Saturday, January 30, 2010

Have a Blessed and Restful Sunday

(Early Morning on the Appalachian trail in Maine)
Happy Sunday to you Sweet Friends,
Hope you have been having a lovely weekend.
Ours has been good so far,  I made a new dish
for dinner last nite called "Chicken Tamale Casserole".
I got it off a blog called
She said it was from a cooking light magazine, and I tell
you it was really delicious,  we all liked it, and it warms
 up nicely in the microwave for leftovers.  I always like
 that about dishes that I make since there is only 3  2 of us
soon!  If you can't find it and are interested let
me know and I will post it!  She also had some
other yummy looking recipes,  some I can't use
but maybe you can.
We also read some and rented a movie and stayed
up till almost 2:30 watching it!  I know , I know
we are crazy!!  I told you at our house fun is spelled
staying up late!  lol  Don't know why that is, but we
just love it!  We are strange,  what can I say!
We don't do it as much as we used to cause
as we are getting older we fall asleep in the 
middle of the movie most of the time!  lol
Hubby found a great movie that would be
wonderful for Valentine's Day or anytime
really,  and we both loved it. He found it
at blockbuster!
It is called "No Greater Love" and it is a hot
new release and it is a pg movie!  No bad
anything, it was great!!
Scott started moving this afternoon after work,
it was raining earlier,  but he was able to come
back tonight and get his dresser and some other
things.  His bed was at his sisters,  so he got that
as well.  Still has a desk and chair here,  but he
is staying here tonight and guess they will move
that tomorrow. 
His girlfriend came to help him this afternoon,
and she is such a sweetie,  she is so excited
for him because he is so excited,  and she 
has been helping him by making lists of things
he needs for the kitchen,  and buying him
stuff for his apt., cause he doesn't have any
thing for the kitchen hardly accept some
used things we gave him till he can get
something nicer.
  She treats him so well, it just does our heart
 good to see it after all he has been through.
He has ordered new furniture to be delivered
next Wed., I think it is,  so don't know if he
will move over there before Wed. or not.
We'll see!  Adventure dog Joey,  was so
excited too.  Scott was carrying stuff out
and had his backpack on and she was
going crazy to get out the door,  he is not
going anywhere without her,  think she
thinks they are hitting the trail again!!  lol
We went to a "Messianic Jewish Service"
at our church tonight.  It was part of a
Missions Festival we are having for the
weekend.  It was great!  A lot of fun!
We folked dance thru the sanctuary. I
think it was sort of like what they did
in Fiddler on the roof,  if I am remembering
correctly.  They started off in a line and
picked up people from the end of the
pews as they went,  so they got Jimmy
and I moved over and thought I was
in the clear but when they came thru
the 2nd time hubby grabbed me to go, I
wasn't sure I wanted to but it really
was fun!  I am a bit shy about being
in the center of attention, but they had
the lights dimmed so that made it better! lol
That was definitely a first for us,  but
gee,  I think I might want to attend their
services.  I really liked the music too.
course, I love our services and music
just as well,  it was just quite different,
so that is always fun!
Scott just came in,  he is bushed but
excited they got a lot done,  most everything
unpacked.  Megan set up his bathroom
for him,  cause she bought all that for him.
He really likes it,  and thinks it looks great.
He said everyone had grills on their porches
 so he went ahead and took his from Dee's,  and
said if they complain he will just take it 
back to her apt. if need be!
Well, better get ready for beddie bye!
My Verses for today are from 
1 Timothy 6:6-10
But godliness with contentment is great gain.
For we brought nothing into the world, and 
we can take nothing out of it.  
But if we have food and clothing, we will
be content with that.
People who want to get rich fall into
temptation and a trap and into many 
foolish and harmful desires that plunge
men into ruin and destruction.
For the love of money is a root of all
 kinds of evil.  Some people, eager for
money have wandered from the faith
and pierced themselves with many griefs.
Now hope that doesn't make anyone
think that means you can't own anything
or God is not pleased with you.
There were quite a number of wealthy
Godly men in the bible,  but I do think
it means we should realize what we have
comes from the Lord,  and really belongs
to him,  and we need to hold it loosely.
It also means we should not be killing
ourselves to try to make money so we
can keep up with the Jone's.  Cause
we can really get ourselves in trouble
when we are competing with someone
else.  Hubby and I always said we 
love a condo but don't think it would
be good for us  to own one,cause we just
might love it so much,  we might start making
excuses to stay there on the week-ends
 and not go to church like we should.
  We really do have to be careful what 
captures our hearts, cause it can be slow
and so insidious!
 We are to always love people,
and use things...........
not use people and love things!
Sometimes we can get that turned around!!
Well,  I am off to bed.
Have a Blessed and restful Sunday!
Love and Hugs,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - January 28, 2010

