Friday, May 13, 2022

Thankful Thursday May 12, 2022, Pictures of our family room from Easter to Spring look.

For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; 

he is to be feared above all gods.

1 Chronicles 16:25 NIV


Greetings Sweet Friends,

.Hope you all had a great Mother's day, 

and feel more loved and special than before....

Our week has been good... the first part of

 the week was busy, but the last part, we have

 been a bit on the tired side, cause we have

 had so many busy weeks lately. So just been

taking it easy since Monday to catch up

on our energy levels and rest.  

Pictures today are from our family room 

change over from Easter to Spring.  I was

a bit lazy this year and just removed the

Easter things and found a replacement

for what I removed. Made it quicker

and easier than normal.


To Spring

So on with my Thankfuls.............


Thankful for some interesting and hopeful signs of life as we once knew it.  I started getting emails from New York & Company, where I used to buy clothes many moons ago, and the clothing was almost shocking in a good way.....very vivid bright colors and many fabrics and styles that I have lived thru in my life time of 70 years. Quite entertaining I have to say! Click here. if you would like to check it out.

Also, we went to our Kohl's store this week, and they were totally re-doing our store ( I haven't seen any stores re-do anything in years) and they were putting in a Sephora area (which was all blocked off so we couldn't see it -Penneys has that,  so I think it is all about makeup.) They also had all sort of bright colored clothing for Spring this year.  So refreshin,g, as I haven't seen much change in fashions either in years!  So it was a bit of a happy shock!!  lol


Thankful for my tender hearted lil granddaughter.

We saw some crows trying to carry off some-

thing out in the street, but guess it was too 

heavy so they left, and at first, we thought 

it was a big snake, turned out it was a small

squirrel that had been grazed by a car I guess.

Anyway, he was dead but not smashed at

least, anyway, she right away said Grammy

we should bury him, and of course, we did

just that with Grampy's help.  She said a

sweet prayer for him, over his grave!





Thankful for a sweet and fun day with lil darling.

Today was her first day out of school for the 

Summer,  so we just had a fun day.


Thankful that our Son could have dinner with us

and play games for awhile when he came to pick

her up.  That will tied me over for a few weeks

until we can all be together to celebrate. Our

Daughter and Son-in_love will be coming in

about 10 days so I decided I would rather wait 

and celebrate while we could all be together.

The top is the same, but I did change

the bottom up.

I left a few of my bunnies out that

didn't look like Easter, cause bunnies

do come out a lot in the Spring.

Oops can you find the photo bomb

in the picture below???  lol


Thankful to have everything ready for our

Mother's Day dinner Surprise for my friend.

 Just have to pop stuff in the oven, and hubby

 will grill the London Broil. 

 Looking forward to it, but have to say I am

tired, been a long day, but a good day.


Thankful for what a lovely Mother's Dad

we had with our friends. She said she and

hubby were encouraged by it.........So our

mission was accomplished, and happily so.

It did seem strange not to see our kiddos,

but did hear from them, and it is fun,

 knowing I have that to look forward to 

in another week or so.

Notice anything different from the

picture above #5 ???


Thankful for my new Nutribullet, a gift

from my hubby and daughter. My magic

bullet has'nt been working too well and 

making a smoothie has been taking a lot

of time taking the lid off and putting it

back on to check to see if my frozen bananas

are being chopped up all of a sudden. This

has been going on a few weeks now, and

my husband sees it of course, and my 

daughter has been on the phone while I

was trying to make one.  So both of them

got me a new smoothie machine. Dee

had hers sent to hubby for me, before I

decided to postpone Mother's Day, and

 then hubby decided to get me one with-

out knowing Dee has already gotten

me one.  He got a ninga because it had

more power, but then the nutri bullet

wound up having more power, so we

kept it and my Daughter is gonna take

the ninja cause she needs one too.

So it all worked out.....made my first

smoothie today, and it took more time

to fill it with the ingredients and 

about 2-3 seconds to whirl made

of a nice quick smoothie....

So I just love it.........Perfect Gift cause

 I make quite a few smoothies.

Easter to Spring


Thankful for "24 Hour Salad",  it is such

a great salad, and I make it in advance

and just mix it up when ready to eat,

Delicious and perfect for holidays so

you don't have to be in the kitchen any

more than you have to....

love make ahead recipes.

Click here if you would like to see

the recipe.


Thankful that hubby and I are feeling better today,

think we picked up a 24 hr. stomach bug.


Thankful that hubby was able to help tutor

a young lady we know several times this week

 He said they taught each other......cause it has 

been a long time since he had geometry.

Hopefully she will be able to pass her test

with a higher grade than before.


