Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - January 14, 2010

(This was a pic I took of our mantle ( I told you about earlier in the week)
 that I put an affect on and wanted to make into a pic to frame)
Welcome to Thankful Thursday
Sweet Friends,
It has been a nice day here,  actually got up to 70 degress
today,  and was sunny and beautiful, but about and hour
and a half ago,  it got cloudy and it is already back to 60
degrees and it is only 5 P.M.
Because the sun was shining in the windows
I was able to open them for awhile and open
the garage door for a few mins. to let in some warm air.
It warmed things up very fast, could not believe how
much it warmed the garage in less than 10 mins.  took
the chill right out of the air.  So I decided to finish doing
the laundry since it was bearable to go out there.
Am still trying to get my house redecorated,  I finally
finished the dining room,  and am partially done with
the living room.  Then I will have to redo the computer
room as I am taking stuff out of here for the other
rooms.  I love to rotate my accessories and get a
whole new look for free!!  Then I will have to get
some creative ideas for the computer room.
Just took my Roosters out of there,  but think they
may go in the kitchen for spring this year!
That will be fun for a change,  they have never
been there yet!
Well, on with Thankful Thursday....................
I am thankful today
for several unspoken prayer requests that got really
quick answers that we were thrilled about!!
I am thankful today
for the warmer weather,  that sun felt pretty good
I have to admit!!
I am thankful today
for my daughter and what a good friend she has
become as she has grown up.
I am thankful today
that my friend, Becky is doing so well after her
appendectomy surgery last weekend.
God has really brought such quick healing
to her body.
I am thankful today
because (I think I forgot to tell you about this)
when we got called back to the Drs. office about
my husbands stress test,  we really didn't even
need to go,  it was nothing we didn't already
know about,  and the news was really good news,
his heart functions are good and nothing has changed
since the last stress test.  I think the Dr. just was
 wanting to make sure that the EKG said the same
thing it did the day of the stress test,  and that was
it showed no sign of where he had the heart attack
4 yrs. ago,  and he had also said that just never
happens.  We got the call to come back right
after I posted the good news a few weeks ago
on Thankful Thursday.  We sort of felt it was
the enemy trying to play with us!!
Now I would say yep, that was it!!
I am thankful today
for God's encouragement to us as believers.
He allowed us to find out some things that another
person who does not even know us had said  that
was very positive,  and we know that it was because
of what his son must have said to him about us.
Now that is neat!!
I am thankful today
for a new recipe that came to me because I
wanted a dessert for last night but didn't want
to go to the store, so I said what can I do Lord,
and these ingredients came to my mind,  I believe it was
 the Lord, cause, it was really good too!
It is very simple!!Get a can of apple pie filling,
dump it in a casserole dish,
Get a box of Post Selects
Great Grains "Cruncy Pecans"
whole grain cereal,
Dump some on top,  not the whole
box tho, unless you like it that way,
but enough to cover all the apples.
Then I added some extra chopped pecans,
threw it in the oven,  well, put it in the oven !!  lol
. @ 350 degrees for 30 mins.  or until
it browns really nicely.  Top with frozen vanilla
yogurt or ice cream.  Which ever you prefer.
and I just thought of this and will have to try
it tonight,  but I am sure it will be good,
drizzle some caramel on it!!
Yum Yum Yummy!!
I am thankful today
that Scott just got home from work early,
this is pretty early for him,  so that is nice!!
especially since he has to work on Saturday
this week.
I am thankful that we heard from an old
and dear friend that we have not seen or heard
 from in about 4 years.  A Nice Surprise!!
That I recieved a belated Christmas gift on
Tuesday, and for the sweet thoughtfulness
of it,  and for what a blessing it was,
 and for how much I have enjoyed the
different contents.  We have been simmering
this delicious smelling potpourri  all day,
and it has been wonderful,  and I have
been eating choc. covered pretzels with
lil sprinkles, and displaying beautiful
christmas ornaments in my china hutch.
Have to make some of the coffee tonight
to go with my apple cobbler.  lol
It was such a great fun for me!!
And you know I am all about fun!!  lol
I am thankful today
for a blogger named Linny (at a place called Simplicity),
and her hubby DW and their sweet family.
What a tremendous testimony for Jesus these folks
are,  and what trials and testings they have been thru
yet they just keep pressing on for Jesus and giving
him all the glory!  They are such an encouragment.
Thanks so much for stopping by
Hope this has been a good day for you
and hope this post reminds you of things
you are thankful for.............
We live in there is always
something to be thankful for cause we are
better off than most of the world.
Always a good thought to ponder in these
crazy times.  Also, don't forget to pray for those
 folks in Haiti hit by that horrible earthquake.
Now there is something to be thankful for,
that we haven't been hit by a earthquake!
Praise His name.
Blessings and Hugs,