Scene from Nellies Cozy Place
Hello Sweet Friends,
and Welcome to Thankful Thursday....
Well, It has been a good day, a gorgeous day to be exact,
 just like yesterday but 70 degrees today.
I did go sit out in the sun yesterday and it felt like I had
died and gone to Heaven!  Seriously, it felt so good!
and this afternoon I opened windows and it has been
so nice having them open, it feels like springtime!
I am thankful for
 the Heavenly Weather!!
Have been a bit busy today,  went with my sister-in-law
to the Drs., then went to the grocery store,  then came
home put stuff away,  then we exercised and had a very
late lunch,  so I don't need to make dinner tonight.
I am thankful
I was available to go with Susan today and that nothing
crazy happened like with hubby!!
I am thankful
for exercise and what it does for us,  and I actually liked
it today,  I always like it when we can do it earlier in the
day,  I seem to have more energy,  and then it frees up
our night as well.
I am thankful for
having the evening off from cooking!
 I am thankful
that I am going to see a friend tonight of over 28 years,
 and going over to see her at her daughters too,  so I get
 to see her, her mom, her daughter and grandaughter,
  how is that ...............4 generations all at once.
 How neat is that!  Should be a lot of fun!
We are going to be seeing some changes around
her very soon, maybe this weekend even.  Scott,
our son, has found a nice apartment and he
 and Joey (our grandaughter dog) will be moving
 on with their lives.  He is very excited about it.
We knew he was going looking at apartments
last weekend but we had no idea he would
find one and sign up for it and be moving so
quickly,  so at first I was a lil sad,  because of
course, we are gonna miss them, but then
I thought you know what you need to change
that attitude,  this is a very good thing,  and
you need to be happy about it cause you
don't raise your children to keep them,
you raise them to launch them!
Then I started thinking about that it will
be nice to have a guest room once again,
and to be able to set up my sewing machine
in there, so I can use it anytime I want.
So things started to look better, if
you know what I mean!!  lol
It is also neat because he will be living
just around the corner from his sister,
and they are both thrilled about it.
So #6
I am thankful
that he is healed enough to be moving
on with his life. (for those of you who
missed it months ago,  Thanksgiving
of 2008 his wife of 5 years,  just up and
 decided she no longer wanted to be married),
and because of a lot of complications to do
with that that was why he was back with us.
I am thankful that he has found a very nice
apt. near his sissy, and they are so delighted
about it.  She is good friends with his new
girlfriend as well.
I am thankful
that we are gonna have a guest room again and can
invite some friends of ours that live in Tampa, that need
a break at times,  cause they have their daughter
 and grandchildren living with them.
  So that is a fun thing to look forward to!
I also will be able to invite my late brothers wife and
my neice to visit as well,  cause she has been wanting
us to get together.
I am thankful
I will be able to have my sewing machine available
all the time,  accept when company comes, of course!
And I do need to finish my dust ruffle for the other side
of my bed,  and make curtains for my bedroom and
bathroom,  and probably the living room too!
So that will be a very good thing!
I am thankful
that the Lord get ahold of me when I want to feel
sorry for myself or melancholy about things,
 and he basically says, knock it off......
You need to straighten up that attitude!
And it's true it is my choice!
It's like Joyce Meyer said the Lord told her once,
 and I just love this...............
"You can be pitiful or powerful, 
 but you can't be both"
Is that not a powerful statement of truth!.
Not that we want miss him or Joey, or shouldn't
 miss them but this is a positive move for Scott
 in the right direction,  so we should be
 applauding and encouraging him in it!
I am thankful
that we had this opportunity to live under
the same roof again, and that the Lord did some
work in our family that needed to be done,
 as well. We never in a million years thought we
 would ever have him in our daily lives again.
I am thankful
that it went so well.....................That is
sort of amazing to have an adult child live
with you and have it goes as well as it did.
And for that we are eternally gratetful to
our Lord, as only He could accomplish that!
So Sweet Friends..............
What are you grateful for today????
Hugs and Blessings,

