Thursday, May 30, 2024

Thankful Thursday May 30, 2024, and Interesting doors and facades

LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.

Isaiah 25:1 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope you have had a good week!  Our's was

going pretty well until Sunday when we heard

our dear friend that I wrote about in #4 had

taken a bad fall and broke her hip.  If you

have been following me for awhile, she is the same

 friend who broke both of her legs some years back.

 She has been in the hospital since last Sunday

 but will be moving to a rehab center soon. We 

are all rejoicing that she does not need surgery, 

even tho she has 2 fractures, her Dr. feels they

will heal on their own. So while we are sorry

 that she has to go to rehab, all of us are so 

happy she did not need surgery. So the outcome

 is so much better than any of us anticipated,

and we feel the Lord has definitely answered

 all the prayers that went up on her behalf.

Pictures today are of Interesting/lovely doors and

facades compliments of Pixabay

On with my Thankfuls.............


Thankful that we finally got our ultra sonic bug repellent thingies.  You just plug them in, and it's been over a week now, and the only thing we have seen is 2 dead spiders, but one was in the garage, so not sure that counts   Course, they aren't supposed to kill them just run them away. So time will tell...... they were recommended for those big Huntsmen Spiders that we have had. So hopefully, Bye Bye, So long, Fair well and we won't see you in September!!  Anyone remember that old song from the past. (See you in September).  lol  Love that song!!


Thankful for a nice clean Master Bed and Bathroom. Hubby and I did a late Spring cleaning in there, which I have wanted to do for awhile, but we just couldn't get to it. It was okay, but nothing like knowing it 's deep cleaned.  So I am doing the Happy Dance!!


Thankful for a great tip I got from Coco over at the Crowned Goat.  She was talking about she and her Mom cleaning out her Mom's closet which was her Mom's first choice of where to start, then she told her to choose what to work on like: Shoes, purses, pants, shirts etc.  So her Mom chose "Purses", so she went thru them and got rid of what she didn't want to keep, and then they organized them.  The next, it could be shoes or whatever you choose.  That was very inciteful for me. 

When I feel overwhelmed I just ask the Lord where to start, and usually something comes to mind, so I start there, and work my way around the room or yard whatever,  but love the idea of breaking it down to specific items, as I have started on my closet and got rid of some clothing and did get rid of shoes and organized those, and just haven't gotten back in there, cause I just didn't know what to do next.  So next, will be purses,  just not sure how to organize them tho, but at least I will be thinking and looking for ideas about that.   suggestions  

Note to self:  Ask Coco what they did??


Thankful that I heard from another long time

friend of 44 yrs. today,  they were on the way

back from her Son's and his family, who live 12 hrs.

away.  Their Granddaughter graduated, and with

 honors, and they were so proud, and had a great time.

Her fall happened the next morning after they

got home.


Thankful that hubby and I designed a business

card for our Free Online Card Shop.  If you are 

wondering if there is a "Catch" to that,  I can

assure you there is is just our unique

way, we feel the Lord showed us... that we can

 help others during these difficult financial times.

  Our cards are printable and electronic and can

 be sent via phone text, email and messenger. 

If you try us and need assistance please contact

 us, as there is a contact us email on the website.


Thankful for my hubby,  Mr. Fix It......

He has been working on our sprinkler system

off and on this passed week, and finally has 

everything fixed and better than before. I am 

sure our grass will be doing the happy dance!!


Thankful for a good day at church, and a great

sermon by one of our younger pastures on a

sensitive subject today, but one that rarely gets

 talked about but is sorely needed. He did

a beautiful job.


Thankful to get to go out to lunch after with

our lunch buddies to Cracker Barrel,  we haven't

 been there in quite awhile and we haven't gotten

 to go out for awhile either.  So it was

very nice.


Thankful we also saw at Cracker Barrel, a wonderful

 lady who was a part of our life for years, and used to

attend our church, but moved away to another church

 when her husband had cancer, so we rarely get to see her,

 but her Daughter still comes to our church, so once in

she comes with her. She is just the loveliest and dearest

 lady, she is now 81 yrs. old, but still just as sweet as

 ever., really just such a delight and a blessing to see her,

 for even a few minutes.


Thankful that our church has a prayer chain,

so we could get people praying for our friend.

Cause when you don't live nearby it's the only

thing you can do, cause you just feel so helpless.

  Course, prayer is always the best thing you can

 do for anybody really!

Note: Very Thankful for the good news

about her and just praising the Lord for

 answered prayer.  Awesome....


Thankful for the many men and women who

have lost their lives defending our freedoms

here in America, as well, as thankful for

their families and friends who had to deal

with that terrible loss.  


