Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have been playing all morning.........

Hello There Sweet Friends,
Hope you are having a fun day today as you are
trying to stay warm!!  Brrrrrrrrrrrrr
I have been having my own lil party over here,
drinking coffee,  eating leftover ham,  taking pics
with my new camera,  and doing tablescapes for
my kitchen.  I have clearly been playing like a
crazy woman,  I should be packing away
+mas decorations and making Beef Stew instead!
Oh Well too late to recover.  I got inspired by
my bougainvilla, my new camera and a blog called
Designs by Gollum.  Since I got new dishes for
Christmas to use for company,  my old company
dishes went to our kitchen for everyday use.
So I decided it was time for a new centerpc
cause I have been using the other one for ages.
So here is one I came up with.................
there are 3,  will probably do the others tomorrow.

there is a picture above the table but I had to crop
it out cause it always has a glare cause of the glass.
I do have one pic coming that has it just for grins.


I put an affect on this called equalize and It makes the
color so much richer!   I just folded the napkin in half,
then folded it in half once again,  then sort of rolled it
in the shape of a rose,  and then you sort of pull out
the center a bit so stands up a little.
I think they are cute!

This is old as the hills actually,  I made it many moons
ago,  it is a pc of styrofoam with glue on it then you
dip it in potpourri,  and then I had these whole rose
buds and some fold hydrangea sprays that I painted
gold,  and there you have it......faux cake!!
Oh yea,  think I sprayed it with some shellac or
hair spray to help keep the potpourri from falling off.
I just brought it out of my china hutch cause I needed
something to fill in with!

This blogging stuff is so motivating .........
since I started I have gone from ham to 2 pcs. of leftover
veggie pizza and green and red peanuts M&M's for dessert
with my coffee of course,  and,  and,  I have browned
my meat for the beef stew,  and cut up all the carrots
and potatoes,  so I will do another pic download
and be back in 10 mins.

Decided the have a lil fun and put some affects on some,
this is called Posterized,  I believe.
Well, got my onions chopped and put in the canned tomatoes
all that is left is chopped celery and it can cooks it's lil heart out.
Wow........I am smokin' (in the urban dictionary that would
mean moving fast) I've never been a smoker!!  lol
However,  I do need a new can opener,  everytime I
open a can now it leaves areas that don't open,  very
annoying I might add!!  So guess that will be my next
purchase when I decide to brave the cold!!  lol

This is called "Base Relief".
Thought it was interesting!!
Well, finished the celery, and the Beef Stew she is a cooking!
Smelling more yummy by the minute.  Figured I had better
redeem all my playing with some food,  hubby want care about
the +mas decorations being put away,  I can do that while he
is packing the tree away,  but he will care about dinner,
especially since he will probably be cold when he gets home!
I know Scott will be for sure,  he is working outside all day in
this weather, just hope he doesn't get sick from it!! 
Hubby had a nice hot pot of coffee for him last night when
he got home!  and he was ready!!

I think this was called "Smudge stick"
Just finished taking the rest of the ornaments of the tree.
I am telling you this blogging is great!! lol

This affect is called "Cut out"
I love that you can do these affects on photos
and change them.  You have to play with it a bit
tho to see what looks good with what!
Some are downright ugly tho!!
Got more stuff packed up,  this is great!

Here is the one shot with the picture,  so you can see what I mean,
  it would look nice if it weren't for all the reflection of our french doors!
 Oh Well!!


Think this is called "Palette Knife"

Gosh, I can't believe how much stuff I have gotten packed
away in between waiting on photo downloads,  and I am
getting lots of exercise running back and forth as well.  lol

I forgot which affect this is,  it is something that makes it darker
anyway,  can't find it now. Think it might be equalized.
These are all affects from a package called Photo shop in
case you are interested.
Well, that is all folks................
As Porky used to say!!!

Hope you have a nice evening with your family,
and you stay toasty warm,
Blessings and Hugs,

I am participating in Tablescape thursday with Susan at between Naps on the Porch.
Check out all the beautiful tablescapes.


Heather said...

wow, you have been having some fun haven't you?! you're way more adventurous with your camera than i ever am. i just want it to take good pictures the first time around without having to adjust anything, lol. just call me lazy i guess, LOL!
you should look into getting a pampered chef can opener. i finally bought one last year and love it. it takes some getting used to at first because it doesn't work like normal hand can openers but once you remember which way to line it up it's amazing! totally cuts smoothly around the can and the lid of the can just lifts right off the can so there's no ridged edges or anything to cut yourself on. love it!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Nellie I have had the best time going through this with you. I was having fun right along with you. lol
I must learn to multitask while downloading instead of just sitting and looking around the room. lol. Thanks for this idea. so the next time I post during the day I am taking my computer to the area I am working in and do as you have done. I so enjoyed this post, you have made me smile and have given me a great idea.

Sister Susie said...

Wow! What a beautiful setting! I love your checkered tableclothe! It's good you got your bougainvilla before the freeze. My bush outside is already turning brown. I'll have to cut it back in the spring!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a way to start the new year~it would be such a special treat to sit at your table.
I love the different photographs.

Blondie's Journal said...

I can tell you are having a lot of fun with your camera (I still need to read more of my manual!!). But you table looks really pretty...I love the checks and the way you used the napkin. Very nice!


Sarah said...

Looks like you are having fun with the dishes and the camera. Wonderful way to spend the day. Thanks for sharing. ~ sarah

Liz said...

This is a cute table! You sound like me... there is always room for blogging in your day! :)


Dining Delight said...

How fun to share in your excitement using your new camera and to see a pretty tablescape besides! I wish I found blogging as "motivating" as you do - I find it "addicting" which means I am not motivated to do any work around here!


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

looks like fun! Love your rose napkins and the red and white is so cheerful.