Thursday, May 30, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - May 30, 2013 - 2nd Sunrise while on Vacation

Here comes the Sun

Greetings Sweet Friends,

Truly hope yall are having a good 
week wherever you are, and
 whatever you are doing..........

Mine has been good,  just getting back into the 
swing of things,  can't seem to shake the feeling
that we are still on vacation for some reason.
Maybe it is just wishful
or maybe it is just how we like to stretch our
celebrations out to the inth degree!  lol


I am thankful
to be home and sleeping in my own bed
again, as good as vacation was, there is
truly No Place Like Home!  and it is truly
a blessing to have a bed.....imagine sleep-
ing on a park bench, under an overpass 
or on the ground without a sleeping bag,
 or sleeping in your car.

I am thankful
that I finally got my permanent crown yesterday, 
 think the temporary one was starting to leak, and 
smarting a lil when I ate something sweet. 
 No problem now, thank the Lord!

I am thankful
for our new dentists and dental staff as
they are all so sweet, warm, and friendly and
the office just has such a lovely, and  peaceful
 atmosphere. One of the girls told me a while back
 that they all pray together in the morning before
they start work.  What a great idea, and It 
certainly shows.

I am thankful
for all the yard trimming we got done this week, 
plenty more to go,  but every lil bit looks better.........
love that progression, and love seeing that brush taken
 away by the trash men.

Just getting ready to rise.

I am thankful
for tree cutters and our small chain saw on a pole,
gardening gloves and loppers that help us get this
stuff done without killing ourselves.  lol

Can you see that small dot....that is the sun.

I am thankful
for the fun time I had with Brooklyn on Tuesday,
 as she was in such a great mood and so easy to 
get to sleep,  think it was cause she was so tired 
from the day before.
So she would take a nap and when she woke up,
 she would eat and then be ready to play,  just so 
sweet and happy. She took 3 naps, they were all
 less than an hour, but rejuvenating for her, none 
the less. We get to see her again on Saturday,  
which is nice since hubby didn't get to see her 
on Tuesday.

I realized I needed to use the zoom , so I did......

I am thankful
for a lovely and longggggggg conversation I had with
 a sweet friend I haven't seen for a while, it was so great
 to catch up.  Hopefully next week we are gonna try to
 get together face to face.  Looking forward to that.

In person, it looked like a big orange ball coming up.
It was an awesome sight...............

I am thankful
for summer salads with fruit in them,  we absolutely
love to eat them,  and I am making one tonight with 
strawberries, blackberries and peaches.
Can hardly wait......................

In case you would like a recipe like that you can
click here. then scroll down till you find the recipe.

I am thankful
for Sam's club, and that we have a membership there,
cause they have delicious Rotisserie Chickens, nice
ripe tomatoes, great meats, and cute name brand
 baby clothes, all at a great price, and much more.

I am thankful
for Del Monte's diced peaches, mangoes and mandarin
oranges that come in those separate lil cups with no 
added sugar, it makes it so easy to drain them and
 put them in cereal, oatmeal, or salads or just to eat
all by their lonesome, and they taste so delicious and
fresh, and it makes it easy and nice to always have 
some sort of fruit on hand.

I am thankful
it was so nice and breezy out this evening that hubby 
and I were able to sit outside and read for awhile.
  Once I start being outside I just want to be out there 
all the time,  but our days have been hot, and we 
are amazed that it is still cool enough to sit out 
there at night with June just a few days away,
So what a nice blessing.

I am thankful
that Patti over at Fill my cup with Beauty is back
on the blogging scene again.  I have missed her
and am happy to see her back. I had known her before
blogging, as she used to go to my church years back, 
 and we knew each other, we just weren't close friends,
but it will be nice to be in touch once again. 

Good Morning..........Mr. Sunshine, you brighten
up my day...................
there is nothing more amazing than a sunset on the 
beach.............I absolutely love getting up for this.
This was the last picture cause at this point you couldn't 
stand to look at it anymore it was so bright ............
yet so beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed my thankful list
 and pictures of this lovely sunrise.

Thanks for coming by, and I look 
forward to hearing from you!

Love, hugs, and
Beautiful Sunrise Blessings,

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Beach Vacation - Family Photos

This was the view out the backdoor of the condo.....

Morning Sweet Friends,

How is your week going so far??  
Can't believe it is already Wednesday,
 this week is just flying by....

Thought I would share some of our Vacation photos,
Todays  pictures will be of our family,  then on Thursday
I will share one of the first sunrise's I saw last week.,
and next week some of the pics in the condo but mostly 
their wall accessories cause I thought some of them 
were so cute and knew yall would enjoy them too.