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Gloriously beautiful day in Florida

Good Morning,  well actually Good Afternoon
Sweet Friends.......................
Since it is 1:01p.m., and I didn't get up till 11:45
because I didn't go to sleep until after 4 a.m.!
Not that I didn't try...........went to bed and
was tired but all the sudden for some crazy
reason,  I was wide awake and tossing and
turning and decided to just give it up and
get up and work on Valentines Day cards
for the family.
  Got 3 cards started,  I  always
do the front and backs first,  and then work
on the words later,  unless I have some
particular things the Lord brings to mind
to say anyway!!  That happens to me at
times where I am laying there maybe thinking
about a card I have started and all the
sudden words start coming to me,  so
I have learned if I don't get up and at least
write them down,  they will be gone in
the morning!! lol
Well, got up and had 2 of those lovely
strawberry thingies you see in my header
picture.  I will tell you about it and some
others next Tuesday.
So glad yall like the idea of the Heart Tips
Tuesday.  You hear so much about heart
healthy this and that,  I wasn't sure how it
would go over,  but I do know that some
of the things that I can share could really
have helped me as I was learning about
this new way of living!!
I have learned plenty from books and
web sites but hopefully this could make
it just a wee bit easier for someone else!
I am planning to make an onion/garlic
pork roast for dinner,  along with some
roasted parsnips and sweet potato
(I usually would do carrots,  but I am out)
and too lazy to run to the store!!  lol
and a nice salad with a new homemade
ranch dressing I am trying out!!
We had one we love.........but Sam's has
stopped carrying it for some dumb reason!!
It sells like hotcakes!!  and it is a lite
ranch dressing with good oils.
Oh Well,  gotta improvise now!!
I find that for some reason this time of
the year is my favorite time for cooking.
Guess cause it is cool out and it warms
up my kitchen,  and I can't work outside
and the house doesn't need any redecorating
till Spring, and since I don't have a lot of
other stuff going on I can focus on it more!
I am sure my hubby just loves that!! lol
It is a bright, beautiful, sunny, blue sky
60 degree day outside,  so I gotta get
out there for at least 10 mins to feel
that Sun on my body.  Did you know
sitting in the sun just a lil helps with
depression cause it boost your melatonin
levels and of course,  there is that Vit D
benefit, we all need plenty of.
Key is just about 10-20 mins at a time,
No Crispy Critter Day!
Well,  you girlies have a fabulously
fun day!!
So what are you making for din din??
I am trying to see but I just can't
quite make it out!! lol
See ya next time!
Hugs N' Blessings,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Welcome to Heart Tips Tuesday & cheesy Potatoes recipe( heart healthy of course)

