Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Monday Sweet Folks

Happy Monday Sweet Folks,

Feel like I haven't chatted with you
 in forever!!

So how in the world are you anyway??

We are doing very well this sweet Monday Morning,
and we had a very nice weekend.

Friday Scott and Megan arrived back safe and sound
from their honeymoon in Jamaica,  so they called us later
 in the evening to see if we wanted to come for a visit.......
so, of course, we did,  and we got to see their new apt.
 and got to hear all about their trip.  They had a wonderful
 time, course, they rested a lot to catch up after the stress and
 pressure of the wedding details, which was sorely needed. 
 They stayed at the Sandals resort, and sounds like they
had a lot of really great food too.  They tried a lot of 
different foods,  and took a tour and got sun of course!!
They could see the ocean from their room.  How Nice!!

We loved their new apt., it is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, and
it is much like a condo.  Very Nice,  and they had it
all decorated and everything before they left so they
had a nice retreat to come home to.  They still had
Wedding gifts to open,  and they still have to unbox
all the ones they got from her shower in April.  That
was a good idea, and a fun thing to come home to.
Today will be Scott's last day off,  and she will still be 
off till Thursday I think it is!  We are so happy they
 had such a great time,  and so happy they had a
nice long honeymoon.  Our's was not very long,
and we have always told our kids that when you
get married there are 2 things not to scrimp on
and that is the honeymoon and pictures!

Saturday our upsetting and hard thing got solved
not long before noon,  so that made us exceedingly
 happy,  and made for a good day. 

Saturday was a pretty relaxing day,  but I did start
 looking into some stuff towards my daughter's upcoming
 wedding in October!!  Spent quite a bit of time online.
 Am trying to get information but the lady that
 sold them the wedding package is out of town cause her dad
 is gravely ill,  so don't want to bother her.  We have so many
questions and probably want get to meet with her until
June 11th!  Ugh!!
She did leave the name of a person on her voice mail,
so I might try and see if they can answer my most 
important question!!  A wedding coordinator is 
suppose to come with their package,  so I am trying
to figure out exactly what is she suppose to do!!
Because sometimes they do everything, and sometimes
they just show up to do the rehearsal and the wedding.
We are thinking it is probably that, but don't know
for sure. 

Sunday was our usual Sunday,  and we really enjoy
that day very much.  We could never get accused
of working too much on a Sunday that is for sure!! lo

We are waiting to see what the day will bring on
the job front..............last week was pretty funny
and exciting I must say...............

Thanks for stopping in,

Always good to hear from you!!

Have a Magnificent Monday!!

Love, Hugs,  and 
Blessings Galore,


Rebecca said...

Happy Monday to YOU! Sounds like a good weekend for you. I need to take better notes. Somehow, I missed that you'd be planning/part of two important weddings so close together. Catch our breath, Nellie!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. So nice the happy couple had such a great honeymoon. Hugs, Marty

Sister Susie said...

I'm so happy Scott and Megan had a great time! I'm excited to see their pictures from their trip to Jamaica!

I've been praying for your mention on Saturday! Praise our LORD it is solved!

I love you all,

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I just went back and read all about the wedding. You look gorgeous in that dress! I really hope they let you share the pictures when you get them. I'm so happy that things went well. The heat makes me sick, so I understand how you were a bit nervous about it. I'm also thrilled that the interviews are coming...fingers crossed as always!

Janet said...

Hi Nellie

Oh I hope this time I can post. I had the worst trouble last night. I actually read your post on Monday but did not have time to post.

It sounds like your son and his new bride had a wonderful time in Jamacia. We have been there and it is so beautiful.

I still remember 32 years ago setting up a new household with all those new gifts.

I can't wait to see some pictures and also hear about your daughters upcoming wedding plans.

I am praying for one of those interviews to become a job for your hubby.

Have a good day!
Blessings & Love