Thankful for a nice long phone conversation

with my Son today.  Doesn't happen a lot

but it's always such a blessing when it does.

He's a pretty cool guy!!  Course, I wouldn't

be biased or anything!!  lol


Thankful that I wound up painting our mailbox

pole and some spots on the house that were looking

faded.  Had no plans to do that today, but 

hubby was out there cutting the bush beside it,

so decided since I had located the paint and

it was shady out there, Why not??

Amazing what fresh paint can do, it all looks

so much better...............

Well,  That's it for Cozy Place this week.

Glad you came to visit today and

 hope you have a lovely rest of the week..............

Love, Hugs and

End of May Blessings,


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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Tuesday's Thoughts to Ponder #3

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

How are you?  Hope it's not as hot where you are at it is's been in the high 90's. Summer has come early!!

Well, I got the content for todays post on Saturday as I read someone's blog post and was rather taken aback by things posted on her blog that were very personal albeit funny, about her Husband. 

One can only imagine if the shoe were on the other foot, how she would feel if her husband wrote something as personal about her, and posted it for all to read..................

Ewwwww, I certainly know I would not appreciate it at all, and would feel very disrespected. So I could imagine that might be her husbands response as well, since most guys are big on respect.

I've been married almost 54 years, and have learned it is never a good thing to tell others what your spouse says to you in private or to make a joke at your spouses expense.

So think before you post, folks!! Course, I know most of you would never do that, and have to say I have been blogging for 13 yrs. this month and never remember ever seeing that before.......but just saying... in case someone let's their sense of humor.... override their good sense.

Spurring You On......


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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Thankful Thursday May 23, 2024, More changes at Cozy Place Family room

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

Ephesians 1:3 NIV

Greetings  Sweet Friends,

How are you doing today?? Doing well I hope.

Can't believe it is Thursday already,  where do these weeks go.  

I am in process of making Cuban food for din din. Haven't made it in quite awhile, so today is the day.

In case you are interested, .

Here is the recipe!

Pictures today are of a few changes to the family room that I have talked about in the past few weeks. Thought you might enjoy seeing them since you have heard about it already.

From the birdhouse

To Mother's Day flowers.

On with my Thankfuls.................

#1 and 2

Thankful that we got our car into the dealership for normal maintenance and to fix a potential problem, which turned out to be a problem, so they got that fixed as well. Always glad to know your car is in good shape. Thankful for this dealership we take it too,  it is an hour away,  but we get such good service there, even tho we would like it to be closer,  we don't want to change because the fellows that we work with, our so great and so honest.  Whoever, heads this place up must be an awesome leader as everyone is so kind, helpful, cheerful and polite, no matter their job.....and these days that is so refreshing!!

     Here is a sneak peek at my Mother's day

gift.  Same rods but added the gold hooks

and thought it was cool that our rods had

the same shape as the leaves in the curtains.


Thankful that we have a Dunkin Donuts close to us now, for about 6 months or so, and we have been treating ourselves to their breakfast sandwiches once in awhile. They have hash brown, as well, but they are so greasy, we make our own in the

 hot air fryer. We buy "Crispy Crowns" by ore-Ida, in the frozen food aisle and keep them in the freezer and then just pop them in the hot air fryer for about 8 mins., then turn them and cook another 5 or 6minutes, and they are nice and crispy. I also lay the crispy crowns on top of 2 coffee filters, in the hot air fryer, and that takes away most of the grease, and then sprinkle them with granulated garlic before I cook them.  Um Um!!


Thankful that hubby was able to put some new weather stripping on our garage door today. We could see daylight in a few places which also means snakes or whatever can get in, so one less thing to be concerned about.

and here they are in full view

Previously had some wall words up there with the other curtains but took them down as it just looked too busy for me.  but thought we needed to ad some pazazz to this room, and they really did. 

Found this older photo.....this is what our curtains (and our family room) looked like before the new ones........I still like them a lot,  so they will be revisited at some point whether in another room or here, or make something new out of them.  lol


Thankful for a fun day with lil darling, Playing games, making rice krispy treats, watching the kids baking championship, and she played on her Ipad off and one throughout the day.  She does something called Roblox, and they can build their own house and decorate it, and they have to have a job and pay for it.  All virtually, of course, but it is teaching some true principles which is good.!!  Just for the fun of it, I had seen these new Krispy cream donuts advertised, and they had partnered up with Dolly Parton and the donuts were so cute and looked so good , and we knew lil darling would love them too, so for a surprise we got some to have with our bacon and egg breakfast.  They had them at our Publix grocery store. Have to say, altho it was fun to try them and to some degree and we did enjoy them, but they weren't quite as good as the Ad we will probably stick to our tradition of pillsbury orange rolls.  lol  Cheaper too!!  lol


Thankful that we got a good bit of rain this week, which we really needed, our grass was crying out for   Nothing like heavens rain for your grass and plants.


