Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Gloriously beautiful day in Florida

Good Morning,  well actually Good Afternoon
Sweet Friends.......................
Since it is 1:01p.m., and I didn't get up till 11:45
because I didn't go to sleep until after 4 a.m.!
Not that I didn't try...........went to bed and
was tired but all the sudden for some crazy
reason,  I was wide awake and tossing and
turning and decided to just give it up and
get up and work on Valentines Day cards
for the family.
  Got 3 cards started,  I  always
do the front and backs first,  and then work
on the words later,  unless I have some
particular things the Lord brings to mind
to say anyway!!  That happens to me at
times where I am laying there maybe thinking
about a card I have started and all the
sudden words start coming to me,  so
I have learned if I don't get up and at least
write them down,  they will be gone in
the morning!! lol
Well, got up and had 2 of those lovely
strawberry thingies you see in my header
picture.  I will tell you about it and some
others next Tuesday.
So glad yall like the idea of the Heart Tips
Tuesday.  You hear so much about heart
healthy this and that,  I wasn't sure how it
would go over,  but I do know that some
of the things that I can share could really
have helped me as I was learning about
this new way of living!!
I have learned plenty from books and
web sites but hopefully this could make
it just a wee bit easier for someone else!
I am planning to make an onion/garlic
pork roast for dinner,  along with some
roasted parsnips and sweet potato
(I usually would do carrots,  but I am out)
and too lazy to run to the store!!  lol
and a nice salad with a new homemade
ranch dressing I am trying out!!
We had one we love.........but Sam's has
stopped carrying it for some dumb reason!!
It sells like hotcakes!!  and it is a lite
ranch dressing with good oils.
Oh Well,  gotta improvise now!!
I find that for some reason this time of
the year is my favorite time for cooking.
Guess cause it is cool out and it warms
up my kitchen,  and I can't work outside
and the house doesn't need any redecorating
till Spring, and since I don't have a lot of
other stuff going on I can focus on it more!
I am sure my hubby just loves that!! lol
It is a bright, beautiful, sunny, blue sky
60 degree day outside,  so I gotta get
out there for at least 10 mins to feel
that Sun on my body.  Did you know
sitting in the sun just a lil helps with
depression cause it boost your melatonin
levels and of course,  there is that Vit D
benefit, we all need plenty of.
Key is just about 10-20 mins at a time,
No Crispy Critter Day!
Well,  you girlies have a fabulously
fun day!!
So what are you making for din din??
I am trying to see but I just can't
quite make it out!! lol
See ya next time!
Hugs N' Blessings,


  1. I can hardly wait for your finished product! I have all of the cards you have made for me in a basket by my chair. I often read them and look at the beautiful details you have put into them! Your strawberry dish looks really good. They almost look like a heart you could use for your Valentine cards! I had a quick dinner.....cheese toast with orange juice, lol! I want to try the potato recipe (you listed yesterday) this weekend. Well, I'll see you tomorrow!
    I love ya!
    Love, Susan

  2. It sure was a gorgeous day wasn't it? Your breakfast looks yummy!
    I just got some strawberries and they are amazing for the first of the season! I've been just cutting up a couple and putting them in with a small bowl of granola! Mmm!!!

    Glad you got to work on your cards, but sorry you couldn't sleep. I am having the same issue gal. I think mine is because of my inactivity, but I can tell I still need to take it easy. Those muscles still feel vulnerable. UGH!!!

    Give you a call tomorrow! Love ya!!

  3. Hi Nellie! I am sorry about your insomnia! Isn't it the pits? I usually just get up and read blog that usually gets me settled down. The problem is turning the brain off for me. it doesn't happen often but usually it is before a big day.

    When I worked in oral surgery it was almost always on a Sunday night. I really dreaded going to work there~total burnout after 20 + years.

    Have great day today and sleep well!

    Hugs, B

  4. I so wish you could come do the cooking at my house. Lately, everything I've been making as been less than yummy. I really do feel bad for Hubbie but he never complains. Your meals sound so put together - and tasty! I am going to keep trying (you are an inspiration!) And way to go with the cutting back on carbs...not an easy one. Just like - no sugar. Goodness.

    Have a strawberry-sweet day!

  5. Sweet Nellie, O.k. so you tempt me with the strawberries but also with the weather...I may just have to jump on a plane(j.k.). Love hearing about your creativity with food; sorry you couldn't sleep-that happens to me occasionally so I just lift up those I love.
    Hugs to you dear friend.


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