Greetings Sweet Friends,
So how was your weekend???
Did you do something fun or interesting???
or creative and productive???
Would love to hear about it!!
I have decided to launch a new type of post
and call it  "Heart Tips Tuesday".
My husband became a heart patient over
4 years ago,  and believe me,  we have
learned a lot about a heart healthy lifestyle!
So thought some of you might possibly
have issues of your own,  or family members
who have problems or maybe coronary
artery disease might run in your family and
you want to be preventative!  Whatever the
case,  if you are interested check back every
Tuesday,  and I will share what I have learned.
My hubby went for a routine physical and the
Dr. said your EKG stinks, and I am sending
you over to a Cardiologist this afternoon.
He went and the Cardiologist said this could
be anywhere from a heart attack to a glitch
in the test,  so don't worry about it at this point,
but we do need to do a stress test.
The next week we went in for him to have
the stress test, and tests showed he did have
a mild heart attack at some point.
The stress test was on our Son's 28th birthday,
 a Friday,  I will never forget!!
  Hubby was sent directly from the Drs. office to the
 hospital,  as I followed the ambulance and he was
put right into ICU.  They had his room waiting!
  Shocking......... to say the least!
He did fine all weekend, course, he was there
 because the Dr. was afraid he was gonna have a
serious heart attack at any minute.
 He was scheduled for a heart Cath on Monday,
 our 35th Wedding Anniversary!
Our Elders came and prayed over him and I
told the Dr. before he went in, not to be
surprised when he got in there, if he didn't find
anything, cause they had been so well prayed over!
The Dr. straightened up and said Mrs....... Your
husband has coronary artery disease,  to which
I said, "I know,  but the Lord can heal him".
He just gave me a blank stare and I am sure
he was thinking this lady is crazy in denial!!  lol
Long story short, the Dr. came out after the
heart cath and told me he probably was gonna
need 3 bypasses,  and I was in shock,  I am
thinking 3 bypasses,  he is only 57, how can
he need 3 bypasses.  He had surgery scheduled
for early the next morning less than 12 hrs. after
the heart cath.
The next morning as he lay in the prep area waiting
 to go into surgery, the surgeon called me back and
showed me his heart on a tv screen, and showed me
the areas he was gonna have to put bypasses and
 now he tells me (he is a different Dr by the way.)
he thinks he will need 4-5 bypasses.  All I could
 think is the man is only 57, how can this be!!
  I didn't even know you could have more than 4,
 cause you only have 4 ventricles to your heart!
Then they took him to surgery, it was about
 7 -8, if I remember correctly and then
the surgeon came out and said well,  I had to do
 6 bypasses.  I was just overwhelmed with
gratitude because I realized at that moment....
 this was the real miracle............that he was alive!
He had been playing raquetball and we had
spent months cleaning up our yard after all
 those 3 hurricanes in a row.  He could have
easily had a lethal heart attack during any of this
activity,  so I felt so blessed and grateful that
the Lord had protected him,  and that really
this was a great Anniversary present..........
because it meant I was gonna get to
keep my husband much longer!!
Every since he came home from the hospital
over 4 years ago we have completely changed
our eating and exercise habits.  My hubby is
both his Cardiologist and Primary Care Drs.
"Star Patient".  He has done everything they
have told him and more.  He was borderline
diabetic, and has reversed that,  and we are
working on reversing this heart disease, and
we truly believe the Lord is involved due to
the recent stress test he took,  where it did
not show where he had ever had a heart attack
 at all, and the Dr. said that just never happens.
The Dr. says he still has some issues but we
are truly believing especially after this recent
report that the Lord is at work in his heart,
and I believe the Lord is blessing his obedience
in following his Drs. orders,  and doing every
thing he can to keep himself healthy.  He has
been a good patient for this Nurse as well.
I am only his Nurse,  not a real Nurse!! lol
But I have to say I have felt like a real nurse
at times!
Well,  that's our story...............
Hope you enjoyed it!
I will leave you with a recipe for
Heart Healthy Cheesy Potatoes
1 - 10 3/4 oz. can reduced fat and reduced
sodium condensed cream of chicken soup

1 cup shredded reduced-fat sharp cheddar 
cheese (4 oz.)

1/2 cup fat-free Milk ( I use 1% Milk)

1/2 cup light dairy sour cream

1/3 cup finely chopped onion or 2 tablesp.
of dried minced onions

1/2 tsp. ground black pepper

1 -30 or 32 oz package frozen shredded or diced
hashbrown potatoes, thawed. (I used potatoes O'Brien 
because they have peppers and onions, and that went
 well with the Ham I was serving)

1/2 cup crushed cornflakes or crushed wheat cereal
flakes.  (I used 1 cup or more of cornflakes)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Lightly grease a
2 qt. rectangular baking dish; set aside.  In a very 
large bowl, combine soup, cheese, milk, sour cream,
onion and pepper.  Stir in the potatoes.  spread 
mixture evenly in prepared baking dish.
Cover and bake for 45 minutes, stir potatoes.
Sprinkle with cornflakes.  Bake uncovered,
for 20-25 minutes more or until heated through
and bubbly.  Let stand for 10 minutes before serving.
Great recipe with great taste,  you would
never no it was low-fat.  My family loved
it for New Years with Ham and Salad with
creamy parmesan dressing.
I found this recipe on
just in case you would like to check it out!
Well Sweet Friends
Have a great evening!

Hugs and Blessings,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have a Childlike Wonder Sunday

From the Applachian Trail

Happy Sunday Morning
 to You All!

