Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Working hard and thinking hard here!!

Happy Tuesday Lovlies,
Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!
I have been working all morning on guess what???
Remember that dinnerware we looked for ages to find
(above photo) that I got for Anniversary & Christmas.
Well,  I finally got a chance to unpack those babies
today,  and you know what I heard the bowl say
to the cup, " Oh my heavens,  I did not think we
were ever gonna get out of that dark, depressing,
 uncomfortable box and finally be used for what
we were created to do."
I just continued to unpack them and pretended
not to hear.  As I unpacked the a plate I heard the
plate say, " She is unpacking me first, after all,  I am
 the most important of the set,  after all I serve
 the main dish or entree.
Then the cup said," yea, right!  I am the most important,
 because people can not go without liquids, even if they
are hot, and they could drink water from me if they wanted.
 Then the bowl piped up and said in desperation " yes,
 but I serve salad and soup,  and we all know that vegetables
 are the most  important thing for their health".
Feeling a bit jealous and vulnerable the salad/dessert
plate said well, " I have 4 purposes so I must truly
be the most important of all,  because I can
serve salad, appetizers,  bread and best
and most fun of all desserts! And we all know
how much humans lovvvvvvve desserts!"
The bowl then said,  "you know what, this is getting
us no where,  we are all different,  and we all have
different uses and personalities,  but really, I don't see
where what I do, is any better than what you do,
it is just different".
 The cup then, chimed in, and said
 "I think he is right,  we  do need to learn to appreciate
 our differences and the different purposes, talents,  and
personalities that we were given by our creator".
Then the plate said " I see what he means, and I am
 embarrassed I ever started this foolish talk.
 I think we should do our best to work together to set
 a lovely table and to serve  this family with all we have.
 Working together we will bring much
joy to this family, and much joy to our creator."
"Wow", said the salad/dessert plate, "you are
so right, I kind of got carried away too, but I
really think that our creator would  want us to appreciate
our differences and  work together just like she said ,
because, after all, he poured a lot of love, thought and
 work into creating us."

"You know what,  I think our creator thinks we are all
 pretty special and important,  what do you think???"
said, the bowl.

As I was putting them away,  I heard them all agree,
and they lived happily
Ever After!!
Well Friends.................that is not exactly the way
I thought that story was gonna go,  because as I
was unpacking the dishes I got another analogy
from it,  but when I started writing, this is what
came.  Maybe I will tell you the other story
tomorrow, if I don't lose it overnight!! lol
I am happy to say my dishes are all put away
but I did want to show you the beautiful
glasses my Dee bought me for Christmas.
I just love them!

They are scalloped around the bottom.  Believe it or not
we found these at Target.  I just love the shape of them too.

I love the beading down the side as well.  I was
thinking I wanted some colored glasses at first,
but these are just so perfect for the dishes.

These weren't destined for the china hutch because I keep
my china that we got as a wedding present from Jim's
parents in there,  but I just cleared a spot to try and
get a nice shot of the glasses,  but I don't know.........
they look pretty nice in there,  so now I am back
to thinking again.....................
Oh My,  here we go again!! lol

Last but certainly not least, is the Bestowal
of the "Sunshine Award" on my well
thought out friends!!

Now............You might want to shoot me,  but I
decided not to do them all today because I wanted to
 write something nice about each one,  then that way, when
 they come over to cut and paste their "Blog Award Button"
they can copy and paste that as well, into there
blog post rather than have it  in their
comments section.
I chose according to when they and  their blog
 came into my life,  because some of them I have
 known for a long time,  but they weren't blogging then!!
Anyway, my first one is
Becky over at Holiday in the Sun
I know, I know,  you are an award free
blog,  but I just can't leave you out.  You
aren't under any obligation to do anything
but receive it.  Becky's blog is just a delight,
 just like her!!
She brings and spreads joy to everyone
she knows,  and she is such an encouragement
 to me personally, and I know an encouragement
to everyone who reads her blog.
 We have been friends for years, in fact, I
really don't know how many years we have
known each other,  do you???  It has been
a long time tho!!
Becky tries to always have a great perspective
on life and to see the bright side of things,
and she encourages us to spread love and
joy wherever we go!!
Cudos my friend,  you are truly a ray
of Sunshine in my life.
She  also encouraged me to start
a blog and after hearing a lot
about hers I decided to go for it!
.Keep up the good work and hope
to see you blogging more in the
New year!!

