Monday, January 4, 2010

Time to take down the Decorations........

Hiddy Ho Sweet Friends,
Well,  It's Monday...................
and hubby went back to work today.
 He really had a good vacation and feels rested
and ready tho,  so that is always good.  He will only
 have 3 days and he will be home again,  so that is not so bad!
Course, he will be working, but it is still better than that long drive.
So today was the day to start taking down the Christmas
decorations.  I am always so fickle about it......... there is
a side of me that is still enjoying them and love the way the
house looks so don't really want to,  then there is the other
side that says it is Jan. 4th of the New Year,  you need to
move on here!  lol
I actually started out thinking I am gonna leave my poinsettias
up awhile still I think!   Then I think by the end of January or
By Valentines day anyway,  you are gonna feel like you need
to take them down, so then I decide not to keep them up cause
I will just have to redecorate again right before spring,  so I
go through this lil drama in my head every year!    One year
I actually did leave them up,  but know I took them down
by Valentines day,  but can't remember what I did then.
Do you ever laugh at yourself over stuff like that???
I do......... I have lil conversations with myself like that
quite often, and either talk myself into things or out of
things.  Bet you do it too!!
Took down most everything and have it heaved up
on the dining room table,  but still have to finish taking
stuff off the tree,  and packing it all up.  Hopefully,
tomorrow I can finish most of it.
My house looks sad...................and boring!!  lol
But she will be all better in a few days,  I hope!
Well,  it is still freezing temps here over night and
will be till Sunday if the weather report is right,
Think most of us are all in the same boat from
almost everyone I have visited blog wise and
talked to as well. 
Not much exciting going on here tonight,
we had chili for din din,  and still need to exercise,
Joy O Joy!!  lol
Must get hubby off the computer and get busy.
So try to stay warm now!
and sleep tight...........don't you sleep really
well in the cold weather???  I do,  I feel like I could
just be a bear,  and hibernate for days.
I so appreciate that comfortable warm bed!!
Well,  kiddos....................See ya tomorrow,
thanks for dropping by
Blessings & Hugs,


  1. Brrrrr...sending you a BIG BEAR HUG!
    I took down Christmas yesterday with Hubby's loving help! My house looks sad and boring too.
    But, now it's time to focus on surgery and recovery!
    Praying for you and Jimmy.
    Love in the Lamb~

  2. Hi Gal! Well, I know your house doesn't look dull and boring!! It is always lovely!! Our homes do look spiffied up in their Christmas attire, though! Mine is all down too, and I am ready for it to be down. Hubby still has to put the tree out...tonight I guess.

    Have a joyful day, my friend!!
    Love ya!

  3. Hi dear Nellie, So glad to hear you are back to feeling good enough to take down decorations.
    I hear it is really cold in Florida today so stay inside and stay warm. Sending hugs, love and prayers your way for a wonderful week.
    Love, Noreen


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