Thursday, May 31, 2012

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - May 31, 2012

 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts,
 since as members of one body you were called to peace.
 And be thankful.
Colossians 3:15

Happy Thursday Sweet Peas,

What sort of week did you have??
Hope it has been a good one, or at least
you have had joy and peace... regardless
 of the circumstances.

Have to say my week has been busy,  but a good busy,
and  a very good week.  So guess I will get on
with my thankfuls.......................

I am thankful
for flowers of any kind,  they just add such
color and pleasantry to life,  whether they
are in the yard, in a field or in a vase.
A true gift from God, that shows more of
His wonderful creativeness and handiwork.

I am thankful
that my kitty is doing much better since she
got her allergy shot last Thursday.  She actually
pulls her fur out and I have to say was looking
a bit rugged.  Still looking somewhat rugged
but her hair is already coming back some and
nice not to see her licking and chewing.

I am thankful
that I got to have a long phone conversation
with a friend on Tuesday and Wednesday,  it has
 been awhile since we have seen each other just
 due to so much going on in her life.  So it has
been great catching up.

I am thankful
for the lovely time we had at my daughters
for Memorial Day.

I am thankful
for games of all kinds,  they somehow spell
love to me..........think it is because it was one
of the most loving things my grandmother who
was not such a nice lady actually did with us.
Plus I just think it draws a family together,
and brings some fun to any occasion.

I am thankful
for the excitement, pleasure and anticipation
of  planning special events.  Father's Day is
coming up next,  so gotta put my thinking cap
on, a fun thing to do for me!!

I am thankful
for older neighborhoods and how quaint, quiet
and welcoming they are...............just something
about them............any time you visit one......
makes you want to just move there.  We have lived
 in our neighborhood for 32 yrs. now,  and I am guessing
people probably feel that way about our neighborhood
too, at least I hope so.................

I am thankful
for  the lovely home we have and for the ability
to keep it......not just financially but in practical
ways like cleaning and painting it.  It has been
a dream come true for this woman who came
from a financially challenged single parent home.
It was like moving into a palace for me!!
just in case that confuses you because I have
said before that my dad and grandparents
owned a diner,  well they did,  but I only lived
summers with my dad,  the rest of the time
I lived with my Mom,  and like most single
Mom's finances were a big problem.
Not complaining,  just saying............
Because honestly,  I learned a great deal about life,
 living in those circumstances...............
.and wouldn't change a thing!!  Think it has made
me appreciate the things I do have so much.

I am thankful
for Christian music and teaching on radio
and TV,  and how it just lifts your spirits
anytime  but especially when I really need it.

I am thankful
for my lil mint cleaner and for swiffer dusters
and how much easier they make cleaning for me.
Can you tell I am cleaning today???  lol

I am thankful
that our Pastor has been invited to one of our
local TV stations and programs tomorrow.
Not sure when it airs,  but can't wait to see it,
as he is really a man who loves God and I
am sure the Lord will really use him.

I am thankful
to hear that a 17 yr. old  girl who is an honor student that
was suppose to be put in jail for truancy has gotten a
 reprieve because of the outcry of help from her community. 
 I read about it Sunday morning and it just made me cry.
 This kid has really been going through it, her parents 
divorced and moved away leaving her to help take care
 of a brother who was in college and a younger sister and 
she was working 2 jobs, and going to High School and
 taking AP classes and honor classes, trying to do her work
 and keep her grades up and I am sure she is grieving 
about the divorce and the loss of her parents, and the
 judge just did not take into account or did not know all
 the circumstances but thankfully, an attorney went to bat
 for her. Not sure if she had to stay in jail for the day or not, 
 but at least they cleared her record. The community took
 up a huge collection for her and it is about $100,000,  but 
she refuses to accept it and wants to give it to someone
 less fortunate than herself. What a kid!! So happy to see
 all the good things that have happened for her.
This is one time to be proud of our news media. and
really renews your faith in the heart of people for giving
so generously.

Well,  that is my list of blessings for
 this week, and hope it helps you
 to count yours too.

Glad you came to visit.............
 love hearing from you!

Love,  Hugs, and 
 Sweet Life Blessings,


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Warm Fuzzy Tuesday

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you had a lovely weekend, and that 
the rain didn't spoil your plans too much.

