Thursday, July 11, 2024

Thankful Thursday July 11, 2024, and Summer themed whimsical pictures

 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort
2 Corinthians 2:3 


Summer Greetings Sweet Friends,

Hope this finds you well, and enjoying

Summer vacation with your kiddles.

We have been away visiting our older

kiddles........Our Daughter, Son-in-love

and Furry Grandson Dog, Bentley.

    Pictures this week are of whimsical summer themes, just for the     fun of it, Compliments of Pixabay.

   On with my Thankfuls.....


Thankful we got to go visit with our Daughter, Son-in-love and Grandson Dog Bentley. We always have such good time just being together.


Thankful we got there and back safe and sound with uneventful trips.  We had a near miss on the way up, so thankful the Lord protected us from an accident. Had very lil rain on the way back, which was unexpected,  but thankfully just got some about an hour before we reached our home land.  lol

I really don't like driving in the rain!!


Thankful we got to spend 4th of July with them.  It was a fun relaxing day, hanging out in the pool, eating burgers and dogs, and a wonderful dessert we made with brownies with choc. chip cookies on top, and ice cream.  YUMMY!  Been awhile since we were together for the 4th!  So that was quite nice.


Thankful we have had great pool weather everyday, so we really enjoyed that so much, and got a lil sun.  I just love a pool.


Thankful that our Daughter always makes us our fav quiche and cream cheese/ strawberry coffee cake. So delicioso!! Also, thankful for take out, and for a fun times cooking together as well. We enjoy both!  


Thankful for online worship services. We couldn't pull our church up this time,  for some reason, but got to see theirs, and other Pastors we sometimes watch when we have to stay home.


Thankful for a sweet photo we got of lil darling and her cousins from the 4th of July. They are all so cute and she is always over the moon happy when she gets to be with them.


Thankful for a fun golf card ride around the neighborhood where our kids live. It is an old but wonderful neighborhood, and there is a lot of building and renovating going on.  Couldn't believe all the changes.  Love golf cart rides too, they make me feel like a kid again with the breeze blowing thru our hair, and greeting folks riding or walking around.


Thankful for people who makes us laugh. We watched a number of dry bar comics this week, and they all have good clean and funny jokes. Laughter is good medicine for our soul as well


Thankful for rest and relaxation and just having the time to talk and listen, and share life. We are all very present with each other, and I love that...............Her hubby did have to work,  but he was able to get off early most days so that nice, and was home all day a few days.


Thankful for fun times playing card games.

We always enjoy that too.


Thankful that we were able to squeeze in a lil bit of shopping too. Not quite as fun as normal cause the stores were just jammed with people,i t was a bit difficult navigating in Home Goods.

 So many people moving to SC like in Florida, so not sure if that is it, or maybe it's tourists since it is summer. She said it is always like that on weekends, but has never seen it like that on week days. We managed to have fun anyway!

That's it for today at Cozy Place,

This is the vacation edition.

Hope you are enjoying Summer

Thanks for Swimming by.......

Love, Hugs and first of July



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Thursday, July 4, 2024

Thankful Thursday July 4th, 2024, and Images of American Symbols


 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
2 Corinthians 3:17 NIV

  Happy    Independence Day    


 Sweet Friends,

Hope you and yours have a Wonderful

time celebrating!!!  We sure will.....

God Bless the USA

Thankful for our country and the freedoms

that we still have..........

           Pictures this week are of American

Symbols,  thanks to Pixabay.

  On with my Thankfuls.....


Thankful for getting to have lil darling with us

 for a day and a half. We had a funtime as

 always. Played some old games

and a new one called "Catch Phrase"

that she was good at too.


Thankful we got to take her to the $5 and

 under store, to dinner at one of her

 fav restaurants, and then got frozen yogurt to

 take home. I think her idea of pretty much the

 perfect evening. lol



Thankful for a new animated series on "up

 faith and family" called "WingFeather".

 Hubby and lil darling really like it......and I

 sort of like it, but happy it gives us something

 good and clean to watch with her when we

 run out of things to do. lol


Thankful that we had the idea to play an old

 game we had when our kids were lil in a new

 way, with lil darling. It was a fun way to

 generate conversation. I posted about it on

 Tuesday, so in case you missed it

 just click here.


Thankful for fried chicken sandwiches from

 Kentucky Fried Chicken. We just recently had

 one and it was delicious. We have had a KFC

 near us for years, but we quit going there

 cause they were not very good, but recently

 we heard they were in a contest with Chick-

fil-a, so we decided to try them since they are

 much closer by, and we were pleasantly

 surprised. So guess they have stepped up

 there game a bit.........Their fries were good too.


Thankful for a lovely day at church,  we had a

 guest speaker today, and he was really

 good. Then ran some errands and hubby and I

 went out for lunch, then came home and took

 a very longgg nap (since I didn't get a lot of

 sleep the night before, think because I took

 my B Vitamins (that I usually take in the

 daytime) right before bedtime.....won't

 do that again soon!  lol


Thankful for the fun surprise of getting

 3 videos from a long time friend of almost 

 50 years.  We were all in the videos and 

 they just cracked us up. It was before we

 had kids, so we were in our 20's, and I

 could not believe I was ever that skinny

.   lol  Such a fun blast from the past. 

 Can't wait to show them to our kids and

 lil darling.  lol  


Thankful hubby was able to mow our lawn 

today, as it has been raining everyday,

sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.  So it

getting quite long.


