Friday, February 19, 2021

Thankful Thursday February 18, 2021, with post Valentines day pics 2021


Do Everything in Love.
1 Corinthians 16:14 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you doing well.....

I am sad, yet hopeful....

Our friend Arlene was twice this week

 supposed to go to Germany for her  T-cell

 Cancer treatment, but her condition

worsened yet she rallied and seemed

 ready to go the 2nd time, and then we

 were notified yesterday afternoon she

 has a perforated colon and was going to 

surgery soon.....about midnight last night

 they let us know they didn't do the surgery

 cause Dr. decided to give her strong anti-

 biotics and fluids to get her in better shape

 for the surgery.  They texted this morning: 

All they have heard is her Septis count is 

very high, and her husband said he doubts

 they will do the surgery, but hasn't been

 told that for sure.  Remember they can't

 be in the hospital with her, and they

 are stationed in the parking lot in an

 RV.....We all know beyond a shadow of a

doubt that the Lord can heal her and turn

 this whole thing around, and I can think of

 so many reasons why it would bring HIM

 glory......So we are praying to that end.....

but we also don't know the mind of the 

Lord and what His plan is......and at this 

point the most important thing is that

 she knows Jesus, and that if the Lord

does decide to take her....we will all know

 where she is.....but we can hope in the Lords

 sovereign plan for her, and hope that our 

hopes aligns with His............

Just now got a text that she is going into

 surgery soon,  she is next on the roster.....

That was quite unexpected! and please

if you feel so led, pray for her.

Update: Sat. Morning.  We heard last

night at midnight she had come thru

the surgery and is stable, but haven't

heard anything else yet today. but we

are Praising the Lord for answered

prayer.  They are hoping that if she

is recovered enough by 2 weeks that

they can still take her to Germany.

So praying now for a good and 

quick recovery.

Pictures today are from post 

Valentines day......

So on with my Thankfuls......


Thankful for Tulips that we saw when we 

went to Wally World,  I love Tulips....especially

 Red ones, and they were the only ones left, 

everything else was roses.  I find them not only

beautiful but so interesting as they have a mind

 of their own and move about a lot.  So we 

brought some home.


Thankful for a fun time at my Son house.

Lil darling had another bake sale, and

they made these really good vanilla sugar

 cookies and chocolate caramel brownies

 and then this fresh homemade lemonade, 

 it was all sooooooo good.  


Thankful for a nice relaxing Valentine's Day

 just the two of us, and Thankful for an easy 

scrumptious dinner and dessert.  We had 

beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, salad, rolls

and Sparkling red grape juice and for dessert

  brownie (compliments of our Son and lil 

darling) sundae's. Everything was very

 simple....... yet absolutely delicious.

Our easy peasy Valentines table.....


Thankful that we were able to find some cards

that were missing for our shop.....and hubby

 found a new program that helped us locate

 them for now and future.  Still fixing glitches

 from getting the new computer.  If it wasn't

for hubby I could never do any of this stuff

on the computer.


Thankful that my friend who fell last week was 

finally moved out of the covid area, and is in

the hospital rehab now. They moved her over

the weekend, so now her hubby can see her.

Please if you feel so led, pray for her,  as the

leg with the broken femur is very weak and

she is having a hard time sitting for a very

long, and putting her weight on it as well.


Thankful that we got our 3 porch rugs cleaned as 

well as some of the porch accessories on Monday

  Hoping to clean the porch itself tomorrow.


Thankful we get to have another caramel

 brownie sundae tonight.  (Monday)


Thankful our neighbors are fine and were

just out of town to see their son who is a

new marine.  Another neighbor called me

to see if I knew if they were okay or not,

and had to say No,  why??  Anyway she

has noticed that all their cars were there

but she hadn't seen any of them in about

4 days, not even their dogs who are out

side a lot.  She had called the wife, and

got no response,  so I tried calling and

we did get them, they were on the way

home from N.C., guess they must have

rented or borrowed a car.  Just happy

they are fine.....Thankful for what a

good neighbor Connie is...she is the

one who brings us veggie soup!


Thankful we got our porch pressure washed

 on Tuesday and it looks awesome, trying to

 decide if we should seal it again with some

 urethane, cause think we have some left

over from the last time we did it.


Thankful we decided to seal the porch

 floor and got them sealed on Wednesday.

It looks so nice but the sealant didn't make

 it as shiny as the last time, must be because 

it was old, but looked the same as last time

we rolled it on.  Would put another coat

 on but they say not to.


Thankful that the weather was absolutely 

perfect for both days that we worked

 on the porch. 


Thankful for a short but fun time with lil 

darling on Thursday and a short trip to

 Hobby Lobby and out to dinner at one of our

fav Mexican restaurants.  I had a Chicken

 taco salad and it was perfect,  just the way

 I like it.

Well,  that's it for Cozy Place this week.

This is a Post Valentines day edition.   lol

Thanks for coming by,

Hope you have a warm weekend

especially if you were in the storm

Zones and hope you have power.

Praying for yall too!

Love, Hugs and



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Ellen said...

Hi Nellie, I am praying for God to guide the hands of the surgeon for Arlene. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Praying for both your friends and loving hearing about your world and that all is well.

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Dear Unknown,
What a blessing it was to hear that you were praying for Arlene. She did come thru the surgery and is stable, that was as of Midnight Friday night, haven't heard anything else
yet, but they are hopefully planning to take her to Germany in 2 weeks, she will stay in the hospital until time for them to go. Lord willing!!
Thank You so is wonderful to know that there still plenty of tenderhearted people out there who care about their fellow man or woman in this case.
Hope you have a lovely day hon, and thanks for coming by.
Blessings, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Marty,
What a treat to hear from you hon. Thanks so much for your prayers for both these dear ladies. They are both treasures to me and my family. We are rejoicing this morning that
Arlene came thru the surgery and is stable as of midnight Friday, haven't heard anything else this morning. Thanks as always for your encouraging comments Marty. Hope this finds you doing well too.
Love and Blessings,

sistersusiesays said...

I praise the LORD for His work in Arlene.
#1. GOD's beauty is definitely seen in His tulips!
#2. Praise the LORD for your time together!
#3. Thank you so much for your beautiful card and the chocolates!
#4. He is such a help with our computers!
#5. I will continue my prayers for her!
#6. This world does keep us busy!
#7. Yummy!
#8. Praise the LORD for great neighbors!
#9. "Man's" work is never done!
#10. At least it has another protective coating.
#11. Yea. But the rain did come!
#12. Praise the LORD for your time together!
Love you, Susan

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Susan,
Yes, we are rejoicing and hoping for complete healing in the land of the living. Thanks for continuing to pray for Arlene and Vicki. I know they and there families appreciate all the prayers they can get.

Your welcome for the card and candy.

Yea, the rain did come but it was after we finished working out there and the floor dried, Thankfully! and yes it did protect it, cause we could see the water beaded up on the floor.

Thanks for coming by hon, hope you have a good weekend,

Love and Blessings, Nellie

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