Thursday, January 28, 2010

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - January 28, 2010

Scene from Nellies Cozy Place
Hello Sweet Friends,
and Welcome to Thankful Thursday....
Well, It has been a good day, a gorgeous day to be exact,
 just like yesterday but 70 degrees today.
I did go sit out in the sun yesterday and it felt like I had
died and gone to Heaven!  Seriously, it felt so good!
and this afternoon I opened windows and it has been
so nice having them open, it feels like springtime!
I am thankful for
 the Heavenly Weather!!
Have been a bit busy today,  went with my sister-in-law
to the Drs., then went to the grocery store,  then came
home put stuff away,  then we exercised and had a very
late lunch,  so I don't need to make dinner tonight.
I am thankful
I was available to go with Susan today and that nothing
crazy happened like with hubby!!
I am thankful
for exercise and what it does for us,  and I actually liked
it today,  I always like it when we can do it earlier in the
day,  I seem to have more energy,  and then it frees up
our night as well.
I am thankful for
having the evening off from cooking!
 I am thankful
that I am going to see a friend tonight of over 28 years,
 and going over to see her at her daughters too,  so I get
 to see her, her mom, her daughter and grandaughter,
  how is that ...............4 generations all at once.
 How neat is that!  Should be a lot of fun!
We are going to be seeing some changes around
her very soon, maybe this weekend even.  Scott,
our son, has found a nice apartment and he
 and Joey (our grandaughter dog) will be moving
 on with their lives.  He is very excited about it.
We knew he was going looking at apartments
last weekend but we had no idea he would
find one and sign up for it and be moving so
quickly,  so at first I was a lil sad,  because of
course, we are gonna miss them, but then
I thought you know what you need to change
that attitude,  this is a very good thing,  and
you need to be happy about it cause you
don't raise your children to keep them,
you raise them to launch them!
Then I started thinking about that it will
be nice to have a guest room once again,
and to be able to set up my sewing machine
in there, so I can use it anytime I want.
So things started to look better, if
you know what I mean!!  lol
It is also neat because he will be living
just around the corner from his sister,
and they are both thrilled about it.
So #6
I am thankful
that he is healed enough to be moving
on with his life. (for those of you who
missed it months ago,  Thanksgiving
of 2008 his wife of 5 years,  just up and
 decided she no longer wanted to be married),
and because of a lot of complications to do
with that that was why he was back with us.
I am thankful that he has found a very nice
apt. near his sissy, and they are so delighted
about it.  She is good friends with his new
girlfriend as well.
I am thankful
that we are gonna have a guest room again and can
invite some friends of ours that live in Tampa, that need
a break at times,  cause they have their daughter
 and grandchildren living with them.
  So that is a fun thing to look forward to!
I also will be able to invite my late brothers wife and
my neice to visit as well,  cause she has been wanting
us to get together.
I am thankful
I will be able to have my sewing machine available
all the time,  accept when company comes, of course!
And I do need to finish my dust ruffle for the other side
of my bed,  and make curtains for my bedroom and
bathroom,  and probably the living room too!
So that will be a very good thing!
I am thankful
that the Lord get ahold of me when I want to feel
sorry for myself or melancholy about things,
 and he basically says, knock it off......
You need to straighten up that attitude!
And it's true it is my choice!
It's like Joyce Meyer said the Lord told her once,
 and I just love this...............
"You can be pitiful or powerful, 
 but you can't be both"
Is that not a powerful statement of truth!.
Not that we want miss him or Joey, or shouldn't
 miss them but this is a positive move for Scott
 in the right direction,  so we should be
 applauding and encouraging him in it!
I am thankful
that we had this opportunity to live under
the same roof again, and that the Lord did some
work in our family that needed to be done,
 as well. We never in a million years thought we
 would ever have him in our daily lives again.
I am thankful
that it went so well.....................That is
sort of amazing to have an adult child live
with you and have it goes as well as it did.
And for that we are eternally gratetful to
our Lord, as only He could accomplish that!
So Sweet Friends..............
What are you grateful for today????
Hugs and Blessings,


  1. I love that Joyce Meyer quote. I need to remember it when things aren't going my way. Another quote I love, but I have no idea who said it, is "I choose joy." I know that's probably not the whole quote, but I love that part. It's been hard lately to choose the joy, but I do!

    Great news for your son. How awful all he's been through, but great that he's moving on. Glad you're getting your sewing room back! Take some pictures of the projects you'll be working on.

    Hubby was able to connect today with only losing our connection twice. He actually went and found the antenna and stood near it. What a guy.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. I am thankful for your encouragement Nellie. Thank you. Janet

  3. Hi Nellie...I am Thankful that today went well and that this ordeal is one step closer to being over...Your a doll, and I'm sorry to hear about your son having to go through that...I didn't know...Sounds like things are better now, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. now that's what I can a thankful list! it's exciting he has found the perfect apartment and so close to his sister. of course a little sad for you, but exciting for him. and joey :)

  5. I think God is going to allow you to do something special - and fun - things with that reclaimed guest room. You can be a real blessing, I'm sure. I also have a sewing machine - and even a place to set it up...just no idea how to use it!! I'm going to have to dust that off and experiment a bit with it.

    All the best to your soon as he settles down in his new place - I'm sure he is excited!

  6. I enjoy your Thankful Thursday so much because I usually don't get to read it until Friday....the WEEKEND YEAH!
    1. I am so thankful to you for coming with me to the doctors office!
    2. I'm so thankful all went well! When I saw my answer machine with a call today, I thought,"Don't let it be the doctor's office!" How thrilling it was that your voice was on it!
    3. I hustle pretty good from one side of the campus to the other, with and without the kids! I keep telling myself that's enought, but I know better!
    4. Anytime we can be out of the kitchen seems to be a good break to help us do better when we are in the kitchen.
    5. I know what it's like to live with your parents. I really did enjoy when I was able to assist mom and dad with taking over the payments and bills. Of course I was the proverbial little bird that was never kicked out of the nest, and eventually found the nest abandoned by parents the LORD chose to take home. I am so thankful to know my nephew and neice are doing well on their own. Just like me, it still is a great comfort to know you are close.
    6. You are such a wonderful example for your children, that healing by the LORD comes through you to them.
    7. I am thankful he is excited about being totally on his own again. I will contiue to pray for his growth in this time in his life.
    8. Guest room? What is that? One of mine is my library and the other is the bird's room! Both could use some rearranging, lol!
    9. Sewing machine? What is that? Mine has been in my closet for the past 20 years, lol!
    10. I guess with the last two comments, I could say to Joyce, I am powerfully pitiful with my guest room and sewing machine!
    11. One day there will be a "roof" that will eternally include all of the Children of God. It's called Heaven! Our mansions will have the Pure Brightness of our Holy Almighty Creator Savior God as its Light, for there will be no darkness there!
    12. Tell me about it! I can't begin to think how mom and dad felt to have an adult child in their household their entire lives! I hope I was a blessing and not a burden for them.
    Thank you again for a beautiful Thankful Thursday!

  7. We also had the Tamale Casserole for the first time and loved it. Love the positive energy in your blog. Thanks for visiting me :)


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