Thankful for Caramel Frappe's from

 MacDonalds, as I don't drink a lot of caffeine,

 as it doesn't agree with me. So sometimes

 these come in handy for hubby and I to share

 one and gives me just enough of a caffeine

 boost without overdoing it, not to mention it

 is delicious!!  lol


Thankful the Gov. Huckabee has a new show

 on TBN called "Huckabee Today".  It's great!!

 He has people on that shed light on some of

 the things that seem to make no sense, and

 why they are happening. 

 Very Good!


Thankful that our Supreme court has made

a number of really good decisions this week.


Thankful that we have not only seen our lil

 brown bunny almost everyday, but we also

 saw a big turtle in our back yard three times

 this week.  He likes to eat the berries one of

 our trees is dropping.

Well, that's it for this week.

Thanks for sharing your time

with us, here at Cozy Place 

Have a Wonderful Rest of the Week.

Love, Hugs, and

First of July Blessings,


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Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Thoughts to Ponder #7 A way to generate conversation with your kids


Morning Sweet Friends,

Happy Tuesday to ya!!

Wanted to share something with you
that we did last night when we went
out to dinner with our 11 yr. old Grand-
Daughter, that was a hit with all of us.

We have this old game we bought
when our kids were young, called the 
"Ungame", made by James Dobson
of Focus on the family.  It's purpose
was to get families talking and having
conversation with their children.

We played it a few times, but think
our kids were maybe older when the 
game came out and the game really
 has no rules about winning, so nothing competitive to it, which isn't typically
 exciting to kids as a game, but we
decided rather than trying to play it
as a game, to just try using the cards 
with the questions on them, as we just
 sit around and talk for years now
with our Granddaughter.

Well, last night we knew we were 
taking her out to dinner, so I decided
just to take a lil stack of cards with
us, so we could play as we waited
on our food to come, as a way to
generate conversation. We all really
 enjoyed it and I would highly 
recommend it.  You could make up
your own questions and write them
on a list or make cards.

A few Sample questions:

1. If you could live anywhere in the
 world you wanted,  where would 
you live?

2. If you could own your own shop
or store what kind would it be?

         3.  What is your favorite dessert?

          4. If you could have any famous
              person you wanted come to your
              birthday party, who would it be?
              and why?

            5. If you were a dog, fruit, vegetable
                or anything else you can think of  
                what kind would you be?  (Just 
                pick one out of the above choices.)

Each person will take a card or question
and answer it first, then every person
gives an answer as well, then the next
person gets a card and answers and
so does everyone else, and then on to
the next person.

It was really a fun way to pass the 
time, and also generate conversation,
and get to know more about each
other, as some questions can be very
thought provoking.....
Just have fun with it.

Spurring you on.........

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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Thankful Thursday June 27, 2024, and a 4th of July table from the past

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.
Psalm 33:12 NIV

Summer Greetings Sweet Friends,

How are you today??  Hope you are able

to enjoy Summer and it isn't too hot where

you live. Been pretty hot and humid here,

so don't want to venture out much until evening.  We Are having rain at times

so that does help cool things down about

10 degrees, some is better than none. lol

Pictures today are of a 4th of July

table from the past.....

If you would like to see the original post

 with explanations about the pictures.

just click here.

            On with my Thankfuls.....


Thankful for a good day with lil darling



Thankful for a fun night out,  just looking around in Bealls and going to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.


Thankful to get to talk with my friend who broke her hip weeks back. She went back to her ortho Dr. today and he said the x-rays showed that her bone was growing to her prosthesis already, quicker than he would have expected, and she is walking quite a bit but is still having pain, just not as badly as at first, and she feels she is getting stronger every day. She also sounded really good.  So we are all praising the Lord for his answers to prayer.


Thankful too, that they were finally able to get a new primary care Dr. that they are really happy about. They had their other Dr. for years and they loved and trusted him, so it was very hard for them to lose him. So they feel very blessed by the new ones. One is doing his residency to become a Dr. and the other one is a lady Dr. who he is responsible the see them both.


Thankful to just see on the Epoch times about a younger woman who is a fashion designer of Modest Clothing.  Isn't that a novel idea!! Her clothing is beautiful and classy.


Thankful for a good day at church, and

hearing from one of our younger pastors

again.  Good Message!


Thankful we got to go our to lunch with some other newer friends we haven't been able to get with for awhile,  so it was a really fun time catching up on life.


Thankful for people like postal workers, refuse workers, servers and cooks in restaurants, grocery and store clerks, and people at take out windows, and probably some I haven't thought of, but they serve us, and make our lives a bit easier.


Thankful for a fun treat from the Lord

this morning.  We saw our lil  brown bunny 

again for the 2nd time this week, which is

 always a delight, and the our woods just

 seemed to be alive with birds this morning

 flying and fliting about, with the sun 

streaming thru the woods. Looked like a

 scene out of an animated Disney movie.  lol


Thankful that we got our living room carpeting cleaned, and it looks really good.  Two rooms down, 2 to go.


Thankful for Leslie Sansone walking videos

I can pull up on you tube. Have been doing

those for years, as I have a lot of videos,

so nice to have a selection of new ones

to use.


Thankful that my friend with the broken

leg is doing well and getting around well

with a walker.  She did overdo it a bit on

Sunday and was paying for it with more

pain.  We are praying she can have more

patience with the healing process, as we

are more vulnerable to hurting ourselves

as we start to feel better.

That's it for today at Cozy Place

Hope you are enjoying Summer

Thanks for swinging  by.......


         Love, Hugs and End of June



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