The  next 3 pictures that follow are of
my hubby and Brooklyn.  I just love this next picture,
just hate part of hubbies head got chopped off,  we
were all dying laughing at her lil face,  as we put a
hat on her for the first time.  The look on her face just
 cracks me looks like.she is thinking... ...

" Well.....I'm glad  yall think this is so funny, but I am
not the least bit amused."

 Hi,  my name is Brooklyn and I want to try and distract 
myself from all their laughter by introducing you to
my family. This guy who is laughing at me so hard
 is my Grampy.

 I have to tell ya....  Ive  got my Grampy wrapped around
my lil finger,  he bounces  me up and down, and if he stops.....
 I make some noise

 and he starts moving right away.  I know how
to get him to do what I want............

I love this guy,  he makes me feel like I have some control
over my life.................

This is my sweet and Beautiful Mommy,  doesn't she look's cause of Me and Daddy.  She is such
a good Mommy..............She and Daddy take such good
care of me.

and here is my favorite guy in the whole world......
yea, my daddy, and he thinks up fun things to do, 
like riding me around in the stroller,  inside and outside!
and playing peek a boo!
He is grammy and grampy's son.

 Doesn't the beach look so pretty!

I see someone coming!

Oh.........It's my Grammy and Grampy
My Mommy has been taking their pictures and they
didn't even know it..................

Until Now,  So Grammy gave a lil wave for the camera!
My Grammy and Grampy absolutely adore me,  and
I sure love all the attention they give me.

This is my Aunt DeeAnna and Uncle Jerry.
They love me too,  and get such a kick out of me.
Aunt DeeAnna is Grammy and Grampy's daughter.
 She's as sweet as she is pretty, and I think
 Uncle Jerry is a  sweet and handsome dude
 and I like to hold his finger,
don't think Aunt DeeAnna minds tho.

As much as I love all these folks,  they just wear me out!
I was so tired I put my self to sleep for the first time......

Well, hope you enjoyed meeting my family...........
thru the eyes of Brooklyn.

Have a really good day..............

Love, Hugs and Blessings,
Nellie (Grammy)
and Brooklyn

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I am almost 11 weeks old here

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends,

Hope yall had a good Memorial Day,
and got to see your loved ones and/or
 friends, and had some good yummy
 food, and of course, remembered 
why we celebrate Memorial Day.

At church on Sunday they did a very nice Memorial
Day presentation that really was representative of 
what the holiday is really all about,  they had a video
 that showed some sad scenes of grieving families
 and military cemetary's and things like those that
 really make you thankful for what these men and
 women have done all these years to protect and
 preserve our rights and freedoms that daily we
seem to be losing.  Such a good reminder.

Since we just got back from vacation on Saturday
we didn't plan anything cause really didn't even 
think about it as we were in our beach mode.  lol
So ours was quiet but lovely, just the 2 of us.
  Sat out in the backyard for awhile in the am,
since there was shade and such a nice breeze,
and because we are used to being outside all
day while we were at the I just
want to be out there all the time,  but after
awhile, it is just too hot.
 We got subs from Publix for lunch and Sonny's
 b-b-cue for dinner, since we like to take our 
vacation to the max,  did more on our marriage 
retreat stuff , and  did do some yard work too.

Think I overdid it in the yard, and that is why 
I am up so late, back and neck are bothering me
 and can't get comfortable enough,  so got up to
 eat a bowl of cereal, and hoping it might help.
We got so much rest while on vacation we came
back raring to go with some productivity, and
think we got a lil carried away!!  lol

Am watching Brooklyn all day tomorrow too,
so am praying I am feeling a lot better in the
morning.  So if you feel so led,  a few prayers

Thought I would tell you something funny
that happened to us last night while we were
watching a movie,  The Hobbit.  Our TV sits right 
next to our french door going to our porch.  All
 of a sudden I noticed a lil face outside our french
 doors, and  said, oh my gosh and jumped up,  
thinking I hope I locked that back door.  It was a
 racoon watching TV.  The back
 porch light was on too,  and we did have one try
 our door handle once before, and thankfully it
was locked, which is really my force of habit,
but just the shock of it makes you think that.
Course, as
soon as I jumped up he took off............
Hubby said, we were expecting some creatures
in the movie but not on our back porch.
Anywho,  we got a kick out of it....

Have you ever had that happen???
We thought it was sort of fun ourselves.....
cause you know how we like

Well, have a great day,  I will 
probably post some vacation pictures 
on Wednesday,  Lord willing................

