Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ornaments and Awards


Hiddy Ho Sweet Friends,
So how are you doing today??
Well,  I hope!!
I have been washing my hair, making out a
shopping list, and grocery shopping and all
that entails.  I am pooped actually!
And having a bit of trouble with my blog
for some reason.  Hubby changed some things
around so think that is it.  Will have to get him
to have a look tonight. 
Thought I would give you a few peeks at the
pretty ornaments a friend made me for Christmas.
I liked them so much and they looked so nice
in my hutch decided to keep them there
a while longer since they have snow in them.
Here is another view.


They have little holly leaves and gold berries
and green pine branches and snow.
They are really sooooo pretty.
Remember the tops of those candle jars
I used as tealight holders,  they made
a perfect holder for the Christmas
ornaments.  Don' t they look like lil
snow globes.  Just love it!

That is also my wedding china I was talking about
yesterday.  Love how the ornaments look with it.
I am in the process of making homemade Mac n' Cheese.
I have turnip greens cooking already and will just heat
a precooked ham slice to go with it.  Sounds
good to me!  Nice winter meal, I suppose.
Doesn't feel all that wintery today tho,  but it cools
off at night,  it was in the 70's today.  I know.......
wish I could blog some over to you!! lol
Well,  the mac n' cheese is in the oven,
wow, it is later than I realized.
 Guess I had
better get on with the "Sunshine Awards".
Don't want to keep you hanging too long!

Remember I said yesterday that I picked
the winners based on when they and their
blog came into my life.
#1 -Becky of Holiday in the Sun
#2 - Linnea of Neabear
#3 -Bonnie of One Designing Woman
#4 Heather of Family Forever
So my #5 choice
Noreen over at Life Blessings
Noreen came along right about the time
we were in the middle of Scott's
Appalachian trail adventure and she
was the winner of my contest to
figure out where we went to pick
him up!  She chose New Hampshire
near the White Mountain and she
was precisely correct.
Noreen is a Wonderfully Sweet lady
who adds so much to my world
via her warm, encouraging  blog and her
 sweet comments.  She is warm,  friendly,
and helpful......and has given me some
really good advice especially after the
 situation we had with the fraudelent checks
 months back and I just got an email
minutes ago with another helpful piece
of information.You are a great and loving lady.
Best Wishes to you!
My #6 choice
Jessica over at Jewels for the Journey
Jessica started blogging several months
after I did,  and she is already a friend.
Her husband is one of our Pastors
and I have known her, for just over
10 yrs. now.  I only know  how long
because  they just had their 10th
 Anniversary with our beloved church.
If  you are looking for spiritual and
uplifting  encouragment and challenge,
Jessica's blog is for you.  She is a very
 good writer and has published articles
and a children's book.
She is a Sweetie as well.
Blessings to you and we pray a very
quick recovery for you too!

Note - Since I am talking about her
think you all would want to know she
came thru her surgery really well this
morning.  Just called to check on her
but didn't expect to talk with her for a few
 mins., she sounds good but of course, is
very sleepy, which I am surprised she
is awake at all!
 Be praying cause they will get her up
tomorrow and I am sure that will be fun!!
(That was sarcasm just in case you didn't know it)
My #7 choice
Lois over at Walking on Sunshine
Lois and I met thru Becky as well.
She is a sweet and funny gal,  and I
so enjoy her good humor and sweet
spirit.  She is the wife of a Colonel
who is in Afghanistan,  so she is raising
 2 children alone right now,  and she
and her family can definitely use all
of our prayers.  She is a trooper and
really tries to see things in a positve 
 perspective yet she is honest about her
 struggles, and I love that about her.
She is beautiful inside and out!
and brings sunshine to my life
for sure.
I salute rather than congratulate
you ...........
since you are a colonels wife!! lol
My # 8 choice
Jennifer over at Trading Ashes for Beauty
I have no idea how Jennifer came to my
blog.............sorry about that,  but I have
loved having her.  She is truly living up
to the name of her blog.  She is a Mom
who has lost a child to cancer,  and is
really recovering amazingly well.  She
also has another son in the military, and
a daughter and grandaughter who just
visited,  and they are both beautiful.
Jennifer is a Sweetheart and can
also be pretty funny at times. I
always truly enjoy the variety of content
in your posts and find them very uplifting!
Cudos to you hon, and keep
up the good work!
Well, look for the other 4 winners
on Friday Evening!
Make sure you go over and visit
their blogs and congratulate them.
Aslo yesterdays winners as well,
forgot to say that yesterday!!
Also don't forget to cut and paste
your "Sunshine Award Button"
and if you'd like what I wrote
about you!
Congratulations to all of You.........
you are making a difference in the
blogging world,  and I want 
 you know that!
See ya tomorrow for Thankful Thursday!
Sorry this is getting posted so late,  but
hubby came home and we exercised then
had dinner,  and I just had a lil bit left to finish,
better late than never,  I guess!!
Blessings and Hugs,


Walking on Sunshine... said...

I salute you right back! You're too sweet. I try so hard to remain positive but have been really missing my hubby today. I've been pretty sick. Went to the doctor and he says it's a sinus infection but I really think I have the flu also. My body hurts so bad. But anyway, I was just over visiting with Jess, praying for her and glad to see you heard she's doing okay. Let her know I was asking about her. A dear friend of mine is also going through this surgery next week and I feel for both of them.

I LOVE that ornament! It looks really pretty with your wedding china. So many people refer to their china as "wedding china." I've never heard that expression. I'm going to steal it!!!

Enjoy your night and thanks for thinking of me with the award.

Heather said...

very pretty ornaments! congrats to the other bloggers :)

BECKY said...

Hi Nellie, Thanks so much for the award and for all your love and encouragement! You were right...the ornaments look SO lovely with your China!! Love you bunches gal, and SO appreciate the wonderfulness of YOU!!

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Hello Nellie,
Beautiful ornament, I wish I had kept some of my things I had for decorations to leave around, your china is beautiful too.

And your menu for dinner I so would love to have, turnips are some of my most favorite food.

Congratulation on your award, you do bring sunshine to so many here in blogland. I can tell just by reading your post and seeing the smile in your photo, and I am so happy we have become friends.

I quit accepting awards about a year ago, because I found it so hard to give them away. But your system seems like a great one, and the ladies some I know well and have become great friends with. I will check out the other ones .
Thank you so much for your concern for my health and for your prayers. I treasure you so much.

Sister Susie said...

Your dishes you got for your wedding are just as beautiful today as they were then! What a great idea for the candle jar tops! I finally used quite a few of my candles this year. I have had so many for a few years. The cold gave me incentive to use them! I didn't realize you could cut and paste the award. I have so many on my list, I don't know who to give them to, lol! I will be reading your "Dish Story" tomorrow. I was online all day with the mandated state testing. I just have two more and will be finished! I know they are going to love it!!
Love, Sister Susie