Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Table Top Tuesday - More Spring Decorating!

Morning Sweet Friends,

How are you this fine Tuesday??
Doing well,  I hope!!
Did you have a nice Memorial
Day??  Do anything fun???

We really didn't do anything  for Memorial Day but grill
 a steak,  and have garlic mashed potatoes and a salad.
However, we did feel Thankful in our hearts for all
the service men and women that have lost their lives
to bring freedom to us and every American!

  We did have a really nice weekend tho,  Scott and
Megan came over Friday evening and we got pizza,  and
 saw their honeymoon pics and some other pics someone
 had given them,  her Aunt actually had a book made of all
 her candid shots somehow on photobucket.  Really nice!!
then we played some cards,  and Saturday we were pre-
paring the house and food for my friend,  Patti's visit, 
 and needed to mow the grass and all that good stuff!
  So we got some work in there too! 

Then Sunday we went to church, and met Patti there,
 and they had a lovely Memorial Day service, then had 
Patti follow us home for lunch,  and we got to visit
until evening,  and it was great,  we sooo enjoyed it
and hated to see her go!!  She is such a sweetheart!!
Think she might be coming to church again next
 weekend, can't believe I forgot to ask her,  so 
will have to find out for sure!
(In case you didn't read who Patti was in my  TT
post last week,  she is a gal who used to attend our
church years back and then we reconnected as
blogging buddies,  you might know her from her
2 blogs, "they don't make them like they used to"
and "Fill my cup with beauty".)

Changing gears here now.......lol

Did this Table Top Tuesday post back around Easter
 and had it stored, so thought I might as well show you
 since it really wasn't all that Eastery!  lol
Actually more spring looking.......
And I will probably change the furniture around again
real soon for summer!  Once I get some energy again!
I wake up feeling great but as the hours go by I feel
more tired by the hour, I feel as if someone hooked up
 a vacuum to me and just sucked all my energy away! 
 I really do think it is allergies cause that is how
 I ge when I have them,  such fun!!  lol

I am linking up to Marty over at a stroll thru life,
for Table Top Tuesday,
so make sure you go over and have a look at all
the unique and fun table tops and vignettes.
Click Here to visit her.

This is a sofa table that I have against the wall,
it was made for me by my step-brother, he is
quite talented in building furniture, and refinishing
anything, and has his own business now, doing that
and other handy man type things.

You can't see her too well yet, but I added
a cute lil bunny ballerina to the basket!
She belongs to my daughter, I got it for her
one Easter!  but we also put her on the
Christmas tree at times.

After Easter the basket went back to being
empty again!! 

Changed things up a bit  when I got this blue dove
from my SIL for my birthday!

Here she is all lite up!!

Moved the hydrangea arrangement to the floor 
with the bunny. (A gift years back from Dee).

Here's the lil ballerina bunny a lil closer up!!

And the Resin bunny, as well

Rec'd this birdhouse for my birthday
years back from my friend Diane,
same friend that gave me the Easter
bunny bowls for my birthday a few
months back!

and  Roses potpourri!!  um ummm!!
such a nice fragrance!

Have a Terrific Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Love,  Laughter and Blessings......


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - May 26, 2011

(Magazine picture with an affect)

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise;
 give thanks to him and praise his name.
Psalm 100:4

Hello Sweets Friends,

Hope your week has been a good one,
and that you have plenty of reasons to 
be Thankful!!

Our week has been good, uneventful
for the most part, and hot...  and for
 some reason I have just been sooo tired,
 don't quite know why......am thinking it 
must be allergies.  We so need some rain
 to wash away dust and pollen. Cause the
 tree pollen count has been very high
 lately.  So really think that is it!

One of our excitements this week,
and my
I am Thankful
is hubby has a real interview, and he
is on the way there as I write!!
This just might be it!!  lol

I am Thankful
that Scott and Megan got home safe
and sound from Jamaica, and that they
 had a wonderful honeymoon!

I am Thankful
that Megan is the type of young lady
who really wants to create a nice
home envirionment,  and has done an
absolutely fabulous job on their apt.
already!!  Very beautiful and
Very homey!!

I am Thankful
that I finally got some information
about who our wedding coordinator is,
and was in contact with her, and got
answers to a lot of questions that 
I had.  What a relief that was!

I am Thankful
that Dee and I got together on 
Tuesday evening and figured out
some things like what colors and
flowers she wants to use, and got
some ideas about what type of cake
 she might want.

I am Thankful
that a dear friend just had her
2nd grandchild,  and that all
went very well with Mom and Baby.

