tip of the iceberg.

Then on Tuesday Evening my other long

 time Best Friend's (Vicki) hubby called and

 she had fallen on the tile bathroom floor, and

 dislocated her hip, broke her femur bone on

 the left leg and her tibia bone on the right leg,

 and tested positive for covid, which she and

 her hubby already had but were asymtomatic

and Monday was supposed to be their first

 day off quarantine. As of now, they fixed her

dislocated hip (which was probably quite ex-

cruciating from what I hear, she has had 2 

surgeries one on Tues. for her Tibia bone, and 

one on Wed for her Femur......She came through

them both well and her hubby did get to sit with

 her for an hour while she was in recovery, but

 then they took her back to the covid ward, so

now he can't see her.  Although, she came

 through the femur bone surgery well, the Dr.

 is concerned that because of her bone density

that it might not work, which would mean a 

much more extensive surgery to put a new

 cadaver bone in, or she could be in a wheel

 chair the rest of her life. They tried to get

her up yesterday but her legs were too week 

and numb, and of course, she is exhausted

 after all she has been through, so we are

 praying that changes in the next few days.

I am concerned that she might have a

 pinched nerve or something because she

 started having problems with her legs 

before she fell, and had been in bed for

 a few days before, and had planned to

go to the Dr. on Monday, but then fell

during the night.  Haven't been able to

talk or text with her yet,  but hoping to

in the next few days.

 Both of these ladies have been such a 

wonderful part of my life for over 40 yrs.

 and are such lovely, sweet, encouraging and

 loving Christian ladies, it is just so hard

to hear of their great suffering, and not

be able to see them or talk to them. cause

they are like family and I can't imagine

what their real family is going through.

So.....onto a more positive note.

Pictures today are from decor of

Valentines Days past!!

So on with my Thankfuls......

#1 and 2

Thankful my friend came through all

the traumatic situations well, and her hubby

said she was in good spirits yesterday even

though she was exhausted and in spite of all

she has been through. Also Thankful for all

my friends on facebook who are praying 

for Vicki as well, Many are from our church 

and some knew her from when they were mem-

bers many years ago, and some don't even

 know her but are praying for her,  Prayers 

are a precious and real gift to others all

 the time, but especially, at times like this.


Thankful for more work we got done

 on our shop.  Hubby has done some

 helpful videos and I completed more

 cards.  Gonna take a break after I

finish one more............


Thankful for one of the best sermons

 I have ever heard from our Pastor. 

I think the reason is because it involved

telling people that Jesus can change

 their lives........

Because even tho I was a Christian 

and had asked Jesus into my heart

when I was 14yrs. old, I was never 

 taught too much about him......

And one day, 40 yrs. ago, I heard

 another Pastor from our same church, 

say "Jesus can change your life".

I had never heard that before, and

altho I can look back now and the

Lord had made changes I just hadn't

recognized it at the time, but knowing

 that one lil sentence

 "Jesus can change your life"

 literally did change my life, as I began

 asking Him about that and HE began

to show me, using other people, the 

Bible and books and the rest...

my friends is history I am very

thankful for.........

People can never hear that enough!!


Thankful for a nice lunch out with friends

to Cracker it's been a while

so it was quite enjoyable.


Thankful that I got 3 leads from friends

off of facebook, for someone to do our

driveway, hopefully this year. Guess

we can start getting estimates now.



Thankful that we have and are getting

some more, much needed rain.


Thankful for our new ring doorbell

we got for Christmas.  So nice that

you can talk to people on it and you

have no need to open the door to a

stranger, and you can even answer

it if you aren't home.  Wild.....

We haven't yet had that experience

but think it's really neat.


Thankful that I didn't fall or hurt

myself for I tripped over

something in the garage and hurt

my foot initially, but came close to

falling and my foot was okay within

a few minutes.  Shew!  This was

before I heard about my friend,

so doubly thankful now......


Thankful that we got to work out in the

 back yard some and that we accomplished

 quite a bit for an hour and a half.

  I love seeing the progress. Our trees

and grass are confused since it warmed

up, they think it is Spring already.

I am so hoping they are wrong.  lol


Thankful for a nice long phone chat 

with our Son as he was driving back

 home from South Florida. Doesn't

happen a lot but I love when it does.


Thankful to see lil darling yesterday

for a few hours, and that we went out

and were able to find what we wanted

for Valentines Day and some things

for her birthday which is coming in

just a few weeks.  So we are ahead

of schedule.....I always like that!!  lol

Well, that's it for this week at Cozy Place

Glad you could stop by


Hope you have a very Sweet and

 Pleasant Friday and Weekend!

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