Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday - May 24, 2012

(Pink Lemonade cake)

If he offers it as an expression of thankfulness, then along
 with this thank offering he is to offer cakes of bread made 
without yeast and mixed with oil, wafers made without yeast
 and spread with oil, and cakes of fine flour well-kneaded
 and mixed with oil.
Leviticus 7:12

Greetings Sweet Peas,

Have you had any thankful sightings
 this week???

Sure hope so, cause the Lord
 is always at work.

All pictures are from the May 2012 issue of Better
 Homes and Gardens Magazine.  I just thought all these 
cakes were so pretty that it made me want to make
 them.  I am not a baker really,  but I love the idea
 of trying to decorate them.  Haven't done it tho, 
cause if you make them, somebodies got to eat 
them, and that shouldn't be just makes
 me want to...........cause I do love to make things
 pretty! and thought you would really enjoy seeing
 them as well,   So that leads me to my
I am thankful
for Better Homes and Gardens magazine
which has been around a long long time,
and for their decorating emails I get all
the time.  I find great pleasure and excite-
ment in them as they give me great ideas.
Just so you know, these are not in an order
of priority, just starting there to explain
and also they come as I think of them.

Frosting cake - just Love the ruffles on this cake, so cute!)


I am thankful
that Scott and Megan got back safe and sound
 from a cruise they took to celebrate their First 
Anniversary, and happy that they had
 a really great time.

(Orange chiffon with Marshmallow flowers cake)

I am thankful
that DeeAnna has completed all she needs
for her Mammography course, all that is left
 is to take the state boards,  which will be
 coming soon, and of course,
studying, studying !!

I am thankful
that the deep breathing continues to reap
good results in my body, and thankful
the Lord is using it to bring healing.

(Cherry Flower Power cake) 

I am thankful
that my motivaidor I use to remind me of the
breathing is working again, I thought it was broken
this morning cause it was going off every minute,
so we changed the batteries, the it wasn't working
at all,  so was thinking I just needed a new one so
 called the company, and fortunately it wasn't broken, 
 it was the technically challenged owner...Me!  lol

Isn't this just adorable, hard to believe it is edible too.

Made with white chocolate candy clay.

I am thankful
that hubby got his bloodwork back and everything
it was  good.................always a great relief!!

I am thankful
that we went to see his heart Dr. yesterday,
and all was well.  Dr. was very positive,
which was great, cause sometimes he can
tend to be a lil on the negative side.
Still wants to do an Echocardiogram tho,
just to be on the safe side.

(sprinkle Me Happy cake)

I am thankful
we got to go over to Dee and Jerry's last night
 for dinner, and to visit,  hubby and Jerry worked 
on cutting tree limbs. Dee and I gabbed!   lol
Dinner was great,  a lovely pasta dish
and salad,  delicious...............Love these
fun times with our kids.  It makes up for all
those difficult teen years!!  lol

I am thankful
that the guys were safe after they worked on cutting 
big limbs off a tree as they were working with chain 
saws.  That always makes me a lil nervous!! 
 So there were definitely some prayers going up!!
Jerry did hurt his leg a lil bit,  but it wasn't any
thing serious thankfully.

(Mini chocolate cakes with white chocolate frosting)

I am thankful
for our Magic Jack phone cause we never
have to pay long distance charges and it
helps me conserve minutes on my cell
phone if needed,  and it is only $20 a year.

Same pics as header, only with a posterized affect.


I am thankful
for printers and scanners that make it so 
easy to make copies of things or more so
to be able to make my cards, such a blessing.


I am thankful
that I just heard the New "Hobby Lobby"
store is open in our area.  Have been
waiting for that,  so very excited to go!
Probably want go right away tho, as I am sure
it is probably a packed house..........

(Cupcake is surrounded by white choc. curls)
Same cupcake as before just seeing more of the cute plate!

Hope you enjoyed your tour through 
cake and thankful Land!

Thanks for droppin' by,
always good to hear from you!

Have an Incredibly 
Fun and Productive weekend

and just in case you have been
tempted into baking now, you 
might want to check out

Love, Hugs,
and Happy Cake Blessings,

They are all gorgeous and yummy looking!

So does that mean I can have my cake
and eat it too??  lol


  1. Hi, Nellie!

    I noticed these cakes when I thumbed through BH&G at Great Clips the other day. They looked like too much work to me (can you tell I'm not a baker)!

    Sounds like lots of happy times and good news with/for your family. Happy to hear that!

  2. beautiful cakes.. I have to say I'm grateful I can no longer have flour or sugar:) otherwise I'd want a piece of every one and gain 30 lbs. giggle..

    sounds like you had a good week. Happy to hear that.

  3. Hi Nellie, Loved this post. It was fun seeing the pretty cake photos interspersed with your thoughts. I recently took a cake decorating class and have made several decorated cakes - I really love practicing! Have a wonderful wknd and may the Lord bless you and yours.
    Hugs, Beth

  4. I'm not a huge cake fan and currently am not eating dessert at all but that pink lemonade cake looks super delish!

    On the thankful list - thankful I finished my road race in the 90 heat tonight without passing out - ha!

  5. #1. I hadn''t seen any in a while. I usually read them when I'm at the dentist or doctor's office, ha!
    #2. Joy, joy, joy!
    #3. I have noticed the medical workers are under more testing now than before. Every time I turn around, Alice is having to study for something! Her licence only lasts for 2 years!!!
    #4. I wished it would work for my feet. They are now to the point of aching. I'm wondering if it's because I always go bare footed in the house. I thought the laminate flooring wouldn't effect it, but maybe so!
    #5. I guess that happens in our technical world :-(
    #6. Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD!
    #7. I have a year to go now before I see Dr. Hipple.
    #8. You've got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in your heart WHERE? Down in your heart!!!
    #9. I did some cutting away of a few grape vines at the corner of my property until I realized the thorns from those thorn vines had cut my arms all up, yuk!
    #10. I need to find some way to use up the 5800 minutes on my cell phone!!!
    #11. Isn't it a joy!!!
    #12. Thanks for letting me know! I was wondering when it was going to open. Is the parking lot open now to go through to Target?
    Love to you all, Susan

  6. I really could go for a piece of cake right now! Glad your hubby's doctor's appointment went well and that Dee is completing all her work for certification! Hope you had a nice weekend. We did! Didn't do much other than work around the house, but it was great!


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