Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thankful Thursday November 24, 2022, and our Thanksgiving Table 2022

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.

Psalm 100:4 NIV

Happy Happy Thanksgiving

Sweet Friends,

Hope your day is filled with the Joy of family

and/or friends, Giving thanks and Praise to our 

Wonderful Heavenly Father,, and some really

yummy vittles and desserts.

Pictures today are of our Thanksgivng

Table for 2022.  

So on with my Thankfuls..............


Thankful we were able to get most of our Thanksgiving

day food purchased  a week ahead, and will only need

a few last minute items.

# 2

Thankful for a fun night out looking around in Marshalls store,  they have so many cute Christmas things,  didn't buy any, cause I need more Christmas things like I need a big hole in my head. lol  but have to say it was fun looking..............and then din din out at Carrabbas.....we pretended it was our real Anniversary dinner!!  lol


Thankful for a cute sight that made us laugh

in the grocery store.  There was a song playing 

from our era, (don't even know the name of it,

 but it was quite familiar) and I saw this guy

 making his way thru the veggie aisle making

 his own fun......he was pushing the cart and doing

some fancy steps and singing under his breathe,

just couldn't resist the beat of that music, and

must confess I couldn't resist it either, so was

doing a lil rhythm of my own.  Maybe that's

why it was so funny to me, cause I sometimes

do that myself, but never saw anybody else

do it.......and he looked quite happy!!  lol

So was fun to watch!!  Especially since

everyone seems so down lately.


Thankful for a great day with lil darling

working on school work, and swinging on the

new swing every break she takes...........She loves

it even more than we thought she would.


Thankful our new treadmill arrived Friday.

It's our Anniversary present!!

Now just have to get used to it, my first time

on since I have hardly exercised for 6 wks.

cause of my back..... Within 3 mins. my legs

and hip joints were really hurting so bad I

had to get off and I was really winded.

 So today I did 6 mins. and just my hip joints 

hurt, then about hour later I did 9 mins. and 

hip joints felt fine and I wasn't near as

 winded as last night, but breathing heavy,

 so just think it needs to be a gradual thing.

I also didn't feel like I was walking normally

either, so think I got that down better by

the 3rd time.  lol  So not anticipating any

problems the next time hopefully.


Thankful that are family can all be

together for Thanksgiving and hopefully

Christmas too.


Thankful that even tho our power went

out again this morning,  it was back

on by 10:30 a.m.  This is the 2nd time

since Hurricane Ian.  The reason was

animals on the line.  We are thinking

squirrels probably.  Poor lil guys,

  May they rest in Peace!!


Thankful for a different Sunday Service.

We had a man named "Marquis Laughlin"

come and recite and act out the about 7 or 8

 chapters of "Acts", from the Bible.

 He has come before and done other books

of the bible, and he just really makes the 

bible come alive.  We really enjoyed it,

and are amazed at his ability to memorize

all of that.


Thankful for lunch out with our friends

to Applebee's.  Haven't been there in a long

time, and really enjoyed the food and the

company most of all.


Thankful for all the things we take for

granted,  like relationships, a roof over

our heada comfortable bed, food in our

 pantry and fridge, income, and God's

goodness to us every single day.


Thankful that I have our Thanksgiving

table finished.


Thankful that everything that can be

prepared ahead of time is done, and all

I need to do is pop it in the oven today.

Thanksgiving Day!


Well, that's it for Cozy Place this week,

This is the Thanksgiving Edition!

Have a Wonderful Day with your Family

and/or Friends

Love, Hugs and

Thanksgiving Blessings,


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Monday, November 14, 2022

Welcome to Thankful Thursday November 17, 2022, Another Thanksgiving table from the past, and a few wonderful sunset pictures


For great is the LORD and most worthy of praise;
he is to be feared above all gods.
1 Chronicles 16:26 NIV

Welcome to Thankful Thursday
Sweet Friends,
Hope this finds you happily preparing for 
Thanksgiving. Can't believe it is just a week
away. I have done some shopping for our
dinner, but need to recheck my list and see
what else we need to get as many items as we only need a quick trip to
the store to get the last minute items.
Also checking on our Christmas shopping
and what else we to get as
much of that done before Thanksgiving as 
possible, then we can just focus on decorating,
and having fun as much as possible.  lol

Don't you just love this time of the year??
It does entail some work, but it's good work,
happy work, filled with the anticipation of
seeing your loved ones near and far.  So 
enjoy every minute of it....

