Thursday, October 6, 2022

Thankful Thursday September 29 and October 6 2022, more Fall pics from the Past.


So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.
Colossians 2:6-7 NIV

Greetings From Messy Florida 

Sweet Friends,

Wow.....Since we live in Florida.....

a lot has happened since I posted last, 

 so since I couldn't post last Thursday,

cause our power went out on Wed. evening

before the storm even came anywhere

near us, so just decided to combine 2 weeks

 worth of Thankful Thursdays. So hope

you don't mind......

Pictures today are from Falls in the


So on with my Thankfuls......

Before the Hurricane


Thankful for a great day with lil darling,

doing school work and visiting and having

fun when we could and she also was able

to have her lil friend next door over again.

So while they were playing we got to visit

with her Daddy a lil bit.


Thankful that as a believer in Jesus, that

 he sent his holy spirit to take up residence

 in my life, and the life of every believer.

 So when God says He is with you always, 

 He truly is......


Thankful for hearing about a miracle that

we and others diligently prayer for.  Some-

one's hubby had an intestinal blockage and 

it was looking like they were gonna have to

 have surgery, but God.....they did a CT scan

with contrast to see where they would need

to do the surgery and the contrast removed

the blockage, so NO surgery necessary!!

Truly a miracle!!  God is so good!!

and He is out of the hospital and doing



 Thankful to have finished up the cards that were in process 3 more down.  I am working on Pastor appreciation cards, and we have a lot of


Thankful for a new series we found called "Raising Bates". It is about a Christian family who has 19 children, and we love it.  It's an amazing series so far, we have watched about 4 episodes now.  We love watching these series with so many episodes cause we are always excited to see what is going to happen with their families next. They are also uplifting, clean and have good story lines.


Thankful to finally have our house back

in order. Finally got all the Spring/Summer

things and leftover Fall things put away,

and the house all cleaned up.



Thankful that we have most of our hurricane

preparations done. Think it will now come

over us as a Tropical storm as the path

has changed a bit.  Will see, as it seems to

keep changing.

After the Storm


Thankful that we took our Hurricane

preparations seriously when our power

went out Wed. nite about 9:15pm, before

 the storm was barely headed our way.


Thankful for reg. candles and candle holders,

 LED candles, kerosene lanterns and flashlights.

They were all pressed into service.  We found

that LED battery candles make great nite

 lights. They were such a blessing the 4

nights we were without power.


Thankful for a early Thurs. morning text from 

our Son, saying the hurricane had taken another

track going across Florida and was going out

 to sea by 2 pm. on Thursday. We thought we

would be facing another whole day of rain

and winds.  Even tho, we did get some it

was not nearly as bad as it would have 

been had the hurricane come over us even

as a tropical storm.  That thing was massive,

and the reason we had so much rain even

tho we were so far away from it.


Thankful that we slept well every night 

and we were not hot at all.  Which is

Amazing in and of itself.


Thankful that most days were not that 

hot either cause we had so much breeze.

I have to say I was dreading our power

going out because I remember all too 

well what it was like in Hurricane Charley

years ago.  It  it was unbelieveable hot,

 muggy and miserable. But this experience

 was so much better and we PTL for that!


Thankful that our whole family fared well

during the storm.  Our son and we all

lost power on Wed. nite and didn't get

it back until Sunday.  Scott go his back

sometime during Sat. nite, our wasn't

back till 7:30 Sunday evening. My Sister-

in-law Susan never lost power, and our

Daughter and Hubby only lost it for 

about 5 hrs. or less.


Thankful that none of us had any damage

to ourselves or our homes.  Only some

trees down back in our woods, and 

broken limbs and yard debri for all

of us.


So Thankful to have our power back

mostly because we were having to

use a cooler, once we were finally

 able to get ice, cause the first few

days there was none, and we are

def. thanful for the ice & cooler too.


Thankful for so many friends that 

called to check on us, which made

us feel very loved, and we were

grateful to be able to give them

 good news about our whole family.


Thankful that we were able to go

to church on Sunday, then out to

lunch with our Son and lil darling

then spend the afternoon with them

at his house since they had power.