We had a lovely weekend, did a lil yard work, watched the new
 movie, The Vow,  it was pretty good but I think probably not as 
good as the original story might have been. Just in case you never
heard this movie is based on a true story and the couple is said to
be a christian couple that actually went thru this,  but in the movie
they never even mention their faith at all, which I think is sad, but
 I understand that the couple has written a book about their story,
 so would like to read that too.
We also played some Wii bowling and table tennis and that is all
 I can remember that we did Friday and Saturday anyway!! lol
Memorial Day we went to Dee and Jerry's, our original plan was
 to swim in the pool at their new house,  but Beryl took care of
 that!! lol It was thundering and raining and definitely not a good
 day for swimming unfortunately,  but we managed to have a great
time anyway.  We were able to sit out by the pool as we were
undercover,  and it was quite comfortable and nice and cool,  
so had our dinner out there and played a game called Apples
 to Apples,  then took a walk later in the evening in their lovely 
neighborhood when the rain had let up. It is just such a pretty

Well,  on with My Warm Fuzzy for today!!

Since Memorial Day weekend  has just passed and I
 didn't say what I probably would have in a 
Memorial Day Post,
 I will make it My Warm Fuzzy for today.
It truly is thinking about our men and women in uniform
 who care about our country so much that they put their lives 
on the line every day to support, protect and make our 
world a better place. They leave their homes, families,
churches, jobs, friends and comforts and safety and many
more things I might never even think about......... to do a
Wonderful Service to our Country and for Us ....friends.
Just the thoughts of all that give me a huge Warm Fuzzy
and Makes Me So Proud To Be An American!
God Bless Them Everyone,  Past and Present!!
and their Supportive Families as well

So what is your warm fuzzy for today???

Glad you came by for a visit.............make sure to
say Hello,  cause it is always great to hear from you.

Hugs and
Proud American Blessings,

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday - May 24, 2012

(Pink Lemonade cake)

If he offers it as an expression of thankfulness, then along
 with this thank offering he is to offer cakes of bread made 
without yeast and mixed with oil, wafers made without yeast
 and spread with oil, and cakes of fine flour well-kneaded
 and mixed with oil.
Leviticus 7:12

Greetings Sweet Peas,

Have you had any thankful sightings
 this week???

Sure hope so, cause the Lord
 is always at work.

All pictures are from the May 2012 issue of Better
 Homes and Gardens Magazine.  I just thought all these 
cakes were so pretty that it made me want to make
 them.  I am not a baker really,  but I love the idea
 of trying to decorate them.  Haven't done it tho, 
cause if you make them, somebodies got to eat 
them, and that shouldn't be just makes
 me want to...........cause I do love to make things
 pretty! and thought you would really enjoy seeing
 them as well,   So that leads me to my
I am thankful
for Better Homes and Gardens magazine
which has been around a long long time,
and for their decorating emails I get all
the time.  I find great pleasure and excite-
ment in them as they give me great ideas.
Just so you know, these are not in an order
of priority, just starting there to explain
and also they come as I think of them.

Frosting cake - just Love the ruffles on this cake, so cute!)


I am thankful
that Scott and Megan got back safe and sound
 from a cruise they took to celebrate their First 
Anniversary, and happy that they had
 a really great time.

(Orange chiffon with Marshmallow flowers cake)

I am thankful
that DeeAnna has completed all she needs
for her Mammography course, all that is left
 is to take the state boards,  which will be
 coming soon, and of course,
studying, studying !!

I am thankful
that the deep breathing continues to reap
good results in my body, and thankful
the Lord is using it to bring healing.

(Cherry Flower Power cake) 

I am thankful
that my motivaidor I use to remind me of the
breathing is working again, I thought it was broken
this morning cause it was going off every minute,
so we changed the batteries, the it wasn't working
at all,  so was thinking I just needed a new one so
 called the company, and fortunately it wasn't broken, 
 it was the technically challenged owner...Me!  lol

Isn't this just adorable, hard to believe it is edible too.

Made with white chocolate candy clay.

I am thankful
that hubby got his bloodwork back and everything
it was  good.................always a great relief!!

I am thankful
that we went to see his heart Dr. yesterday,
and all was well.  Dr. was very positive,
which was great, cause sometimes he can
tend to be a lil on the negative side.
Still wants to do an Echocardiogram tho,
just to be on the safe side.

(sprinkle Me Happy cake)

I am thankful
we got to go over to Dee and Jerry's last night
 for dinner, and to visit,  hubby and Jerry worked 
on cutting tree limbs. Dee and I gabbed!   lol
Dinner was great,  a lovely pasta dish
and salad,  delicious...............Love these
fun times with our kids.  It makes up for all
those difficult teen years!!  lol

I am thankful
that the guys were safe after they worked on cutting 
big limbs off a tree as they were working with chain 
saws.  That always makes me a lil nervous!! 
 So there were definitely some prayers going up!!
Jerry did hurt his leg a lil bit,  but it wasn't any
thing serious thankfully.

(Mini chocolate cakes with white chocolate frosting)

I am thankful
for our Magic Jack phone cause we never
have to pay long distance charges and it
helps me conserve minutes on my cell
phone if needed,  and it is only $20 a year.