Pictures today are of another Thanksgiving Table

 from the past, here at Cozy Place, and a few

shots of a wonderful Sunset.

So let's check out the Thankfuls...........


Thankful we got our porch all back together

AGAIN!  Fortunately, it wasn't to bad to clean

this time.  Yea!!


Thankful we decided to get a portable  treadmill,

because we both like walking and then we can

do it while we are watching TV, instead for sitting

the whole time.  Hoping it will help strengthen my

back maybe.  Works for me!


Thankful for the most glorious sunset and sky

 I have seen in a long time, and it came 2 days

 after tropical storm Nicole.

 It was like a big smile from the Lord.

I was able to capture these pictures just in time,
 because within 5 mins. it had all turned gray 
with just a tich of salmon color on the edges.



Thankful for a number of friends that called to check

 on us after Tropcial storm Nicole..... always nice to

know someone cares about you.


Thankful for the way the Lord reaffirms us at times

in ways, that He has led us, that we just never even

thought about...... He showed me one this week.

  Love that!


Thankful for a lovely Sunday......great worship service,

 lunch out with our friends, and a chance to catch up with

 each others happenings, delicious food at Texas Road

House, a quick run Sams, and the grocery store  then home to rest and relax for the rest of the day.


Thankful that our poinsettia plants are starting to

turn red, so we might just have all red ones by

December.  At least I am hoping so....


Thankful for what we thought was a hilarious

video.  If you need a laugh....I think this will

give you one, it sure did for us.  lol

Click here to watch

It's called Alexa for Seniors


Thankful for a unique encounter we had with a young

man at our grocery store. We have had him check

our groceries out before and exchanged pleasantries

with him.  This time he was on the way in to the

store as we were walking in, and he said hello,

then he turned around and asked us, how long have

yall been together, and we told him we had been

married for 52 years, and he said Wow, you just

don't hear that anymore. Anyway we chatted more

on the way into the store and he asked us what

we thought the secret was to our being together

so long, and we said, all the praise goes to the

Lord, cause Jesus is the reason, so we were able

 to impart some information to him that we would

 have never had the opportunity to before, and then

 we were in his check out lane and he asked us some

 more questions.  Such a neat kid.....he is probably

 a high school or a young college student.

Very impressed with his heart!


Thankful that TBN made the "Better Together"

show now an hour rather than just 30 mins.

It really gives them a chance to be more indepth

with things their conversations.

 We are really enjoying it.

It truly is one of the best shows on TV.

If you can't find it on TV you can go to and your computer.


Thankful for my red lettered bible, where every

thing Jesus said is in red.  We have been reading

thru the gospels again, and I just love knowing

when I am reading things that Jesus actually said.,


Thankful that I am feeling better, as I was

feeling terrible on Tuesday and running a

 fever and thought I was coming down with

some virus or something. Took some Vit C,

and B-complex, to boost my immune system,

 and Alleve (for the body aches) and went to

bed and slept for about 4 hrs. or so, and

felt good every since I got up yesterday.

So happy about that since I do have things

 to get done in this next week, and as I

am still babying my back some.  lol


That's it for this week at Cozy Place.

Glad you could drop by


Keep your light shining brightly

Love, Hugs and 

Mid-November Blessings,


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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Thankful Thursday November 10, 2022, Thanksgiving Table from the Past

With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the LORD: “He is good; his love toward Israel endures forever.” And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the LORD, because the foundation of the house of the LORD was laid.
Ezra 3:11 NIV

Hello Sweet Friend,


Welcome to Thankful Thursday,

Well, we are happy to report we made it through

Tropical storm Nicole with no problems and with our 

power intact, as well.  We however, were shocked that the

beach house we stayed at in May (for my 70th Birthday)

 must of had a lot of beach erosion from Hurriane Ian, so they

 had put up a seawall, Thankfully, because the 2 houses on each

side of them were completely demolished during Tropical storm

 Nicole from terrible beach erosion that also occurred during

 Hurricane Ian.

