Saturday, January 30, 2010

Have a Blessed and Restful Sunday

(Early Morning on the Appalachian trail in Maine)
Happy Sunday to you Sweet Friends,
Hope you have been having a lovely weekend.
Ours has been good so far,  I made a new dish
for dinner last nite called "Chicken Tamale Casserole".
I got it off a blog called
She said it was from a cooking light magazine, and I tell
you it was really delicious,  we all liked it, and it warms
 up nicely in the microwave for leftovers.  I always like
 that about dishes that I make since there is only 3  2 of us
soon!  If you can't find it and are interested let
me know and I will post it!  She also had some
other yummy looking recipes,  some I can't use
but maybe you can.
We also read some and rented a movie and stayed
up till almost 2:30 watching it!  I know , I know
we are crazy!!  I told you at our house fun is spelled
staying up late!  lol  Don't know why that is, but we
just love it!  We are strange,  what can I say!
We don't do it as much as we used to cause
as we are getting older we fall asleep in the 
middle of the movie most of the time!  lol
Hubby found a great movie that would be
wonderful for Valentine's Day or anytime
really,  and we both loved it. He found it
at blockbuster!
It is called "No Greater Love" and it is a hot
new release and it is a pg movie!  No bad
anything, it was great!!
Scott started moving this afternoon after work,
it was raining earlier,  but he was able to come
back tonight and get his dresser and some other
things.  His bed was at his sisters,  so he got that
as well.  Still has a desk and chair here,  but he
is staying here tonight and guess they will move
that tomorrow. 
His girlfriend came to help him this afternoon,
and she is such a sweetie,  she is so excited
for him because he is so excited,  and she 
has been helping him by making lists of things
he needs for the kitchen,  and buying him
stuff for his apt., cause he doesn't have any
thing for the kitchen hardly accept some
used things we gave him till he can get
something nicer.
  She treats him so well, it just does our heart
 good to see it after all he has been through.
He has ordered new furniture to be delivered
next Wed., I think it is,  so don't know if he
will move over there before Wed. or not.
We'll see!  Adventure dog Joey,  was so
excited too.  Scott was carrying stuff out
and had his backpack on and she was
going crazy to get out the door,  he is not
going anywhere without her,  think she
thinks they are hitting the trail again!!  lol
We went to a "Messianic Jewish Service"
at our church tonight.  It was part of a
Missions Festival we are having for the
weekend.  It was great!  A lot of fun!
We folked dance thru the sanctuary. I
think it was sort of like what they did
in Fiddler on the roof,  if I am remembering
correctly.  They started off in a line and
picked up people from the end of the
pews as they went,  so they got Jimmy
and I moved over and thought I was
in the clear but when they came thru
the 2nd time hubby grabbed me to go, I
wasn't sure I wanted to but it really
was fun!  I am a bit shy about being
in the center of attention, but they had
the lights dimmed so that made it better! lol
That was definitely a first for us,  but
gee,  I think I might want to attend their
services.  I really liked the music too.
course, I love our services and music
just as well,  it was just quite different,
so that is always fun!
Scott just came in,  he is bushed but
excited they got a lot done,  most everything
unpacked.  Megan set up his bathroom
for him,  cause she bought all that for him.
He really likes it,  and thinks it looks great.
He said everyone had grills on their porches
 so he went ahead and took his from Dee's,  and
said if they complain he will just take it 
back to her apt. if need be!
Well, better get ready for beddie bye!
My Verses for today are from 
1 Timothy 6:6-10
But godliness with contentment is great gain.
For we brought nothing into the world, and 
we can take nothing out of it.  
But if we have food and clothing, we will
be content with that.
People who want to get rich fall into
temptation and a trap and into many 
foolish and harmful desires that plunge
men into ruin and destruction.
For the love of money is a root of all
 kinds of evil.  Some people, eager for
money have wandered from the faith
and pierced themselves with many griefs.
Now hope that doesn't make anyone
think that means you can't own anything
or God is not pleased with you.
There were quite a number of wealthy
Godly men in the bible,  but I do think
it means we should realize what we have
comes from the Lord,  and really belongs
to him,  and we need to hold it loosely.
It also means we should not be killing
ourselves to try to make money so we
can keep up with the Jone's.  Cause
we can really get ourselves in trouble
when we are competing with someone
else.  Hubby and I always said we 
love a condo but don't think it would
be good for us  to own one,cause we just
might love it so much,  we might start making
excuses to stay there on the week-ends
 and not go to church like we should.
  We really do have to be careful what 
captures our hearts, cause it can be slow
and so insidious!
 We are to always love people,
and use things...........
not use people and love things!
Sometimes we can get that turned around!!
Well,  I am off to bed.
Have a Blessed and restful Sunday!
Love and Hugs,


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  2. Sorry about that! Tell me about staying up late! I have never had a problem with staying up, it's the getting up early the next morning! I feel like I'm sleep walking, only my eyes are opened, ha! I'm so glad the moving is done for Scott. Let me know if I can help him with anything (house warming!) I surely enjoyed the Jewish Christian services too! I had the grandson of the "priest" who blew the shofar in my kindergarten class. I really enjoyed the man who was in your class! I liked his Levi genes/jeans comment! He is an encyclopedia of Jewish knowledge. Enjoy your Sunday!
    Love you all, Sister Susie

  3. Hi Sweetie!! You casserole sounds so yummy! Might have to try it!!

    Sure wish I would have been ther to see you dance around the sanctuary, gal!! What a hoot!

    Today it was just me and Ran, except for Mal and Chris for brunch, and when it's like that it is just strange. I get a little bit of the empty nest feeling, I think. But it was sooo relaxing!
    No stress...just calm and whatever we wanted to do!! Kinda cool!

    Love you sweetie. The first couple of days this week I've got commitments...maybe we can hook up on Wednesday or Thursday! I'll be in touch!
    Love you bunches!!

  4. Good Morning Nellie,
    Oh! how great ti feels to be visiting you again, I am so sorry that i didn't read your last comment and get back to you sooner, but have not been able to visit my friends because of my health.
    Yesterday was a better day, and this morning I am feeling so much better. I think I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. "Thank You Lord"

    This was such a fun read... I will check this site out as I am always looking new recipes to try.
    I am so glad that all is going well for Scot as he is stepping out on this new adventure. I remember when our sons got their first apartment I had mixed feelings, glad for them but sad for me. lol

    The movie sounds great too!

    The "Messianic Jewish Service sounds Heavenly to me, but like you I am shy until you get to know me, and like you I don't like attention, except from my dh and family. lol What a wonderful worship experience it must have been.
    I love the scripture you shared and your thoughts, I agree as well.
    I truly am humbled by your concern and well wishes but most of all I am so thankful for your prayers,and your for your friendship.

  5. Nellie, it is me again, I just proof read my comment, what a lot of type errors please excuse. Must be the meds. wonder who i will blame when i get off of them?lol

  6. Hi Nellie

    Your casserole sounds yummy!

    It sounds like you had a great weekend. I will be back later when I have more time to spend reading.

    Happy Monday! Love Janet


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