Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Warm Fuzzy Tuesday

Morning Sweet Friends,

Hope you had a lovely weekend, and that 
the rain didn't spoil your plans too much.

We had a lovely weekend, did a lil yard work, watched the new
 movie, The Vow,  it was pretty good but I think probably not as 
good as the original story might have been. Just in case you never
heard this movie is based on a true story and the couple is said to
be a christian couple that actually went thru this,  but in the movie
they never even mention their faith at all, which I think is sad, but
 I understand that the couple has written a book about their story,
 so would like to read that too.
We also played some Wii bowling and table tennis and that is all
 I can remember that we did Friday and Saturday anyway!! lol
Memorial Day we went to Dee and Jerry's, our original plan was
 to swim in the pool at their new house,  but Beryl took care of
 that!! lol It was thundering and raining and definitely not a good
 day for swimming unfortunately,  but we managed to have a great
time anyway.  We were able to sit out by the pool as we were
undercover,  and it was quite comfortable and nice and cool,  
so had our dinner out there and played a game called Apples
 to Apples,  then took a walk later in the evening in their lovely 
neighborhood when the rain had let up. It is just such a pretty

Well,  on with My Warm Fuzzy for today!!

Since Memorial Day weekend  has just passed and I
 didn't say what I probably would have in a 
Memorial Day Post,
 I will make it My Warm Fuzzy for today.
It truly is thinking about our men and women in uniform
 who care about our country so much that they put their lives 
on the line every day to support, protect and make our 
world a better place. They leave their homes, families,
churches, jobs, friends and comforts and safety and many
more things I might never even think about......... to do a
Wonderful Service to our Country and for Us ....friends.
Just the thoughts of all that give me a huge Warm Fuzzy
and Makes Me So Proud To Be An American!
God Bless Them Everyone,  Past and Present!!
and their Supportive Families as well

So what is your warm fuzzy for today???

Glad you came by for a visit.............make sure to
say Hello,  cause it is always great to hear from you.

Hugs and
Proud American Blessings,


Rebecca said...

I'll combine our Memorial Day reporting and my "warm fuzzy". We spent Monday working on projects. I love it when they're completed - especially the ones that provide lasting pleasure!

Sunday we went out to eat with my parents after church and later on a cousin, her husband and daughter stopped in. We had a wonderful afternoon of conversation. (It was too hot to do anything else.)

I'm thankful to be an American, too. So many still defending freedom at great, personal risk...

Have a good-rest-of-the-week, Nellie.

Terra said...

I think that is shameful when a movie producer strips all mention of being a Christian from a true story based on people of faith. Very common, sadly.
For me, a warm fuzzy is planting more Chinese Sugar Peas.

sistersusiesays said...

I pretty much went on a binge of house cleaning! West Pest was coming on Tuesday (today). It was a straight 8 hours with only one 15minute break! Did I pay for it! At 8:45 p.m. when I was finished, I was shaking, my knees were crackling, and my toes were crunched! That was then. When I went to bed, I was groaning all night long to the point that the dogs kept coming to the bedside nudging my hand or arm. This morning, I could hardly stand up, much less walk when the man came to do his walk through! I'm doing better now. I only ache in my neck and upper back. I will load the 2 garbage cans in the truck to take down to the curb. I don't think I could walk it twice with my knees. At the end, I was thanking GOD we won't have to clean house in Heaven! Why, Heaven is going to be of great joy. I can't say the same for cleaning, lol! Love to you all, Susan

Lois Christensen said...

I think our warm fuzzy has to be our quiet weekend at home taking care of things and just enjoying being together! Sort of like your weekend! Enjoy your Wednesday.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

Bummer about your weather. Wish I could have sent you some of our sunshine. Actually wasn't too bad on Memorial Day. We got swim & the grands rode their bikes.

Thanks for visiting my Memorial Day post. Always nice to hear from you.