My # 2 pick
Is Linnea from over at Neabear

I met Linnea thru Becky.  She came by
to welcome me to to blogland and just kept
coming.  Linnea is a sweetheart and has
given me many good blogging tips that
were so helpful, and she was my first follower
 I did not know. So she is very special to me!
  She has a fun blog
with lots of pretty pictures especially
flowers which I love and she also
has a craft blog as well.  If you go
to the one above you can find your
way over to the craft blog as well.
Linnea,  thanks so much for your
 friendship,  help, and
support.  I have missed you
as of late!  Congrats to you!!
My #3 Pick
Bonnie over at one designing woman
Bonnie I met thru Becky as well,  she came
over to welcome me,   and has stayed
with me too.  She and I have discovered we
have so much in common,  we both love
decorating and pretty things,
  we think alike, we have some similiar life
 experiences, we both agree that keeping
a thankful heart is a key to joy!
Bonnie is full of joy and thankfulness
and bring lots of joy to her readers
as well.  She is also very witty and
many times when I am reading her
blog,  I will just be sitting there dying
laughing and have to read it to hubby.
Thanks for the fun and encouraging
spirit that you bring to my world.
You are a true sister!!
Good going, and keep it up!
My  #4 pick
Heather over at family forever
I don't really know how Heather came to
meet me.  If you remember Heather let me
know??  It might have been from Becky
as well.  At any rate,  Heather has been
with me almost as long as Bonnie.
Heather came on board about the time
my son was getting ready for his Appalachian
Trail adventure and she was so interested
in it all,  which so made it fun for me.
Heather's blog is fun and interesting and
she shares a lot about her escapades with
her darling lil girl Ella,  who is such a cutie.
Heather's blog shows forth so much love
of family and friends, and her commitment
to that lifestyle.  Wonderful job you are
doing Heather. Persevere on!!
Well folks since this blog is a mile long
now, think I had better quit there and
I will give you some more tomorrow.
Congratulations to you All!
This has been so much fun for me
giving you guys the awards.
It is amazing the bond I feel with
each of you!
Also,  don't forget to cut and paste
the Award button to your blog,
and what I said about you as well,
if you desire!
See you tomorrow friends,
Love and Blessings,


  1. You are too funny with your talking dishes, lol. My what I would give to have seen that conversation!
    They are beautiful!
    You are too sweet to give us all this cute award! I agree 100% with you on Becky & Linnea. I don't know Bonnie. I'll have to go check her out! I'm trying to remember how I came across your blog. I'm guessing either Becky or Linnea either sent me to you, or you found me through them, or I found you from their blog roll. But you're right, it was right before your son headed out for his adventure! Thank you for the kind words you wrote about me. I try really hard to be a good wife & mother. Thank you for being a great blogging friend!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry about the delete! I left out some words! (Whoops!) So, I'm typing it again! (No, I really wanted to see my picture twice, ha!)I forgot how beautiful your glasses were. They look great with your plates. I love your analogy! My kindergartners could relate to the importance of their individuality! May I read it to them? I am really enjoying the glasses I got for Christmas too! They are just the right size and fit great in my cabinet. I have a teacher friend you might want to check out his blog. Scott would enjoy his too. It is: cheifg.blogspot.com/ I think with the dishes, I would prefer to be a glass. It's like being empty and filled up again (with the Holy Spirit if you get my analogy, lol!)
    Love, Sister Susie

  4. Such a cute story! Love, love, love those plates!! When we were married, I picked out white plates also. That was almost 23 years ago and I still have them! I would never use them for company. They were and have always been my every day dishes. At one time they could have been perfect for company, but time has taken hold of them and they're a bit worn looking now. Anyway, my point is that white dishes always look pretty! They never go out of style. And I love the glasses. Very pretty as well!!! Enjoy your day Nellie!!!

  5. Nellie, thank you so much. You are too sweet and I appreciate your award very much! You have become a very special friend to me and I love our pen pals relationship! And you are right it is better than the old days cuz now we can put photos and videos!! (Piece of cake, by the way!)

    I got a message from Heather and want to get over and visit her now too. I have followed Linnea's blog for a long time...she lives rather near me in world wide terms..probably only about an hour away. We have chatted about our area several times. She does have beautiful flower photos!

    And our sweet Becky, she is truly one of a kind. Love that girl with all my heart! She wrote me the sweetest message yesterday! I am glad you two live near each other and are such great friends.

    I was cracking up over your talking dishes. I'm glad they are all getting along now since they live with you! I am in love with your glasses. They are gorgeous!

    Thanks for missing me...I am back now..after finishing that project I was pretty burnt out but I did manage to do three posts today so I think I have recovered.

    Signing out with love for now..

    Bon AKA The Blog Junky

  6. Thank you for your kind words. I am touched. Enjoyed your post very much. Loved the talking dishes! All your picks are people I am familiar with too. So cool. I will try to post more often. Planning a post for each blog for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

    Hugs and thanks for being a great friend,


  7. Hi sweetie, Loved the dishes and glasses. The dishes are beautiful and if you are like me, I now use my wedding china(save the antique expensive stuff for holidays)every day. Love that you have a "Dee" in your life as well-my sisters name was Dee. You are such a joy Nellie and I am always blessed by you.
    Hugs today, Noreen

  8. Your glasses are so beautiful Nellie! And so special that they came from Dee!!

    Love ya gal, and thank you so much for including me, and for all of your uplifting, encouraging words. Your friendship is a true gift from God, and one I treasure dearly!!

    Love ya LOADS!!


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