I am Thankful
that since my sister-in-law is
retiring soon, that all the 
teachers she works with are having
a nice celebration party for her.

I am Thankful
that a sweet acquaintance/friend
I used to go to church with, and
who has also become a blogging friend
will be coming to visit our church
this Sunday, and then coming over to 
have lunch and visit afterwards.
 So looking forward to her visit!
You might know her as Patti from
over at "they don't make them like
they used to"  or "Fill my cup 
with beauty" blogs.

I am Thankful

for the word of God and how it
keeps us grounded in the truth!
Don't know where we would be
without it!!

I am Thankful
a sweet surprise card, with a neat 
seed sheet to plant(seeds for growing
native canadian flowers), from another 
sweet blogger friend last week.

I am Thankful
I was able to buy a new summer
dress with my birthday money.
I love everything about it,
and I got it for just $32.00.
at Bealls.

(magazine picture)

I am Thankful
that when Jim got to his interview
he found that the only programmer
they had was a girl he had worked
with at the job before last, and
she knows all the people that he
worked with there, and she was
a part of the interview process.
Which means if they want to check
him out she knows who to call,
and any of those folks would give
him a good reference.
Think that might have been some
of God's favor we prayed for!!
They did ask how soon he could
come to work, but have not offered
 him the job yet,but did say he would
 be hearing from them, unfortunately, 
they didn't say when tho. 
 so hopefully, it want be
too long before we hear from them.
They really do check you out!!

Well, Sweeties
that is my thankful list for this week.

So glad you stopped in and would
 love to hear from you!

 Love, Blessings and
hot summer hugs!!  lol

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Monday Sweet Folks

Happy Monday Sweet Folks,

Feel like I haven't chatted with you
 in forever!!

So how in the world are you anyway??

We are doing very well this sweet Monday Morning,
and we had a very nice weekend.

Friday Scott and Megan arrived back safe and sound
from their honeymoon in Jamaica,  so they called us later
 in the evening to see if we wanted to come for a visit.......
so, of course, we did,  and we got to see their new apt.
 and got to hear all about their trip.  They had a wonderful
 time, course, they rested a lot to catch up after the stress and
 pressure of the wedding details, which was sorely needed. 
 They stayed at the Sandals resort, and sounds like they
had a lot of really great food too.  They tried a lot of 
different foods,  and took a tour and got sun of course!!
They could see the ocean from their room.  How Nice!!

We loved their new apt., it is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, and
it is much like a condo.  Very Nice,  and they had it
all decorated and everything before they left so they
had a nice retreat to come home to.  They still had
Wedding gifts to open,  and they still have to unbox
all the ones they got from her shower in April.  That
was a good idea, and a fun thing to come home to.
Today will be Scott's last day off,  and she will still be 
off till Thursday I think it is!  We are so happy they
 had such a great time,  and so happy they had a
nice long honeymoon.  Our's was not very long,
and we have always told our kids that when you
get married there are 2 things not to scrimp on
and that is the honeymoon and pictures!

Saturday our upsetting and hard thing got solved
not long before noon,  so that made us exceedingly
 happy,  and made for a good day. 

Saturday was a pretty relaxing day,  but I did start
 looking into some stuff towards my daughter's upcoming
 wedding in October!!  Spent quite a bit of time online.
 Am trying to get information but the lady that
 sold them the wedding package is out of town cause her dad
 is gravely ill,  so don't want to bother her.  We have so many
questions and probably want get to meet with her until
June 11th!  Ugh!!
She did leave the name of a person on her voice mail,
so I might try and see if they can answer my most 
important question!!  A wedding coordinator is 
suppose to come with their package,  so I am trying
to figure out exactly what is she suppose to do!!
Because sometimes they do everything, and sometimes
they just show up to do the rehearsal and the wedding.
We are thinking it is probably that, but don't know
for sure. 

Sunday was our usual Sunday,  and we really enjoy
that day very much.  We could never get accused
of working too much on a Sunday that is for sure!! lo

We are waiting to see what the day will bring on
the job front..............last week was pretty funny
and exciting I must say...............

Thanks for stopping in,

Always good to hear from you!!

Have a Magnificent Monday!!

Love, Hugs,  and 
Blessings Galore,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - May 19, 2011

Compliments of Mary Dover Publishing Co.
Isn't this such a lovely graphic,  I used it to make reserved signs
 for the reception tables for the Bride and Grooms family.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.
Colossians 4:2

Good Evening Sweet Peas,

Well, here it is Thursday again.....
how has your Thursday been????
Great, I hope!!

Our week has been quiet and restful, upsetting and hard,
yet exciting and hopeful......
Actually part of this list was from last week,  I did a lot of it
 early but then just never had time to finish, and when I did have
time blogspot was down for some reason.  So since this post
 is really a sacrifice of praise,  it is really good to have
some things to get started with!!  lol

I am thankful
some of our oldest and dearest friends that live out of town,
 are going to be able to attend the wedding. He took a bad fall
 on his bike recently and we weren't sure if they were gonna make it!
So we are overjoyed they came,  it was so great to see them,
and it really added to our already great celebration.

I am thankful
that the wedding went off without a hitch, and that it truly
was about a perfect day as could be this side of heaven.
In case you missed it and want to read about it
Click Here
Sorry there are no wedding pics of Scott and Megan
yet,  I explain why in that post!!

I am thankful
for responsible, sweet, loving, moral, hardworking, 
children that are making good decisions about life.
What a blessing that is!!

I am thankful
for the gift of prayer and gratitude for which the Lord
 has used to sustain us emotionally and spiritually,
during this 1 year of  unemployment.
(As of May 15th)

I am incredibly thankful
for God's great grace in the way He has provided
for us,  in every way, truthfully.  Hubby and I were
 talking today and saying It is mind boggling to think of
 how so many dear folks have lost their homes due to
 the same type of situation we have, so we are
 tremendously grateful and aware of how blessed we
 are, cause that could be us too, and we praise
His Name for all.... He has done for us!!

(Compliments of Mary Dover Publishing)

I am thankful
for over 2 years of blogging,  and all the lovely
blogging ladies I have met.  You have befriended
me, encouraged me,  taught me, inspired me,
and prayed for me.
What a blessing you are to my life!!

I just realized last week when I was talking to Becky
over at Junk to Joy, that I missed my blogaversary
date....... it was May 4th.
and I have to say blogging has been such a refreshing
and fun experience for me !!

I am thankful
for the lovely video Scott and Megan had made
for us parents as a thank you.  I am sure you
have probably seen them at Weddings where
they have pics set to music of both bride and
groom in their growing up years.
They played it for us at the rehearsal dinner,
and it was really sweet.  One of Megan's
aunts did it,  and did a great job!!
A very nice surprise.

I am thankful
to have gotten a sneak peek at my hubby in his
Tux today!  Oh My,  does he look handsome.
Be still my heart!!
He is saying a prayer at the reception!

Day of the wedding he looked even better than the
sneak  peek, he really looked so handsome, and I am,
 only too sorry I never remembered to take a picture of him.
Just no time before we left, and once I got there
and got caught up in it all I never thought of it, plus
he had the camera, so am hoping the photographer
 got good shots!!

He did a really great job on the prayer too, by the way!!

I am thankful
for beautiful sapphire and rhinestone earrings that belonged to
 my late mother-in-law, because we  thought they looked the best
with my dress for the Wedding,  they really are gorgeous, and
it was like a part of Mom was there too!

Compliments of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

and photoshop posterized affect

I am thankful that my neck has been doing very well lately.
What a blessing that is,  sleeping better, able to exercise
 with 1 pd. weights now,  and do most of the stuff I
 normally would.  yeah!!

I am thankful
that our phone has been ringing off the hook this week with
 phone interviews from new and older Companies hubby has
 heard from already.
It is like the Lord has really opened the flood gates all of a
 sudden.  So much so, it is actually getting funny, and  hard to
 keep them straight.
 He seems to be in hot demand.
A great feeling for him, I am sure!

I am thankful
for all the new things hubby is learning as he prepares for these
 phone and regular interviews. He is having to study up on many
 things before either type of interview, so in that process,
he has learned several new things that he can apply to the
 business he is working towards, as well.
and yes, he is still working towards that cause we are just
not clear yet what direction the Lord is taking us!
 The Lord never wastes anything!!

I am thankful
for the upsetting and hard thing we are dealing with this
week because He tells us to give thanks in all things.
I have lived long enough to learn the Lord has something
 good in this too, and we are looking forward to seeing
 it very soon!! lol

Well,  you have a great rest of the week!

Thanks for visiting with me, 
 love those comments.

Love, Hugs,  and  Blessings Galore,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hugs are all around!!

Morning Sweet Peas,

How are you???  Feeling well,  doing well??? 
Hope so!!

We are doing fine.....have just been recovering from all
 the excitement of the Wedding, and hubby has been getting
one call after another for phone interviews and regular
interviews with some he already phone interviewed with a
 number of  times.  So that is exciting!!  But we are guarding
against getting too excited until something actually happens!! lol

So we are just waiting and watching to see
where all this is gonna take us........we feel
encouraged that the Lord must be gonna do
something real soon!!  

Rec'd this email below this morning and thought
it was share worthy.  So hope you enjoy it!!

                       The Hug

There's just no doubt about it.
we scarcely could survive without it.
A hug delights and warms and charms,
It must be why God gave us arms.
Hugs are  great for fathers and mothers,
sweet for sisters, swell for brothers.
And chances are some favorite aunts
love them more than potted plants.
Kittens crave,puppies love them.
head of state are not above them.
A hug can break the language barrier
and make the dullest day seem merrier.
No need to fret about the store of 'em,
the more you give,
the more there are of 'em.
So stretch those arms without delay
and give someone a hug today.

Thanks for dropping by..................

Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday

Love hearing from you,

Love, and  Angel Hugs Blessings!!  


Monday, May 16, 2011

The Wedding ........... So Many answered prayers on 5-13-2011

Good Monday Morning Sweet Friends,

Well,  it is a done deal we
have finally married him off!! lol
Last Friday was finally the big day,
and what a great day it was!!

I know you are all waiting to see pics, and as excited
as I am about showing you,  since I forgot to ask their
permission to share their photos and since they have
not seen any of their wedding pics yet,  I feel it might
be an invasion of their privacy to do so.........after all
it was there Big day, not mine!!
Although, I am sure they want mind I feel it would be
wrong on my part to presume that.  Cause I think I would
 want to be the first to see my own Wedding Pictures.
Don't You???
The photographer said it would be about 3 weeks,
and the quality of those pics should be much better
than the ones we took anyway,  so it should be well
worth the wait..................
Sorry!!!............I did include a few  pics that just had
 to do with us, and that didn't have their pics in it.

Also before you read this post, you might go to the 
bottom of this post, where it says in bold, if you would like
 to see, and read that paragraph, and it will help you to under
stand more of what I am explaining in this post.
So now,  on with it!!  lol

To say our hearts are full to overflowing with the
 goodness of God, would be a tremendous understatement,
 to how we felt about this glorious day of our Son
and new daughter-in-love's Wedding.  It was truly a perfect
 day of watching the hand of God move in miraculous ways,
and watching 2 very special loved ones, seal their
vows of love to one another.  Lovely, perfect, beautiful
solemn, joyous, touching, sweet, and delightful would be
 the adjectives I would use to describe it all.

Now you have to know..............
the day of the rehearsal was a sweltering hot, sunny day,
  which would be okay, if  you were having an indoor wedding
 but their's was a garden wedding,  and the
very wedding Megan had always
 dreamed of.........

To make a long story short,  the wedding coordinator
 did not show,  and the Pastor wasn't coming to the wedding 
rehearsal, so now, we were on our own,  and Megan with her
great leadership skills stepped right in and took over doing the
 wedding coordination herself.  Also, the chairs were hope-
fully suppose to be set up,  but weren't there yet.

She had us all lined up as we were commencing to rehearse, 
 so they started playing the music...... and then it just stopped,
troubles with the boombox cd player, they  worked with it
 awhile, and hubby did get it going again, but now they didn't
 know if they could trust it to work the next day, so that meant
 going to get another one.....something else to do, that they
 thought was already taken care of,  all this coupled with the
 heat index would be enough to make any bride go over the 
edge, after the stress of month and months of all the
 planning, but she did a great a job of keeping it together.

 Due to the heat, and all the groomsmen having to stand
 in the sun, we probably didn't practice as much as you
 normally would, and because we would have no one
 to tell us if we were walking too slow or too fast,   and
a few other minor things, think everyone must of been
 a lil nervous about how it was gonna
 play out the next day!

I have to say it was an amazing day of  watching the
 Lord answer one prayer after another that we had been
 praying for weeks before the wedding,  and now.....
new ones after the rehearsal,
and some we never knew  to pray about........

First, thing was everyone fit into their dresses,  some
were very uncomfortable, but they fit! 
I felt great in mine,  it is always a wonderful feeling to feel
 like you look good, and to be comfortable all at the same time,
 that was my experience, and of course..........
 Megan was stunningly beautiful. What a beautiful gown and
 veil,  and she looked positively ravishing!!