Thankful to have been able to save most things

 out of the freezer since we could put them

 in my SIL  Susan's freezer.

Thanks Susan!


Thankful to have emptied out our

fridge before the power came back

on, so all we had to do was wipe it

out a lil so we can start putting 

things back in.


Thankful for our grill which we were

able to make some dinners and some

breakfast on.............


Thankful that hubby thought to pull

our window shades in the living room

to help keep the sun out, so the house

stayed cooler............I liked the light

coming in so we could see, but it

was better to not have the Sun bring

in the heat tho.


Thankful for all the people who work

for our Power Company that work so

hard to help us all get our lights back

on....they are truly unsung heroes.


Thankful that the Lord spared my nephew 

today from what could have been a fatal

car crash. He and a friend were on their

way to work and were in the turn lane

at an intersection when the light turned

green, but for some reason the driver

hesitated and all of a sudden a big log

truck full of logs flew through the inter-

section and would have T-boned them.



And Last but definitely not least,

I am thankful to the Lord for His

protection and watch care over our

entire family.


Well, that is finally it for Cozy Place

the last 2 weeks,  This was the 

Hurricane Edition!!  lol

Thanks for checking in


Hope you have a lovely rest of the week.

Love that we feeling like Fall in 

the mornings, and hoping and praying 

it sticks around for



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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Scripture Sunday


If you want to live your best life ever,
make sure You know Jesus, and then
 read your Bible and  follow what it says.
  That doesn't mean your life will be easy or
 perfect but it sure makes it a whole lot better,
Cause God knows the beginning and the end 
of your life,  He has the helicopter view, we
 only have the one day at a time view. 
 So He knows what is ahead but we don't.......
So you can trust HIM to lead you...........
and best of all, you will also know your
eternal destination

Hugs, Nellie

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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Thankful Thursday September 22. 2022, and More Fall decor pictures from the past

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.

Colossians 4:2 NIV


Greetings Sweet Friends, and

Welcome to Fall Yall.....

Course, I know blogland has been looking

like Fall for a long time now, but it is now

officially here!! lol

Hope you have had a good week,  ours has

been good, have pretty much been doing

our Fall decorating, and am happy to report

it is done,  just gotta pack the leftovers

and get it off our dining room table and

out to the garage.   Yea!!

Now we can just enjoy it all.....

Pictures today are from another Fall past.

Hopefully next week, I will have some

 from this year!

So on with my Thankfuls.....


Thankful to get to see lil darling for a few hours

today, and then after she left,  we went to the "At

Home" store to return something and to look at 

mirrors, cause I would like a new one for our

guest bedroom we are still working on. then

 we went to dinner at Longhorns, and came home

and watched the newest episode of " Chesapeake

shores",  It was a nice, fun and Blessed day!


Thankful for how the Lord shows me where things

are whent I can't find them.  I will ask the Lord where

something is, and to please show me, and it want

be too long until he that!!


Thankful that I have pretty much finished decorating

our family room.  Just need to finish the mantel and

now that the Lord showed me where my magnolia

vine is.........I can do that tomorrow hopefully.  lol

Note: I am finally finished as of today (Thursday)

Just have to pack it all away now.


Thankful that we could be at church this week, 

since it had been 3 weeks, and we finally got to 

go out with our friends for lunch, as it has been

 probably 2 month, due to both our schedules.


Thankful for the ways the Lord encourages us

in His word, and through other people.

Thankful I had a situation where I sent a lady

 one of our cards, and she was just so genuinely

delighted by it. It was just so nice to have that

incite and encouragement.


Thankful to have the opportunity to be an

encouragement to a family we have known

for years.  Brought much Joy to our hearts.


Thankful that our friends new grandbaby

is okay,  she was having some breathing

difficulties and had to go to the emergency

room and even got air-lifted to another

hospital.  Fortunately, they could give her

meds, as she was getting fluid in her lungs

because of the hole in her heart, which

will probably need surgery once she gains

enough weight. 