Same pics as header, only with a posterized affect.


I am thankful
for printers and scanners that make it so 
easy to make copies of things or more so
to be able to make my cards, such a blessing.


I am thankful
that I just heard the New "Hobby Lobby"
store is open in our area.  Have been
waiting for that,  so very excited to go!
Probably want go right away tho, as I am sure
it is probably a packed house..........

(Cupcake is surrounded by white choc. curls)
Same cupcake as before just seeing more of the cute plate!

Hope you enjoyed your tour through 
cake and thankful Land!

Thanks for droppin' by,
always good to hear from you!

Have an Incredibly 
Fun and Productive weekend

and just in case you have been
tempted into baking now, you 
might want to check out

Love, Hugs,
and Happy Cake Blessings,

They are all gorgeous and yummy looking!

So does that mean I can have my cake
and eat it too??  lol

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Simple Pleasures

Morning Sweet Folks,

So how are you today???
Doing well,  I hope...................
Same here!! 

Well, last week I came across some pictures that
 I had taken to do a "Simple Pleasures" post, 
actually it is a linky party,  but when I went over
 to check it out last night I didn't see where she had
 been doing any of those posts in the last month,  so
 guess she isn't doing it anymore,  so just decided I
 would go ahead and do it all by my lonesome.
Then if I find out the linky party is still on...
 I will just  link up!!

Now..............For My Simple Pleasure 

I am so grateful for the new blinds that we got in our
 computer room probably almost a year ago. If you
 remember the old ones were broken and I couldn't
 open them. 

 So to be able to look out into the back yard every
day as I am working at the computer, is
 A simple pleasure for sure! 

and here is reason why.................

these are some of the things I see.......

Sunny day with lush greenery

Beautiful blue skies and tree tops

Little bunnies

so sweet

 Can you tell what this is???

Maybe now??  It's rain!!  lol

and also
 squirrels and birds and sometimes flowers
 and my kitty Molly surveying her kingdom.
Our backyard is a sanctuary for me for sure,
and truly a simple pleasure for this woman!!

Thanks for stoppin' in,

Come again soon.....................


Have a lovely day!

Hugs and
Simple Pleasure Blessings,


Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Manna

Glorious Monday to You,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Our's was very nice, quiet, relaxing,  yet productive.
Talked, ate, read, sat out in the yard, played some cards
and some music, and did some bowling on the wii.........
we are hooked on that!!  lol
Yet I got the porch cleaned, as the spiders were trying
to take over out there, once it starts raining seems like
they all run inside on the porch, course, they do that any-
way, but it only gets worse when it rains,  then my kitty 
is shedding and so her hair gets stuck in the webs, 
 so it looks like a pretty nasty
So hopefully that will last a few days anyway!

We got our yard all mowed and edged and it looks
so pretty since everything is so green and lush from
all the rain this past week.  Then we got all our book-
keeping caught up which is always a good thing!!  lol

It is just a simply gloriously beautiful day here in central
 Florida.  Went out for a short walk again,  then worked in
 the backyard for a bit, trimming some branches on a tree,
 looks so much better now.  I feel great and am still trying
 to figure out what I want for breakfast, so thought 
I would do a post while I was thinking!! lol

I happened to come across this lil track that I found
in my purse,  it has been there for years,  but thought
it would be good to share it with you.

It is called
What Money Can Buy

Money Will Buy:

A bed BUT NOT sleep.
Books BUT NOT brains.
Food BUT NOT an appetite.
Finery BUT NOT beauty.
A house BUT NOT a home.
Medicine BUT NOT health.
Luxuries BUT NOT culture.
Amusement BUT NOT happiness.
A crucifix BUT NOT a saviour.
A church pew BUT NOT heaven.

What money can't buy,
Jesus Christ can give freely
 without charge

Have to say I have found that to be so true
and sure hope you have too. 

John 14:6
Jesus answered,  I am the way, and the truth,
and the life.  No one comes unto the Father
except through me. 

 So if you are searching
Jesus is your Man,  God/Man that is.........
Fully God (Divine just like God and
Fully Man (human just like us)
accept He Never Sinned or Did Anything Wrong!

Well, I am off to have some breakfast,  course,
it is probably more like lunch since it is 11:00,
and I remembered  we have leftover pizza,
and a pc. of chocolate cream pie we got
at Publix, goes wonderfully well with a nice
cold glass of

Thanks for stoppin' by and make sure
 to say Hi............cause I just love 
hearing from ya!

Have a sunny week!

Hugs and
What money can't buy Blessings,

Scripture Sunday

Have a joyful week!! Hugs, Nellie Sharing with: