Thursday, April 18, 2024

Thankful Thursday April 18, 2024, and photos of all things spring

Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have 
done wonderful things, things planned long ago.
Isaiah 25:1 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends

Welcome to Thankful Thursday

Hope this finds you well and happy,

and having a good week.  I am pretty

tired cause we sort of hit the ground

running this morning. We discovered

our hot water heater was leaking last

night just before we went to bed, so

hubby was already on the phone to

the plumbing company when I got

out of bed.  So our water heater is

in the garage and of course, there

were thing around it that needed

to be moved, so we commenced with

doing that, and by 9:30 we felt like

we'd run a marathon.  lol  But it is

all good.

Pictures today are of all things Spring

compliments of  Pixabay.

On with my Thankfuls


Thankful for just happening on this video of 3

 lovely siblings, that are homeschooled, singing together.  They are singing

"Halleleujah" and they are  really good,

 I have to say.  Check them out here or type it in

for yourself  at


Thankful we rearranged our kitchen table and 

chairs and made it more like a banquette by

 putting a bench on the back wall and adding 

our saddle stools.  We both love how it looks

and love that it gives us a lil more room too.

Now just have to see how it works out

in real time.  

Note: Working out really well.....


Thankful we got 2 new books to read.

One is "We have issues" by Dr. Phil McGraw,

and the other is called "Defined" by the 

Kendrick brothers who did the movie, 

"Fireproof along with many others.

Gotta finish another book first tho......


Thankful for brownie bites that we get in

the bakery at Walmart or Publix.  They

are so good, and we make brownie sundaes

with them as well.  A nice Spring treat.


Thankful for how good it makes me feel

when I can sit out in the sunshine for about

10 mins or so.  Boosts my serotonin levels

I think it is...Which is also great if you

happen to be having depression issues.

If so, sit out a lil bit everyday.


Thankful for a good day at church and

a really great message from another one

of our younger Pastors.  Of Course,

we love and are thankful for all our 

Pastors and feel very blessed to have 

every one of them.


Thankful to have an opportunity to met

and be kind to a lady that sat next to us

in church this morning.  She lost her

husband in Feb. and it was her first time

coming back to church without him.

Very emotionally difficult day for her.


Thankful that we had an opportunity

to go to lunch with another couple we

have known for a long time, and another

lady that is just the sweetest.  Very 

uplifting and encouraging time.


Thankful that when I got home I got

a text from another friend who saw a

post from the lady we met at church

and she had written something nice

about me and hubby, so our friend

sent the post to us, as an encourage-

ment.  Turns out she and her husband

know the lady and her late husband.

So now that I have her last name

I was able to friend her on facebook,

and she neat how the

Lord works.......


Thankful that I pressed in and went to

church because I wasn't feeling great

because I was wide awake most of the

night because I feel asleep while we

were watching tv the night before, so

 could have very easily  watched from 

home, but I really wanted to go, and

 would have missed out on this blessing 

of meeting this sweet lady and having

 time to love on her a bit, and also

going to lunch with other friends.


Thankful hubby finally got his stitches out from 

his cyst removal today, and the biopsy report,

 said it was benign, and everything looks  good. 

 Didn't really expect a negative report, in fact, 

 forgot about it, but always good to hear benign!!


Thankful for 2 great school days with lil

darling this week.  Think she has been

feeling under the weather a bit lately,

and was taking antibiotics which can

just make you really tired, or at least

it does she must be over it cause 

she was like her self again!!  Sweet

as ever............

             Well, that's it for Cozy Place Today.

Hope you have a Delightful Weekend


Thanks for coming by.....

Love, Hugs and Mid April



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Monday, April 15, 2024

Happy Monday..............Free Greeting cards


Happy Monday Sweet Friends,

Hope you are off to a great start in your week,

and just wanted to let you know something,

that could really be of interest to you!

I visited  Coco at "The Crowned Goat Blog"  

this passed week.....(Which is a great blog to

 follow, I might add)

and Coco said, that it was

 National Card and Letter writing month.

 I never knew there was such a thing,

 but when I read it..... 

I realized this is the perfect time to announce about

 the decision we made in March about our card shop!!

Our Card Shop is called 

and we have decided to make all our cards.....
downloadable cards, electronic greeting cards,
 (know as flipcards) and printables.

FREE, All Day, Every Day!

So celebrate National Card and Letter
Writing Month for Free...........

We have all sorts of cards and we even
have blanks ones you can write your own
note in.......if you prefer. Just look under
Occasion then Blank cards................
(those are only for snail mail tho)

You can print all our others, and send them
thru snail mail or send an electronic flipcard
 thru e-mail, face book messenger or from your
 cell phone by just copying and pasting the 
link or URL.  All from the convenience
and privacy of your own home.

People really love getting them...........
I got some hugs on Easter Sunday for 
Easter Cards I sent out by snail mail and
 e-mail. Think with all that is going on in
 our country it just makes people feel like
 they are not forgotten and there is still
 some normalcy in life..........
and who doesn't smile when they get
 an unexpected card or letter.

and Don't Forget 
Mother's Day and Father's Day 
are both just around the corner too.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to
contact us at and go to contact us, 
all the way at the bottom of the page.

Happy Card and Letter Writing Month.

Hugs, Nellie

P.S. If someone knows where they find out
that it is card and letter writing month or
some of the other things we have never
heard of
Could you please let me know where to
find that information.
  Would appreciate it!!!

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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Thankful Thursday, April 11, 2024, and Belated Easter Decorations

 Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God
 a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that openly
 profess his name.
Hebrews 13:15 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends,
How are you doing today??  Hope you and your
family are doing well and haven't been negatively
affected by all these Winter storms.  
We had one come through today that looked to
be was very windy and we were supposed
to get a lot of rain, but we didn't really get that
much, and the winds have died down and think
it has passed us already,  So Thankful for that.

Pictures today are of more Easter Decorations,
since I didn't have much time to have them up
before Easter and will be taking them down 
probably next week or so, and making it 
look more Springy!!

Now on with my Thankfuls....

Thankful for a good day at of our younger Pastors preached today.  Always enjoy hearing him.

Thankful for a fun sleep over with lil darling. 
Since she is now a preteen, we are in a new season of life, easier in some ways, but harder in others. So we are
trying to figure out a new normal, if there is such a thing.  lol

Thankful that we got all new cards displayed on our
website today, since Easter is over and Mother's day is coming May the 12th. We decided to just make them all Mother's Day cards, but we have an assortment of cards.
So check us out since we have decided to make all
our cards FREE......

Thankful for green "cotton candy" grapes.  They are so delicious and refreshing.

I had some help too...........
Lil darling did this whole vignette

Thankful that my friend who took a fall last week,
only bruised her ribs rather than broke them.
Still very painful tho......
She and I were both prayed for by the Elders
in our church on Sunday, and we are both
feeling much better, not completely there yet
but definitely on our way.

Thankful that we think we have the date for hubbies
cataract surgery.  We didn't know it has to be approved by his cardiologist, so that might further delay it, as Dr. is
new to us, and has only seen us once, so may have to
go see him first.  Will see.....
Takes a long while to get these hoping not!!

Thankful that we put 4 new cards in our card shop 
this week.

Thankful that we found out our Publix grocery store
makes fresh sour dough bread, which is supposed to
be good for you.  So far, we like it......I do find the
crust to be a lil bit

Thankful for new Zebra markers and highlighters
for lil darling and I to color with.  Her Dad got
her a new adult like coloring book with verses
and drawings, for Easter, so saw the news markers
at Sam's and decided to get some different markers
than we already have.  

Thankful that we have had some cooler days earlier
this week, and it is just so beautiful out with the
clear blue skies and all the trees full of those fresh
pea green leaves.  Gorgeous!!

She did this shelf too.

#11 and 12
Thankful hubby cut my hair into a bob that is the same length all the way around. I love it.....and Thankful
 our daughter gave me a hair dryer that is like a big brush that blows air for my birthday, and I was finally able to use it for the first time, cause had to wait on my arm to heal after my fall 3 weeks ago. Makes doing my hair so much easier and faster.  Love that too!

And the bunny on the bike as well.
She has some great ideas......

Well,  that's it for Cozy Place this week.

Glad you could stop in,
Hope you have a Fantastic Friday and  Weekend.

Love, Hugs, and
First of April Blessings,


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Friday, April 5, 2024

Thankful Thursday April 4, 2024, and Our Easter Table

For God is the King of all the earth;
 sing to him a psalm of praise.

Psalm 47:7 NIV

Greetings Sweet Friends


Welcome to April......

Amazing to me that we are a quarter of the way thru the year already.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter with your family/and or friends. Ours was good and enjoyable as always. 

We did miss having Dee and Jerry here though,

but that's just life when your kids grow up!

You have to learn to be very flexible.....

Pictures today are of our Easter Table

this year.  We started off with this colorful

Spring tablecloth our Daughter gave me

some years back.  I love all the colors, and

it makes it quite versatile as well.

On with my Thankfuls.........


Thankful our kids got here and back home

 safe and sound.


Thankful that we all got to go out to dinner together on Thursday evening

to celebrate my 72nd birthday, and had Raspberry

elegance cake from Publix for our dessert.

A quick but fun evening!!


Thankful to celebrate my actual birthday the next day, and got to see them till noon on my birthday.  


Thankful to see most of my favorite people on

my birthday. Which is always a blessing.


Thankful for all the lovely cards and gifts I received and the great breakfast from Dunkin Donuts, and all the facebook messages as well.


Thankful our Easter table is all set and ready, 

and some of the food already prepared.

Thankful for a really lovely Easter Service

at church and seeing all our friends and

church family.


Thankful for an good and pleasant time spent

 with family, and an enjoyable and lovely Easter

dinner. Unfortunately, our Daughter and

 Son-in-love had to travel home to be at work

the next day, so didn't get to stay. When they 

made the plans and asked off for the celebration 

for his Dad's 70th Birthday they didn't realize

 Easter was that weekend.  Think it sort of

 sneaked up on all of us this year.  lol 


Thankful for a good day schooling with lil

darling today.............


Thankful that finally got started today April 2, 2024.  It is a whole new network put out by Dr. Phil McGraw and Trinity Broadcasting network to hopefully bring some much needed education and hopefully changes to our world.  Just saw their news show, and what a breathe of fresh air.  If you go to, then press the chanel finder button, it was let you put in your zip code and tell you what chanel to find it on.  If you have Roku go Roku then to Merit+. Not sure about all the programming yet, but we know Dr. Phil always tells it like it is.........

Note: After watching Dr. Phils show, a few

 times now, as I haven't seen his show in years,

 I am having a few reservations about it......

not huge,  but make up your own mind.

The Morning show and the News are very

good, and I like those. Time will tell....


Thankful that hubby got his cyst removed

today, and things went well,  it was pretty

large, so he has about a 3" incision. So far,

he is feeling okay, but the numbness has

not completely worn off yet, so gave him

some Alleve ahead of time, cause I am

sure it will be sore soon.


Thankful hubby is continuing to do well,

even after we changed the initial dressing,

everything feels and looks great.


Well, that is our week at Cozy Place.

Thanks for making us a part of your day


Have a wonderful weekend,

Love, Hugs, and

Post Easter Blessings,


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