  Very Sobering and Sad to see the drone footage of it.

One of the homes that got demolished... we got to talk to the

 people who lived there all the time, and they were very nice folks, 

and they were also part owner of the place we stayed at, so we all

feel so badly for them. I just can't quit thinking about it,  

think I am still a bit in shock.  So just can't imagine how 

they must well as so many others....

Well, it has been an eventful week here, most of it good,

other than the sad story, I wrote about above and

more hurricane

Hope you are having a good week and looking forward

to your weekend.

Pictures today are of a Thanksgiving Table from the past.

Thought you might be like me and looking for ideas for your

Thanksgiving table this year!  

So on with my Thankfuls............


Thankful for our Son, Scott who just had his 45th birthday.

We went out to dinner at Longhorn and made a night of it

cause it was pretty busy so we had a wait, but the food and

service was great and then we came back and had cheesecake

 and hung out.  It was a nice evening!


Thankful that we were able to fix a problem with my blog

as some comments went missing and no one could leave

comments either.  Google must have been messing around

again!   lol


Thankful for my wonderful and sweet Husband.

Monday, we celebrated 52 years of marriage.


Thankful for a lesson we learned or really relearned

about doing something new or different as far as

restaurants are concerned.  " New or Different

can be highly over-rated!!  lol

We decided to go to a restaurant that has been around for years

 called "Bahama Breeze" for our Anniversary!

 My back was still acting up so wasn't sure if we

were gonna go out or not, so we just hung around the house,

and had a nice brunch and spent time together reading and

praying, and then just went to dinner, and then came home and 

watched that show I told yall about this week, "Restoring

 America".  It was very good.

Well the lesson relearned was.....stick to where you know

you will get good food on a Special Occasion.  We have

been to this restaruant about 6-7 times over about a 30 yrs.

period, and we have never been happy with it,  but you know,

we always think it's been a long time, so probably things

have changed!!  It wasn't horrible but our favorite

part was the dessert.....and think it will now be on our

forever "No Go" list, along with a few others. lol

Live and Learn............


Thankful that they finally came today and picked up all our

neighbors hurricane debri.  Cause they were worried about

it since we have the new storm coming.  It was a huge

long pile of debri.  They had told my neighbor that the

trucks GPS said our street had already been picked up,

so she called again and some of us other neighbors

called too.  Fortunately, ours was picked up right after

the storm cause we had smaller debri and had bagged it,

so our normal yard trash people were able to take it.


Thankful that we got to keep our Governor DeSantis

and our Senator Marco Rubio here in Florida.  Also,

thankful that the state of S. Carolina stayed or went

Red too, as well, as many other states.


Thankful we just got our porch emptied out again

cause of hurricane or tropical storm Nicole.  Don't

remember ever having a hurricane or storm come

ashore this late in the season.

Note: I saw somewhere that it said it is the first

time in 37 yrs. we have had a hurricane hit the

mainland of the U.S in November.


Thankful for the gift of voting for our elected officials.

I feel it is our sacred privilege and responsibility to

get our there and vote for our values.


Thankful that we and our family and neighbors had no problems

 during Tropical Storm Nicole.  We slept thru most of it, and

 didn't really have too much wind, did get some hefty wind gusts at 

times, and we have power this time, so we are praising the Lord

 for all of that!


Thankful that we happened to see during the last part of the storm

 that a skinny tree in our back side yard had fallen over and there was

 a branch on the corner of the back of our house, so hubby was able

 to take the lopers and go trim that limb easily, so it didn't damage

 our roof.  That tree really needed to come down anyway, so

we were happy about that.


Thankful that we get to have lil darling for the day,

since she was out of school due to the Hurricane.

we will be doing some school work and having fun.

Was a good day!


Thankful my back seems to be back to normal

again, so trying to be good and not do anything

to mess it up again.!!  Which is hard to know

what that is.......since I don't really know what

started it to begin


Well, That's it for this week at cozy place.

This is the Birthday, Anniversary and 

Hurricane Nicole Edition.  lol

Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend

Love, Hugs and early

November Blessings,


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