Thankful for a fun day with lil darling,

We got to have her all day now that

she is out of school for the Summer.


Thankful that I was able to find a replacement

gift for my friend, cause it was the wrong size, 

but the original one I got was now Out of Stock. 

Think she is probably gonna like this one

better anyway,


Well, this is it for Cozy Place this week!!

Thanks for coming by 


Hope you have a lovely week.

Keep your light shining brightly

Love, Hugs and 

Mid-May Blessings,


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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Scripture Sunday - Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day
Sweet Friends,

Here's is the verses for today!

She is clothed with strength and dignity;
 she can laugh at the days to come.
 She speaks with wisdom, and 
faithful instruction is on her tongue. 
Proverbs 31:25-26 NIV

Hope your Day is Sweet & Blessed
 Full of Joy

Love,Hugs and Blessings,

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Friday, May 6, 2022

Thankful Thursday May 5, 2022, Pictures from Springs past.

The LORD is my strength and my defense ;
 he has become my salvation. He is my God,
 and I will praise him, my father’s God,
 and I will exalt him.
Exodus 15:2 NIV


Greetings Sweet Friends


Again Welcome to May

Hope you are all enjoying the your Spring,

We have been, altho it is breezy here our

temp. was 95 today, so think maybe

our  Summer has arrived much to my

 chagrin. Oh is what it is!!

This being Mother's Day weekend I 

hope you all have a Very  Sweet

and Special Mother's Day!!

Pictures today are from other Springs

 Past!  No time to take pics this week......

hopefully next week.

So enjoy Hydrangea Heaven!!  lol

with a colored pencil affect - I think!!  lol

So on with my Thankfuls......


Thankful for a Freshly mown lawn. Even tho

 it wasn't that long,  it just always looks

 so much neater and more cared for.


Thankful for my Sweet Son, and that he works

in the Agriculture business, and does test trials

on our yard at times, and it helps him, but also

helps us, and he could do it on a someone else's

yard, so thankful he chooses us. Last year he 

did one that saved us so much work on trimming

our bushes, so we didn't have to be out there in

 that hot Summer sun, it was great....and it

made our bushes so much fuller and they look

 awesome, so he did another trial this year,

 so we want need to prune them until next 

Spring probably.  Awesome!


Thankful that I got all my Easter things

packed away, and have just about finished

refilling spots where Easter things were.


Thankful for some pretty yellow carnations

and mini-carnations resting on my coffee

table.  Early Mother's day gift from hubby.


Thankful we finished the Shrubbery beds

in our front yard, actually hubby is finishing

it up as I type this..........I have been clean-

ing instead, cause all that bending over

putting in mulch was wrecking my back.  

 So he had mercy on me, lol, being the sweet

man he is, said I can do it, no reason for you

to throw your back out. Thing is I love 

doing it, and I can do it, but I pay for it

 big time unfortunately.


Thankful for so much stuff we have gotten

 done in theses past weeks, stuff that needed

 to get done, but just wasn't motivated or

 didn't have the time to do.  Love when 

those nagging things get off my list.............



Thankful to be preparing a surprise for

Mother's day for someone who really

needs the encouragement as a parent.

It is a God told me to thing!

So very excited about it.....


Thankful that my daughter found

out today that they didn't have termites. 

 They had someone re-doing their mudd 

room, and they found something behind

 the stuff they ripped out that looked

like it could be termites, and another

place that looked sort of like mildew,

so they still have to have that checked

but it looks like it could have been

from an old leak, hopefully they will

find out tomorrow and then they can

have them proceed with the re-do.

Hope they can proceed as they have

already waited over 10 weeks now.

Note:  They did find out it was from

an old leak, so hopefully next week

they can get their new mudd room

cabinets installed.


Thankful to hear from 2 younger gals

 this week, who are single parents, that

I stay in touch with, and pray for.

  Glad to know they and their children

 are both doing well, and they are both

 trying to grow new businesses, and

 they are making good progress.


Thankful hubby finally got to put 

his new solar lights out once we

finished all the weeding and 

mulching.  (Think he got them

for Father's Day last year, but

our others were still working but

in recent months most of them

bit the dust. So the new ones

looks so nice, and he had about

4 of the others he was able to put

in another place.


Thankful for the hopeful news about Roe vs Wade

even tho it just means they will turn it over to each

state to decide what to do with the issue, but that

  is how it should have been all along.


Thankful for the National Day for prayer.

  Wonderful to know all those prayers

 are going up for our country every year.  

Well,  that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Again, hope you all have a

 Sweet and Special Mother's Day, 


 that you get spoiled a lil rotten,

just a lil rotten tho....

Don't want to ruin you!!  lol

Love, Hugs and Early

May Blessings,


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