  1. What a Precious "Thankful Thursday" post Nellie; I read it with great "relish"and enjoyment, in detail!!.., You have such a precious way with words!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving that encouraging comment dear friend! I also so enjoy to change things around and "shop for free", from with what I already own!~ (I may just take that suggestion of changing the banners monthly on my blog as well)~ Thanks!

    Also, that recipe sounds yunmy, and the photo of the flower on the mantle with the special "effect" is beautiful!~ So pretty!..,

    Yes, we do have so much to be thankful for,(both here wher I live) and as you mention,there where you live in the U.S., (and in all of North America)!~ My heart goes out to the people of Haiti; we must pray for them indeed!..,

    Take care; and I thank God I am improving!~Thanks for asking!..,

    God bless, cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee@ The Plumed Pen

  2. I am so glad to hear that Jimmy's test all look miraculous! I am happy you have Dee so close and that you are so close to each other as friends. I know you cherish your kids as I do mine. I am thrilled beyond measure that Becky is doing so well and that you are getting some warmer weather. I am so grateful that you are my friend and that you know the value of thanksgiving and not just in November. It truly is one of the pearls of wisdom to a happy life. How can anyone be grateful and unhappy at the same time. Cannot be!

    Love you,


  3. Hi Nellie,
    Now after reading your post, I am getting motivated to get busy on my housework.
    I am so jealous that you got to open your windows, but am so happy that your weather is getting warm again. we are warming a little, but have a long way to go before I can let that fresh air in.

    I so enjoyed reading all of your thankful Thursday list, so encouraging and inspiring.
    Have a great week end.

  4. What a sweet list of blessings this week! So glad for your answered prayers and a visit from an old friend!! Great to hear good news from the doctor - I love that one myself!

    Looking forward to seeing your roosters in the funny that they have been around the house but never in the kitchen (they are roosters!) Keep that camera busy:)

  5. We got JOY, JOY, JOY, JOY, down in our hearts! #1. Isn't it a great blessing when our Heavenly Father blesses us with answered prayer! I have two specific ones answered this week too!
    #2. Tell me about the warmer weather!!! I'm so glad, my bones are so glad, my lungs are so glad to breath in warmer air!
    #3. I think in reverse as to how thankful I was as an adult to spend time with mom and love her in her older years!
    #4. Another answered prayer, Becky's recovery!
    #5. YEA, YEA, YEA! God is so Good all the time!! I'm so thankful for His blessing hubby (of course that blessing has also come through you to him as you took so great care of him!)
    #6. The Holy Spirit's leading in our lives, never returns void!
    #7. I'm so glad you post your new "receipts." I don't have to hunt for any, lol!
    #8. Tell my nephew to hang in there! God's got something really great in store for him!
    #9. Aren't happy surprises just great!!!
    #10. What another happy surprise! Pass some of those on down this way, lol!
    #11. I'm so thankful your blogger, Linny is such an encouragement to you; because you are that same encouragement to me!
    Love, Sister Susie


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May the Lord Bless You!!

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