Thankful for what I call "Blasts from the Past" That is something that takes you back to years ago, and just a neat reminder of days gone by typically. Hubby just came in from the garage and handed me one.  It was a pretty hot pink skinny pencil ( in mint condition, I might add) that was from a job I started about 46 years ago when my Son was just a one year old.  If you are older some of you might know about it.  It was a Home Party Plan called Home Interiors and Gifts, and we went into peoples homes and showed our Home decorating wares and how to use them, and sold them. The pink pencil was used to fill out their order form. I loved working for that company and it is where I learned a lot of my decorating skills even tho, I only did it for about  3-4 years. My mind has now been flooded with tons of good memories.

Love that!!


Thankful for 2 long phone calls with our girl this week. Always enjoyable, as we share whats going on, and the new things we are trying life style wise.  Sometimes we get into decorating  suggestions and advice too.  Such fun! Cause we are a lot alike and seem to like a lot of the same things.


Thankful that I read recently and there was research to prove it,  that listening to classical music helps builds neurons in our brain and builds more gray matter in our brains.  Cause as we get older supposedly our brains shrink in gray matter.  So I have made it a point to listen to at least 30 mins. a day of each classical music/ and christian music as well. Both are good for us.  I need all the help I can get when it comes to memory!  lol   We already had a bunch of CD's our  Son gave his Dad years back, but somehow we just quit listening to it...but we have really been enjoying it and have been taking in more than 30 mins. a day somedays.

So that gray matter she is building!!  lol


Thankful that we figured out where a noise that we kept hearing in our kitchen, that sounded like it might be mice, and turned out to be the raffia on our bench we moved to the kitchen.  Every time we would sit there,  hubby would say do you hear that?  and I would say NO, and then he would get up and look in the pantry and the noise stopped,  so the other day we were both sitting there and I said do you hear that?  Is that what you have been hearing?? and it sounded like it was coming from behind the fridge and we were like Oh I was leaning over to see if I could hear it more and just happened to  put my hand down on the top of our bench as I leaned in and I hear the noise up close and personal,  and said, it's the bench, the noise is coming from the crinkle of the raffia.  So we had a good laugh and was quite relieved we didn't have mice or worse.  lol


Thankful we put some new cards in our shop this week.  I haven't been doing too much in there lately as other things have needed our attention. Can't believe how much stuff you can forget in a short time.....I had to think so much about everything I did, so I feel worn out!!  lol  But..... did accomplish quite a bit,  so that was nice.


Thankful for a fun phone conversation with a friend of 54 yrs. Met her where I worked when I was only 18 yrs. old, and became fast friends, they were at our wedding as well, and shared our first  Anniversary with us, before they moved away when her hubby got out of the Navy. We have kept in touch over the years and seen each other a few times as well. She was and still is a wonderful and funny lady, always enjoy talking with her.  She and her hubby have weathered some very tough storms in their lives,  but she never loses her sense of humor.


Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week!!

Thanks for sharing some of your time with us.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week,

Love, Hugs, and

Mid May Blessings,


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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Thoughts to Ponder #2


Morning  Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you and yours doing well.
I happened to come across what I felt was
 a fun article (actually a slide show)
 online this week, and thought this would be good to share with you today. Can only take credit for sharing it, but think you might get a kick out of it.
I think my Mom taught me most of these
things, but some, have maybe never heard
of them.  They bear repeating..... and they
updated a few of them for today as well.

Click here  - You will get a redirect notice, but just click on the first link and it will
take you to the correct destination.

We ran into a gentleman who did 2 of them for us yesterday, and he was so pleasant  as well. 
 Ya know, these things really do make our world seem brighter and they don't really take that
 much to do . I walked away feeling good....
He did 3 of them actually, he opened the door for
us from the outside as we were coming out and with a big smile and a simple greeting, it was lovely....really!!

Spurring you on.............

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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Thankful Thursday May 16, 2024, and My DIY Mother's Day Table

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise;
 give thanks to him and praise his name. 
Psalm 100:4  NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends

and Welcome to Thankful Thursday,

Hope you are still basking in the memories of your

Mother's day this week.  I certainly have been.

Can't believe we are half way through May already

either........where has the year gone??  lol

Pictures today are of my Mother's Day table.........I set it myself because I have been wanting to do a table with these pretty plates.  I got them to hang on the wall and you will never guess where?? 