On the way to the Wedding, Jim and I came just a hair from
being hit by another car,  talk about a close call........I am 
so thankful hubby saw the guy pulling out in front of us
and was able to swerve to the left, because I had no
 time to say anything it was so fast.
All I could do was scream cause I thought for sure
they were gonna hit  right in my door, boy, did that
get the ole adrenalin pumping!!.
It was wierd, the guy stopped, and guess he or she didn't
see us, or was texting or something,  and then just pulled
 right out in front of us,  and we were going 60 mph,
Thankfully there was no one coming in the other lane.
Thank you, Jesus!!

The night of the rehearsal I was having some
intestinal issues from hot flashes, the heat outside, and not
 being able to get cooled off,  which caused us to leave the
 rehearsal dinner earlier than we had wanted, and
which left me very concerned about the next day, cause it
 was suppose to be 5 degrees hotter. It was 84 degrees
on Thursday, suppose to be 91 degrees on Friday.
But the Lord took complete care of me, and I was
 pretty hot for most of the of the day too, but 
did not have one hot flash or problem!  PTL

We felt so bad for all the groomsmen because they had
 to be standing in the sun,  and they of course, had on long
sleeved shirts, vests, and then their long sleeved tux jackets,
 and too, the ringbearer is about 6 yrs. old,  and of course,
he was standing with them, and that is a long time standing
 for a young boy like that, so we were praying all day on
Friday, Lord, please give us cloud cover and a breeze,
  just for the time of the Wedding, we don't
care what happens after that!!

Truly it was an amazing sight..............
Right before the wedding,  as we were lining up inside in
front of the sliding glass doors to go out, we saw clouds
 starting to roll in and it got very windy, in fact,  we almost
 thought we were gonna get rain, because it is just like what
it does here in Florida before it rains, but no rain, complete
cloud cover and there was an awesome breeze and it
made everything so nice and pleasant for the ceremony,
and as soon as the wedding was over.......
 out came the sun again!!  lol
and later on in the evening,  quite awhile after all the food
 was served, (it was served outside) during the reception we
 got a good rain,  which we so need here in Florida.
Is God good or what???

Al;so, they did get another stereo system from one of the 
Bridemaids, but for some reason the day of the wedding it 
didn't work, so they wound up having to use the original one,
 we gave them, and everything worked just fine!! 
Think the enemy of our soul was just giving Megan some
grief and trying to upset her,  but the Lord wouldn't let him!!

Megan had us do something very different, and I liked it
 very much,  the parents were a part of the wedding
 processional, and we Mom's carried bouquets as well,
 and the parents went right before the bridesmaids, and
 the wedding processional went as perfect
 as it could possibly go!!

Like we had practiced forever...........

and we sorta felt like we were getting
married again!!  lol

My bouquet

The Pastor did a beautiful job on the ceremony, we were very
pleased, and Scott and Megan said their own vows, which we
 were all so amazed by,  they truly were beautiful and deep.
  The pastor even told us he was really impressed with their
wedding vows.  We felt the ceremony was
 very glorifying to God,  another answer to prayer!!

Happy to report their lil ringbearer did an amazing job for
a 6 yr. old,  he was so patient and stood up their still as can be
 with his lil hands folded the whole entire time.  You seriously
 would have thought he was an adult. Never complaining at all.
  He is just so adorable! and such a trooper, as was the lil
 flower girl too!!
She, also just stood there so still the whole time, and did
a wonderful job too, She is Megan's lil cousin so I don't
 know her, but the ringbearer's dad is like our 2nd son,
so guess that is why I noticed him more, and boys tend
to me more antsy that girls most of the time!!  lol

The photographer almost fell over a wall into a  pond,
 but fortunately, caught her balance, and was fine. 
 It would have been quite a fall too,  like 5 feet. 
 Gave us all a momentary scare for sure! 
 but again.....the Lord protected!!

Sweet dances for Megan with her dad and step dad,
 her dad is quite the dancer, and they practiced a lil, 
and he danced her allover the floor, it was great..........
reminded me of my dad,  he was a great dancer and
it was fun dancing with him, cause he really led and 
was easy to follow.

 and I had the sweetest dance with Scott.............and
 the song he picked........."Watching Scotty grow" by
Bobby Goldsboro.  As soon as they said the song
I said,  Oh,  I'm not gonna make it thru this,
and of course, He laughed, cause he knew that!!
but sweet tears of joy, for sure!

Here he is getting a kick out of the fact
he made his Mom cry!  lol

 Hubby bought that record while I was still in the hospital 
after giving birth to Scott,  and when we brought him home
 from the hospital on our 7th Anniversary,  hubby surprised
 me by playing that song!
  So double the reason why I couldn't keep it together !!
But what a sweet and memorable surprise!!