But today I am playing with my
 lil sweetie all day..................

Hugs and Blessings,

P.S. Figured I would report back about last night
since I had a few minutes.
 That cereal did help.....finally got to sleep I only
 got 4 hours of sleep,  but I slept like a rock,  so after
 being up an hour and a half,  I am now fully awake
 and feeling great......thank the Lord!!

Now just waiting on Brooklyn to arrive,  Scott called
at 7:30 and said she was still sleeping, and they put
her to bed at 9pm.  They went to the beach yester-
day so must have been all the fresh air,  and the
naps he said she missed,  plus she is probably going
thru a growth spurt since she is 12 weeks old as
of yesterday,  and she is starting to teeth as well.

Have a Sweet Day!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - May 23, 2013 & Memorial Day Greeting

He who builds His layers in the sky, 
And has founded His strata in the earth;
 Who calls for the waters of the sea,
 And pours them out on the face of the earth-- 
The Lord is His name.
Amos 9:6

Hi  Sweet Gang,

How are you??? 
 Feel like I have been out of the
 loop, as we were away since last
 Saturday.  I had prepared the 2 posts 
of my bedroom,  ahead of time,  so I 
could just post them, while on vacation. 
 We really had such a great time...........
and relaxed, relaxed, relaxed.
Our fav vacation.........

So I have lots to be thankful for.................

I am thankful
that we had the blessing of going to the beach all
 week.  One of our fav places to go for vacation.
It is a place called "Ponce Inlet",  it is fairly near
Daytona beach,  but doesn't have all the hectic-
ness of Daytona.  It is quaint, quiet and perfect
as far as we are concerned.

I am thankful
for the folks who owns this nice place and who
rent it out.........they have all the work,  we just
get to enjoy it for a fee................
Works for me!!

I am thankful
that the kids got to come over the weekend.
 Scott and Megan  got to come on Sat. and
stayed till Sun. evening, so we watched the
baby so they could have a lil couple time and
 enjoy the beach.  We had so much fun with
 her, she is just responding so much, and just
smiles and laughs when you talk to her.
So still my heart. 
Then Dee and Jerry only got to come over on
Sunday for awhile,  no babysitter for Rosie,
and they don't allow pets unfortunately,
course, I understand why.  Glad they got
to come for the day anyway, it was nice.

I am thankful
that hubby and I had the rest of the week
for alone time,  as we wanted to do some
marriage retreat material we had ordered.
So we had a great time talking about our
life and direction.

I am thankful
that even tho we had some rain and some 
overcast weather it didn't dampen our fun
in any way.  We still did all the things we
normally do..............

I am thankful
that we were able to take our lounge chairs
this time (thanks to our new van)
It added something we loved to do,  at another
 place we used to stay at,  but really hadn't been
 able to do at this place, at least not comfortably. 
That is sit out back and read or drink coffee and
 watch the waves and listen to the roar of the ocean.
  We so enjoyed that this year................

I am thankful
that we got to do something I have always wanted 
to do.......and that is ride bikes on the beach.  
The condo actually had some we could use....
just never thought to ask before, and
 soooo glad I did this time........
 That was so much fun.

I am thankful
for all the neat sunrises I saw.  That is another
favorite thing I like to do when I am there.  Saw
3 this week,.  and like the Angel said in Luke 1:9, 
 the glory of the Lord shone all around us.............
accept we were not afraid.  lol
His creativity is  just so amazing!

I am thankful
for all the shells, sea birds, waves, sand patterns,
wildflowers, lil crabs,  the beautiful and delightful 
breezes, and a  surprise rocket launch we got to
see standing on the beach.
Cape Kennedy is just an hour or so away on the
Atlantic side of the state, where we were.

I am thankful
that I didn't get burned but got a very nice tan,
Brown as a Berry,  but no sunburn.....Yea!!
Back when we did vacation when the kids 
were younger I usually got burned the first
day out and would have to wear a T-shirt
the rest of the week, cause you have to 
keep an eye on those kiddles all the time.
  Thank the lord for good sunscreen too......

I am thankful
to be able to swim in the pool,  as I am
not one for swimming in the ocean,  I hate
to admit that since I am a Florida girl!!  lol  
Just not interested in being shark bait, 
 if you know what I mean!!  lol

One morning when I was watching the sunrise, 
I saw some dorsal fins and thought oh my gosh
sharks.  There was about 6 of them,  but it
turned out to be dolphins,  they were very
close to shore too,  so was happy to know
they were friendly

I am thankful
for all the fun, relaxation, and rest we got
while we were there,  and we got in some
HGTV as well.   So we are ready to go
and as much fun as we had,  we are always
happy to be home,  as we love our home
and our life.................

