Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday Mom's

Happy Monday to
 all you Sweet Mom's

Hope you had
A Spectacular Mom's Day!!

 I know you are all so deserving of that,
cause you are Mom's who love, nurture,
 and serve your family well.

Have to say I had a Wonderful Mother's Day weekend.
We have been celebrating since Friday, so I haven't cooked
 since Thursday evening, and no complaints here!! lol 

 Hubby and I went out shopping (looking for a bathing suit),
 does anyone else dislike that job as much as I do???  lol
 and to Longhorn's Friday evening, and then after dinner we
 met Dee and Jerry to get Rosie, and we got to keep her till 
Sunday evening.  Didn't find a bathing suit, but did find a
nice metal sculpture wall hanging for my spare bedroom.
Will show you soon..................

Saturday. Scott and Megan came over for lunch, and  a good
 visit and we all played all sorts of games on the wii, they left
 around 4 ,  to go visit with her Mom,  as their First Wedding
Anniversary was on Mother's Day. Heard from her today
and they had a lovely day!!  Their anniversary gift was the
project I had been working on,  so soon I will show you
a picture.  They were very happy with it.
 Then Jim and I  worked in the yard a little and watered plants
 cause it was so breezy and nice out. Decided to get  fajitas
 and salsa from Chili's for dinner since we had a gift card. 
We hadn't had fajitas in ages, so they were a real treat 
and Jim and  I finished them off for lunch today!! lol

Sunday after church Susan my SIL came over for Chinese
 take out, and a nice visit to catch up, and after she left we took
 a short nap, before Dee and Jerry  arrived after visiting with his
 Mom, and we had a nice but simple din din, and a good visit with
 them,and played wii bowling and table tennis.  This is the first time
 Dee has really gotten to play the wii,  since the first night they all 
gave it to us.  So we all had a fun  time as well.

Lovely cards and gifts from all...........they have spoiled this
Mom and wife rotten and she loved every minute of it and is so
grateful and appreciative...........
still have Chinese food left,  so No cooking again tonight!  lol  
which is really nice as I am pooped
today from all the celebrating!!  It is a good tired I might add,
and my cup runneth over!!

  Tomorrow I am gonna have to scrap myself off the ceiling 
and get busy!!  lol

Thanks for stopping by.....................
and for all your sweet well wishes 
for my Mother's Day!.

So tell me...............
How was your Mother's Day????
Would love to hear about it.......

Love,  Hugs, and
 Belated Mother's Day Blessings!!


Steve Finnell said...

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Lois Christensen said...

Sounds like you had a great time over the weekend! We had a lovely time also, although my stomach is still giving me problems! Not cooking tonight either! Having pizza and then taking the kids to see the movie The Avengers. Should be nice! Enjoy your day!

Rebecca said...

Wow! What a wonderful way to spread out the Mother's Day celebrations and blessings. You have such a way of relating all the details, too. Makes it so interesting to read.

sistersusiesays said...

Thank you for letting me share in your Mother's Day! Thank you for the beautiful card with all my animal babies names on it! Love you all, Susan

Jenny said...

What a fabulous Mother's Day!

It sounds like you are well loved by many!

And the whole 'not cooking' thing...yeah...I really, really love when that happens!