It has been a nice Saturday, nice weather 75 degrees,
so we went out to breakfast and ran to wally world.
Hubby is working on an atenna for our tv,  and
I am watching dance skating in between his testing
the stations!! lol
Soon we have to exercise,  ugh!!  But gotta do it!
 Just life,  once I get started I am fine, it is just getting started.
I will leave you today with verses from
Luke 18:16 &17
But Jesus called the children to him and said,
"Let the little children come to me, and do not 
hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs
to such as these.
I tell you the truth, anyone will not receive the
Kingdom of God like a little child 
will never enter it.
Faith like a lil child
That's what it takes!!
Have a Childlike Wonder Sunday
My Friends.
Love, Hugs & Blessings,

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Last 4 "Sunshine Awards"

Morning Sweet Friends,
This is my Rooster,  that I just love!
Actually I love pretty much anything
that is white....  but white walls!
And I really love white porcelain
anything practically.
He gets to visit the living room until
spring.  He has been in the computer
room,  and before that the dining room,
and before that the master Bedroom.
Spring he is going to visit the kitchen
I think!! lol
So how in the world are you today???
It is a bright and sunny day in Florida today!
Already 75 degrees.
Think I am going over to hang out with 
Dee today, since she has the day off and
isn't feeling real great!  She is just planning
on hanging out and watching tv so she can
rest and hopefully be well enough to go
back to work on Monday.
Well, wanted to get on with my last
but not least "Sunshine Awards Winners".

#1 was Becky of Holiday in the Sun
#2 was Linnea of Neabear
#3 was Bonnie of One Designing Woman
#4 was Heather of Family Forever
#5 was Noreen of Life Blessings
#6 was Jessica of Jewels for the Journey
#7 was Lois of Walking on Sunshine
#8 was Jennifer of Trading Ashes for Beauty
If you are on the list so far,  be sure and go
check out my January 19th and 20th posts.
Hope you will be pleased!
Drum Roll,  Please...................
My #9 choice
Sue of Where Memories are Made
Don't really know for sure how I came to know
 Sue but I think I came to visit her blog from
Becky's list that she follows,  and left some
comments,  and then she came to visit me.
However, it happened I am so glad it did
because Sue is a delightful lady, who lives
on a farm and tells a lot about family and life
on the farm,  and she has a great sense of
humor as well.  She also shares spiritual
incites and wisdom as well.  You will
truly enjoy her blog.  Thanks for being
such a Sweetie!  Also I know you are
an Award free blog,  but just feel
free to accept it without any strings
attached.  I think that is how an Award
should be anyway!!
Applause to you for such a good job!
My # 10 choice
Maddy of Madcrafts
Madison is a 12 yr. old blogger and the
daughter of Becky of Holiday in the Sun.
She is a delightful young lady who like her
Mom loves to do crafting.   She has made
some pretty nice things,  and has the makings
of a good homemaker in the future.
She is a very sweet young lady.
She has also been taking a long blogging
break.  We miss you Madison,
Time to get back to work!! lol
Congrats honey.
My # 11 choice
Alisa of The Sweet Life
I think Alisa is another lady I visited off someones blog
and then she came to visit me as well.  Am I right Alisa??
Anyway, here is a talented lady who sews wonderfully well.
 She also just did a wonderful baby shower for her
sister and I could not believe all the beautiful shower
 decorations that she made and her sister could use them
for the babies room after,  also she took onesies and
embellished them with matching touches like cupcakes
and initials to match the shower decor.
I was totally impressed.....she also has an itsy shop.
Accolades to you Alisa,
I really enjoy your blog and your sense of humor!
And Last but Surely Not Least
My #12 choice
Susan of Sister Susie
Susan is my sweet sister-in-law,
and has been following my blog
and leaving comments for quite
sometime now.
She just recently started her own
blog, but she has sort of been blogging
on my blog thru her comments via
email to me.  She always loves doing
the Thankful Thursday Post.  She
sees what I am Thankful for then it
prompts her Thankfulness and then she
blogs about it.  She has been such an
encouragement to me, and is so enjoying
herself with all this I wanted to give
her a "Sunshine Award" as well.
Hope you will all  go over and give her
 a nice blogland welcome.
Susan is a kindgergarten teacher
and a pet lover,  she also likes
trucks,  and cooking and some
gardening. She started
blogging just 2 short weeks ago.
Best Wishes to you  Susan 
 Keep on  having fun!!
Don't forget to cut and paste your
Award button to your blog.
You can do the same with what I wrote about
you as well,  if you desire.
It has been time consuming but I have
thoroughly enjoyed myself as I have
thought about you all and what
a blessing you are to me and my
Also don't forget to go and Congratulate
todays winners!  
May God Bless Each Of You In 
A Very Special Way!
Because you sure bring Sunshine
into my life daily, or weekly!
Love and Hugs,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - January 21, 2010