I was teasing Scott right before our dance and asking
him if he was gonna dance me around like Megans
dad, and he said, I don't think so,  and I said good
cause my feet are killing me!!  lol

Got passed the crying and now just having a good laugh. 
 I am hoping the photographer was able to get a better picture. 
 See her in the background.  Hubby took these, but it
was sorta dark in there, so hard to get good pics.

Hubby did a wonderful blessing for the couple and the food
then their were sweet and very tasteful speeches and toasts
 from the Maid of Honor, Best Man and Dad of the Bride.

The food was awesomely delicious, Prime Rib and
Chicken Marsala,  along with a wonderful potato and
 cheese dish, broccoli casserole,  and a salad with  lettuce,
cranberries, blue cheese, and honey roasted pecans,
with raspberry vinagriette dressing, and rolls.
Every bite delish!  Another answer!!

The DJ did a wonderful job and all the music was very
 tasteful, (Scott told me later, that he and Megan carefully
 picked all the music themselves, with many oldies goldies
 included) and the DJ was very energetic and enthusiastic,
 and really led events well.
 They even had an impromptu singer, for a few songs,  the
 uncle of Scott's best man....... he has a wonderful voice,
  so Scott asked him if he would sing with a few songs,
 and it was really very nice.  He has a christian band,
and right now they minister at a church were they have
people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions.

The Wedding Cake was beautiful, and tasted absolutely
marvelous,  think it was from Publix bakery. Just realized we
 never got a pic of it,  course, I am sure the photographer did.

Our dearest friends friends from Gainesville were able to come
 for the Wedding,  which was a real thrill and very happy
 answer to prayer for us!
and a very neat thing happened.................
He and his wife,  also Pastor a church in Gainesville where they
also have the same kind of ministry that the singer has, so now
 they know about Rob's ministry band, they are planning to
contact him.

Everyone kept saying how happy and joyful Scott and Megan
looked,  and that they were just glowing....and I must concur!!
So many seemed to be so encouraged by that, saying you don't
 always see that!!  Some saying it was the best wedding they
had ever been to..........his best man said that,  and he used to
be a DJ,  so he has been to a lot of weddings,  so that was
a real compliment coming from him!!

A very joyous time was had by all.... I think, at least we had
 the most fun we have had in a long time...........it was great
 from beginning to end,  and a day we and I am sure
Scott and Megan will remember always.

Megan and Scott really did an awesome job on all their
wedding plans,  and we were so grateful to the Lord for making
all her dreams come true,  cause it seriously was about as
perfect a day, as you could get!!

They are probably just leaving their honeymoon suite,
as I am finishing this up (Saturday morning),
 as Dee and Jerry are picking them up to take them to
 to the airport to leave for their weeklong trip!!
Note: They called Sat. afternoon to let us know they
 made it to their destination safe and sound.

I'll tell you where they went once they are back
for safety reasons.

I am gonna include a link to where they had their wedding
cause thought you might really enjoy seeing it.  It was on
 a few acres of property,  and you can get married at the gazebo
or in a lovely lil chapel,  then there is a building called the tavern 
that is 2 story, for the reception and a train or snow white's cottage
 for the groomsmen to get dressed in, and then a 2 storyhouse
 guest house where the bridal party gets ready, and where the
 Honeymoon suite is with an indoor pool and jacuzzi.  It is an
 amazing and beautiful place. You rent the whole property out 
from 11am.one day till 9 a.m. the next morning. 

  We would love to rent that guesthouse ourselves 
sometime!!   If you would like to see it just click here.

Make sure when you get there that when you click to see pic
or the video tour you go all the way to the bottom,  cause I would
click on one, and thought nothing was happening,  then discovered
it was opening a video down below.  lol

Sorry this is so long............but I wanted to record all the
 details while they were fresh in my memory.  I still can't
believe that we didn't think to have anyone take a pic
of hubby and I together.  Duh!  course, there will be
some of our whole family together that the 
photographer took.  Thankfully!
We were just to busy enjoying the occasion!!  lol

Thanks so much for coming by to visit,  and for enjoying
this wonderful event in our lives!

You have all been so wonderful in your well wishes
and prayers for this special day,  and we thank you
very much!!

Have a Marvelous Monday,

Love, Hugs and Special Wedding Blessings,

Scripture Sunday

  Have a  Sweetly Blessed Day! Hugs,  Nellie