I am thankful
to hear that Aimee the girl from Georgia, who 
had that flesh eating bacteria from the zipline 
accident a year or more ago and  lost her hands
 and legs,  has 2 new bionic hands given to her
 by the company that makes them, they are the
 absolute best they have on the market, and she
 will be a spokeswoman for them. 
She  and her family are so excited.
She has had such an amazing attitude thru this
whole thing.
So happy for her...............
I saw this one the news before I left,  so put it
down cause it just blessed my heart to hear
that good news for her and her family.

Well,  there you have it...............
a lil later than normal,  but better late than never!

Sorry only one picture this
 week (it was from our last stay)
but will show you some next be sure and drop
 by on Tues. or Wed.,probably Wed., 
 as I will be watching our lil sweetie
 on Tuesday,  so probably want
get to it...................

We just got home a few hours ago, 
 so wanted to do my post while it
 was fresh on my mind.

Love, Hugs
and Beachy Blessings,

Hope you have a Safe and

Commemorative Memorial Day


to our Men and Women

who now and in the past protect 
us and this nation, We thank you, 
and we remember You and those 
who have sacrificed so much
to keep us safe.  God Bless You
and your families...........Today
and Always!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bedroom Re-arrange with 0 $$$'s spent - part 2

Before picture

Hiddy Ho Sweet Friends,

How is life today???  
Hope you are having a fun day
where ever you are and what ever
you are doing?

We are having fun, and I will tell you about it soon.........
but want to finish up part 2 of the bedroom re-arrange.

This is a continuation............

so if you'd like to see part 1,  just click here!

This is our comfy cozy reading,  talking and
praying area, and ocassionally sleeping area
 (if we are having trouble sleeping.  lol   
 Notice the pics over the
 love seat, they used to be over the bed before.
  This is now sitting where the dresser was, 
which is the first thing you see as you come
in the door of our bedroom.

Actually this tea cart is the first thing you see.
Decided to put a small lamp on their and use it 
as a table.

Top of our armoire - still trying to decide about the white may redo this yet. 

 Recently I decided to clean out my jewelry box  and take
 out things I rarely wear,  so put them all in the pretty blue box,
 that way if I do want them they are easily accessible,  and 
my jewelry box lid now closes again,  lol,  and it is so 
easy to find things.  

Tip:  Anytime you have a lot of things that you use,
 just not all that often,  but you don't really want to get
 rid of....  take them all and put them in a pretty storage
 box or one of those plastic shoe boxes and store
 them somewhere else.
I did that with my some of my kitchen utensils, and 
stored them in the garage on an easily accessible 
shelf right outside the entry door to our kitchen. 
 It has worked out really great, so that is what made
 me think of the jewelry box issue, and it was a
 great clutter eliminator there as well.....

The gray box stores my everyday earrings, in fact, I am
thinking I should switch that to put my everyday earrings
in the regular jewelry box and my dressier ones in the
gray box.....makes more sense cause I use the every
day one, well,  everyday.  lol     and the dressier ones
 once or maybe twice a week.   hmmm.........
guess I will work on that.

Didn't have anything over my bed until after Mother's Day.......
This was the lovely statement piece from Dee and Jerry.
It looks black,  but it is a bronze color,  I really love it,
but am still not sure if it is too much brown,  course,
I can always paint it white too.

So what do you think???

With the Pure Tommy Bahama look....
Should have turned the spread to the
other side for the total Tommy Bahama
look, cause it is all tropical looking
I will just have to post it again, when
I switch it

Gradient map affect......
Doesn't this make you happy for

With overhead light on...............

With natural light with blinds open

and  with lamps at night time!

We like it any time!!  lol

I tried a number of times to get a good shot of the wall
 arrangement on the right side of the bed but they just
kept coming out so blurry for some reason, so just 
didn't have time to retake them again.

Thanks for sharing in our fun..... 
bedroom re-arrange with me.
 Glad you could stop by,  and 
look forward to hearing from you.

I am linking up to Marty over
at a stroll thru life,  so if you
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inspiration,  just click here!


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May the Lord Bless you
and Keep You, until 
we meet again in blogland.

Love and Hugs,

Scripture Sunday

  Have a Joyfully Blessed Day! Hugs, Nellie Sharing with: Between Naps on the Porch