(This pic is compliments of Becky over at Holiday in the Sun,
Isn't it so cute!!)

Good Evening,  and I do mean Evening Sweet Friends,
It is 11:06 be exact!  It has been a busy day
as I have been cooking and cleaning all day and
preparing for my daughter and her friend to come
over for dinner.
We just had hamburgers and hotdogs,  potato
salad, raw carrots and  brocoli with dip, and
brownies with walnuts and frozen vanilla yogurt!
We felt like a summer meal since it was like a
summer day.............80 degrees today,
but it rained pretty much all evening!
We had a fun time just eating and sitting
around the table talking and drinking coffee.
.  We are table sitters,  we love to sit around
 the table and talk.  Such a good evening!
Guess since it is soooooooo late I had
better get on with Thankful Thursday.
I am thankful
that Jessica over at Jewels for the Journey
made it thru her surgery very well,
and the Drs. think everything went
as well as it possibly could.
Definitely answered prayer!!
I am thankful
for Wanda over at silken purse, and what
a thoughtful sweetheart she was to give
me the Sunshine Award.  It was such
an encouragement to this blogger.
I am thankful
that I am able to pass it on to so many
who have inspired, encouraged and
brightened my days
# 4
I am thankful
the Lord showed me the way to choose
those sweet folks as well.
I am thankful
that I  made 2 new bloggy friends this
I am thankful
for all my blogging community of friends
and what a blessing they are to me,
and was so very surprised as I wrote
things about many of you at the bond
I have to you already.  Neat I think!
I am thankful
for a read thru the bible program our
whole church is doing together, and
that they send a devotional to your email
box everyday,  and it is really good!
Really enjoying it.
I am thankful
for my nice kitchen,  cause it is so pleasant
to prepare food in there, and I can see
the TV from there as well,  so sometimes
I watch as well when I am cooking.
I am thankful
that my daughter came over that we can
 all enjoy being together as a family.
 I know you might be sick of hearing
 this one, but I came from a background
of divorce and went thru a lot of hard
relationship issues and problems my
whole life, so this is like bliss for me!!
Definitely a gift from God!
I am thankful
that Scott Brown won the Mass. Senate
race, because it seems like they might be
getting it that we don't want that health
care plan!!  Halleleujah!!
and I truly believe that is an answer
to prayer, for sure!!
I am thankful
to just be alive at this time in the
history of our nation.  We live
in amazing times and we may have
the priviledge of ushering in the
King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!
How exciting that would be!
Well dear ones,  I am going to beddie
bye,  I am pretty whipped,  but I felt
the need to be thankful.
 I tell you I do this
Thankful Thursday post more for me
than for you!  Cause it makes me dig
deep to try and come up with something
new and different,  and is a good exercise
of faith for me,  which helps me keep
an upbeat attitude!
So what are you Thankful for this
Thursday, almost Friday!!  lol
Leave me a comment and let me know!
Blessings and hugs,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ornaments and Awards


Hiddy Ho Sweet Friends,
So how are you doing today??
Well,  I hope!!
I have been washing my hair, making out a
shopping list, and grocery shopping and all
that entails.  I am pooped actually!
And having a bit of trouble with my blog
for some reason.  Hubby changed some things
around so think that is it.  Will have to get him
to have a look tonight. 
Thought I would give you a few peeks at the
pretty ornaments a friend made me for Christmas.
I liked them so much and they looked so nice
in my hutch decided to keep them there
a while longer since they have snow in them.
Here is another view.


They have little holly leaves and gold berries
and green pine branches and snow.
They are really sooooo pretty.
Remember the tops of those candle jars
I used as tealight holders,  they made
a perfect holder for the Christmas
ornaments.  Don' t they look like lil
snow globes.  Just love it!