 In our master bath,  lol,  We have a water closet with a sunken shower in the same room, and it's about the only thing that works in there without getting knocked off the wall and broken.  So finally found something pretty, that has the right colors, and  hydrangeas are one of my fav flowers too. I have been looking since last year, to replace the others plates that are in there for years now, and just never saw anything I liked until  a few weeks ago.  Good things come to those who wait, I always say, and they were a gift, as I got them with money, I had previously gotten for my birthday.  So thanks Susan!! 

On with my Thankfuls......


Thankful I found sour cream in our fridge....

  I was making Chili to make Taco Salads when I thought

Oh, No....I forgot to get sour cream, and I know we are 

out and was thinking great (the scarcastic great!)......cause I

 love to have sour cream on top of my chili, especially since I

 wasn't making Guacamole.  So I was saying Lord,  can there

 please be some sour cream in the fridge, cause I don't want to

 ask hubby to go to the store just for that.  So looked around a

 bit in the fridge and there it  was in all it's shining glory, a

 brand new unopened  container of Sour Cream. 

 Thank You Lord!!


Thankful that I think I headed off some conflict today

by writing an email instead of trying to talk to the person,

as they don't like conflict ad are pretty much afraid of it.

So the Lord woke me up about 4:30 and gave me the

idea to write the email.  The response back was very good.

So Thanks again Lord!


Thankful for a fun day with Lil darling.  We all had

a nice breakfast as always, then we worked on a project

for her Mom for Mother's Day, and made funfetti

cupcakes, which all came out great, and in between times

 she did some things on our computer that she likes to do.



Thankful that the new baby of a sweet couple in our church

 is doing so much better.  He was having some really bad

breathing difficulties, but things are going much better,

not totally out of the woods yet, but is getting there.  So

many people praying for him.....


Thankful we are really enjoying the look of our new

curtains,  still working on the dining room window tho,

don't want to cover it too much so as not to let the light in.

So still pondering what to do..........


Thankful for facebook reels that make me laugh.

A lot of them are of children, and their is a Pastor

that is funny but gets his message across well.


Thankful that lil darling got her project done

for her Mom on Friday.  It really came out so good,

I wanted to take a pic of it and forgot.  It was a 

kit that I purchased from Kerry Anne over at

"Shabby Art Boutique" blog.  She has an Etsy

shop with 3'D cards and they are just the sweetest.

I have another one I will be doing,  so hopefully

I will get a picture of that one when I am done.

You can go to Shabby Art Boutique Etsy Shop

and see all her cute wares!!


Thankful for a really lovely Mother's day.

Got texts from my Daughter and Son-in-Love,

Great day at church, and some frozen yogurt after

wards, then facetimed with my Daughter, then

our Son arrived at 4pm.  We got to have our Son

 all to ourselves this year, which is a rare event, and

 really very nice. We had a nice dinner, opened

my cards and gifts, played some cards and had

dessert.  It was a quiet and beautiful day.


Thankful for my Wonderful family, tho we are 

small in number we are large in love...........

Thankful for all the Sweet and Beautiful cards

and gifts I rec'd from my family. They truly filled

this Mom's love tank. Thankful to my hubby for 

planning the day, and for him wrapping gifts that

our daughter sent, and for preparing food, he and

my Son. For Lovely perfume he gifted me with,

as well . It was a great day!


Thankful  to and for my hubby as he was so sweet

 to help me get our new curtains up (as they are my 

Mother's day present).  They are  looking great, now 

that we added curtain rings to them, and steamed the

 wrinkles out. So we got the dining room window

 completed as well. 

  We are really enjoying the new look.  Just gives

the house a whole new look.


Thankful for our sweet neighbors....they brought us

 some homemade "Minestrone soup" for Mother's day.

Can't wait to have some for lunch today.

Note:  Had some and it was delicious as always,

and very healthy too!!

                                With the candles lit.


Thankful to see our brown bunny back,  we have not

seen him/her in a long long time, probably last summer

or Fall even.  Not sure it is the same one, but it is 

larger than the last time we saw it.  We always 

enjoy seeing them anytime.  They are so cute to watch

cause some times they are in a playful mood, especially

if the squirrels are out too. He will run all over the

 yard, and jump straight up in the air if he get 

spooked  or scared.  So funny!!

Well, That's All Folks,
This is the Mother's Day Edition.....

Thanks for spending some time with us today


Hope you have a lovely rest of the week.

Love, Hugs, and
Mid May Blessings,


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Thankful Thursday June 13, 2024, and lovely Spring Desserts

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