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Thankful Thursday November 3, 2022, More Fall decorating from 2022

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD.
 Praise the LORD.
Psalm 150:6 NIV

Welcome to Thankful Thursday
Sweet Friends,

How are you this bright sun shiny day?
Hope you are doing well in every way.
I am doing well emotionally and spiritually
but not so well physically, my back is at it again.
 My back seemed back to normal and thought 
it was time to could quite pampering it, so we
were working on changing out bed linens and
stuff in the guest room, some things were a bit
heavy and also there was a lot of bending and stuff
 or else it was the fact, Grammy decided to have 
a lil fun ride in lil darlings new swing. None
of it bothered me at the time, but the next day
was not so much fun!!  lol
A little better today, so am definitely taking
it easy.............

Pictures today are from more fall decorating 
at Cozy Place in 2022.  

So on with my Thankfuls.............

Thankful and just can't quit praising the Lord because
we know HE saved my Daughter and Son-in-love's lives
from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.  To make a long story
shorter, they were at a LakeHouse and arrived on Tuesday afternoon.... not long after arriving my daughter started not 
feeling so great, feeling queasy, sort of light headed, with a
bit of a headache and just thought maybe it was sinus pressure
from being in the mountains and or just working hard 
unpacking the car and stuff.  So they went to bed and
 woke up and she had a terrible headache and hubby had 
a slight headache. They were suppose to have someone 
come and check out the air conditioning and heating unit 
on Friday....well, the guy came on Wednesday
 morning instead....he found that they had a gas a/c
unit and it had a hole and was leaking gas into the house,
had he not come they might not be here now.
The house even had C02 alarms as well, but they never
went off, and the guy said that most of the time by the 
time they go off, it takes so much for it to register that
most people are either very sick or dead!!
So don't know what you would call that but
 I call that a miracle .........and am so grateful
our Lord was watching out for our kids/His kids,
 just like He always has..........

Thankful that we found a new family run furniture
store that we went and checked out this week. We 
have been looking for a new sofa for years now, but
just can't find what we are looking for.  Problem
is we have been around long enough to know exactly
what we want and what we don't want!!  lol
We did find the recliner type Sofa, but we would
have to special order it in the fabric we want, problem
is not really crazy about the fabric choices.  lol
But there is one I really like, and think could
work, but it is hard to picture it from a little swath 
of cloth.
So we will see, but that is closer than we have gotten

Thankful to have sent more things to the thrift store
this week, as our clean out continues. Already noticed
a difference after the first load, can't wait to see what
it is like after this one.....and there is more to go!!  lol

Thankful we finally found a Sofa and ordered will be 8-10 weeks before we get it, but
at least we finally feel like we found what we were
looking for..........after we enlarged the parameters
of what we were looking for by necessity.

Thankful to talk to a long time friend this
morning,  he is the husband of my friend who
passed away from cancer almost 2 years ago.
He has remarried and has finally retired
and seems like he is doing well. Happy
for he went through a lot....

Thankful that we have finally finished our quest
bedroom refresh and just in time for our Daughter
 and Son-in-loves visit at Thanksgiving.

Thankful that our Son came and helped us
put up lil darlings new saucer swing (we got
for a great deal from Wayfair, because she 
had outgrown her other one), and he was sweet
to help with a couple of other things that needed
to be moved. Lil darling is gonna be so thrilled 
when she comes on Friday.

Note:  Happy that lil darling loves her swing,
and has been out there 4 times already enjoying it.

Thankful he picked up lunch from a bar-be-cue
place we haven't had food from in 4 1/2 yrs.,
since hubby retired,  It was delicious, and
a very nice to have lunch with him.

Thankful that Sam's had one last bag of Sconza 
Chocolate Cashew candy on Sunday. It was like it
 was just waiting for me.  lol  It is such good candy.

Thankful for a tip I happened to see online somewhere
about what to do if you are starting to get a cramp in
your leg..... and it works quite well....
If you feel a cramp coming on point your toes up
towards your knee for about 20 seconds.  It has
worked everytime I've done it.

Just for your info......leg cramps can be caused 
by Dehydration.  Sometimes I forget that!!

Thankful for 2 beautiful new pictures of our
Granddaugher,  One from Halloween, she
went as "Little Red Ridinghood" and the
her 4th grade picture.  Both are lovely.

Thankful that the young lady I mentioned several
times before that had the heart transplant, is finally
out of the hospital and doing very well.  She
celebrated her 25th birthday on Wed. with
family and friends and she is very very grateful
to be alive, as she knows she almost lost her life
not just once, but twice!

Well, that's it for Cozy Place today.

Thanks for stopping by.....

Hope you have a Wonderful West of the Week!!
(As Elmer Fudd would say! )

Love Hugs, and
Early November Blessings,

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  1. Good morning Nellie. Always love to read your Thankful blog posts. Glad the young lady with the heart transplant is home and doing well. God is good. Have a good start to the week ahead. xoxo Kris

  2. #1. Praise our Almighty GOD and His mercy and grace!
    #2. I'm glad you found a new store that can meet your needs!
    #3. I can't believe the things we can accumulate over the years!
    #4. Yea! Now the joy of waiting, ha!
    #5. Praise the LORD in meeting your friend's needs.
    #6. I know you can hardly wait to see them!
    #7. It's great he can help you out!
    #8. The LORD gives us so much enjoyment with our loved ones!
    #9. Ha! Ha! What an enjoyment we can have in chocolate!
    #10. I try to get my 5 glasses of water in each day!
    #11. She made a beautiful Red Riding Hood!
    #12. Another great praise to our LORD for His mercy and grace!
    Love you, Susan


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