That is also my wedding china I was talking about
yesterday.  Love how the ornaments look with it.
I am in the process of making homemade Mac n' Cheese.
I have turnip greens cooking already and will just heat
a precooked ham slice to go with it.  Sounds
good to me!  Nice winter meal, I suppose.
Doesn't feel all that wintery today tho,  but it cools
off at night,  it was in the 70's today.  I know.......
wish I could blog some over to you!! lol
Well,  the mac n' cheese is in the oven,
wow, it is later than I realized.
 Guess I had
better get on with the "Sunshine Awards".
Don't want to keep you hanging too long!

Remember I said yesterday that I picked
the winners based on when they and their
blog came into my life.
#1 -Becky of Holiday in the Sun
#2 - Linnea of Neabear
#3 -Bonnie of One Designing Woman
#4 Heather of Family Forever
So my #5 choice
Noreen over at Life Blessings
Noreen came along right about the time
we were in the middle of Scott's
Appalachian trail adventure and she
was the winner of my contest to
figure out where we went to pick
him up!  She chose New Hampshire
near the White Mountain and she
was precisely correct.
Noreen is a Wonderfully Sweet lady
who adds so much to my world
via her warm, encouraging  blog and her
 sweet comments.  She is warm,  friendly,
and helpful......and has given me some
really good advice especially after the
 situation we had with the fraudelent checks
 months back and I just got an email
minutes ago with another helpful piece
of information.You are a great and loving lady.
Best Wishes to you!
My #6 choice
Jessica over at Jewels for the Journey
Jessica started blogging several months
after I did,  and she is already a friend.
Her husband is one of our Pastors
and I have known her, for just over
10 yrs. now.  I only know  how long
because  they just had their 10th
 Anniversary with our beloved church.
If  you are looking for spiritual and
uplifting  encouragment and challenge,
Jessica's blog is for you.  She is a very
 good writer and has published articles
and a children's book.
She is a Sweetie as well.
Blessings to you and we pray a very
quick recovery for you too!

Note - Since I am talking about her
think you all would want to know she
came thru her surgery really well this
morning.  Just called to check on her
but didn't expect to talk with her for a few
 mins., she sounds good but of course, is
very sleepy, which I am surprised she
is awake at all!
 Be praying cause they will get her up
tomorrow and I am sure that will be fun!!
(That was sarcasm just in case you didn't know it)
My #7 choice
Lois over at Walking on Sunshine
Lois and I met thru Becky as well.
She is a sweet and funny gal,  and I
so enjoy her good humor and sweet
spirit.  She is the wife of a Colonel
who is in Afghanistan,  so she is raising
 2 children alone right now,  and she
and her family can definitely use all
of our prayers.  She is a trooper and
really tries to see things in a positve 
 perspective yet she is honest about her
 struggles, and I love that about her.
She is beautiful inside and out!
and brings sunshine to my life
for sure.
I salute rather than congratulate
you ...........
since you are a colonels wife!! lol
My # 8 choice
Jennifer over at Trading Ashes for Beauty
I have no idea how Jennifer came to my
blog.............sorry about that,  but I have
loved having her.  She is truly living up
to the name of her blog.  She is a Mom
who has lost a child to cancer,  and is
really recovering amazingly well.  She
also has another son in the military, and
a daughter and grandaughter who just
visited,  and they are both beautiful.
Jennifer is a Sweetheart and can
also be pretty funny at times. I
always truly enjoy the variety of content
in your posts and find them very uplifting!
Cudos to you hon, and keep
up the good work!
Well, look for the other 4 winners
on Friday Evening!
Make sure you go over and visit
their blogs and congratulate them.
Aslo yesterdays winners as well,
forgot to say that yesterday!!
Also don't forget to cut and paste
your "Sunshine Award Button"
and if you'd like what I wrote
about you!
Congratulations to all of You.........
you are making a difference in the
blogging world,  and I want 
 you know that!
See ya tomorrow for Thankful Thursday!
Sorry this is getting posted so late,  but
hubby came home and we exercised then
had dinner,  and I just had a lil bit left to finish,
better late than never,  I guess!!
Blessings and Hugs,

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