Note: for those of you who are praying

for her, please keep praying, cause the

Lord can still heal that heart.  Also pray

that she can gain some weight, as she

is back to her birth weight.


Thankful that our friend came thru a heart

procedure and is doing well. It was a risky

procedure and praying it does what they

are hoping it will. He is home now and

doing well.


Thankful for the gift of creativity that God

gives to each of us. There are so many ways

of being creative: Right now, my canvas is

 decorating my home and my cardmaking.  

They both bring me Joy!!  If you aren't 

using your creative skills in any way, you

are probably missing out on some JOY!!


Thankful for a long time girl friend and

her hubby.  Today is her birthday.

Happy Birthday Vicki!!


Thankful for my late Paternal Grandmother 

whom I was named after. Today is her birthday

as well,  and she has been in heaven with

Jesus for about 33 yrs. now.  She was always 

so good to me, so sure look forward to 

seeing her in heaven.


Thankful for a new song we heard this week

that we had never heard before by a fellow 

named Jordan Feliz.  The song is called

"Jesus is coming back".  Love it!!

Click here to hear it.

Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Happy you could come by for a visit.

Hope you have a Terrific Thursday


a Warm and Wonderful Weekend,

Love, Hugs and 

Mid September Blessings,


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A Stroll thru Life

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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Thankful Thursday September 15, 2022, and Fall Scenes from the past

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.
Psalm 100:4 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,
Hope you are enjoying September!!
Our temps have cooled just a wee bit,
in the 80's now, but in the 70's in 
the very early morning, which is the
 promise of even cooler temps in the 
future.  Can hardly wait!!  LOL

Pictures today are Fall scenes from
 Cozy Place in the past..............

On with my Thankfuls.............

Thankful to see lil darling for a few hours on Thursday and then again on Friday all day. 
We had a lot of school work to do, but we 
did have some fun when we took breaks.

Thankful she got to play with her lil friend 
next door for a few hours as well,  They just
 love each other so much.

Thankful that our Beauty Berry had changed 
colors while we were gone.  They turn the most beautiful shade of purple I have ever seen.
  So enjoy them every year!

Thankful to be feeling back to normal as I think
 I had a bit of a stomach bug over the weekend.

Thankful to be hauling out my Fall Decorations.  Want get much done till Wednesday probably 
but I have a least started.
We will be out of the house most of tomorrow.

#6 and 7
Thankful for a good report at the Drs. office
for my hubby.  It was his annual Cardiologist
appt. and we were to be one of our Drs. last 
appts. as he is leaving this cardiology group,
 and they have been rather secretive about
everything for some reason, so we were eager
to see him and find out what was going on,
as he has been hubbies Dr. since his by-pass
surgery almost 20 years ago.  When we got
there, we didn't get to see our Dr. but they
assigned us a Nurse PR because they said 
our Dr. was feeling under the weather, and 
we were somewhat dismayed because we 
thought are they just trying to keep us in 
their practice, and we might not find out
what is happening with our Dr. that has
been with us all these years.
So we are very Thankful that the Nurse 
Practicioner (sp) told us he would be
staying in the Orlando area,  but was
going to take some time off and would
not start back until Jan. 2023, so that
was a relief.

Thankful for an early dinner at the Cheese
cake factory that was scrumptious and we practically had the whole place to ourselves 
which was nice and quiet.

Thankful that we got to see a new movie
that is out called "Lifemark", and it is
about Adoption and best of all it is an
amazingly true story.  Beautiful story,
and take some kleenex.  lol

Thankful that we brought home some
cheesecake from the restaurant, so that
was our treat once we got home from
 the movie.  It was Lemon-Raspberry
 and Delicious as always, you just can't 
go to "Cheesecake factory" and not
get some cheesecake.  lol

Thankful to have finished 3 new cards,
and to have some others that are in progress.

Thankful for an encouraging conversation 
with our girl this morning.

Well, that's it for Cozy Place this Week.

Glad you could stop over.....

Hope you have a Very Special 
rest of the week.............

Love, Hugs and 
Mid September Blessings,

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Thankful Thursday September 29 and October 6 2022, more Fall pics from the Past.

  So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the fa...